There’s A Town In Northern Maine Called Islesboro, And You Must Never, Ever Go There On Halloween

By Vivian Lakatos

Haunted Town

I’ve wanted to tell this story for a year now, but my boyfriend was against it. I would hope that after a year he’d be more lenient, but he still puts his foot down in regards to this.

I don’t care anymore – in the spirit of Halloween, I am finally ready to tell the world what happened to us a year ago.


Last October, our mutual friends decided to get married. Growing up in Northern Maine, many of the young marriages resulted from being high school sweethearts – and this upcoming marriage was no different. We had all gone to high school with each other, and then drifted apart once we left for College; but somehow, our paths kept crossing throughout the years, and we remained close.

The wedding was set in a town much further than where we lived, and I had only ever heard of it once: Islesboro, Maine. This is not a town where people go to relax; it is a town that you might stumble upon while going to the town you want to relax in.

I had caught the travel bug a couple of years ago when I went backpacking across Europe, and ever since then, I look for adventures in every nook and cranny of a town – and this, well it was perfect for it. We decided to arrive two days earlier so that we could explore.

The town was accessible by ferry, so we were able to rent a car once we arrived. My boyfriend, Tom, calls it a ‘drive-through in a blink’ town.



Spiritual Places

For those who are interested in traveling to spiritually fulfilling destinations, there are a variety of places to visit that are well within budget.  You don’t have to break the bank to get a taste of a destination with spiritual significance.

Here is a list of 20 spiritual and metaphysical travel destinations you need to check out.  First, let’s take a look at some locations within the United States:

1) Sedona, AZ

Sedona is known for it’s strong spiritual energy, and is the home of many psychics, reiki healers, and shamans.  It’s also a great destination for those who enjoy hiking and convening with nature, and is a perfect place to enjoy star gazing due to the absence of light pollution.

 2) St. Augustine, FL

As the oldest city in the entire United States, St. Augustine has seen a lot of life and death.  Due to the long history it has, it is considered one of the most haunted cities in the US.  If you are looking to go on a ghost tour, this is the perfect city to do it in.

3) Savannah, GA

Another old city in the United States, Savannah is a lively destination with lots of fun and good food.  However, it is also home to many ghost tours and psychic phenomenon.  Similar to St. Augustine, it’s a good place to go to get a taste of the other side.

4) Roswell, NM

Roswell is the best place to be for extraterrestrial enthusiasts.  It’s known for being the home of the most famous UFO government cover-up in the United States history.  You can visit Roswell for tours and museums about aliens and UFOs, or to attend their yearly UFO festival.

5) Lilly Dale, NY

Lily Dale is a spiritual community known for it’s certified psychics.  Lily Dale offers many seminars and meetings throughout the year that focus on educating people on psychic phenomenon, mediumship, and metaphysical subjects.

6) Cassadaga, FL

Cassadaga is a small community of psychics and mediums in central Florida.  It’s a great place to visit for anyone who is interested in learning more about the religion of Spiritualism or Wicca.  It’s also a great place to attempt to contact loved ones who had crossed over.

7) New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is primarily known for Mardi Gras, but it is also another great destination for ghost tours and psychic phenomenon.  New Orleans is also one of the best places to learn more about Voodoo.

8) Mt. Shasta

Mt. Shasta in Northern California is considered all around the world to be a portal for spiritual discovery.   It is said to be associated with the 1st charka of the Earth (root). There have been many strange, unexplained occurrences that happen in Mt. Shasta, which is why so many spiritual travelers flock there each year.

Here is a list of other locations that are thought to be “Earth chakras”:

9) Lake Titicaca

The 2nd (Sacral) Earth Chakra, on the border of Bolivia and Peru.

10) Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia

The 3rd (Solar Plexus) Earth Chakra.

11) Glastonbury and Shaftsbury, England

The 4th (Heart) Earth Chakra.

12) The Great Pyramid and Mt. Sinai, Egypt

The 5th (Throat) Earth Chakra.

13) Kuh-e Malek Siah, Middle East

The 6th (Third Eye) Earth Chakra.

14) Mt. Kailash, Tibet

7th (Crown) Earth Chakra.

Here is a list of other places around the world that are of high spiritual significance:

15) Thailand

“The Land of Smiles” is often claimed to be one of the most inexpensive spiritual destinations, where you can visit beautiful Buddhist temples and archaeological sites.

16) Bali

Bali can be one of the most spiritually renewing travel destinations. Visit healers, practice yoga and enjoy the healthy organic eating that Bali is known for.

17) Stonehenge, UK

Considered one of the great mysteries of the world, this megalithic stone structure is one of the most energetically charged places on Earth.

18) Peru

Visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu to get a glimpse into the history of the Incas and their legendary connection to star travelers.

19) Japan

Home of many temples, shrines and zen gardens, Japan is a beautiful destination for spiritual travelers.

20) India

A hub of major religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, India is a spectacular destination for the spiritually-minded.  One place to visit in India is the city of Rishikesh, which sits aside the Himalayas, where many spiritual leaders have been attracted to to establish ashrams and yoga schools.

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Men in Black – Who Are They & What Do They Want?


So I’m posting an article about the Men in Black here this week. Reason being, I watched a Monsters & Mysteries in America re-run last night, and it piqued my interest.

Let’s face it, too many people have talked about being visited by them. People, who by the way, were absolutely terrified by them. So are they sinister, alien, or just plain weird? Are they from the government, some parallel universe, or are they time travelers?

Who knows? I don’t think we’ll likely ever know unless they want us to. All I know is every single time I hear anything about them, something deep inside of me is aware there’s far more going on with them than meets the eye.

I also know I don’t like them. I don’t have good feelings about them. I don’t think they have anyone’s best interest at heart other than whatever it is their agenda is. AND… I pray I’m never visited by them.

But here’s more info if you’re equally intrigued.

Men in Black
 As UFO sightings increase, so does the harassment of witnesses – by the sinister Men In Black. Albert Bender, director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, once claimed to have discovered the secret behind UFOs. But unfortunately, the rest of the world is still none the wiser – for Bender was prevented from passing on his discovery to the world by three sinister visitors: three men dressed in black, known as ‘the silencers’.

As UFO sightings increase, so does the harassment of witnesses – by the sinister Men In Black.

Albert Bender, director of the International Flying Saucer Bureau, an amateur organization based in Connecticut, USA, once claimed to have discovered the secret behind UFOs. But unfortunately, the rest of the world is still none the wiser – for Bender was prevented from passing on his discovery to the world by three sinister visitors: three men dressed in black, known as ‘the silencers’.

It had been Bender’s intention to publish his findings in his own journal, Space Review. But before committing himself finally, he felt he ought to try his ideas out on a colleague. He therefore mailed his report. A few days later, the men came.

3-Year-Old Boy Remembers Being Murdered In Past Life And Leads Adults To Proof

by Charles Roberts

Past Lives

A young boy in the Golan Heights claimed that he knew how he died in his past life, and despite some skepticism, he was apparently able to help bring the murderer to justice.

According to the Epoch Times, a 3-year-old boy living in the Golan Heights, on the border of Syria and Israel, told others in his village that he was murdered with an axe in his past life. The story was told by a witness to German therapist Trutz Hardo, who went on to author a book about children and reincarnation. Hardo says that Dr. Eli Lasch, who witnessed this particular situation, told him about it before he died.

The boy allegedly told others that he had been killed by a man with an axe in his past life, and because the people in his community took claims like that very seriously, they asked him what else he knew about that life. The boy reportedly took a group of people to the village where he was born, identified his killer, and even led them to the murder weapon. The 3-year-old apparently remembered the killer’s name, and when they confronted him, the killer reportedly turned white.

To make this story even stranger, the 3-year-old allegedly led the others to a body that he says was his past one. While that may seem a little far-fetched, villagers say the skeleton had a wound in the same area that the young boy had a birthmark.

Dr. Eli Lasch recalled this story to Hardo, who wrote about it in his book, and while some believe that it may not be true, others say it could provide some powerful proof into just how intuitive young children are.



psychic abilities


If you still don’t believe in psychic ability, you have to watch this video.

psychic abilitiesFor many of us, it’s no secret that we all hold the abilities that some would consider “paranormal” or psychic, when it is really just an innate form of understanding we are all born with. These children are all part of a small alternative school in Essex. They are taught mainly with blindfolds which teaches them how to activate their third eye and see through their blindfolds.

These children are able to do pretty much anything while completely blind folded. They can read books, play games, draw identical pictures beside ones the interviewer drew, and it even gets more phenomenal than that.

This one girl they interviewed in that video named Lucy seems to possess a stronger sense of psychic ability than some of the others. While the interviewer is drawing different pictures for her while she’s blindfolded, she is able to tell exactly what he is drawing even before he turns the paper to face her.

She is literally able to see through her blindfold, and through the paper itself with her third eye. This right here is proof of the incredible potential of humans.

The problem is that many people will jump to an array of reasons to discredit this, and many similar videos and studies. Many people will claim that they can see through the blindfold, even though a suspicious crew member filming the interview tried it on themselves to verify that it was indeed not see-through.

psychic abilitiesMany people will probably assume that the entire interview was set up and these are all actors. But what is the point of that, especially when this is been proven countless times before?

As the veil keeps thinning and we can collectively understand that there is much more to reality than we think there is, these types of phenomena will become commonplace. The woman who runs the program says the best time to teach kids these abilities is between 6 and 12 years old.

This is because the children are still existing through their emotional body; logic and critical thinking are not the prevailing methods of perceiving reality yet. They are very much in tune with themselves and haven’t been programmed by society to conform to “normality” yet.

They go to describe that is it is possible for anyone to learn this, but the ages between 6 and 12 are the easiest times to learn. If someone has been heavily programmed to believe psychic ability is a hoax, they will probably never unlock the powers of their third eye.

We need to understand the fundamental concept of seeing is not believing, believing allows you to see. Believing is something children do not have trouble with, as they mostly live in their imaginations and that is why it is easy for them to tap into these hidden abilities that we all have.

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By Kristen Cowart


When we think of fairies we may think of children’s stories or movies on TV, but the belief in fairies is an ancient tradition that has been nearly forgotten by most folks. Many believers of the fairy world say that they live in a slightly different dimension than we do and that if we want to connect with them, and even see them, then we must come from a heart centered space. Then it is up to the fairy whether or not they’ll make themselves visible to us.

Even though most people have long since written off the possible existence of these tiny nature beings, many fascinating sightings continue to pop up.

Fairies1. A Dangerous Curiosity

In 1853, during the middle of a summer’s day in County Donegal, Ireland, a boy by the name of Neil Colton was gathering berries behind his home with his cousin and brother when they started to hear the music.

They followed the sound around some large rocks where they saw around 6-8 people dancing around in a circle about 100 feet away. Once the dancers noticed the children, a small woman wearing red ran straight toward them.

As Colton described it there was a green rush and the women struck his female cousin on the face. The children became spooked, understandably, and ran for the house. Unfortunately, as soon as they arrived his cousin fell down as if she were dead.

The boy’s father called for the priest who quickly read from psalms and struck the girl until she woke out of her deathlike state. The priest told the children that if the girl hadn’t grabbed onto Colton’s brother right away after being struck, she would have been taken away by the fairies and lost forever.

2. Lords Of The Dance

In August of 1862 Evan Lewis and David Evans said they were on their way to New Quay when they decided to stop to rest at a farm. While they were watching the reapers working the fields they looked up and saw around 50 figures on the hillside, about 370 meters or1,200 feet away.

FairiesAs both the men noticed the figure, the first of the mysterious people had reached the top of the hill and were starting to dance. Once they all got to the top they continued dancing together in a large circle, making a spiral pattern, getting closer and closer to the center.

Each time one of the figures reached the center of the spiral circle they would vanish into the ground! After all 50 of the figures vanished, one by one they would reappear in the same way. Then they were said to dance their spiral back in until everyone had vanished and this time they did not reappear.

Lewis and Evan told the first person they ran into on the road about the mysterious figures they had seen. One man they spoke with said he wasn’t sure what they were, but he did remember his grandfather talking about how fairies used to dance in the area.

3. The Mail Must Get Through

FairiesWilliam Martin a folklorist was vacationing in 1887 on the Isle of Man, which is in the Irish Sea, when he ran into a mail-cart driver. The driver told him of a rather strange and annoying experience he’d had back in the summer of 1884.

Having been on his evening rounds collecting mail, he was now headed back to the mail collection center. Only 6 miles from the end of his trip, he ran into a group of fairies carrying lanterns, all dressed in red.

They promptly stopped the mail-cart man’s horse and threw his mailbags out onto the road.

On top of making quite a mess, the fairy folk decided to dance around the bags as well. The stubborn mail-cart driver tried to clean up the mess but every time he would manage to get one of the bags back on the cart the people in red would throw it back out onto the road.

He struggled through the night and the fairy folk didn’t leave him alone until he arrived at his destination the next morning leaving him frustrated.

4. An Actual Twinkly Fairy?

In the American magazine FATE May 1977 issue they did a series of stories of strange events. In one article from Cynthia Montefiore, she described 2 events that happened to her when she was visiting her mother in Somerset, England.

The first event took place in the garden when she was with her mother. She was learning how to take a cutting of a rose when her mother held her finger to her lips, suggesting her daughter stay very quiet.

FairiesHer mother then pointed out there was a 6 inch (15cm) tall woman with wings like a dragonfly on one of the blooms. Cynthia described the women as being a pale pink color with silvery long hair. The women was holding a tiny wand with a glowing tip and pointing the wand at the center of the flower.

After about 2 minutes the woman began to beat her wings, much like a hummingbird, and then disappeared in front of their eyes. Cynthia and her mother were so excited by the event they didn’t finish the rose cuttings!

At a later time in the same garden, Cynthia was reading a book while sitting under a tree when she saw something move in front of her. When she looked she noticed a “sturdily built” figure run from lawn towards a fir tree. The figure was dressed in a one-piece suit that was brown colored and once it reached the tree it vanished.

This figure was much bigger than the woman from the flower. This being was 18 inches (45cm) tall. Cynthia ran over to the young fir tree but was unable to find anything there at all.

5. A Night To Remember

One summer evening, in 2005, a man who would only refer to himself as J.F. was visiting a group of friends with his girlfriend at a house in Chicora, Pennsylvania. The house they were visiting was in a wooded area and the group had just finished watching the sunset from the back deck.

They continued to sit out and talk late into the evening as it got cooler and darker around them. The deck was lit by just a single light. The group heard a strange noise by a potted plant near the light. Once they turned to look, something shot straight into the air from the pots.

The figure they say was 12 inches (30 cm) tall and appeared almost human. The differences were it had something wrapped around its body and pointy ears. The creature paused for a moment in midair between the people and the light. That is when the figure opened up her wings and revealed herself to have what appeared to be a woman’s body.

J.F. described the woman as having a membrane that stretched from her toes to her fingers much like a bat wing but the shape was much more like a butterfly. The small woman was even described as having a light greenish glow to her.

After hovering in the light for a moment she flew like a butterfly up over the heads of the group on the deck and back into the woods. After seeing the woman, the group could only think to describe her as a ‘fairy’.

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By Chelsey Dagger

Black Eyed Children

Since the late 90s, black-eyed children have been an essential component of paranormal folklore. Many enthusiasts believe it all began in 1998, when Texas reporter Brian Bethel wrote about two encounters with bizarre children who had eyes that were completely black. Since then, tales of these mysterious and creepy children have been the fodder of many a creepypasta story. These children, who vary in age from young adolescence to late teens, are believed to possess otherworldly abilities. There are several theories as to what black eyed children really are, ranging from extraterrestrial beings to blood sucking vampires. They are most commonly spotted hitchhiking along lesser-used roads, or pan handling on doorsteps.

No matter who or what these bizarre children are, their creepiness is undeniable. Here are six terrifying encounters with black-eyed children to prove just how scary these youngsters can be.

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1. Children in the Snow

Black Eyed Children

In January 2016, a woman in Vermont made the tragic mistake of letting two black-eyed children into her home. A blizzard was raging outside when she heard a faint knocking on her front door. A boy and a girl stood there, shivering, begging to use her phone. Unnerved by their presence, the woman nevertheless let them in and went to retrieve her phone. After the children walked into the light of the family room, the woman realized their eyes were completely black. As she stared at them in horror, her husband’s nose began to bleed at the same time that the power suddenly went out. After what felt like an eternity, the children spoke in unison, saying their parents had arrived. The woman watched as the two quietly left her house and entered a nondescript black car with a man in a suit. Not long after the strange encounter, the woman’s husband was diagnosed with severe skin cancer. The woman began to suffer from regular nosebleeds and an onslaught of other medical issues. She’s convinced her failing health, along with her husband’s, is the result of the black-eyed children she unwittingly let into their home.

2. All Work and No Play

In 2010, a man, known as Noetic encountered two-black eyed teenagers outside his place of work. It was an ordinary July night in Ohio, and Noetic was in the middle of a night shift. Craving a cigarette, Noetic stepped outside the building and noticed two teenaged boys across the street. As he smoked, he realized that the boys were staring at him. Weary, Noetic returned to the safety of his cubicle and tried to refocus on his work—only to see, through the security cameras, that the boys had appeared in front of his building, motioning for him to come outside. Fed up, Noetic went to the door, contemplating whether or not he should call the police. As if they had read his mind, the boys insisted that such an action was unnecessary: all they needed was to use a phone. Noetic refused. He watched in horror as one of the boys continued to stare up at the security camera, while the other ventured to the back of the building, watching the cameras as though they could see what Noetic was doing. With frayed nerves, Noetic contacted the police, watching the teenagers on the video feed the entire time. When the officer arrived on the scene, he could not locate the teenagers anywhere, despite the fact that Noetic never tore his eyes away from the video feed.

3. The Boy by the Truck

Black Eyed Children

On March 17, 2008, a 12-year-old boy had a bone-chilling experience in an outlet parking lot. While waiting, in his mother’s truck, for his mother to finish getting a haircut, he saw a boy walking across the parking lot. Thinking it was a friend from school, the boy banged on the window until the other boy turned. Realizing it was not his friend, the boy in the truck watched in confusion as the strange kid walked up and stared through the window. The boy caught one glance at the other boy’s solid black eyes and knew he was staring into the face of evil. “You must let me in,” the black-eyed boy demanded. Panicked, the boy in the car crouched under the glove compartment. After several minutes, the black-eyed boy finally disappeared. When the boy’s mother returned to the truck, she informed her son that the black-eyed child had come into the salon, demanding the keys to her vehicle. Thankfully, the boy’s mother did not give in.

4. Bumps in the Night

One night a man was dozing in the spare bed in his infant daughter’s room when he heard a strange bump outside his house. Initially the man thought nothing of it, believing it to be the family cat. But the thumps continued. The man checked the porch but the cat was nowhere to be found. He then walked into the kitchen and found two figures loitering outside his front door. They knocked on the door. Both were boys, around 10 or 11, and gave off a pungent, moldy odor. “May we use your telegraph?” one of the boys said, looking up at the man. To his horror, the man realized both boys had eyes that were completely black. Ignoring the odd remark about a “telegraph,” the man told the boy he didn’t have service in his house, and shut the door. As the man slowly made his way back to his daughter’s room, the two boys thumped on the walls. The man clutched his daughter to his chest as the boys incessantly knocked against the window. Their eerie eyes and awful persistence made the man too scared to fall asleep. He remained crouched on the floor of the room for several hours, fighting to ignore the knocks that occurred every couple of minutes. The moment his wife’s alarm clock went off, however, the knocking ceased, and the black-eyed children were nowhere to be seen.

5. Treats and Tricks


Black Eyed Children
One October day, a man was walking up to his front door when he realized that his neighbor hadn’t set out his typical array of Halloween decorations. He spotted his neighbor, and asked him about it. The neighbor informed him that a terrifying experience the year prior deterred him from participating in Halloween that year. It was around midnight, the neighbor recounted, when he heard a knock on his door. Thinking it was a band of late night trick or treaters, the man grabbed a bowl of candy and shuffled to the door. He swung the door open and was about to greet the two male teens when his body became rigid with fear. Both boys had pitch black eyes, void of any white around their irises. One of the boys asked to come in and use the phone. Luckily, as he was overwhelmed with dread, the man refused.

6. Cryptic Beauty

One evening, a recluse living in British Columbia decided to see a scary flick at the local movie theater. Already on edge because of the film, he leapt from his chair when he heard a knock on his door later that night. With each step he took towards the door, the man felt a sense of dread flood down his spine. Nevertheless, something compelled him to open the door. Standing on the front porch was a beautiful teenaged girl. The man guessed she was around six feet tall, and she had beautiful blonde hair. “May I enter the premises?” the girl asked, looking up at the man with solid black eyes. Horrified by what he saw, the man screamed and slammed the door in her face. He marched to his bedroom, pulled out a gun, and sat in a chair in the corner until morning. Hours later, the man went to retrieve his mail. The black-eyed teen was nowhere to be found, but the word “soon” was etched into his front door.


Hotel Shut Down After Violent Paranormal Attacks

Bill Turner via

negative spirits


Today’s paranormal news features the Anderson Hotel in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky which has been closed for further investigation after multiple violent attacks on paranormal investigators, according to the Week In Weird. The hotel was featured on an episode of Paranormal Lockdown and has since been visited by many teams of paranormal researchers. Those investigations revealed a haunting that was shockingly violent, including investigators who claimed to be bitten by some unseen force during their paranormal research. A cameraman for the Paranormal Lockdown team made the news by actually showing alleged teeth marks that appeared in real time on his side.

Kentucky Ghost Tours states that by the end of the 1980s, the hotel had become a low-rent hotel and apartment complex. While the building does not have a history dating back hundreds of years, it saw more than its fair share of negative events. It built a news profile including serving as a focal point for drug use, prostitution, and death, according to researchers. Some of those deaths were more grizzly than others.

negative spirits
One paranormal research team found a mattress that appeared to be a mattress on which a woman had committed suicide years ago and covered with a blood stain. They took it to the room where the suicide occurred. The visitors even saw creatures dragging themselves along the floor. When the paranormal team from the Week In Weird investigated the site, they tested the stains on the mattress and confirmed that they were blood stains.

As if that were not enough evidence of paranormal activity, researchers also found a piece of wood that had all types of bizarre symbols on it. Some symbols appear to be runes, while others appear to be drawn from the occult and the Tarot. That wood picked up the moniker “summoning tablet” from paranormal investigators, which was unfortunate news.

In a reminder about humility, it turned out that the investigators had given the tablet an erroneous name. The tablet was taken to a room, and paranormal researchers observed that activity decreased in that room. The tablet could be more accurately called the “warding tablet.” The tablet has since been donated to The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal and the Occult.

The Week In Weird team also had another startling revelation. As the last team to investigate, and knowing that it might be their last chance, they actually attempted to communicate with the entities. Some may question the judgment of this paranormal investigation team, and the team would be the first to admit that it was a risky decision. They provide a detailed account of exactly what happened, and it sounds fairly compatible with an experience in a building where one mattress placed in a specific location caused paranormal researchers to see creatures dragging themselves across the floor.

negative spirits
The one detail that is most shocking involves a member of their paranormal research team. He received multiple bite marks in real time on camera. The team states that they will reveal all of their findings in the news soon, but as they wrap up their investigation, they continue to watch the videos in shock. For now, theirs will be the final word, as the building’s owners are concerned about the violent nature of the attacks.

What is certain is that the building itself has attracted attention in both the news and in the paranormal research community. It has definitely provided some interesting data to put together and hopefully, at some point, will yield a key clue to decipher the sources of the haunting. When the paranormal researchers finally crack the case, it will definitely be front page paranormal news.

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5 Signs The Spirit World Is Trying To Help You


Spiritual Contact

Have you ever felt like you are being watched when no one is around? Have you been in a normal temperature room and suddenly your body gets a chill and goosebumps? Have you found a feather or a dime in the strangest of places? The spirit world will work through different elements to help you.



The ethereal world is in a higher vibration than our 3D earth. The spirit world will utilize televisions, radios, computers, cell phones, and lights to convey messages. When their matter is on overload it will affect our world and usually it’s in times of distress. Your deceased loved one, or spirit guide is trying to help you with something. Are you thinking of a loved one who has been gone for a while? Sometimes during these moments a special song will come on letting you know that your loved one is near you. It’s during these moments that we find the veil of the different dimensions thinning out into our world.


Have you ever been warm and suddenly a chill takes over? Or, have you ever walked into a new situation and feel like your body is aching with coldness? The spirit world might just be warning you or letting you know that you are protected. The same way that cold can appear, heat is another element that can warn you. There are times that a hot flash appears throughout the body and its discomfort forces us to take notice of the environment. Sudden changes in the environment of a house, car, or other places can convey a mystical sense of protection. Ask your guides to show you signs. What is happening around? Watch your thoughts. The spirit world is telepathic and can sense your thoughts and emotions.


Are you seeing consecutive numbers in license plates, the clock, addresses, or mail boxes? Number sequences hold special meanings. Doreen Virtue, author and speaker of metaphysical subjects, ( believes that these number sequences are communications from the angels. Pay attention to repetition. Do your research and find out what your guides and loved ones are trying to convey.


The spirit world has a way to conjure up memories through familiar smells. Have you been smelling roses or gardenias, especially in a place that has no flowers? Do you smell cigar smoke in your car? It might just be your deceased father trying to tell you to slow down. Smells force us to take notice. The spirit world will follow you around with certain fragrances as to force you to leave the thoughts of depression or frustration. Pay attention to those moments when these smells show up. Thank your angels and guides.


Is your cat running around like she’s on an overdose of catnip? Is your dog barking at a corner in the room where there is no one? Animals sense and see what our human eyes cannot. They will begin to act out in different levels: some wagging their tails while others show fear of what’s in the room. Usually a way to clear the air is to sage the room. Your spirit guides and loved ones may just be trying to communicate with you but your mind is so busy that you are not able to receive the messages. Comfort your animals while comforting your spirit.

These are a few signs that the “other world” is reaching out to you. Miracles do not have to be on large scales. Just a shutting down a stove, when a pot is boiling, is a miracle when they see that harm is on the way to a small child. They can also use your animals to push you our of harm. Always say your prayers, allow for guidance through quiet moments, and protect your spirit from anything that your higher self finds dangerous. You cannot let an assault arrive when you come from a place of love and gratitude. The spirit world is a beautiful dimension and they are always around us to make sure that we stay on the path of love and light.


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Top Five American Ghost Towns You Must Visit For A Paranormal Halloween Adventure

Travelers Today By Patricia Sim

Haunted America

I do NOT vandalize or cause any trouble.  I go explore abandoned buildings/forgotten places because that’s what I love to do.  I take picturs of hte places I explore because to me thye are nic – you can see them on my instagram or facebook.
Filmed with Samsung Nx1 and Gopro Hero 3 black edition.
(Photo:  Exploring With Josh/youtubescreenshot/

America is littered with ghost towns, and this Halloween is the perfect time to go explore one. Besides spook factor, many of these towns contain amazing pieces of history and stood the testament of time and the elements. Other ghost towns, however, have been rehabilitated into festive tourist towns giving it a while new image. Here are the best American ghost towns.

1. Bodie, California

According to Travel and Leisure, this ghost town is protected by a curse that bad luck will come to anyone who leaves with an artifact. Park Ranger Mark Langner says, he gets mail a few times a month from people who have stolen something – -“an old nail or a piece of glass, with an anonymous letter apologizing-they know they’ve done something wrong.” Curse or no curse, he says, “karma is karma.”

2. Bannack, Montana

Once featured on the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures”, this former mining town has seen much paranormal activity. In 1862, after discovering gold, many prospectors moved to the town and as such it became the scene of many holdups, robberies and murders. In a twist, the outlaw gang leader was discovered to be Bannack’s town sheriff. Currently, the town has 60 structures protected and can be explored.

3. Cahawba, Alabama

Known as “Alabama’s most famous ghost town”, it was the state’s first capital in 1820 and became a village for freed slaves after the war. After many unfortunate floods and yellow fever epidemics, residents started moving out, and now it is known as the Old Cahawba Archaeological Park. Rumors say that a ghostly orb sometimes appears in a garden maze at one of the old houses that lie among Cahawba’s abandoned streets and cemeteries.

4. Centralia, Pennsylvania

This town has been burning since 1962, with an underground fire expected to burn for at least 250 more years. The fire was caused by an uncontrolled landfill burn which sparked in its coal mine, the trade Centralia was once known for. This left 140 acres of the town scorched, with leveled homes and streets with gaping sinkholes and spouting noxious fumes.

A brave six residents still remain, determined to live in their hometown until they die. In addition, this town inspired the hit video game “Silent Hill”.

5. Bulowville, Florida

Country Living says that this town was cleared of its natural forest in 1821 by Charles Bulow to establish a 2,200-acre plantation to grow sugar cane, cotton, indigo, and rice. In 1836 during the Second Seminole War, the native American Seminoles set fire to the town, but the hardy local coquina rock persisted. Today, the mill’s massive ruins now rise eerily among the large oak trees that have reclaimed the land in the 150-acre Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park.

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