7 Ways To Develop Your Psychic Abilities (#4 Can Get You There Faster)

Written By Katherine Marko

Develop Your Psychic Ability

Most of us have psychic abilities to a certain degree. The problem is many people simply ignore their intuition, letting their psychic potential go to waste. While natural clairvoyants may need little more than meditation to keep their abilities strong, others require practice to fine-tune their skills. Nevertheless, over time psychic abilities can be developed and even perfected. Here are seven way to unlock your psychic potential.

1. Meditate every day

Meditation is a powerful tool for developing your psychic ability. Why? Because meditating raises your energetic vibration. And simply put, spirit energy vibrates at a higher frequency. Too often we rush through the day with a scattered brain that leaves us anxiety-ridden and stressed. Through meditation, you’ll begin to feel more connected to your higher self, your spirit guides and the energy of others. Just 10 to 15 minutes of meditation a day can help you become more spiritually-tuned.

2. Trust your intuition

Develop Your Psychic Ability

How many times have you been plagued by the question, “What should I do?” And how many times have you disregarded that instinctive gut feeling, opting instead for conscious reasoning? The problem is, with conscious reasoning often comes ego-based decision making. And when the ego takes over, instinct falls to the wayside. For example, while instinct may guide you to forgive someone, your ego may guide you towards revenge.

Your intuition tells you important things that your own mind will argue with. Spiritually, intuition might be described as a sixth sense, innate wisdom, inner sense, inner voice or spiritual guide. Yet, for those not spiritually attuned, trusting intuition seems more like magic. And maybe it is a form of natural magic that humans can tap into. To access your intuition, switch off your inner critic. Stop rationalizing everything and just listen – without judgment.

3. Stop fearing the unknown

Being psychic can be a little frightening, particularly if you question where the answers you receive come from. But those who have a natural psychic ability trust first and foremost that their “knowing” comes from a place deep within themselves. Psychic ability isn’t guided by some unseen force; it’s guided by intuition, confidence in self and the ability to feel another’s emotions, or rather, get into someone’s head. When you’re guided by fear you can’t really get in touch with your spiritual side. So, instead of fearing the unknown, embrace your psychic ability and treat it like a gift.

4. Get to know your spirit guides

Spirit guides gently guide you throughout life intuitively, helping you stay on track with your soul’s purpose. They’ll hook you up with people, resources, money or even articles like this — wink — that will help you reach your goals. The catch is, they really can’t help us unless we ask them first. Our spirit guides are always at the ready to connect with us, but first, we need to tune into their frequency by dedicating time during meditation.

Simply ask your guides for a sign. Don’t justify what transpires, just go with it. When I asked my spirit guides for a sign, soon after, I found a feather lying outside my door. Create a sacred space to connect with your spirit guides daily. And when you have a question, or need some help with a project, just ask. But, be clear on what you would like them to guide you with, and then trust that they’ll get the job done.

5. Try psychometry

Develop Your Psychic Ability

Psychometry is the ability to “read” the energy or history of an object simply by touching it. It’s a great way to develop your psychic abilities. Here’s how you can practice psychometry.

  1. Choose a quiet area in your home, free from distractions. Sit in a relaxed position and close your eyes.
  2. Rest your hands on your lap with your palms facing up. With your eyes closed, ask someone to silently place an object in your hands. The object should be unknown to you and something the person has had in his possession for a long time.
  3. Allow images and feelings to come into your mind, and then say whatever you see, hear, feel or sense while you hold the object.
  4. Don’t judge. The impressions may seem strange and even meaningless to you, but they might be of significance to the owner of the object.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

6. Make predictions

Here’s another easy way to develop your psychic abilities. Close your eyes and breathe-in deeply. Make sure you’re comfortable and your feet are firmly planted on the floor. After a few deep breaths, think about the next day. In your mind imagine yourself there. Now, write three predictions down on paper for that day. Check back the next day for accuracy.

7. Read other people’s thoughts

You can strengthen your telepathy skills by attempting to read other’s thoughts. You can also communicate your thoughts to others — silently. Begin by simply guessing what your friends or family are thinking whenever possible. Additionally, ask a friend to draw pictures or select random playing cards. Then, try to figure out what your friend has drawn, or which card they have chosen. Keep practicing daily. Telepathy takes concentration and may take years to develop. But with time and practice, you will become more accurate.

Practice, practice, practice!

Miracles don’t happen overnight. Unlocking your psychic ability will happen, but you may need to practice daily to get there. If you’re experiencing little to no success then go back to the beginning and follow the advice given. Believe in yourself and be grateful for everything you achieved. Before you know it, your vibration will shift and you will be more psychic.

— Katherine Marko

(Article Source TheAlternativeDaily.com)

The Plight of Sensitive People

By Calleen Wilder

Sensitive People

Wow!  I just had to share this with all of my Sensitive friends.  For me, nothing could be truer.

When I was young, before I worked on advancing my natural psychic/medium gifts, I was always sensitive emotionally, but not so much so physically.  To my knowledge I had no allergies, no food sensitivities, no problem taking medicine of pretty much any kind, and no strong distaste for large crowds or loud noises until well into my thirties.

It seems as I advanced in age and skill, I also developed all sorts of extra soft spots.  In fact, I often refer to myself as the “canary in the coal mine”.  Meaning, if I can tolerate an environment, a herb, a pill, or really nearly anything you can possibly imagine, chances are pretty good you can too.  Although I realize we all have different allergies.  Still, rule of thumb is, “If Calleen can take it you’re almost assured you can too”.

And no, I don’t love it!  Truthfully it’s the one part of this whole thing I’d love to give back.  It has caused me some serious problems as I try to live and breathe on this planet.

Now to look at me you’d never know it.  I still work out hard several times a week and dine on carry-out far more frequently than I should.  However, I’ve learned what I can and can’t tolerate.  I’ve also learned how to make the best of my current situation by listening to my body.  Something I imagine every sensitive person on this planet has had to do.

Plus, I spend tons of time alone.  I do so in order to recharge my spiritual, physical, and emotional battery packs.  It’s truly a must.  If you’re anything like me, you get it.

I think the above poster sort of helped me understand it better though. I now realize that as your life, spiritual, and soul energies climbs higher, your ability to handle the lower, denser levels of earthly energies like food, meds, herbs, and yes, toxic people, lessens greatly.

So while I’m not crippled by it, I am drained by it.  So I heed what my soul tells me it needs and work around things most never even have to consider.  I’ll never love it though!  Never.

What is Clairsentience?

by Sarah Petruno


Clairsentience is the psychic or intuitive ability of clear feeling. It’s the ability to feel that which isn’t seen.

This could be emotions of others, this could be the thoughts and intentions of others, this could be physical pain of others, and it could also be the presence of dead people.

One thread runs common throughout all of these examples, and it is that of energy.

Clairsentience is the ability to clearly feel energy.

Emotions have energy, thoughts have energy, intentions have energy, pain carries with it an energy, and you guessed it, dead people are made of energy, too.

This is your ability to feel what normally isn’t seen and put words and sensations to it.

While intangible, our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and feelings of pains do carry with them an energy. A vibration. A molecular presence, even if this is just as a nerve impulse traveling down a neuron to deliver a signal. This nerve impulse is delivering a specific type of signal to deliver a specific type of message.

Spirit Messages

This is my wish for all of you! There are always messages when we’re open to receive them. It’s simply interpreting them can sometimes be tricky. Yet as you work with them, they always become apparent. Fingers crossed this all becomes easier for all of us soon.

4 Signs You’re An Intuitive Empath (Not Just An Empath)

Via aConsciousRethink.com

Intuitive Empath

It is often said and written that empaths are very intuitive people, and this is true for some, but there is nothing that says an empath must be intuitive, or that an intuitive must possess great empathy.

While the words are seen as interchangeable by some or intrinsically linked by others, it is very much the case that not all empaths are intuitives and not all intuitives are empaths.

In fact, the two abilities – empathy and intuition – are quite different in one important respect.

Empathy is, very generally speaking, the ability to sense and feel the emotions and energy of other people and your surroundings. It is almost entirely outward facing and concerned with things other than oneself.

Intuition, on the other hand, involves turning inward and consulting your unconscious mind and ‘gut feelings’ to assess and understand a situation. It certainly relies upon absorbing and processing the world around you, but the final element is very much internal.

Thus, the assumption that people endowed with highly levels of empathy are equally as blessed with intuition is misguided. They are distinct aspects of one’s personality and should not be merged into a single trait.

With this in mind, how can you be sure whether you are an intuitive empath, or some other type of empath? What marks one apart from the other?

Here are 4 signs that you are an empath with a high degree of intuition.

1. You Can Tell The Difference Between Your Feelings And Those Of Others

One of the major struggles facing many empaths is the assimilation of other people’s feelings into their own mind and body. The energy they absorb merges with their own and pollutes their inner river. They often become like those around them because they cannot tell what’s theirs and what’s not.

For instance, if they encounter angry people, they grow angrier; if they meet an anxious person, this feeds their own anxieties; and if they come across sadness in others, they become sad themselves.

It’s very different for an intuitive empath. They are so in-tune with their inner state that they are able to easily differentiate between it and anything they might soak up from their surroundings.

They are less influenced by the emotions of others. While they can still recognize and feel these emotions, the impact upon their own mental state is less noticeable than it is for other empaths.

They are better at creating a permeable, but controllable, barrier between their own feelings and those of others. They are able to let the two merge should they wish, but they can also keep them separate for the most part.

Main Differences Between The Indigos and Blue Rays – Are You One?

Via Conscious Reminder.com


The Indigos and Blue Rays come from different lineages.

One of the main differences between the Indigos and Blue Rays that I will mention here is that the Indigos are mainly either still children or young adults at this time, they can be very outspoken and tend to go against the grain of main society and have always felt like outcasts. They are unwilling to conform to societies standards if it isn’t congruent with the way they believe things should be done. While they may attempt to go with the flow, they cannot suppress how against the “system” they really are, and simply cannot and will not accept things that do not make sense to them. Indigo’s are very perceptive, intuitive, and outspoken. They have a keen awareness and don’t understand why others don’t see what is so obvious to them. It’s actually insulting and beyond frustrating to the Indigo’s to have those in a position of authority try to manipulate or control them!

The Blue Ray’s on the other hand are older than the Indigo’s. They too have felt like outcasts all of their lives. They grew up in a world that was not highly evolved spiritually. They had to conform to societies standards and suppress their true nature. They grew up experiencing a sense of isolation and feeling different than others while those of like mind were few and far between to relate to. Blue Rays have felt powerless, timid, and vulnerable most of their lives. Only in recent years have they begun to own their power and realize their self worth. They have a tendency to suffer from low self-esteem and lack self-confidence. The Blue Rays believed they weren’t good enough and quietly lived their lives without speaking up or making waves because they didn’t believe they had much to offer or think it would make much of a difference due to being oppressed for so long they just believed what they were told.

If You Are Doing Any Of These 10 Behaviors People Can’t Understand, You Are An iNtuitive…

Via LifeCoachCode.com

The MBTI inventory classifies iNtuitive types as people who place more interest (and often more value) in theories, abstractions and the exploration of possibilities than they do in the concrete realities of the world around them.

iNtuitive-dominant personality types (mainly ENFPs, ENTPs, INTJs and INFJs) are almost always more interested in what isn’t being said or considered than what is.

But since we live in a sensor-dominant world, intuitive behavior tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

Almost every iNtuitive personality will be able to recall many experiences in which their loved ones were thoroughly confused by their reasoning or behavior.

Here are ten behaviors people often don’t understand are associated with being an iNtuitive personality.


1. You are Spurring debates. People can’t understand that you are not debating because you want to be difficult or impolite – but because you need to test the validity of the topic by arguing it from every side.

How To See Spirits – a short guide to spiritual clairvoyance

amanda linette meder

Spiritual Clairvoyance

If you are reading this article, chances are, you have the ability to see spirits already and this post will be a matter of sorting out and in what ways.

This gift to see spirits is called clairvoyance, and it often starts coming in much earlier than when you’d start to notice it.

While most people sense spirits before they ever see them, often the sensing is accompanied by other clues that you are being visited by those in the spirit world.

These clues come in a variety of ways – they can use signs and symbols, noises, movement, and visuals.  Spirits can visit you both while you are awake and while you are dreaming, but in this article, we’re focusing specifically on waking visits – those in which you are fully aware of your surroundings.

I get a lot of questions on how you can see spirits, so in this article, I  share with you the 5 most common ways that I, clients, and friends of mine see spirits.

Trust me, you aren’t imagining it.

5 Most Common Ways To See Spirits

1. heat wave air

The energetic vibration and density of a spirit is different than that of beings and things in the physical world, including air, so seeing a change in the density or texture in the air around you is most common. This can manifest into visual snow, but not always. Most commonly, you’ll see something that looks like a fuzzy air heat wave materialize and move across a room.

Fuzzy air looks most like a heat wave in a definitive shape. Often people see this ‘heat wave’ type air when the lights are low – as it’s easiest to see subtle energies in dim lighting.

2. mind’s eye

Yup, in your mind. This is called soul to soul seeing.

Behind your physical eyes, between your brows, is the Third Eye Chakra (the mind’s eye), which is where your intuitive eye is housed. We are a soul within a body and just as the body has a sensory system, so does your soul body.

Your third eye energy center extends in front of you and behind you, and when you are using your mind’s eye to see, the images will appear as memory or a flash of an image. The images can also flash in front or your eyes, so you will “see” something, but it’s not with your physical eyes.

The best way I can describe how this happens is that we are all Spirit first, then human body, second. We are in Spirit before we are born onto an earth body. Thus, when we are young, we have the ability to see and sense spirit to some degree, but as we get older, we become convinced that it isn’t real (either with our own help or by the assistance of others) and, train ourselves to stop seeing them with our physical eyes. . . but your mind will still pick up the images. I explain how in this article: how- I See Faces When I Close My Eyes. Why?

3. sparkles of light

This is a very common way to see angels, spirit guides, and deceased loved ones.

Appearing as a flicker of light, similar to the sunlight reflecting off of water or off a mirror.

Sometimes the light sparkles are different color tones – with each spirit who visits you having a slight variation and shade of white light. Other times, it’s a fleck of white light out of the corner of your eyes. Watch for these, you aren’t losing your vision . . . the spirits are stopping by to say ‘hello.’

Typically, when a light sparkle is a spirit rather than something else, it tends to diagonally above you and in your peripheral vision, most often, to the right side of your vision.

Seeing sparkles of light is also a sign of your third eye chakra opening.

4. shadows

We’ve all heard of the Shadow People.

However, loving, compassionate, and peaceful spirits can and will also appear in shadow form.

Deceased loved ones and spirit guides will often appear this way, which doesn’t mean they want to harm you . . . it just means that’s the way they know how and can appear to you to appear to you.

Appearing in Spirit to someone on the physical plane can be difficult and something that takes practice.

If there are shadows in your house, it could be a visitation by a guide or a deceased loved one . . . so say hello and thank them for stopping by. But if it feels like a ‘lower energy’, then it might be . . . so be careful – use your intuition.

5. full or partial apparition

This is rarer, but yes, you can see spirits as a full or partial apparition.

Deceased loved ones and angels often appear in this way.

Full/partial apparitions are usually whitish in hue and smoky in texture, however, they can also appear in full color or resembling a hologram. Often times you will only see a spirit in this form for less than 15 seconds and this is likely because of the amount of energy it takes to materialize.

You can ask them to visit you again in full apparition and they will most likely try to learn to focus their energy more intently to appear this way. Be patient, it’s a powerful skill that takes time to learn – for both you and those in Spirit.

Seeing them in your Peripheral Vision: 

In all of the above methods of visitations, almost always, spirits will not simply materialize in front of your face. Not most of the time anyway.

For most of us, that would be terrifying, shocking or just downright startling, and because deceased loved ones, guides, and angels care about you – they don’t want to scare or upset you.  So they don’t appear that way.

Over time, as you get more comfortable with the spirit world, this will happen, if it hasn’t already – Spirits appearing more casually around you. But for now watch for sparkles of light, shadows, apparitions, and fuzzy air in your peripheral vision – in the corners of your eyes.

If you thought you saw something pass by the doorway – you did.

If you caught a glimmer of light with no reflecting surfaces around – consider it a nice way someone is saying hello to you.

These are just a few of the ways those in Spirit can appear.

To learn more about how you can see, hear and sense those in spirit, check out my eBook, The Medium’s Toolkit, which goes over all of the ways Spirit can be seen, heard and felt. It also discusses what you can actually do with your gifts – both for yourself and others.

Amanda Linette Meder