These Are the Innate Psychic Abilities of Each Zodiac Sign


Psychic Abilities

Everyone has psychic ability,  Accepting this is the first step in harnessing your own powers. While this is generally a simple and well-understood concept, it gets a little more complicated when ascertaining exactly what type of psychic powers we all possess.

Each person you meet can tap into the collective unconscious and extract something. It takes practice, confidence and the ability to discern between what you want and what you feel. Most importantly, though, is to know the limits of your own sign of the zodiac.

Your psychic abilities are tied to your astrological birth sign. If you know your sign, you can learn to focus on the specific psychic abilities you possess. Next you can try: Ten Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities or 6 Tools to Help Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Powers by Zodiac Sign

Aries March 21 – April 19

Right Place, Right Time

Your psychic ability is finding the next big thing. For example, while simply walking aimlessly, you come upon a party and discover a performer who is honing his or her act in front of ten friends and some family, who will sell millions of dollars’ worth of concert tickets next year. You’re a talent magnet!

Taurus April 20 – May 20

Sensing the Invisible Border

The Bull taps deep into understanding boundaries. You avoid tension by never crossing the invisible line of acceptable behavior that every person establishes. You can sense when someone is trying to get past your personal barriers and are fearless in confronting these interlocutions before they get too deep.

How to Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack

Super good to know!  Unfortunately this stuff really does happen.  In fact, I had it happen to me even when I thought such things weren’t possible.  And let me assure you, ignorance was not my friend because it had some pretty devastating effects on my life.

So, here’s some great advice should you ever feel someone is energetically, mentally, or spiritually attacking you.  Plus, even if you aren’t under attack, all of the things listed below are great self-care things regardless.

Psychic Attack

Psychic Attack

‘Long Island Medium’ had brain tested to prove psychic abilities

By Fox News

I found this article revealing because I almost never remember what I said during medium readings. People are usually surprised by this too. I explain it like I’m in a dream and when the reading is over, I wake up. Perhaps in truth, the normal functioning part of my brain seriously just went blank like the article below talks about. Super cool!

Psychic Abilities

Theresa Caputo was determined to prove to the world that she has a gift.

The 50-year-old star of TLC’s reality TV series “Long Island Medium” appeared Thursday on “Fox & Friends,” where she recalled getting her brain tested by a doctor in front of cameras to show there was something different about her.

“They did find that I do access a part of my brain that we typically don’t and that my brain actually goes blank,” Caputo said of what the medical scans showed while she was channeling. “It’s almost like it flatlines. Like, it’s clear as I’m channeling.”

Caputo said she was not surprised by the results.

“I always said that my brain doesn’t work like everyone else’s,” she explained. “I always said since I was a young child, ‘Mom, I don’t feel right. I don’t feel like I belong. I feel different.’”

Caputo added that it wasn’t until her late 20s and early 30s when she fully realized her psychic abilities. Before then, she assumed anyone could speak to the dead just like her.

“I thought everyone saw what I was sensing and feeling,” said Caputo.

The celebrity medium has received backlash from some critics, questioning her reported abilities to communicate with the dead. However, the comments don’t faze Caputo, who insisted her goal is to help people move forward after tragedy.

“You know, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But you speak to the people that I channeled their loved ones and it has changed their lives in a positive way,” she said. “And look, there are common things that spirits have me say. That’s not my fault that there are only so many different ways that people can die. Those things are common. But spirits talk about unique things that there’s no way I would know about.”

This article originally appeared on Fox News.

There Are 4 Types Of Psychic Gifts, And Here’s How To Recognize Yours

By Rosebud Baker for

Everyone is a little bit psychic, but most of us just tend to pass off our psychic gifts as “coincidental” or “weird.”

Many people believe being psychic means you wake up one day with a mind-blowing superpower.

But having psychic abilities doesn’t mean you’re immediately endowed with an uncanny ability to see the future.

So, we should view these psychic gifts as skills that take practice, just like playing piano.

Though we may not all have highly developed psychic abilities, every one of us possesses intuition and a sixth sense. By looking at these two qualities, we can get clues and signs as to where our psychic abilities lie.

You can also take various quizzes to see which gifts you’re most associated with.

There are a four types of psychic abilities that regular, everyday people have, but they each receive information in different ways.

The way in which you receive information is how your psychic gift is categorized, and the signs are pretty obvious:

Clairvoyance or “clear seeing”

Clairvoyance is defined as the ability to “see” the future.

How Guardian Angels Speak to Us

By Calleen Wilder

guardian angels

I’m sharing this because over the years I’ve discovered that many people think that those in spirit talk to us like other people talk to us.  Yet, being a psychic/medium for like basically forever (lol), I’ve learned that those in spirit speak to us nearly as easily and commonly as other people do, just not nearly as blatantly.

Even when I do sessions, I almost never hear actual words.  Remember, those in spirit don’t have voice boxes anymore.  They don’t need them.  They talk via telepathy, energetic exchange, and I imagine in a whole host of other ways.

Now granted, occasionally I hear (with my physical ears) a word.  I’ve even been awakened by someone calling my name or saying something very loudly in my ear.  However, that is not the norm.

The norm involves signs, feelings, impressions, thoughts, repeated words, and those glorious moments where we get so caught up in the moment we lose all track of space and time (love those).

Sometimes we might even see pictures in our heads… perhaps of a face, a situation playing out, or small glimpses (like snapshots) of all sorts of things.

But again, these aren’t like seeing something with the physical eyes.  Nope.  This involves seeing something with your internal/psychic/third/perceptive eye.

The closest I can come to explaining it is to give you an example, via an exercise.

Step #1 – Take a deep breath and close your eyes (not before reading step 2 though… ha)!

Step #2 – Imagine either someone calling your name… maybe even from your childhood.  Or picture the face of the first person you loved.  Or, imagine the smell of your grandmother’s pies or your grandfather’s cigars.

That, my friends, is how you receive information and impressions from those in spirit.

Hence, pay attention to any and all clues.  There are no accidents.  But there are a lot of opportunities missed by people who insist on explaining all these beautiful daily miracles away by trying to make sense of them.

Earth sense has no place in the spiritual realm… remember that.  It’s special in that sort of way.



To be intuitive is to be self-aware. To be self-aware is to be able to grasp the immaterial parts of yourself that exist within the physical doing and being.

The benefits to this kind of understanding are obviously endless, but seldom discussed are all the challenges that come with being very attuned to your intuitive, inner ‘knowing.’ To speak to it and more, here, all the things highly intuitive people have to deal with every day:

1. We always know when someone is bullshitting us, even when we aren’t able to say anything about it.

For the sake of maintaining our family structures or keeping our jobs, we can’t always call people out on their absolute lack of awareness, and that becomes really frustrating when we see them being tripped up by the lack of insight that they’re closed to having.

Sensitives2. Almost nothing is as infuriating as when people fake emotion, because we can pick up on that as much as we can pick up on the real stuff.

And it’s something people do all the time: feign emotion to get a certain reaction from others (usually attention or love.)

This is as physically palpable as any real emotion, and is endlessly frustrating, because we end up feeling as though we have to fake a response and feigning our own emotional experience is essentially the antithesis to our existence.

3. We feel weirdly responsible for fixing the world’s problems.


This is probably just the result of letting intuition fade over into empathy and then letting empathy fade over into adopting emotions and issues that aren’t really ours.

We routinely find ourselves in hours-deep conversations trying to figure out everyone else’s problems as though they were our own.

4. It’s sometimes difficult to be able to determine whether we’re over-thinking or actually picking up on something.

SensitivesThe irony of not intuitively knowing whether or not you’re being intuitive is not lost on me, but the point is that we’re human, we’re fallible, sometimes we think we’re feeling something only because our thoughts have convinced us so.

(It’s extremely crucial for intuitive people to be able to use logic to determine what they trust and how they act on it.)

5. We live in a world that values mental logic, not emotional reasoning.

Our “get things done at any cost and as quickly as possible” attitude is responsible for much of our collective misery, though people haven’t entirely picked upon that yet. In the meantime, we more emotion-based individuals still have to exist in this world, and we all know how overly-emotional people are treated in the structure as it stands (… not particularly well).

6. We can sense more than we often want to, so we end up closing ourselves off. Sensitives

We honestly don’t always want to know the things we instinctively do, and the realization that we have that capability often leads to a fearful shutting down of our own emotions just so we don’t have to cope with the potential of running into something we don’t know how to deal with.

7. We are hyper-self-conscious because we’re aware of how people think.

We were the kids who were always anxious about what other people were thinking – usually because we could pretty much accurately ‘know,’ in a way that other people weren’t able to. It’s not that we were particularly victimized, only that we were conscious of people’s inner thought processes to a degree that others weren’t.

Sensitives8. There’s nothing we want more than just to “figure things out.”

We’re the people who thrive on certainty, who only want to dive into a relationship when we’re sure that it’s with “the one.”

This becomes a struggle because life isn’t about being certain, it’s about trying anyway. Nothing ever happened because someone was certain it “should,” it happened because someone was certain they wanted to try, and did.

That simple misplacement of awareness can cost you a lot of mental-emotional sanity, if you don’t know you’re doing it.

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psychic abilities


If you still don’t believe in psychic ability, you have to watch this video.

psychic abilitiesFor many of us, it’s no secret that we all hold the abilities that some would consider “paranormal” or psychic, when it is really just an innate form of understanding we are all born with. These children are all part of a small alternative school in Essex. They are taught mainly with blindfolds which teaches them how to activate their third eye and see through their blindfolds.

These children are able to do pretty much anything while completely blind folded. They can read books, play games, draw identical pictures beside ones the interviewer drew, and it even gets more phenomenal than that.

This one girl they interviewed in that video named Lucy seems to possess a stronger sense of psychic ability than some of the others. While the interviewer is drawing different pictures for her while she’s blindfolded, she is able to tell exactly what he is drawing even before he turns the paper to face her.

She is literally able to see through her blindfold, and through the paper itself with her third eye. This right here is proof of the incredible potential of humans.

The problem is that many people will jump to an array of reasons to discredit this, and many similar videos and studies. Many people will claim that they can see through the blindfold, even though a suspicious crew member filming the interview tried it on themselves to verify that it was indeed not see-through.

psychic abilitiesMany people will probably assume that the entire interview was set up and these are all actors. But what is the point of that, especially when this is been proven countless times before?

As the veil keeps thinning and we can collectively understand that there is much more to reality than we think there is, these types of phenomena will become commonplace. The woman who runs the program says the best time to teach kids these abilities is between 6 and 12 years old.

This is because the children are still existing through their emotional body; logic and critical thinking are not the prevailing methods of perceiving reality yet. They are very much in tune with themselves and haven’t been programmed by society to conform to “normality” yet.

They go to describe that is it is possible for anyone to learn this, but the ages between 6 and 12 are the easiest times to learn. If someone has been heavily programmed to believe psychic ability is a hoax, they will probably never unlock the powers of their third eye.

We need to understand the fundamental concept of seeing is not believing, believing allows you to see. Believing is something children do not have trouble with, as they mostly live in their imaginations and that is why it is easy for them to tap into these hidden abilities that we all have.

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By Kirsten Cowart/Emily Price


Our intuition is for more than just receiving psychic messages. While many of us may not identify as psychic per say, we are more intuitive than we often give ourselves credit for. Knowing what type of intuition is strongest for us and how we can access is so helpful!

Imagine having a sense of trust in your knowing about personal relationships, professional goals, and deep desires. Being fully connected to our intuition is a major factor in finding success and happiness. Not everyone experiences intuition in the same way. Here are the three most common forms of intuition to help you identify yours:

Clairvoyance (Seeing)

intuitionClairvoyance, which means “clear sight”, is probably the most well-known type of intuitive or psychic power.

Clairvoyants are able to access visual telepathic information about objects, people, physical locations, as well as other realms and spirit guides.

The information comes in a visual form, which can range from symbols which require interpretation or literal visions of what is actually presently occurring or will occur.

These visions can come in what feels like a daydream, or in a flash of information which is caused by a particular stimulus. You are likely to have clairvoyant abilities if you are typically visually oriented, notice things around you in great detail, have very vivid visual dreams, or generally have a strong mastery of the material realm.

Clairaudience (Hearing)

intuitionClairaudience, which means “clear hearing”, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world. Psychics who are clairaudient hear voices, sounds, or music that are not audible in non-psychic hearing.

These can come as actual voices, as if you are in conversation, or words that form an idea or new information. If you hear music, the song may come from a particular ancestry, time, or place that it trying to communicate with you, or as song lyrics that have a greater meaning or significance.

Clairaudients are sensitive to sound in general, aware of subtle noises or the sounds, bird sounds, changes in vibration, or tone. Being sensitive to psychic sounds is just a step further.

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

This is common one for many people to not even realize they have! Sometimes those with claircognizance experience a “blank screen” meaning they see mostly only black when they close their eyes and attempt to connect to their intuition, leaving them feeling as though they are not psychic because they do not have visions.

psychic sensesHowever, many claircognizant people may not have visions or experience specific sounds, but they experience a deep intuitive knowing in the form of a “gut feeling”.

It is the ability to know something to be true without requiring supportive evidence or logical reasoning. We have all experienced claircognizance at some point in our lives, and the main way to cultivate it is by taking note of it, listening to the intuition, and then being aware of the result.

Taking action in response to our intuitions is a very important factor in cultivating them. It is a sign to our guides and inner awareness that we take this valuable information seriously and will put it to good use. This makes us a fluid channel with awareness not only coming in, but also moving through us and being put to use in the world. It is then only natural that more intuitive knowings and guides will come to us.

Which type of intuition do you have? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments!

(Article Written by Emily Price via

Negative Energy Cure


Put a Glass of Water With Grain Salt, Vinegar and Water in Any Part of Your House. After 24 Hours, You’ll be Very Surprised!

Negative Energy Cure
Do you think that there is something like negative energy, that can affect your mood, your health and also the one of your family and the entire house. Our homes are a sacred place which needs to be filled with positive energy. However, negative energies are a big problem for many homes in the world, and these bad vibes are not so easy to remove. Luckily for you, we have an interesting trick which will remove the negative energies from your home forever!

You will need:

  • 1 glass (it must be completely transparent)
  • White vinegar
  • Granulated salt
  • Water


Put a little salt, a little vinegar, and a little water in the glass. Then put the glass in the place you stay the most, like a living room, where other people come too. Let it stay within 24 hours. From time to time check it out how to salt is reacting or if there is an overflow of the water. After 24 hours rinse the glass with plenty of  warm water and repeat this method whenever you think it’s necessary. Place the glass all over your house until the salt stops rising.

Important note: You have to put the glass in places where it could not be visible, because only in this way it can absorb the negative energies effectively.

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