Mum who had miscarriages stunned as daughter mentions ‘dead brother and sister’ by Courtney Pochin

Parents from across the country have been opening up about some of the creepiest things their little ones have ever said to them, and their stories will give you nightmares

The mum never expected her child to say that (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

As children don’t know any better, they often speak before they think.

This can lead to some pretty entertaining conversations, but also a few that are downright creepy.

CBeebies has asked parents on social media to have a think about some of the most chilling things their little ones have ever said to them.

More than 1,000 people replied to the post, sharing their scary stories – which include everything from ghosts to murderous comments and bizarre antics with Barbie dolls.

Here’s a look at some of the terrifying tales the mums shared – and you might want to keep the lights on while you read through them.

My child mentioned her dead siblings – but she didn’t know about my miscarriages

That’s terrifying! (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A mum said she’s used to her daughter coming out with strange things, but there was one comment in particular that shocked her.

The memorable moment occurred when the child asked her mum when she would die so she could go and play with her brothers and sisters.

The mum had tragically suffered several miscarriages in the past – but had never told her daughter about them, so had no idea how she could possibly know about her lost siblings.

She says her daughter asked her one day: “Mammy when will I die?”

She told the little girl: “Oh not for a long time babe, not until you are very old! Why?”

Her daughter responded: “Because my brothers and sisters are waiting for me to come play.”

My child thinks a strange man lives in our kitchen

The stories get spookier, as one parent admitted that her two-year-old daughter is convinced there’s a man living in their kitchen.

She said: “My daughter, while watching a programme on TV  goes ‘He looks like the Night Night Man’.

“I asked her, ‘who’s the Night Night Man?’

“She told me he’s the man who lives in our kitchen.”

My daughter knew I was pregnant before I’d even taken a test

Her daughter was adamant she was pregnant, so she took a test (stock photo) (Image: Getty)

A different mum explained how she’d been struggling to conceive and didn’t think another pregnancy was in the cards for her.

However, her four-year-old daughter was adamant that she was “a bit pregnant” with a baby boy.

Two days later, something strange happened.

She explained: “My daughter, four at the time, randomly told my friends ‘my mummy is having a baby’.

“Having had IVF  for her and 18 months of trying for her sister I knew I wasn’t – she insisted ‘You are a bit pregnant with my brother’.

“Two days later I took a positive pregnancy test! And she now has a brother.”

Daughter claims to remember her other families who ‘got sick and died’

Another little girl kept telling her mum all about her parents from past lives – and the grim ways they died.

The parent commented: “My five-year-old talks about her other families and siblings. She’s had lots of other families.

“One mummy died then her daddy got sick too so he left her in a doorway to get found. Another mummy fell off a roof and died.

“We had just crossed a busy road one day and she stopped, looked around and said that her daddy had been killed on this road. “

She added: “She also had conversations while we were walking through a graveyard when she was tiny-she kept flicking at her hair and saying ‘it’s my hair, leave it alone’.

“Sometimes she wakes up during the night, sits bolt upright and laughs and has conversations. I’m terrified of her!”

I caught my toddler doing something disturbing with her doll

So creepy! (Stock photo) (Image: Moment RF)

A parent got a bit of a fright while bathing her toddler, Rylee.

The little girl had been playing with a Barbie in the tub, when she started doing something very unexpected and creepy.

The mum recalls: “My daughter Rylee, 22-months-old, had a Barbie in the bath with her. She held it under the water whispering ‘quiet’ over and over again. I was terrified.”

My son wrote a very creepy note for a waitress

Someone else said they were eating with their young son in a diner in America, when he decided to slip the waitress a note.

The mum assumed it was a sweet message about the food – but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“My 7 year old passed a note to a waitress in a diner in America,” explained the mum. “On it he’d scrawled in creepy crayon ‘my mummy murdered someone’.

“She visibly reeled back and gasped… in his defense, his spelling was excellent and his grammar was spot on…”

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Spirit Guides: Understanding Communication Styles by Gwen

Spirit Guides: Speaking A Language You Understand Or Can Learn

How does a spirit guide (or any spirit for that matter) speak/communicate with us? I’ve attempted to show that human language rules and skills don’t necessarily apply. Most of the time, spirit beings/guides seem to articulate their conversation/meaning to us in correlation with one of the eight psychic “clairs.” Abilities which (I believe) all humans possess to some degree. The eight clairs are as follows:

Clairsentience: Clear-feeling. The ability to feel or sense spiritual/emotional/psychic energy (can “read” the atmosphere of a room or around a person). A sense of “knowing”, which includes a physical sensation of prickles on the arms, tingles down the spine, butterflies in the stomache, etc.  Strong intuition (for instance, forming an instant impression of a person, place, or object).

Clairvoyance: Clear-seeing. This is a form of discernment of information. People with clairvoyance have a very strong intuitive knowledge (or seeing beyond the five senses) and know how to interpret the information for themselves or others. They visualize the information or “see” the spirit world.

Clairaudience: Clear-hearing. This is someone who has the ability to “hear” messages from Spirit, the dead, angels, guides, etc.

Clairgustance: Clear-tasting. This is someone who can taste “phantom” food and/or drink when a spiritual being is present.

Claircognizance: Clear-knowing. This is a person who can know something as if the information has been downloaded out of nowhere without knowing why or how they know.

Clairtangency: Clear-touching. A person who can receive facts and information by touching an object, person (through a hug, handshake, etc.) or being in close proximity to a person.

Clairsalience: Clear-smelling. An ability to perceive the odors of a person, place, animal, etc., not present in the immediate, physical area. Phantom odors.

Clairempathy: Clear-emotional feeling. The ability to experience or pick up on the emotional state of those around them.

Experience, study, and conversation leads me to believe that most people who are more tuned into spiritual energy are dominant in one of the clairs. However, we can also learn to “hone” or increase our ability in the other psychic senses as well. Which is a good thing if you have a spirit guide who’s spiritual language tends to run more in sharing images in the “mind’s eye”(such as when I work with “You”), wants to “tell” you important info (such as my spiritual navigator), or just wants you to “know” their intention, history, or what they mean to say (such as with Brother Marcus).

Some “languages” are easier to interpret than others but there can still be a learning curve. Learning to understand “You’s” images took time (and a little help from Brother Marcus) because of the speed at which she shares them but also sometimes I just don’t understand the reference. Personal associations are involved in the interpretation. I’m sure those who work through clairgustance or one of the other abilities which require interpretation have a similar situation.

Spirit guides
Spirit guides are meant to be “Team Go You!” Image by geralt via

Spirit Guides: Should You Work With Them?

Whether or not a person works with their spirit guide(s) is a personal choice. There is no mandate which says you have to work with spirits. However, having spirit allies (whether they be plant, stone, animal or any kind of spirit guide) can be an important asset to any Witch, Wiccan, or Pagan. Not only in their Craft, but for those who find themselves working with or encountering other spirit beings/entities.

Learning the “language” of spirits, be they “guides”, allies, or something else can only be a benefit. Regardless of whether you work with personal guides, take the time to learn “spirit language.” In my experience, doing so can only help expand one’s knowledge base and help create a better “communicator” overall.

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‘Light From Light’ Trailer: A Grounded Ghost Story Like None You’ve Seen Before Written by Jordan Raup

If the jump scares and horror set pieces of Paranormal Activity or The Conjuring franchises were exchanged for an authentic reckoning of the tangled emotions the departed may leave behind, you have something close to Light From Light. There’s a palpable tension to this story of paranormal investigating, but rather than injecting the expected terror, the film’s power lies in never seeing ghost hunting depicted so grounded and character-driven before. Following its Sundance premiere, Grasshopper Film has released the first trailer ahead of a theatrical release next month.

I said in my review, “This is the kind of film where the minutiae of insurance policies are discussed before any haunting may begin. Those going into Paul Harrill’s second feature looking for frights will be rewarded with something more substantial: an experience rich with atmosphere and humanity, and drama ultimately more enlightening than the cheap thrills that pervade the dime-a-dozen ghost stories we’ve seen before.”

See the trailer and poster below for the film starring Marin Ireland, Jim Gaffigan, Josh Wiggins, Atheena Frizzell, and David Cale.

Gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams and a lifelong interest in the paranormal, Shelia (Marin Ireland) is asked to investigate a potential haunting at a Tennessee farmhouse. It’s there she meets Richard (Jim Gaffigan), a recent widower who believes his wife may still be with him. The investigation that ensues — which eventually pulls in Shelia’s son, Owen (Josh Wiggins) and his classmate Lucy (Atheena Frizzell) — forces them to confront the mysteries of their own lives.

Light From Light opens on November 1st in New York at the Quad Cinema and November 8th in Los Angeles at Landmark’s Nuart.

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Shamanic Techniques for Clearing Negative Energy and Psychic Self Defense BY ITZHAK BEERY

1. Smudging

Smudging with smoke composed of a variety of plants, herbs, resins, and minerals can be an exceptional energy purifier for getting rid of negative energy from your home, office, or body. Spiritually, smoke summons helping spirits; it represents the transformation from solid matter to spirit, as the smoke ascends and disperses into thin air.Physically, smoke captures negative energy particles in our illuminated body or habitat spaces and in hard-to-reach places, then removes and transports them to the heavens to be dispersed. A recent article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology notes that smoke can disinfect the air from a variety of dangerous airborne bacteria, hence it has considerable healing properties.

The most popular plants for smudging and removing negative energy are white sage, sweet grass, lavender, rosemary, valerian root, and other aromatic plants or trees, like cider, pine, palo santo, and copal. For body purifications, start from your head and go down to your toes. You can disperse the smoke with your hands or with a feather through an open window or into a candle flame. You can also scatter these plants and minerals around the house for psychic and spiritual protection against evil spirits.

2. House Energy Cleansing

Clearing bad air, negative energies, ghosts, psychic attacks, and good and bad spirits from the house and workplace is as important as clearing one’s energy field. Often it is important to clear the owner’s energy right after you clear the space. This ceremony for clearing negative energy from the home uses almost the same tools as in La Limpia. The premise of this common practice in South America is that humans, animals, or any object leave energy footprints wherever they go. Sometimes deceased people’s spirits still stay at the place of their death, as they are not willing to move on. Negative energy is heavy, stagnant energy that stops the flow of life; it sinks down. If not cleared, it can bring bad luck, fear, sleeplessness, and sometimes violence to the people in the house or building.

The shaman’s role is to shake and invigorate these negative energies to move them out of the house and return the house to harmonious balance and flow. Throughout the ceremony the shaman chants or whistles an icaro (soul song, or prayer). If a house has multiple floors, the shaman starts from the bottom and moves up, getting rid of the negative energy and invoking spiritual protection. Windows are open to let the negative energies and smoke out.

Here are the instructions:

1. As you enter the house, stop, gaze at the surroundings, breathe in, and then close your eyes. Ask your spirit guides to inform you on what is going on in the house. Wait a few minutes for a vision or answers. Sometimes spirits and events will be shown to you as holograms. Pay attention and go to the places your visions lead you when you do these clearings of negative energy.

2. Start by setting up your altar, light a white candle, and call the four directions and your spirit guides (I usually call my teachers’ spirits in this and the other world) for spiritual protection and for help with healing intention and prayers.

3. With a bottle of sugarcane rum (trago) walk all around the rooms and blow (camay) through your mouth (preferred) or a spray bottle in the corners, under the bed, closets, kitchen, drawers, and behind the doors, in all the hard to reach places where stagnant energy lies. The trago’s alcohol molecules neutralize the positive ions in the air to create a more balanced environment and to clear negative energy.

4. Light a sage stick (or any other plant), walk around the house, and fan the smoke where there is stagnant energy. (You can use your hands or feathers.) The smoke removes old negative energy and kills airborne bacteria.

5. Walk around the house and vigorously click two healing stones with your handsto shake up old energies. You can also clap your hands or use a rattle.

6. With a bottle of Agua de Florida walk all around the rooms and blow through your mouth (preferred) or a spray bottle in the corners, under the beds, in closets, in the kitchen, in drawers, and behind the doors, in all the hard to reach places, to bring good energy and spiritual protection.

7. Walk around the house and puff tobacco with the blessings of spirits.

8. Walk around the house and ring a high-pitched bell to harmonize the house vibrations.

9. Gather with your client around the altar. Hold hands and pray with intention.

10. If you were called because of relationship and love issues, put red, pink, and white rose petals on the bed after the cleansing. Ask the owner to have fresh roses by the bed and to take a rose petal (boil them for five minutes) bath before going to bed.

3. Sea Salt

Sea salt is a natural detoxifier and absorber and clearer of negative energies from your skin and your environment due to its hygroscopic ability. It is used in almost all healing traditions around the world. Rub your hands and your entire body thoroughly with salt, or take a handful of sea salt and add it into a bath. Place small bowls with sea salt and water (no need to change the sea salt, just replenish the water) in the corners of your house, under the bed, or in your office. You can also use sea salt without water for continued psychic protection. You can also fill up a bowl of water, add handful of sea salt, and dip your hands in it for a few minutes.

4. Coal

Coal absorbs and removes negative energies and is also perfect against bad dreams or nightmares. Grind the wood coal, preferably from a ceremonial fire, wrap it in natural fabric, and tap it over your body or put it under your pillow to help you sleep as it absorbs reoccurring bad thoughts and nightmares, contributes to your spiritual protection, and protects against psychic attacks.

5. Baths

Take a handful of sea salt and pour it into your bathtub and lie in it for twenty minutes. You can also add a spoonful of baking soda. If you feel strong negative energies around you, take a bath with sulfur (put sulfur sticks or powder in water overnight then pour the water into the bath). For heavier attachments or psychic attacks, add six drops of ammonia to the water. Boil a bunch of rue leaves for five minutes and add them to your bath. Some shamans recommend taking beer baths.

If you do not have a bathtub, you can fill a bucket with water and follow the following practice for spiritual protection. Pour water using the palm of your hand, six times over your left shoulder, six times over your right shoulder, and six times over your head. Do it with prayers, pure intention, and concentration. Repeat it on three consecutive days, starting on Monday. You can also dip your hands or your feet in a bucket of water with sea salt. Do not soap or shower after the bath.

6. Sweating It Out

Spending time in a sweat lodge, steam room, or a sauna can remove toxicity and purify your body, emotions, and soul. Sweating clears the negative energies on the surface of the skin and in the deeper tissues pour out of the body.

7. Blowing of Sugarcane Rum

Put a small amount of sugarcane rum (trago) in your mouth, under your tongue, and blow it out forcefully on yourself, on others, or around the room in a strong intentional blow. It needs to be sent as a strong but soft mist. It will ionize and rebalance your energy body and surroundings.

8. Feathers

Use feathers, preferably condor, eagle, or wild turkey, to remove stagnant negative energies. Start at the crown of your head and move all the way down to your feet. Let the feather guide you to feel energy blockages just like dowsing; feathers represent the element of air and the clearing wind.

9. Stones

Brush healing stones, preferably black lava stones, over your body to absorb negative energy and create a psychic protection shield to guard against psychic attack. You can also hold a stone in each hand or put them in your pockets for grounding. For spiritual protection and getting rid of negative energy from your home and office, clap the stones around the room (or rooms), especially in the corners where stagnant energy congregates. After using them dip them in sea-salt water or blow sugarcane rum on them to cleanse them.

10. Amulets

Amulets can be a piece of jewelry worn for spiritual protection or an object made from stones, seeds, metal, or coins. Amulets sometimes contain words or prayers. They are worn and are created to protect the wearer from psychic attacks, harm, and evil spirits. They are sometimes blessed and imbued with the power of a shaman. Wear a protective charm, pendant, or bracelet on the left hand, the path to your heart, or over your heart.

11. Mirror

Wear a mirror or any reflective metal surface over your heart center to deflect negative energy or a psychic attack back to the aggressor and to disperse it into the void.

12. Plants

Plants absorb and clear negative energy and produce negative ions for air purification. Place various plants with large green leaves—such as aloe vera, banana, arrowhead, evergreen, dumb cane (Dieffenbachia), geranium, and dragon plant (Dracaena)—around the house and on ­windowsills for spiritual and psychic protection. A very important plant in South America is rue, also called ruta or ruda (Ruta graveolens). It has a very distinct repelling smell and beautiful small yellow flowers that need lots of sun. Plant it in the entrance to your home and place it on your windowsills. It is believed to shield the house from jealousy and envy of neighbors and passersby. Tap a small branch of rue all over your client’s body; if the plant dries or dies, it is a sign that your client possesses large amounts of bad energy. Boil a branch and add it to your bath or spray or clean your house with it to get rid of negative energy in your home or self.

13. Nature

Spend some time in nature for spiritual protection. It contains and emits negative ions, which counter the positive ions we are surrounded by in our homes and offices in our digital society. Walk barefoot as much as you can, hug a tree, or sit with your back to a tree trunk; it will absorb your negative energies. Some people find it helpful to be buried in soil or sand for a few hours or overnight; the soil clears your negative energy and grounds you. Stay by or swim in a lake, river, waterfall, or ocean. Encase your body with plants and green leaves, as they repel evil spirits and confer psychic protection. You should also wear green clothes for the same reason.

14. Handshakes

Do not shake hands with people who you believe are angry and depressed as they are carriers of negative energy. With more than a million nerve endings and receptors in the palm of the hand, shaking hands acts as an energy transmission between two people and could be contaminating. Sticky, sweaty palms can indicate an emotional nervousness, fear, and disturbance.

15. Sulfur

Sulfur—a foul and smelly crystal for psychic and spiritual protection—removes emotional problems, hexes, and attachments and frees one from enemy attachment cords. You can roll sulfur sticks over your body, preferably on your bare skin, from head to toe. You can also soak sulfur for twenty-four hours in water and add it to your bath. If you do not have sulfur sticks, use sulfur powder encased in a fabric pouch and tap it on your body. Sulfur can also indicate signs of possession. Hold a sulfur stick in both hands. If it breaks, it is a sign of possession. Bring the stick to your ears and if you hear cracking and hissing sounds, it is a sign of emotional disturbance caused by entities.

16. Protection Stones

There are many stones and crystals for spiritual and psychic protection that can absorb, repel, or clear negative energies. Stones and crystals such as black obsidian, black tourmaline, black onyx, and apache tears can transmute good energy. Wear them around your neck, carry them with you, or place them around you in your home or office.

17. Processes for Psychic Protection

+ Be aware and alert. Use your intuition to spot danger and bad energy from people around you who are angry, agitated, or depressed and will suck your energy out of you and also from negative places.

+ Sit quietly. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded in a bubble of light. Or imagine a source of white light above your head; encase yourself with this protective light for regular spiritual protection.

+ A heart filled with love is the strongest protection against psychic attack. Send love to your nemeses; it is hard to do but necessary to give them gratitude for their teachings and not hold anger and resentment in your heart.

This piece on shamanic soul healing is excerpted with permission from The Shamanic Healing: Traditional Medicine for the Modern World by Itzhak Beery. Reprinted with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

About The Author

Itzhak Beery is a leading shamanic teacher, healer, speaker, community activist and author. For over 21 years Itzhak bridges the spiritual and practical wisdom his indigenous teachers entrusted in him with a powerful contemporary approach relevant to our stressful and unbalanced modern times. Itzhak teaches internationally and leads groups on healing expeditions to the Andes and the Amazon of Ecuador. He was initiated into the Circle of 24 Yachaks by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and by Amazonian Kanamari Pajè. He has also trained intensively with other elders from South and North America. The founder of and cofounder of the New York Shamanic Circle, he is on the faculty of Kripalu Center, New York Open Center, The Shift Network, and staff teacher at Omega Institute. He received ‘Ambassador for Peace Award’ from The Universal Peace Federation and the UN. His work has been featured in the New York Times, films, TV, and numerous webinars. Learn more:

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kids & Psychic Abilities BY KIRSTIE LANDRY

Psychic Kids

The sixth sense, foresight, telepathy… whatever you want to call it, the concept of psychic abilities is a fascinating one – although controversial. While some see psychic powers as a bunch of nonsense, there are other people who truly believe in it.

No matter where a person stands on this, no one can deny that it definitely makes for a very interesting discussion. And interestingly, more and more studies are backing up the idea that there may be something going on that we just don’t yet understand, so that the people who believe in it have pretty strong arguments in support of their beliefs.

Of course, it’s not just adults that may have psychic abilities – plenty of believers suggest that kids can be psychic too… even more so than adults, as they haven’t yet learned to disbelieve or ignore their abilities. If you think your child might be a bit of a crystal-ball gazer, here are some things you should know.


Psychic Kids

Some people are naturally pretty good at figuring out what a person is like, but kids who are gifted with psychic abilities can basically read a person like an open book. Parents of kids who have this kind of ability will probably notice that their child loves being around someone they just met, or they really dislike them for no apparent reason.

Psychic kids are particularly great at figuring out what other people are like, even if they’ve only just met them. This is a great ability to have, since it can keep them from hanging out with the wrong crowd.


Psychic Kids

If a little one is psychic, their parents might hear them discussing a past life. This is truly fascinating, because children who do this have recalled some very interesting things.

Since nearly all children have great imaginations, it is easy for those around a child like this to blame it on some vivid dreams they have had or something like that. But it really should be taken seriously, since it can indicate that the child in question has incredible psychic abilities.

If parents dismiss this as nothing more than a child’s imagination, they might keep their child from talking about this again. It’s important to listen when they are saying things like this.


Psychic Kids

If a child has psychic abilities, they are probably a bit more sensitive to certain things than others are, and little boys and girls like this are called empathetic children. Basically, empathetic children feel too much.

Sometimes the things that are going on around them are a bit too much for them to handle. Empathetic kids can be triggered by various things, some of which include certain smells or sounds. Parents who find that they have kids like this need to pay a lot of attention to them and see if they can figure out what their triggers are, so that they can be avoided.


Psychic Kids

Animals generally make people feel good, but a psychic child may have a truly special connection with them. Pets are very gentle creatures who usually do not wish to do harm to anyone, so they tend to give off a very loving and nurturing vibe, and since psychic children are sensitive to the feelings of others, they really like pets, even more than most people do.

Parents of a child who is gifted should certainly consider giving them a pet because of this reason. Pets can bring anyone joy, but they are especially loved by young people with psychic gifts.


Psychic Kids

One of the main characteristics of spiritually gifted people is being able to predict something that has not happened yet. When non-psychic people picture a person with these gifts, they typically imagine someone who is looking into a crystal ball, predicting the future.

While psychics don’t always use crystal balls, sometimes they know about things before they actually happen. This can actually happen to psychics of all ages.

Sometimes psychics see these things in visions, and sometimes they see them in their dreams. Moms and dads of gifted children should definitely pay attention to what their children say they are dreaming about.


Psychic Kids

It’s not unusual for little ones to have an imaginary friend, but when a child has one, it could be that they are communicating with something called a spirit guide. According to certain spiritual schools of thought, everyone has a spirit guide, but the only people who are capable of communicating with them are ones who are spiritually gifted.

The reason why this is true is because it’s hard for a person to speak with his or her spirit guide when they have not yet accepted that they have one. The first step one should take in order to communicate with a spirit guide is to believe in them.


Psychic Kids

Not everyone likes crowded places, and sometimes that is because they pick up on the moods of those around them. This is another thing that empathetic children are able to do.

It sounds awesome, but this can actually be negative at times. Little ones who have this kind of gift sometimes find that it can be a bit too much at times, since they feel the emotions of everyone around them.

If a child does not enjoy being in crowded places, that could be the reason why. Children like this generally feel as though the pain of others is their pain as well.


Psychic Kids

Sometimes kids have trouble sleeping because of a medical problem, and sometimes it is because they possess spiritual gifts. Psychic children are known to have problems when bedtime rolls around.

They usually do not sleep very easily, and some of them do not have very fond feelings about being in the dark. When they do eventually go to sleep, spiritually gifted children often have very vivid dreams and nightmares. This likely makes them want to fall asleep even less.

There are some things parents can do to encourage their child to have pleasant dreams, which might help the situation. Parents who want to help their child have a pleasant night of sleep should read to them before bed, or talk with them about what their favorite parts of the day were.


Psychic Kids

Lots of children have a very creative side, but psychic children are usually a bit more creative than others. The right side of the brain is usually the side that is responsible for a person’s ability to come up with creative things, and the left side usually helps a person think about things in a more analytical way. Sometimes psychic children use the right side of their brain more than they use the left side, which could have something to do with the fact that many of them make decisions based off of their intuition instead of facts that have been presented to them.


Psychic Kids

Auras are biomagnetic energy fields that surround each of us, and children who are gifted with psychic powers are sometimes able to see them. One fun little tidbit about auras is that they all look different.

In that way, auras are like fingertips. But a person’s aura changes when their mood changes. If an adult is sensitive enough, they are probably able to see the auras of those around them. But children are more likely to be able to see auras than adults are. If babies or toddlers are constantly looking above a person’s head, they might be checking out their aura.

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Quirky Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp marks 125th anniversary as haven for mediums and healers Lisa Maria Garza By LISA MARIA GARZA

CASSADAGA — Sunflowers, the universal symbol of those who believe that life continues after death and some people have the ability to communicate with the deceased, are sprinkled throughout this tiny hamlet.

The Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, a home to mediums and healers about 35 miles north of Orlando, is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, marking the evolution of a community on a “vortex of psychic energy” where the gifts of spiritualists can thrive and believers can worship in peace.

On Saturday, the camp will kick off a monthly series of celebrations, culminating with a masquerade ball in December, at the sanctuary for 78 residents immersed in the metaphysical world that draws curious visitors from around the world.

“Karma and destiny” brought Reverend Don Zanghi from Buffalo, N.Y., to the camp 28 years ago. He teaches a Sunday morning service, Lyceum, for anyone who wishes to learn about spiritualism.

“The whole idea of having a camp is because the energy is here, you’re surrounded by it all the time — you’re breathing it, you’re living it, you’re feeling it — it’s like going to school,” said Zanghi, a 70-year-old medium and healer.

Rev. Don Zanghi, a certified medium and healer, has been a resident at the Cassadaga spiritualist camp for 28 years. Gretel is one of several outdoor feline inhabitants.
Rev. Don Zanghi, a certified medium and healer, has been a resident at the Cassadaga spiritualist camp for 28 years. Gretel is one of several outdoor feline inhabitants. (Rich Pope / Orlando Sentinel)

The Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association began as a 35-acre winter haven in 1894 founded by George Colby, a trance medium from New York who was guided by a Native American spirit named “Seneca” to Central Florida.

It was designated as a historic district in 1991 and operates as a nonprofit organization under a board of trustees.

Dawn Medley, camp activity director, said visitors are welcome from sunup to sundown — even skeptics — and that spiritualism isn’t an evangelical religion.

“We demonstrate. We don’t go out and feel the need to have people come here and believe what we believe,” Medley said. “We really encourage free thinking — we want people to come to their own conclusion.”

Many residents offer services in their homes and apartments at an independently determined rate. Mediums and healers advertised on signs around the camp are labeled as “certified,” a distinction that applies only to members who have undergone training and a verification of experience and skills.

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

It’s been 125 years since George P. Colby, a trance medium from New York, traveled to Central Florida and set up camp in what later became known as the spiritualist community of Cassadaga, unofficially dubbed as the “psychic capitol of the world.” May 2, 2019.

Camp guidelines discourage the use of “gimmicky” tools such as pendulums and crystal balls.

“We’re going to give you evidence of who we’re connecting with – it could be could be a physical description, could be a shared memory, could be how they passed or something about their personality … any number of things,” Medley said. “And then we’ll give you the information they wish to bring.”

The long, curved pavement of Cassadaga Road serves as a physical divide between the camp and a cluster of businesses that also offer spiritual services but have a long-standing disagreement over the tools of the trade.[

“They’re just trying to separate themselves because they feel that we’re hokey,” said Varney Pearce, store manager for Purple Rose Trading Company, a third-generation family owned shop. The 119-year-old building with an attached haunted history museum sells “esoteric accessories” — crystals, stones and astrology charts.

“As far as tools go, I know readers that prefer tarot because it’s a visual representation of what they’re telling you,” Pearce said. “People will see the devil or death card and freak out but it can actually mean change or the death of a career into something new – it’s a good thing, something new. It’s all perspective.”

Although camp members don’t use tools, they do embrace technology such as cameras and voice recorders that document physical phenomenon.

Medley gives a nighttime tour of the camp — often accompanied by Gretel, one of several outdoor feline inhabitants — using flashlights, which spirits can employ to announce their presence.e

“When that light turns on, it’s something everybody sees,” she said.

Cassadaga resident and spiritual tour guide Dawn Medley walks through the Fairy Trail at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on May 2, 2019.
Cassadaga resident and spiritual tour guide Dawn Medley walks through the Fairy Trail at the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp on May 2, 2019. (Rich Pope/Staff photographer)

Cassadaga, the camp and town immortalized in a Tom Petty song, has been known for decades as a quirky travel destination. It’s listed on, dubbed as an online guide to “offbeat tourist attractions.”

Visitors are drawn to landmarks like Hotel Cassadaga, a reportedly haunted structure with “friendly spirits” that dates back to the 1920s. It was sold by the camp during the Great Depression and now operates under private ownership.

The camp recently created an elaborate outdoor fairy trail, in collaboration with the West Volusia Tourism Office, which feature 6-foot tall pastel butterfly wings that are already making the rounds on Instagram.[

At Saturday’s event, Volusia County Council member Barbara Girtman will read a proclamation and camp residents will unearth a time capsule that was buried during the 100-year mark.

The camp is also raising money for the upkeep of its seven historical buildings, including Colby Memorial Temple, to preserve its legacy into the next century.

“Death has always been scary for people and when they see proof that life continues on, it’s quite comforting and soothing,” Medley said. “There will always be generations looking for these answers.”

Lisa Maria Garza

Lisa Maria Garza covers Winter Park, Maitland, Eatonville and east Orange County for the Orlando Sentinel. She previously reported general news for Reuters, based in Dallas, and graduated from the University of North Texas. Lisa, a San Antonio native, moved to Florida with her two cats but remains a loyal Spurs fan.

‘Psychic’ aunt draws picture of her niece – 10 years before she was born

Psychic Vision

A family from Staffordshire have been left wondering whether there’s a psychic in their midst…

One mum has revealed her shock after she uncovered one of her sister’s old drawings looks exactly like her own daughter – despite it being created ten years before she was born.

Georgie Hudson, now 22, came across the old sketch stuck to her grandmother’s fridge earlier this week.

The 10-year-old drawing shows a young blonde girl smiling with a bow in her hair.

And after showing the picture to her sister Taylor, Georgie was stunned to realise that it struck an uncanny resemblance to Taylor’s 18-month-old daughter Amelia.

Taylor uncovered a 'spitting image' drawing of her daughter
Taylor uncovered a ‘spitting image’ drawing of her daughter. Picture: Kennedy News and Media

Now the whole family have been left wondering whether Georgie has been gifted with a secret psychic ability.

Speaking about the scary coincidence, mum-of-one Taylor has said her ‘mind is blow’ by the lookalike sketch.

“It’s definitely quite creepy,” she confessed.

“My mind is blown – It’s unbelievable. This is just a little girl that my sister had in her head, but the resemblance between Amelia and that picture is amazing.

“We’d never taken a good look until Georgie saw it the other day. She took a picture and sent it me and said ‘can you see Amelia in this?’

Amelia is now 18-months-old
Amelia is now 18-months-old. Picture: Kennedy News and Media

“I’d taken some photos that day and it was like my sister had drawn one of those pictures, even though it was 10 years ago.

“When I compared the photos they had the same ears, same eyes. The resemblance is ridiculous.”

Admitting there could be something supernatural in the family, 22-year-old Taylor added: “I don’t know if it’s an amazing coincidence or something more.

“Me and my mum did joke about it saying we need to put on the lottery because she can see into the future.

“It wasn’t based on another picture of me or a relative. It was just from her imagination.”Derren Brown Reveals how TV Psychics really talk to the dead>

Georgie has since explained she actually remembers sketching the picture over a decade ago.

“I’d never noticed the likeness before because Amelia was much younger, but I remember drawing the picture and it’s so strange.

“I got everything spot on from the eyebrows to the teeth and even the bow.”

Speculating that she may even be able to draw her niece’s future brother or sister, Georgie said: “I don’t know if I had a psychic ability as a child.

“I would definitely be freaked out if I drew a little sibling for Amelia.

“I recently had a miscarriage and I think that’s what made me pay attention to the baby in the picture – maybe I’ll draw my own future child.

“I remember my grandma and aunty asking me who the little girl was and I said ‘it just came to me’.

“My aunty thought I was gifted as soon as I drew it – 10 years later it looks the spitting imagine of my niece. It’s made me want to take up drawing again.”

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Why psychic surgery may not be a complete sham By: Jaime T. Licauco

How do we know if what we know is real or true? In a recent forum I was invited to talk about this question, I used the controversial phenomenon of psychic surgery, which our local faith healers perform on patients, to provide answers.

I define psychic surgery as the process or the ability to open up the body of a patient using only the healer’s bare hands, take out diseased tissues, blood clots and even tumors, and close the incision without a trace of the operation at all. The entire process takes usually less than five minutes.

Because it defies all known and accepted laws of physics, biology, medical science and logic, psychic surgery is regarded as fraudulent or a product of trickery and deception.

The Department of Health does not recognize it as a legitimate form of therapy. The Philippine Medical Association completely ignores it. And the Catholic Church considers it the work of the devil.

But ordinary Filipinos, especially in the provinces, believe in it and patronize it.

There are only two countries in the world where psychic surgery is practiced: Brazil and the Philippines.

The difference is that Brazilian spiritual healers and psychic surgeons use knives, scissors and other instruments to open up the body of patients, and that Filipino healers use their bare hands. Most Western researchers and investigators believe the Brazilian healers more than our own. One cannot open up the body of a patient with bare hands, but it can be done with knives.


This is obvious, isn’t it? But is it? Remember that we are dealing here with a paranormal phenomenon which cannot be explained by mainstream materialistic science.

To use the principles, methodologies or paradigms of materialist science to explain nonphysical or paranormal phenomena is like using an umbrella as a parachute to jump from a tall building.

Science was meant to study or explain only physical things. It is very efficient and useful in doing this. Its methodologies are perfect and cannot be improved upon. But when used to explain nonphysical phenomena, it is almost useless.

When Western scientists tried to use their scientific tools and methodologies to study paranormal or spiritual phenomena, something almost always goes wrong.

For example, in the 1980s, when Japanese researcher Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama had three blood samples which a Filipino healer took from the same patient, and had these examined by three different laboratories in Japan, the results were inconsistent. The first two blood samples were of the same blood type as that of the patient, but the third sample was diagnosed to be the blood of a sheep. Now, sheep are not indigenous to the Philippines. So, where did that blood come from?

The other example is Dr. Lyall Watson, a biologist from South Africa (and author of the best-selling book “SuperNature”), who placed diseased tissue taken by a Filipino faith healer from a patient into a glass container with formaldehyde, sealed it and sent in to a laboratory in South Africa for analysis. When it reached South Africa, the glass container was empty, but the seal was intact. The specimen had vanished into thin air.

But sometimes, researchers are lucky. For example, when I had a problem with an enlarged prostate in 2002, I went to a radiologist who was a former student of mine. The ultrasound result showed an enlarged prostate gland.

Instead of going to a hospital to have it operated on, I went to a female faith healer and psychic surgeon in Makati whom I had observed many times before, and whom I considered to be genuine.

She performed psychic surgery using only her bare hands, after shaving the hair on that part of my anatomy and removing what looked like blackish tissue from inside. Blood oozed out as she pressed deep into my groin with her bare hands.


I felt the pressure of her hands, but there was no acute pain, as would be expected. She closed the incision and applied plasters. The whole psychic operation took about 30 minutes.

The next day I went back to the radiologist, who performed an ultrasound on me and found my prostate gland completely normal. “Like the prostate gland of a 17-year-old boy,” she said, smiling.

So, on at least that one occasion and several others where I had medical proof (before and after), these psychic surgeries, I believe, were genuine. I cannot say the same for others, but I came out with the conclusion that psychic surgeries are not completely fraudulent.

As Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard says, “There are two ways to be fooled: One is to believe what is not so. The other is to refuse to believe what is so.”

Regarding science and its current paradigms, I quote here the words of the genius inventor Nikola Tesla: “If science were to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than all the centuries of its existence.”

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5 Ways to Develop Your Clairvoyance

Develop Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance literally means ‘clear vision.’ It is the ability to foresee the future with your innereye. For some, it comes in the form of seeing glimpses of the future that eventually happens in reality. On the other hand, for some, it is a strong, instinctive hunch that keeps niggling in the back of their heads. In fact, some gifted persons can even read people, their thoughts, and body language.

Clearly, it is an invaluable trait that can help you succeed and do well in life.

Am I Clairvoyant?

Before proceeding, naturally, the first doubt that you may have is whether you are indeed gifted or have you made certain predictions by fluke. Hence, if you are confused about whether or not you are clairvoyant, here are a few signs that may strengthen your belief:

Visual Indicators

Visual flashes that you may experience does not necessarily have to be dramatic like the kind you see in movies or TV shows. In fact, they can be very subtle. Some may witness visual clues in the form of light and colour, which may point towards a deeper spiritual meaning. According to, it could mean that you are interacting with the Universal Energy Field or Human Energy Field of your loved ones.

Visual flashes do not have to indicate actual visual scenes playing out before they happen. They can be in the form of coloured dots, floating orbs or shadows, visible aura, or maybe just a twinkle or a glitter perceived by the corners of your eyes.

Effortless Daydreaming

Do you find yourself losing focus and drifting into daydreams effortlessly? Even though you are genuinely trying hard to pay attention to everything around you? Do you feel your consciousness slipping while subconsciousness takes over? It may be because of your clairvoyant abilities. It is a very common trait amongst those who are gifted.


Since clairvoyance primarily revolves around perception through sight, you are capable of dissociating from reality and entering a different plane. And that is highly possible even if you are visiting an imaginary world. Due to your special ability, you will require much more visual stimulation than others, making it easier for you to daydream easily.

Expert Problem Solver

Source: problem-solving.jpg?fit=796%2C461&ssl=1

A clairvoyant can see things from his or her mind’s eye. Therefore, they are exceptionally goodat solving visual puzzles and problems. They have an inherent understanding of space and how objects can fit. For them, the whole world is much like a puzzle that needs sorting and solving. This quality comes extremely naturally to them. They can step inside a room and tell you what furniture can go where. Or they can easily put together pieces of an expert level puzzle even if another person has been struggling with it for hours.

Appreciation of Beauty

Do you often find yourself staring and marveling at Mother Nature’s bounty? Do you spendhours going through home decor ideas or fine art paintings? You could even be a natural at taking stunning photographs! This could mean that you are probably clairvoyant.

Source: iStock_000003384904Small.preview.jpg

Clairvoyance adds a layer of mindfulness towards their perception of the world around them. This, of course, primarily depends on how strong your visual senses are tied to your abilities. Either way, if you have an eye for beauty, most likely, it is your inner eye appreciating it.

Mental GPS is Terrific

Source: 2020/2013/08/17/

Have you ever been lost and just have a siren go off in your head saying that you should head in a specific direction? Do you manage to get to new and unexplored places even without maps? If yes, then it simply means that you have access to a greater knowledge that others are deprived of having. It means that your instincts are strong to have a solid sense of direction. You may be capable of visualising pathways and directions with the help of your inner compass.

Envisioning Plans is Easy

Once again, the focus for clairvoyant individuals primarily lies with the visual stimulation received from the external world. They are blessed with a knack of visually knowing how things will pan out. Whether it is the interior decoration of a house or a surprise birthday party – they can easily envision the final outcome. If you find yourself accurately predicting such outcomes, it is strongly possible that you may be clairvoyant.

You Experience Vivid Dreams Frequently

Much like daydreaming and imagining, clairvoyants are capable of experiencing vivid dreams. Just like you see the real world differently, you also see dreams differently. This is because your gift of sight is highly active even when you are asleep.


You will have strong imagination coupled with attention to details and intricacies in your dreams. In fact, there may be times that you will find it hard to dissociate dreams from reality. While most times, such dreams are mere dreams, other times, it is strongly possible to have a vision that is about to come true.

5 Ways to Heighten Clairvoyance

Now that you know of the most common traits that may indicate that you are clairvoyant, you need to understand how to develop your skills even more. However, first of all, you need to know that if you don’t have any of the above-mentioned qualities does not necessarily mean that you are not clairvoyant. Similarly, just because you show one or more signs, does not fully indicate that you are clairvoyant.

Regardless, to be able to make good use of clairvoyance, you need to establish a strong relationship between your actual sight and inner sight. A well-developed clairvoyant ability will make it easier to perceive the things around you. Here are a few exercises that will help you heighten your gift of clairvoyance:

Memory Practice

Any kind of memory practice is a great way to visualize things strongly. There are a number of memory games that you can make up to help you see clearer.

Source: heart-shape-picture-id655101628?b=1&k=6&m=655101628&s=612×612&w=0&h=rq- 4Wk__qLZzvJu0UNmj8Sf_KlPaRBN0RkNvY6D76mE=

Some clairvoyants prefer to practice with flowers as they are earthy elements that help in grounding their powers. For this, you need to keep various flowers on a table. Pick one flower at a time. Then spend all your energy on knowing everything about the flower. Right from the colours to texture, and every minute detail. After you are done, visualise the flowers in your mind and write everything done in the most detailed way possible.

Source: attribution/spiritual/tarotcardscreditshutterstockcom.jpg

Another great way to jog your memory is through memorising Tarot Cards. It is already known for a fact that Tarot Cards can heighten your psychic abilities. Go through each card and memorise each symbol, colour, lines or waves. Then write about it or try and project it in apartner’s mind. If you can get your hands on two packs of Tarot Cards and play a game ofMemory, as you did when you were a child. Place the cards in a grid, memorize their positions and then turn them face-down. Now try to establish matches in pairs until all cards are over. Don’t have Tarot Cards? Even online Tarot Tools can do the trick!

Visualisation Exercise

Clairvoyance comes from your ability to visualise. Thus, you need to work on visualisation with your inner eye. You can practice visualising multitudes of scenarios.


It could be a vision of your trek through lush forests in a foreign land. Imagine the flora and fauna that you will see on the way. Or you could explore any historical monument and even go back in time while walking the corridors. You could think of something relaxing as sunbathing on a beach, or something highly stimulating like watching your favourite band perform live. If you are not looking for anything intricate or detailed, you can simply visualise numbers or flowers. Simply close your eyes and get visualising every little detail and every experience. In the event that you have problems focusing, you could also print out flashcards that you can stare at for 30 seconds to give you inspiration and to get you started.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is the best way to reset, restart, and fine-tune all your psychic abilities. Through meditation, you release vibrations that can make you more sensitive to all kinds of visual stimulation. The third chakra, present between the eyebrows is responsible for clairvoyance. And meditation can elevate and open the third eye chakra too.


]To begin meditating, be seated in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and start by takingdeep breaths. Think of a loved one and start imaging them in your mind’s eye. Recall every detail about them and every emotion associated with them. If that’s not your cup of tea, you cansimply visualise your third eye chakra as a vivid, purple galaxy that is spinning. Imagine it expanding, signifying the opening of the chakra, thereby heightening your clairvoyant abilities. Experiencing a tingling sensation between your eyebrows generally indicates that you are correctly practicing meditation.

Give Blind Reading a Try

Blind reading is an excellent way to unpack your clairvoyant abilities. It also helps you focus your intuitive energies on finding solutions to problems.

Source: https://fiverr-,f_auto/gigs/124712269/original/c702f19f76c254cd79878849 6babcdadc8172a7c/do-video-psychic-tarot-reading.jpg

Start by sitting at a table with three blank cards. Think of a question for which you seek answers. Write down 3 different possibilities regarding the question. Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table. Gently place your hands above the cards. Feel them and their energy. Stay relaxed as you figure out which card you gravitate towards. Keep it aside. Flip the cards and read the response of the one you had the greatest attraction towards. That would be the answer to your question or a solution to your problem.

Hence, a good practice while practicing clairvoyance includes dream journaling. Clairvoyants experience vivid dreams with psychic and spiritual guides leading the way into the spiritual world. Keep a diary or notepad and pen at your bedstand every night before you go to sleep. Ifyou don’t have a dedicated diary, you can keep some loose sheets instead. Focus on the question or problem for which you need a response. Keep thinking about it until you go off to sleep.

Upon waking up, enter all the details of your dreams in the journal. If you cannot remember the dream, try and recollect the thoughts or memories flooding your mind on waking up. It does notnecessarily have to be psychic in nature. If you haven’t found an answer, repeat the sameexercise for following nights until you receive the answer that you seek. Sometimes, the answer is not direct and you have to see the patterns to find out the answer.

If you are clairvoyant, then you have received a wonderful gift that will enrich your life in many ways. It may help you find love, success, and happiness at every step. In the beginning, it may be slightly difficult to trust your instincts or the messages that you receive from the spiritual world – and that’s completely normal. We are raised to believe more in the logical world than the spiritual kind. However, once you start opening your mind to the possibilities that open up on being clairvoyant, you will be capable of honing your psychic gift of sight. You need to trust your visions completely because your belief will fortify the guidance that you receive.

You can develop your own sets of exercises or connect with other clairvoyants to find out what really works for them. Try to keep the activities as relaxing as possible to alleviate all kinds of stresses.

Remember, the more time and effort you dedicate towards clairvoyance, the greater would be the rewards that you will reap.

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