Does your child have psychic abilities?

by Alison Langley

It’s been my experience that ALL children have psychic abilities until about 3 or 4 years of age. We come in with it. As a child we don’t realize it’s unusual to have it, so we just “go with it”, without raising much fuss. Granted, some kids come in with more of it than others. Still, most have a marked degree of ability until they are told such things don’t exist. Personally, I find this extremely cool and something worth nurturing… but I would (ha). Calleen

child with psychic abilities

Could your child have psychic abilities?

Have they seen things that simply can’t be explained?

Those were a few of the questions that Spiritual Niagara and Psychic Kids United tried to answer Saturday during an information session for parents and children at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls.

“We want to let children know what it’s like to have these different abilities, and they’re all varying, and what to do with them and how to use them to thrive,” said Amanda Dubois, a psychic medium and member of Spiritual Niagara.

The goal of the event was to give children an opportunity to explore and develop their intuitive gifts and to educate parents.

Dubois and a team of facilitators worked with parents and children to explain the traits of empaths, mediums, psychics and healers and how children can manage their abilities.

According to Psychic Kids United, a medium is someone who senses or can connect with spirit energy while an empath is someone who is sensitive to circumstances, events and conversations.

A healer is an individual who wants to help others to feel better, be it emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually and a psychic knows things that are not obvious to everyone else.

Welland resident Kelly Serniak brought along her children Julia, 9, and seven-year-old Jacob.

“The focus here is kids but it really applies to anyone,” Serniak said.

“I think it’s important for them to be tapped in to every level of who they are because it really dictates how we see the world and how we work through the world,” she said.

Dubois and other speakers encouraged participants not to be afraid of the unknown.

“In TV and movies, it’s sensationalized, it’s not real life,” she explained.

“Embrace your abilities because, yes, you can help others, but first and foremost they will help you.”

Additional information sessions are planned for next year, likely in March or May.

Spiritual Niagara began in June 2009 and provide links to spiritual services across the region. Those services including meditation classes, yoga, Reiki, massage, psychics, tarot, holistic health, hypnosis and energy healers.

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You might also check out my book, Psychic Development, along with the CD.  Together they help you better understand your child’s gifts, while helping your child understand how to harness, use, and control it.  Takes the fear out of the process by empowering them with knowledge… and, you too.

Psychic, ghost hunters helped Long Island man find dad’s remains in 57-year-old mystery

By Robert Gearty

Ghost hunters and a psychic help Long Island man find his dad’s remains.  After enlisting ghost hunters and a psychic, a Long Island man found the bones of his father, a Korean War vet who mysteriously disappeared nearly 60 years ago in his basement.

Bones found in a Long Island basement were discovered after a family consulted a psychic and paranormal investigators, according to reports.

Mike Carroll, 57, is convinced the bones belong to his father, a Korean War vet who mysteriously disappeared nearly 60 years ago.

George Carroll was living in Lake Grove when he vanished in 1961, leaving behind a wife and four children, ranging in age from eight months to nine years old.

The children never received a straight answer from their mother, Dorothy Carroll, on what happened to her father. Dorothy died in 1998.

The bones were discovered Halloween eve Tuesday in a spot in the basement that had been flagged by a psychic, the New York Post reports.

“They were twisted in a knot, weird-looking,” Carroll told the paper. “It was down and twisted in the dirt … not totally exposed, either.”


Paranormal investigators visited the home in June, Newsday reported. A sister of Carroll’s arranged the visit.

The ghost hunters told Carroll they detected an “energy” in the house when they returned this week to share their findings, according to the paper.

Suffolk police will use dental records, if available, and DNA testing to positively identify the bones, Newsday reported.

Carroll was told his father “went out and never came back.”

He told WABC-TV that it has been a rumor in the family for years that his father may be buried in the basement.

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By shareloveinspire

Energy of Hair

Is it a coincidence that both men and women had long hair during the ‘Summer of Love’? What tests did the government run after Viet Nam that proves how hair has energy?

This information about hair has been hidden from the public since the Viet Nam War.

Our culture leads people to believe that hair style is a matter of personal preference, that hair style is a matter of fashion and/or convenience, and that how people wear their hair is simply a cosmetic issue. Back in the Vietnam war however, an entirely different picture emerged, one that has been carefully covered up and hidden from public view.

In the early nineties, Sally [name changed to protect privacy] was married to a licensed psychologist who worked at a VA Medical hospital. He worked with combat veterans with PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder. Most of them had served in Vietnam.

Sally said, “I remember clearly an evening when my husband came back to our apartment on Doctor’s Circle carrying a thick official looking folder in his hands. Inside were hundreds of pages of certain studies commissioned by the government. He was in shock from the contents. What he read in those documents completely changed his life. From that moment on my conservative middle of the road husband grew his hair and beard and never cut them again. What is more, the VA Medical center let him do it, and other very conservative men in the staff followed his example.

As I read the documents, I learned why. It seems that during the Vietnam War special forces in the war department had sent undercover experts to comb American Indian Reservations looking for talented scouts, for tough young men trained to move stealthily through rough terrain. They were especially looking for men with outstanding, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. Before being approached, these carefully selected men were extensively documented as experts in tracking and survival.

With the usual enticements, the well proven smooth phrases used to enroll new recruits, some of these Indian trackers were then enlisted. Once enlisted, an amazing thing happened. Whatever talents and skills they had possessed on the reservation seemed to mysteriously disappear, as recruit after recruit failed to perform as expected in the field.

Serious causalities and failures of performance led the government to contract expensive testing of these recruits, and this is what was found.

When questioned about their failure to perform as expected, the older recruits replied consistently that when they received their required military haircuts, they could no longer ‘sense’ the enemy, they could no longer access a ‘sixth sense’, their ‘intuition’ no longer was reliable, they couldn’t ‘read’ subtle signs as well or access subtle extrasensory information.

So the testing institute recruited more Indian trackers, let them keep their long hair, and tested them in multiple areas. Then they would pair two men together who had received the same scores on all the tests. They would let one man in the pair keep his hair long, and gave the other man a military haircut. Then the two men retook the tests.

Time after time the man with long hair kept making high scores. Time after time, the man with the short hair failed the tests in which he had previously scored high scores.

Here is a Typical Test:

The recruit is sleeping out in the woods. An armed ‘enemy’ approaches the sleeping man. The long haired man is awakened out of his sleep by a strong sense of danger and gets away long before the enemy is close, long before any sounds from the approaching enemy are audible.

In another version of this test the long haired man senses an approach and somehow intuits that the enemy will perform a physical attack. He follows his ‘sixth sense’ and stays still, pretending to be sleeping, but quickly grabs the attacker and ‘kills’ him as the attacker reaches down to strangle him.

This same man, after having passed these and other tests, then received a military haircut and consistently failed these tests, and many other tests that he had previously passed.

So the document recommended that all Indian trackers be exempt from military haircuts. In fact, it required that trackers keep their hair long.”


The mammalian body has evolved over millions of years. Survival skills of human and animal at times seem almost supernatural. Science is constantly coming up with more discoveries about the amazing abilities of man and animal to survive. Each part of the body has highly sensitive work to perform for the survival and well being of the body as a whole.The body has a reason for every part of itself.

Hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be correctly seen as exteriorized nerves, a type of highly evolved ‘feelers’ or ‘antennae’ that transmit vast amounts of important information to the brain stem, the limbic system, and the neocortex.

Not only does hair in people, including facial hair in men, provide an information highway reaching the brain, hair also emits energy, the electromagnetic energy emitted by the brain into the outer environment. This has been seen in Kirlian photography when a person is photographed with long hair and then rephotographed after the hair is cut.

When hair is cut, receiving and sending transmissions to and from the environment are greatly hampered. This results in numbing-out .

Cutting of hair is a contributing factor to unawareness of environmental distress in local ecosystems. It is also a contributing factor to insensitivity in relationships of all kinds. It contributes to sexual frustration.


In searching for solutions for the distress in our world, it may be time for us to consider that many of our most basic assumptions about reality are in error. It may be that a major part of the solution is looking at us in the face each morning when we see ourselves in the mirror.

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Exploring Psychic Abilities: Automatic Writing

By Natasha Burton

I found this article and wanted to share. The only thing I might add is simply this; before you attempt Automatic Writing make sure you have surrounded yourself with whatever “spirit shield” you use. In my case, I always call in “the White Light”. I also ask that only those in the White Light be allowed to work with or through me.

Now, this warning isn’t meant to scare you away.  In truth, all psychic/medium skills almost always involve some degree of channeling. Rather, I would feel remiss if I didn’t remind you to watch out for yourself.  To choose who can and can’t write through you. After all, no one wants Bad Santa showing up (sigh). Otherwise, this could be a very interesting thing to give a shot. Calleen

Automatic Writing

The Words of a Spirit Being

Automatic writing is an interesting psychic ability. With it, a psychic asks a spirit a question, meditates on it, and then begins writing for a designated period of time. They write in a stream-of-consciousness manner so information can come through. Once time is up, the psychic reads back what they’ve written. This is when they uncover the messages from a spirit.

What is Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. Channeling is a means of allowing a spirit to take over a vessel (the channeler) and express itself. However, in order to use automatic writing, the psychic takes on the characteristics and mannerisms of a spirit. Then they actually write as if they were that being. In a free-flow of words, the being comes alive on the page. They impart messages and give context that may be helpful to the person looking for answers.

The Origins of Automatic Writing

While some believe that automatic writing has been around for centuries, it really gained traction in the post-World War I era. It was part of the Spiritualist movement. People wanted to connect with their deceased loved ones who had died at war. Many of them reached out to individuals who could channel them. Some poets and writers even claimed to use this psychic ability to pen their works too!

Why Psychics Use Automatic Writing

Sometimes we’re better at expressing our thoughts and feelings in writing. Other times, we don’t know how we really feel until it’s all laid out in front of us. This holds true for all beings—both living and deceased. Like every living person, every spirit is different, and they too prefer to connect and communicate in ways that are most comfortable for them. This psychic ability is just one of those options.

How Automatic Writing Enhances a Psychic Reading

As mentioned before, automatic writing can help a psychic connect with your loved ones who have crossed over. Rather than interpret what they’re saying, a psychic can record what they’re saying—word for word. It creates a more personal connection because you’re hearing the words and language your loved ones used when they were living.

You could also try automatic writing yourself. Just follow the steps mentioned above. Then, you can take those messages to a psychic for clarification and interpretation. Imagine having regular conversations with deceased loved ones as if they were sitting across from you! There is so much comfort in knowing that you can always communicate with someone you love—no matter what plane they occupy. And someday, someone you love will communicate with you no matter what plane you occupy too.

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‘Seatbelt Psychic’ Thomas John Gives Unsuspecting Passengers the Ride of Their Lives

By Barb Oates

I watched this for the first time this week and let me tell you…. this guy is GREAT. Go watch the reruns if possible. He is dead-on.
Definitely worth watching.

Seatbelt PsychicIt’s one thing to get in a ride-share car with a stranger, but when the driver happens to be a medium who delivers a message from one of your dearly departed — oh, and then tells you you’re on TV — it’s definitely going to be an interesting day.

Having dual titles as both a psychic and a medium, Thomas John shares his talents in the new Lifetime half-hour series Seatbelt Psychic. No stranger to the entertainment industry, John’s long been driving headlines in magazines and on TV talk with his accurate psychic predictions on world events and celebrities (his website credits him with predicting the death of Whitney Houston, the splitting of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and the death of Michael Jackson).

Can you help us understand the format of the show a bit more? 

Thomas John: I am an undercover ride-share driver. When passengers get into the car, they think they are being picked up by a new ride-share program. Then I share with them that I am a psychic and medium, and I ask them if they would like a reading. There are multiple cameras in the car and, to their surprise, they realize that they are being filmed during the reading. This format allows me to reach all sorts of people with my gift — skeptics, believers and people who would never even think about a medium. … You will see a lot of people surprised to learn I am a psychic, but I always ask first if they are OK receiving a reading.

(Photo: Lifetime)

There have been a lot of TV mediums over the years, and you have long been connected to celebrities and in the field. What felt right to you for this format and at this point in your career? 

It has always been about the healing work for me. I’ve never been interested in doing a show that exploits the work or focuses on me exclusively as the medium. The great thing about Seatbelt Psychic is that it really features the readings and the stories of people getting into the car, and the healing they experience. To me, that’s the most important.

I know your connections with spirits are completely random and you have no idea who you will be sharing a ride with. Could you share a story or two about some of the riders in your car and who (spirit-wise) greeted them?

There are so many great rides that we had, I don’t know if I can pick just one or two stories. There was a story about a man who connected with his late son and got a very healing message from his son. For him, the healing was really about hearing that his son wants him to continue to celebrate his life, and not focus on his death. You could feel this man really experienced a healing in the car — he was a totally different person stepping out of the car.

I watched an interview with you where you explained how you first realized your gift at age 4, when your grandfather — who you never met — started visiting you. When you explained what was happening to you to your parents, how did they initially react?

When I was 4 years old, my deceased paternal grandfather visited me. He told me specific things there was no way I could possibly know. When I shared this with my parents, they at first laughed it off. Over time, the stuff he told me was too uncanny, and they came to believe I was in touch with my grandfather. They weren’t really supportive about it, and so I became really scared and just ignored it. It wasn’t really until my early 20s that I started to focus on developing my abilities and doing readings.

You’ve explained that you can feel, hear and see spirits when they appear. What’s the level of detail you can see? What do they look like?

It really is unique to every spirit. Spirits communicate through smells, senses, images, feelings, thoughts. It’s however they feel that I can get a message in the best way for the person I am with. I sometimes see faces, I see images that are significant to them, I hear a word or a name. Basically, the spirit uses my senses to communicate to the person I am reading for. It’s a lot going on at once, especially when I am driving!

Seatbelt Psychic, Series Premiere, Wednesday, July 11, 10/9c, Lifetime

Boy, 4, who ‘channels the dead’ told teachers his father had drowned

Georgia Diebelius

A mum was forced to explain to her son’s teacher that her husband had not drowned after he told her about ‘dead loved ones’ from his ‘past lives’.

Megan Betty from Bridgwater in Somerset, said her four-year-old son Charlie began telling strange stories when he was just two-years-old.

The 27-year-old mum was stunned when the he described how he had died when he was a baby after choking on something and that his ‘mother’ was very upset.

Psychic Child

However when quizzed on what he meant, Charlie explained that when he said ‘mother’ he didn’t mean his ‘mummy’ Megan.

The mum-of-four said little Charlie has always been a bit different but she sees his unusual stories as a positive thing and believes that if he has had other lives, he is being watched over by previous loved ones.

Now Megan has shared a picture of a beam of light singling out Charlie among his siblings and wonders if it could be a sign of his past lives.

Experts who have heard Charlie’s case confessed that the occurrences were remarkable, but were divided on whether they would constitute as definitive evidence of past lives.

Megan said: ‘He is always talking about his past lives, all the time. He uses old-fashioned names and talks about when he died.

‘It’s very strange as he is only four. He has always talked about these things since he could talk but it has increased over the last year or so.

‘He won’t say it if you ask him about it, but he just talks about it when he wants to talk about it.

‘I just don’t understand how a four-year-old would talk about their ‘mother and father’ when he doesn’t even call us that.

‘When he says it, I sometimes say ‘you mean mummy and daddy’ and he says ‘no, my mother and father’. I don’t know who he’s talking about. ‘Once when I warned him to eat something carefully as he could choke, he said ‘oh, I choked when I was a baby’.

‘I asked him what happened and he said ‘I died and I was gone forever and my mother was very sad’.

‘It’s strange the way he talks for a four-year-old. He’s been talking about his ‘father’ since he was two.

‘For a two-year-old to use words like ‘father’ is odd and he doesn’t mean his dad either. I asked if he meant his dad or his granddad and he said no.

‘At school, his teacher got in touch to say he had been talking about his father drowning. I had to explain that his dad was fine.

Psychic Child

When taking pictures on a day out at the Quantocks with her children, including Imogen, seven, George, three, and three-month-old Millie, Megan noticed a bizarre shape in one of the photos.

The picture appears to show a beam of light shining down solely on Charlie and not on any of the other children, and people have subsequently said the light has faces in it.

While remaining open to explanations, Megan speculated whether the light could be a symbol of the presence of loved ones from Charlie’s past lives and is eager for experts to offer their opinion.

Megan said: ‘He’s always been a little bit different, which is why I thought the picture was more than just a trick of the light.

‘It could be nothing but it would be nice to know what it is. I don’t really know what the explanation could be.

‘The light in the picture could be the sun, but it is funny how it is just on him and it is wrapped round his face as well.

‘It wasn’t even that sunny a day when we got the picture, which was odd. If the light was on everybody, that would explain it, but it was just on Charlie.

‘If an expert said it was just the light, I would believe them. I am skeptical of things like that so I would like to see what people think.

‘I’m not one to say that it is definitely something. It’s just with all the things that Charlie has said that makes me wonder if there is something else in it.

‘It’s a really nice picture either way, even if there is a normal explanation for it.’

Psychic Child

Paranormal investigator Julie Cockroft, who has a diploma in parapsychology and mediumship, was blown away when she heard the stories about Charlie’s past lives.

She said: ‘Straight away when I saw the picture I noticed up at the top there are quite a few spirit faces in the light that shines down on the boy.

‘It could be a case of past lives. There are cases where children speak about these kind of things. I do believe in past lives, but it is rare.

‘It’s a very interesting case. Based on what he is saying, I do believe he is talking about a past life, and I would be eager to hear more.’

Meanwhile, parapsychologist Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe admitted that Charlie’s situation mirrors many of the most famous alleged cases of past lives, including the Pollock twins – two girls who were supposedly reincarnations of their dead siblings.

However he was keen to stress that there may be other more rational explanations to the strange phenomenon too and the occurrences should not necessarily be taken as evidence of a past life.

Megan remains open-minded and says that as long as Charlie is happy and healthy and his experiences remain positive, then the family will not worry.

She said: ‘We see it as a positive thing and it doesn’t unsettle me at all.

‘I have only ever had good vibes from it. Charlie is not bothered by any of it either. I always feel he is looked after by it.’

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Psychic Empaths

These are the types of psychic empaths: find out which you are…

About empathy

Empathy is when you understand what someone is going through as if you were walking in their shoes. You are very sensitive to energy kind of person.

Those people who are empathic have a capacity that’s called clairsentience. This is the ability to get the emotions that are showed in the world when you’re interacting with people and animals. You are affected by what’s going on around you.

Which are the types of psychic empaths?

It’s good to keep in mind that not all empaths have the same abilities. Some can really feel what other people are going through, while any other empath can, just as easily, to show changes in the levels of the energy of what surrounds them. But one thing is the same for all empaths: their capacity to feel the levels’ energy. They can even do some subtle changes and some ‘normal’ people might not see at first. Find out what are the best phone psychic readings here.

The emotional empath

Those of you who take part of this type can pick up the emotional feelings of other people and actually experience those after. It’s actually quite good because you can help others – you are very good listeners, because you understand what people feel and where they’re coming from, and it usually doesn’t matter if you’ve been through that or not. However, if you’re also the type of person that gets sad quickly, you might have a problem, as this can really drain your batteries. You have to take care of yourself, too.

The geomantic empath

Or ‘environmental empathy’. You are certainly one of them if you find yourself happy or uncomfortable for no reason at all. Also, ask yourself if you feel some connections to some certain locations, such as churches or groves.

The physical or medical empath

Think about this: you know what a person feels if you’re seeing their energy. You definitely possess the physical or a medical empath. You heal people, either through a medical career or through other ways. Again, don’t forget to take care of yourself, as sometimes you can experience those problems yourself. Sometimes you may even encounter some problems in dealing with some preexisting ones.

The plant empath

With this one, you’ll know the kind of plant you need from instinct. This instinct will show you exactly where to put plants in your home and even garden. To make yourself feel better, you may try to bond with nature by meditating of a special tree to understand the energy better.

The animal empath

You have a strong connection with animals if you’re an animal empath. You care deeply for animals and you understand them and their needs. It’s known that some people even communicate with animals by telepathy.

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