Inheriting Psychic Abilities by Calleen Wilder

Since I’ve been running into this question a fair amount lately, I thought I’d share some quick insight about inheriting psychic abilities with all of you. And yes, it’s true, if your mother or grandmother are or were psychic, you likely are too.

Now that doesn’t mean you’re psychic in the “same way” as they are. From what I’ve experienced, and also observed, the psychic/sensitive gene definitely passes down through the bloodline. Granted, whether you use or develop it is up to you. Still know, you do have an added strength, gift or genetic inheritance that says you could.

ALL of my children are psychic. All in different ways. Yet I’ve watched it seep through each one of them, even though none of them actually work with it… not intentionally anyway.

One of my children is a very accurate dreamer. Has been from a very early age. He’d dream something and the next day that exact thing would happen.

Another child could interrupt anyone’s emotions. Empathy was her gift.

And the last one, dreams, hears, sees, and usually ignores all things paranormal.

I imagine if any of them chose to work with the gift they could expand it. Especially since my first memory of a psychic event was a dream, which turned into hearing ghosts, then seeing ghosts, then knowing all sorts of things, onto telepathy, and now mediumship. BUT, I worked with it.

Yet since they haven’t, I can’t say for sure if they’d follow the same trajectory as I did. Like any other mental or physical muscle, I believe the more you use it the larger or more acute it becomes.

Therefore, if any of your relatives, especially straight up the line (like grandmother versus aunt) were psychic or had “prophetic gifts”, you absolutely do too. Much like writers, actors, singers, artists, and all those in creative fields often have children who follow in their footsteps with a “leg up” in the same field, often expressing the same gift as their parents, psychics follow the same line. It’s genetic or cellular or something that passes down automatically.

However, even if none of your relatives are psychic, it doesn’t mean you can’t be. I believe you can manifest anything you’d like. I simply believe if the gift is in your ancestry, it’s also in you, regardless of whether you want it to be or not.

What you chose to do about it is entirely up to you. BUT… you do have an added genetic leaning towards it. A “gift” or “knack” for it.

Pretty cool. Right?

Are You Psychic? Here’s How to Find Out by Calleen Wilder

First let me share that I took this title from another article I found. AND… I felt I had a thing or two to add to the topic.

The other article suggested all types of different readings you could have in order to find out. BUT, I don’t think you need a reading to find out. Sure, a reading by a legitimate Psychic might confirm what you’ve already suspected. Yet, one is definitely not required.

ALL YOU REALLY NEED is to trust your intuition, your gut-level response to a person, place, or thing, and/or teach yourself to listen intently to that little voice in your head. You know, the one that tells you things you don’t have a valid reason for knowing otherwise. Even though, the “inside your head voice” is likely not a voice at all, but rather simply “a knowing”.

YOU are YOUR BEST ADVISOR on this topic. And once you start listening, then either sharing with whomever the information was for or following it if the advice was for you, all of a sudden you’ll find out just how accurate you are.

All that’s required is that you trust “them” (those who are giving you the information &/or the process, whichever makes you the most comfortable), and next, you must just “put it out there”.

Here’s the thing, even if you’re wrong, or even only partially right, “they” hear what you say. That means they now know how you hear, interpret, perceive, and misperceive. THEN… they will try new pictures, new messages, new feelings, etc… the next time around.

If you don’t speak it they don’t know how you received it. That’s the bottom line. So speak up. I’m slightly off on things occasionally. Still, I put it out there and I let whoever I’m sharing with tell me what they feel or understand about what I’ve said. THEN… I ask for more insight (internally, of course, lest everyone thinks I’m completely bonkers) and I relay what I see, feel, hear, sense, or otherwise just know.

You don’t have to be perfect to be psychic. No one is. You just have to follow your hunches and jump in the game. Likely if you’ve taken the time to read this article you’re psychic. So go play with it. You’ll perfect it soon enough to one degree or another. Muscles grow when used, including this psychic muscle of yours.

OK… enough of the lecture. I just didn’t want you to think you had to have someone else predict this for you. Too often they may not pick up on it or they’re wrong. So do it. Have fun with it. Then watch that psychic muscle of yours grow.

Too cool, right?


Aempath is someone who can sense and feel the emotions and energies of other people, animals, and even objects.

Because clairsentient people can also sense other people’s feelings or empathize, they often likewise tend to be empaths.

Yet, the clairsentient’s empathetic abilities go beyond the level of those of an empath. Theirs are more like psychic abilities that enable them to experience emotions and feel energies across a wider spectrum.

Clairsentients not only feel other people’s emotions and take this into their body, but they can also receive insights around these emotions.

For instance, while an empath is able to share in the feelings of a person sitting in front of him/her, a clairsentient could have the ability to tell some of the thoughts or emotions of the other person whether that person is near or far away from the clairsentient.

They also may sense when someone behind them is watching them. Some clairsentients can even feel when somebody is potentially in danger or experiencing pain.  

The clairsentient’s empathetic abilities go beyond the level of those of an empath. Theirs are more like psychic abilities.

Besides, if there are Spirits present, clairsentient people may have the ability to pick up their feelings. In fact, clairsentients are able to detect energy in a space, even when no one is around, or detect energy from a person even when he is not showing emotions.

Sounds this familiar to you? Then it might be that you are clairsentient and not just empathic.


Have you ever experienced things or had feelings that you can’t explain? Do you often feel a strong sense of energy while you don’t know where it comes from?

These might be signs that you are clairsentient. Below are the 12 most common signs that you could be having clairsentient psychic abilities.

Infographic with 12 signs of clairsentience

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Weekly Proof of the Afterlife by Calleen Wilder

I have lived what many would label “a very paranormal life” for all of my life. As a result, I often overlook, or fail to share, the miracles I encounter nearly daily. Miracles in the fact that they are often either far too coincidental or far too impossible for mere science to explain. AND… I get to experience this nearly daily.

As a result, I’ve decided to begin sharing here, on this blog, at least one such story about some of these crazy cool events per week. Reason being, if I don’t document them somewhere I completely forget. People are always saying to me, “Don’t you remember you said… or you experienced… or you predicted, etc…?” And my answer is almost always unequivocally “no”. It has escaped me even though at the time I knew it was so great. Yet great things happen so often that I’ve found one often replaces the other.

SO…. THIS IS MY FIRST WEEK of doing a bit of an on-going paranormal/miracles diary here.

My first story involves a woman I’ve read for only a couple of times. Her scenario, from what she reminded me when she called to update me on her progress, went like this:

During our reading I had been told (by Spirit) she needed to go back for more schooling in order to advance her career. I shared with her I felt she was currently in the medical field, but there was a specific focus or niche they wanted her to pursue that required more training/schooling.

I also helped her connect with her brother during that reading. A brother who she was terribly close with, but who had passed unexpectedly not long ago. She was in another state at the time of his illness/passing and wasn’t present when he passed. She had great remorse and a tinge of guilt about that.

He, obviously, assured her he knew she loved him and he wanted her to heal that. He also assured her he would help her throughout the rest of her life.

OUTCOME: She called me the other day to update me…. something I LOVE when my clients do. It helps me verify I heard spirit correctly during the reading.

Anyway, as it turns out she does work in the medical field and had been considering going into a specialty. She went on, prompted by the reading, to apply to two different colleges in order to pursue this suggestion.

The first school/college she applied to wasn’t going to be able to correctly apply credits she had already earned and get her enrolled until the fall of 2021.

The second school/college accepted her immediately. She relayed to me that she was going to be able to start her schooling at the end of this month, on November 30, to be exact.

WHICH…. just so happens to be her brother’s birthday.


Miracles. They’re everywhere. Spirit is always trying to let us know they are still in contact with us… and still able to help us if needed.

I SO LOVE this story. Hope you do too.

The Difference Between a Psychic and a Psychic/Medium Reading by Calleen Wilder

I received some great feedback from a new client the other day. She said something to the effect of, “Getting a reading from you is like receiving Psychic Predictions from our deceased loved ones, as well as a bit of Life Coaching. And I thought, “Really”?

So while I can’t speak for all psychics and mediums out there, I thought I’d quickly share with you not only my response to her, but also the reasoning behind it. I replied, “Well, it was really their advice to you, not normally mine”.

As a medium I have learned how to raise my vibration/energy/consciousness during any reading in order to make it easier for me to make contact with those on the other side. There is an opening ceremony I do before every reading which starts this process. I guess I can compare it to an artist or musician who get so lost during their work that when they later look at it they don’t recall creating it in that fashion. That’s me. It’s almost dream-like.

MEANING, if you asked me to recall a name, a movie, do math, or really anything that involves my conscious reasoning mind, I can’t do it. Like seriously, it’s beyond my capacity. I know, makes me sound a little ridiculous to some, but I actually don’t think you care what Calleen thinks about anything… rather, you’re paying me to share information I’m receiving &/or perceiving from those who vibrate higher than me. Those who actually know (ha)!

Granted, there are times I may recommend something I use or do to correct a situation. But almost always it’s something they have brought to my mind not something I have brought to my mind.

Let’s say you’re having a problem with a spouse, I may remember (really, sort of seemingly out of nowhere) a similar situation in my own life. If so, it could be something from two minutes ago to 30 years ago. Time is irrelevant. Rather, it’s the solution, the situation, and/or the similarity they want me to share with you… along with, hopefully what I did to correct it.

Difference is, I’m not sitting there “analyzing” anything you say to me. Instead, I’m “listening” to what they have to share about it, whether it involves my sharing my solution or not, it really is “their” idea. Not mine.

Which is why the next time I speak with you, and you bring up whatever the solution was I suggested, I likely will recall very little if anything about it. I may not go that deep into explaining to you that I don’t remember, but normally, I just don’t. Reason being, it wasn’t a conscious suggestion. It was a passing thought, a super-conscious thought, they gave me.

As a result of working like this I know my lack of memory about something (unless we have repeatedly spoken about the same issue, then my consciousness will remember “traces” of it or they will remind me of the specifics), isn’t my being rude or uncaring. Rather, I truly was almost not physically or mentally present during that conversation.

Now I know during a reading I sound very rational, reasonable, sometimes opinionated, and even involved… but again, I’m not exactly. I’m more in that dream-state, or even a hypnotized state. A state where I can speak, transfer information, have compassion, and pass along messages… sometimes while laughing &/or crying with you… but it isn’t my personality interjecting anything. And usually, once the reading is over, much like a dream, the memories fade fast. I know, weird right?

Anyway, just thought I’d share the specifics, as I know them to be, between receiving a very strictly Psychic Reading… one where the reader is often very much present and rational… and my Psychic/Medium Readings. I’m there. Just in an extremely altered form.

Now in astrology readings I’m consciously there interpreting graphs and transits and charts and all sorts of stuff. So yes, that’s me front and center. This is why it’s very hard for me to switch between the two types of readings in an on-going fashion during any reading. I do so sometimes.

Usually it’s best to stick with one or the other. Now I may ask someone’s sign during a reading, but that information is stored in my synapses I believe, so it doesn’t pull me down. But to actually look at a chart and analyze it makes it super hard to go back up.

Anyway, hope that makes some sense. I felt compelled to share how it works for me during our readings so I don’t sound too dismissive and uncaring. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Positive Vibes & Blessings Always,

P.S. Oh, and this is why when someone texts, emails, or calls me after a reading to clarify something, I probably can’t. Or if I gave them a name they couldn’t place, and now they can, and want to know what that loved one has to say, I have no idea. They’re gone. Plus, I’m no longer in the same head space I was… not only higher vibration wise, but also since I meditate on you a few minutes before we speak, as well as call in whoever wants to speak with you, I’m sort of in your space, with your people, the entire reading. Afterwards that door closes. Again, like waking up from a fleeting dream. I hope that makes sense and helps you understand how my mediumship works.

16 People Share How They Learned They Were Clairvoyant

Recently, we asked people in the BuzzFeed Community who identify as psychics or mediums to tell us the story of how they first learned they were ~clairvoyant~. Here are some of the wildest, most compelling, and haunting submissions!!!

1. The Car Accident

“My first and most intense experience was when I was 14. My stepmom was driving me and my sister back home at about 2 a.m. when all of a sudden, I saw an accident in the middle of the road. I saw the two cars, an ambulance, cops, a fire truck — I even saw a woman and a child wrapped in a blanket on the side of the fire truck. It looked kind of hazy and off-colored. As my stepmom drove closer, I couldn’t force myself to yell ‘SLOW DOWN!’ or ‘STOP!’ Instead, as she drove through it, it disappeared and I screamed. Well, not even 10 minutes later, we saw the EXACT accident that I’d seen minutes before. It freaked us ALL out.”


2. The River

“My mother has an uncanny ability to have psychic-type dreams, but they’re almost always bad dreams about the future. She once had a dream that her father was drinking from a river, when all of a sudden, a dark cloud rolled in and engulfed him. The following morning, about two to three hours after my mom told us her dream, she got a phone call from her sister that her father had died.


3. The Understudy

“I first experienced having some sort of foresight when I was a freshman in high school. I was the understudy for the lead in the fall musical, and the night before the show opened, I dreamed that the girl I was understudying got too sick to perform, and I had to go on for her. The next day, several hours before the curtain rose, the stage manager told me that the girl was in the hospital for appendicitis — I actually ended up having to fill in for her. What’s more, I remember running lines with my dad and him asking why I was even bothering to learn them — I told him I just had this inexplicable feeling that I was going to have to go on.

4. The Man in the Photograph

“I saw my first spirit when I was a kid. I told my parents about it, and they listened as I picked a recently deceased family member I’d never met out of a picture as the gentleman I’d seen. They never told me he was dead. I finally realized what was going on in late elementary school.”


5. The Bad Sign

“My ability is fairly useless, but I can feel when something terrible is going to happen usually minutes before it does. I have what feels like a panic attack when nothing is happening, and then something like a car accident happens right in front of me seconds to minutes later. I have been like this since I was little. I don’t know what is about to happen, all I know is that someone is going to get hurt.


6. The Card Game

“When I was a kid, I’d hear random whispers quite often and could sense the energy in a space, or of a person, although I didn’t really understand it at the time. Then one night, my brother, his friend, and I were playing a game where I would spread out a deck of cards, hover my hand over a card, and would guess the suit, color, and number. After being right every single time for over half an hour, we all started to get freaked out.”


7. The Little Medium in the Pantry

I first realized I could see and speak with the dead when I was around 5 years old and my sister and I were playing and she locked me in the pantry closet. I remember it was pitch black and I started screaming for her or my mom to let me out. Just then, the image of a woman instantly appeared next to me, and it felt like she was 10 feet tall. She glowed a bright white and illuminated the pantry. She wrapped her arms around me and said not to worry, my mom would be there soon. Seconds after she said that, my mom whipped open the door and found me. I know a lot of people don’t believe in ghosts or being able to see/speak with the dead, but it’s always been a thing in my life I can’t turn off. They’re always there asking for help or helping me, sometimes to the point of being annoying or inconvenient, but that’s just always been a normal thing for me.


8. Calling Out to Ian

“The first moment my mother knew something was different about her was when she was 2 years old. She remembers standing in the middle of the living room screaming ‘Ian! Ian! Ian!’ Just as she began screaming this, unbeknownst to her, her grandfather, named Ian, passed away. She couldn’t have known. Many other encounters followed, but this was the beginning.”


9. The Dream House

I work as a model, and I had a dream that I was doing a photo shoot in a dress designer’s house, and the house looked like Hearst Castle. A few months later, I showed up for a photo shoot at a dress designer’s house, and as soon as I stepped inside, I knew it was the house from my dream. As we were getting ready, the designer casually mentioned that the architect of the house was the same one who had designed Hearst Castle. I’ve probably had about five dreams like this in the past few years where exact details about the location and situation came true.”


10. Anesthesia Visions

When I was about 8 years old, I started getting pretty sick and ended up on my death bed at the age of 15. I’d always weird out my parents by knowing little things to come and things that happened in the past that there was no way of me knowing. I have surgery every two months now, and I swear going under anesthesia gives me more clarity. I can look at someone and get glimpses into their life. I can walk into a house and hear what’s happened in the past. It’s very overwhelming, but I’m glad for the gift of still being alive, and knowing a little bit when it comes to my third eye.”


11. The Baby Whisperer

“I have an oddly specific gift, it seems: I’ve never guessed the biological sex and due date for a baby wrong. Once, a coworker announced that after three years of trying, she was finally pregnant and eight weeks in. I immediately imagined a boy born on Halloween. Not hard to imagine, right? You can obviously count out the weeks, a holiday is easy to get in your mind anyway, and guessing a biological sex is all but 50/50. But the thing is, I miscounted and her doctor said she was due at the end of SEPTEMBER, not October. I didn’t think any more of it. Also, a few months later she got a sonogram and said it was a girl. Welp, September ends and no baby. Turns out it was her doctor that miscalculated the date by a month, and on Halloween morning, she had a boy. I thought it was just luck until I did something similar for my best friend. I said I was imagining a girl on December 5, when it was still dark out. She had her daughter at 2:17 a.m. on December 5. I’ve since tried it randomly with celebrities and I guess accurately every damn time. It’s such a weird thing I can do!”


12. Intrusive Thought or Not?

“I’ve always known about things before they were going to happen. I’m not always right, but when I am, it’s scary. I’ve predicted earthquakes down to the minute one struck, the asteroid over Russia, and deaths. My grandma died three days ago — I had a feeling something was wrong the night before. It’s weird. It’s like a passing but intrusive thought. I don’t like it at all.


13. “Mundane, Yet Specific”

It sounds silly, but the first time I realized I was different was when I was a kid and I could constantly correctly guess what song was going to come on the radio. Now I’ve realized that I dream situations that are pretty mundane, but specific — like a pencil rolling off a book while I am eating a chocolate chip cookie at work. I’d have that dream when I was a kid, only for it to happen in real life 20 years later. Also, I tend to get this hollow, starving sensation when I’m around people who are about to go through the death of someone close. I don’t talk about this often because it’s not super fantastical, but it’s not normal either.”


14. The Pregnancy Predictor

“Since about six years ago, I’ve been able to predict pregnancies, and when I’ve called said person, they hadn’t told anyone yet. They typically come in dreams.”


15. The “Perfect Marriage”

“I dreamed that my aunt and uncle’s ‘perfect marriage’ was in trouble. A month later, they announced their divorce. No one expected it — except for me.”


16. Sixth Sensory Overload

“I used to see spirits as a child and then started seeing them again in my adult life. I’ve had some very eerie coincidences, like knowing who was going to call me before the phone rang — and these were people who I did not speak to often. I used to fear these abilities, especially when I would see spirits because they would wake me up out of my sleep and be staring at me. I also get woken up by strange smells, like coffee brewing and no one is brewing it. I just feel something is trying to get my attention whenever this happens.


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