How to Attract Positive Energy in Your Home and Banish Negative Energy: 13 Expert Tips

“I was very honored to be approached about contributing to this Redfin article. Thought I’d share it with all of you. There are some great tips here. Calleen

February 17, 2022 by Julia Weaver

Everyone experiences the Monday blues or a gloomy afternoon from time to time. But, if you’ve constantly been feeling down and can’t quite put a finger on why, your home may be to blame. It’s time to banish those negative feelings and create positive energy in your home.

A positive and energized home should feel happy, light, and inviting. From utilizing salt and practicing meditation to setting the right intentions and using the power of crystals, there are several techniques to cleanse your home and instill positive energy. We turned to the top experts, from Buffalo, NY to Sacramento, CA, to share their tried and true techniques on how to attract and create positive energy at home so you can feel like your best self.

living room with fireplace and floor to ceiling windows

Pour salt along property lines and main corners of your home

Salt is an inexpensive yet effective tool for removing negative energy from your home. The negative ions released from salt create a positive space and an uplifting mood. Pour salt along the property line of your new home to release the energies of the previous owners. Sprinkle salt in the main corners of your abode and leave it for a couple of days before vacuuming. For continued energy clearing, place bowls of salt or salt lamps in active areas of your home. Sea salt, Himalayan salt, kosher salt, or even plain old table salt work for this high vibrational energy clearing. – Nicole Glosser LLC, Spiritual Medium

Carve out time for yourself

When we think about attracting positive energy into the home, we like to think about how we’ll set ourselves up for success in our self-care practices. If you have the space, creating a meditation space or quiet space where you can read, rest, and build an intentional practice around reducing stress and caring for mental health will go a long way. If you don’t have a full room to dedicate, you can always set up a small space in a corner or even a home closet. Set some boundaries with your family or roommates to let them know you need some quiet or alone time each day to focus on self-care and fortify your well-being. Burnout can lead to cynicism and negativity, so take a few moments each day to invest in yourself. – TRILUNA, Stress Management Expert

Surround yourself with what inspires you

Often the energy of our home is a reflection of our inner world – whether it is positive or negative. Feeling low? It’s important not to be lost in your negative energy and mind. Instead, try to look for outer ways to help with the overall feeling of negativity. My favorite way is to surround myself with artwork that inspires me and elevates my inner passions, raising my vibrations. This in turn gets rid of negative energy within and brings positivity to my home and my surroundings. – C Design by Chen, Artist

Be sure to clean your crystals during the new moon

Crystals are great energetic tools for maintaining and attracting positive energy within your home, but like everything in your house, they occasionally need cleaning. Traditionally, this is done during the new moon, using the smoke from bundles of cleansing herbs, such as sage or mugwort. After holding your crystals over the cleansing smoke, you can also use these same herbs to cleanse the energy in your entire home, starting at one side and waving the smoke throughout until you reach the other side, where the smoke can leave through an open window. Once you’ve cleared the bad energy from your space, you’ll want to replace it with positive vibes by speaking positive affirmations and replacing all of your crystals throughout your space. – Lula May Design, Wellness Coach

healing crystals to attract positive energy to the home

Boost the energy around you

Do you experience that feeling when you’ve entered a room after there’s been an argument, or when everyone has been laughing and smiling? Well, you’re a powerful energy sensor and receiver, and there are many ways to boost that energy and they all start with you. The most important first step is to use your beautiful smile to activate a positive ‘smiling energy’ from your heart.Then, set a positive intention for the room like, “let this room be a happy welcoming place and allow all negativity to move out.” Next, move through the room and fill the space using a tool like burning sage, playing music, singing, dancing, or opening windows. If your mind wanders, just bring it back to your smile and your intention. Have fun experimenting and tuning in to the energy around you. – Smooth Rock Meditation

Keep a clear mindset

Energy is everywhere. Keep a clear mindset if you want to keep your home clear of negative energies. Spend some time journaling or meditating on what’s ailing you and dedicate some time to activities that bring you joy while in your home. I also like to keep a piece of black tourmaline near the entrance of my home. It’s a really great stone for absorbing negative energies. Next, envision pure loving energy surrounding your home from the inside out. Think of it as a little cloak of protection at your doorstep and around the home. – Prana Fresca, School Teacher, Meditation and Yoga Instructor, and Energy Worker

Focus on gratitude

When you’re ready to clear out negative energy, start with your mind by focusing on gratitude to shift the energy in your home and create new healing intentions. Allow and accept those negative situations that have taught you many lessons, and ceremonially use smudging to align with water, air, wind, and fire to dissolve the energetic debris. When attracting positive energy to your home, you’re your greatest source of positivity. Focus on your growth mindset, surround yourself with good people, move your body, drink water, eat the rainbow, allow your creativity and expression to fill your life with things that bring you awe and inspiration. Know that you can fill yourself and your home with unlimited tranquility and love. – Pure Chakra, Meditation, Mindfulness, and Spirituality

Combat negativity with meditation

Clearing out negativity and attracting positive energy in a home starts with the people in it. How you feel affects the energy of your surroundings. If you’re having frequent negative thoughts, this creates negativity and heaviness in your space. Practicing this simple meditation can help combat negative energy and bring positivity to your mind, body, and home: Imagine your heart slowly filling up with loving, positive energy. Visualize this energy as a warm, glowing ball of light. Once your heart is full, allow the light to overflow and travel throughout the rest of your body. Then, imagine the light radiating out from your body to fill the room. Continue to let it grow until the glow fills your entire home with loving, positive energy. – Motion Melissa

Simplify your space and connect with your inner self

Some of my favorite ways to increase the positive energy at home include bringing in plants I love, opening windows, and getting free of clutter. Additionally, having a harmonious home starts with balance within ourselves, so I also love creating a quiet sanctuary space where I can meditate, practice yoga, and connect to my internal self. Being intentional about attracting positive energy in our home benefits our overall wellness. – Julie Bjelland, LMFT, Founder of the Sensitive Empowerment Community

Your home should be the most sacred place

Our home should be a sacred space that feels safe, secure, and loving. Any time you feel negative energy or low vibration in your home, it’s important to clear that energy.  I have a home clearing ritual on each new moon cycle to keep my home at a high positive vibration. My favorite way to remove negative energy from the home is with sound. There are many instruments and tools such as crystal sound healing bowls, tuning forks, crystal pyramids, hand drums, elemental chimes, or wasu tubes that can create a harmonizing, pure loving energy in the home. I play kundalini mantras for peace and positive energy throughout my home, and use salts and crystals placed at the entrance of the house and bedrooms that support removing negative energy, such as selenite, black kyanite, and black tourmaline. I include loving vibration crystals such as rose quartz and malachite and will say a prayer aloud with the intention of how I want the home to feel. Bringing in beauty with fresh flowers, candles, artwork, and photos will instantly balance and lift the home’s energy, which should be your most sacred space. – Jenni Cornette, Holistic Healing

Sound healing bowls

Shift the energy and celebrate the land

To shift the energy in your home and understand where any energetic problems might be, take a bowl of water and sit in the center of the space. Imagine your heart filling with joy, and expand that joy into a shower of pink light that fills the space, pushing out anything that is not loving energy. Take note of areas that seem harder to shift and just allow yourself to shift as much of it as you are able. Take the water and bless the space by sprinkling some of it in every room. You can also celebrate and bless the essence of the land around and under your home to create an influx of restorative energy. Take corn kernels or cornmeal, sugar, and some change and leave some at the four corners of your yard or city block, thanking the land for sustaining your home, and asking for their help to fill it with protective and joyous energy. Repeat monthly. – Cathy Towle, Reiki Healer, and Spirit Medium

Clean the energy every time you move into a new home

Let’s face it. You would never move into a new home without cleaning it. Still, the air in your home, which occupies the most space, is often overlooked. Since you want the energy in your home to be your energy and not anyone else’s, you want to clean and clear the home every time you move. Do this by employing protective and clearing crystals, different types of smudge sticks, blessed water, prayer, and affirmations, along with a whole lot of love.  Afterward, you’ll want to clean the energy in your home yearly; more often, if there’s been sickness, negative dreams, stressful events, something feels “off,” or you just want a new start.  Enjoy your home.  – Calleen’s Crystals, Alternative Healer

Make this daily practice a habit to attract positive energy in your home 

  • Step 1: Start and end your day with gratitude. About five things you care about and are grateful for. This sets the energy in your home on a positive note to begin with and clears any tension at day’s end. 
  • Step 2: Set an intention of how you want to show up, who you want to be, as you move and interact throughout your day. Then, practice coming “home” to that each time you or someone in your home is triggered.
  • Step 3: Incorporate as much nature as possible (fresh air, natural light, plants, uncluttered spaces, wood flooring, natural colors, non-toxic materials and products, etc.). Nature is universally soothing and creates a beautiful, serene environment that calms worries, fears, tensions, and moods. 
  • Step 4: Diffuse essential oils (not fragrance, but pure essential oils). Citrus oils uplift. Lavender and evergreen oils calm. Lemongrass and Frankincense clear negative vibes.
  • Putting it all together: My favorite combo is to open as many doors and windows as possible, place my favorite essential oils in a diffuser, take several deep breaths, feel into my heart, give gratitude for at least five things, choose to move forward as the person I want to be in this situation, and let intention and fresh air do the rest. 

All of these, of course, can also be practiced if/when it’s time to clear the space and reset. – Ann Aubin Gibson, Adventure Wellness

Midland residents take interest in ‘Michigan’s most cursed road’ in Saginaw by Angela Mulka

In a Midland County Facebook group, one resident asked members to share their stories on Dice Road

Pictured is the Dice Road sign at the intersection of Hemlock Road.
Pictured is the Dice Road sign at the intersection of Hemlock Road.Google maps
Pictured is the Dice Road Cemetery.

Dice Road crosses a rural section of Michigan between Saginaw and Midland, and with three reportedly haunted sites, it could be the most cursed road in the state.

It is one of the most well-documented paranormal cases in the nation’s history. So, it’s no wonder that Midland residents are taking such an interest in the paranormal happenings on the road and in the original home.

The mystery spans over four decades. And, it began with a man named Harold Pomeraning in 1974. 

Pomeraning owned the home on Dice Road in Merrill when the hauntings began. After being terrorized by loud pounding noises inside and outside the home and unexplained fires, he contacted the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies couldn’t figure out what was going on. They checked for footprints, searching for any evidence of people prowling around, and they looked for damage on the exterior of the house. They never could find any physical evidence to explain away the strange occurrences, according to retired Captain of the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department, Fred Clark.

“I would say to a doubter, not to doubt. There are a lot of things that happen in this world that are unexplainable. And, I would also say that many of these things, we’re not to know,” Clark said.

Retired Sergeant of the Saginaw Sheriff’s Department, Charles Frisby, recounts his time at the home.

“This Dice Road corridor is kind of strange,” Frisby said. “We have the cemetery on one end and the Pomeraning home up the road. I heard the noise, I saw stuff out there. I don’t know how to explain it, But, I’ll tell you one thing. I saw it.”

With a scary story to be told, filmmaker Steven “Prozak” Shippy jumped on the opportunity to make a movie about Dice Road as the seventh installment in his “Haunted Saginaw” series.

“To me, when you spend all of those resources and can’t prove anything either way, you did prove that it was paranormal activity,” Shippy told Mlive. “There is no paranormal case in the world with even a tenth of this police activity.”

When Shippy heard about the story, he began doing some research and then he stumbled upon a binder full of police reports about the home. He talked to former officers who worked on the investigation, neighbors and anyone he could find who might know something about the home. He’s also visited the home.

The things seen on a nightly basis are hard to believe. But people of all ages and backgrounds recall stories detailing the times they visited Dice Road.

In a Facebook post in a Midland County community group, Jessica Gambino asked members to detail their experiences. She was inspired to do so after watching Shippy’s documentary.

The post took off. With more than 450 comments, it appears that many have reported encountering something paranormal out on Dice Road.

One commenter said, “I had a friend who lived on Dice Road in the ’70s and saw all the action with police and the investigation with the haunted house! It was real!”

Another Midland County resident, Shannon Schulz, said, “I went with my now husband (fiancé at the time) on Halloween with some friends at midnight. We got there at 11:50 p.m. Nothing. Then, right at midnight, all these orbs or ghosts appeared. Each one was above a grave in the cemetery. Just bouncing up and down. We just about pooped our pants and left. When we were driving there it was clear, but leaving it was foggy and creepy. It was something like a movie.”

Many residents agree that they, “Wouldn’t go there at night for any reason.”

Someone else even said that they went into the woods and got a lady on camera.

This apparition of a woman has been seen several times coming out of the Dice Road Cemetery at odd hours of the night and she could be the source of the strange occurrences. Filmmaker Shippy posits that the Pomeraning home may have been cursed after Harold Pomeraning had a dispute with a neighbor believed to be a witch.

Other Midland residents are not so quick to believe the mystery. 

“I live 1.5 miles from there. One of my patients that just passed is buried there along with his wife and family. I spoke to his kids and brother. None of them have experienced anything. I drive by there all the time, even during the night, and nothing has ever happened. I’m not afraid of any of that stuff,” Nicole Zins said.

So, who occupies the home today?

The owners now, Dave and Louann Larsen, have been there for more than 40 years. 

Never believing their home to be haunted, the Larsens described some strange happenings, like an antique radio making noise when it wasn’t plugged in, and objects being mysteriously moved.

“Louann has a high school friend that was divorced and dating a part time policeman with the Saginaw County Sheriff(‘s Office),” Dave said. “And, he and I went fishing one day. On the way home I said, ‘Hey, maybe next weekend we could have you guys over to our house for a barbecue.’ And he said, ‘No.’ And I said, ‘What do you mean no?’ And he said, “I’m not going to your house. That’s all I’m saying. I will not go to your house.’ Come to find out, he had been here, through the sheriff department. That threw up a red flag showing that something had gone on here.”

In addition, Larsen’s two daughters have an eerie story. Growing up they only knew a little about the home, but as they got older, they learned much more.

“My parents went out to dinner and we were here alone, sitting in the main living room.” Julie Larsen said. “We saw a flash outside and my dog started barking and got up on the bay window. And, then we looked and some guy put his face up to the window.”

“It was like a white face. It was literally like a glow,” Bridgette La Joice, Larsen’s other daughter, said. “You couldn’t see much of anything except a round, white head peeking in the window.” 

“We ran into the other room and Bridgette called our neighbor,” Julie said. “It was snowing and there were no footprints or anything. There was nothing.”

Bridgette La Joice wants answers.

“I would like some clarity to it,” she said. “It’s always in the back of my mind now. And, my kids are here quite often and now they’re questioning things.”

Interested in learning more? You can watch Steven Shippy’s documentary, “A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House”, on Amazon Prime.

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“Destination Fear” Is Back on the Road for Another Tour de Terror Through America’s Most Haunted Abandoned Locations via press release from Discovery, Inc.

Season three premieres Saturday, July 24 on both Travel Channel and discovery+

NEW YORK (June 29, 2021) – Wanna go for a ride? Pack up ALL of your courage and get in the RV with paranormal explorers Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder as they hit the haunted highways, byways and back roads of America once again, spending the night inside the nation’s scariest places. Season Three of DESTINATION FEAR premieres Saturday, July 24 on both Travel Channel and discovery+. New episodes will debut Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel and begin streaming the same day on discovery+.

Across this season’s eight one-hour episodes, the fear-chasing foursome will be driven to the edge of endurance. Exploring under the harshest conditions they’ve ever faced, and using sensory deprivation tactics to augment their paranormal experiment, this trip will test their mental, emotional and physical strength to the extreme. Venturing inside notoriously haunted locations such as Ohio State Reformatory, the Villisca Axe Murder House and Odd Fellows Home, the team confronts intense supernatural forces – and they quickly learn these entities do more than go bump in the night.

“We’ve been through a lot together but even after all of our dark encounters, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s out there,” said Dakota Laden. “I usually save the worst location for last, but this time I am throwing us head-first into one of the scariest places in the entire country. And I have a few surprises up my sleeve to fuel the terror even more.”

In the season premiere, Dakota takes the team to one of the most frightening and infamous places in America: Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. The death rate was so high at this former tuberculosis hospital that a “body chute” was created to hide the constant flow of deceased bodies from those who were living in the facility. Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner and Alex have dreamed of visiting this location for years, but they’ve always been too afraid to confront the sinister forces lurking within, until now. Facing a dark history of brutal deaths and paranormal violence, the team is taunted by several tortured souls still looming within the abandoned halls. Physical afflictions and ghostly apparitions put the group through the ultimate test of strength and endurance.

“No other season has challenged our limits of fear like this one,” said Chelsea Laden. “It’s really forced us to exceed those limitations and do the unthinkable.” Added Tanner Wiseman, “I think this is the most vulnerable we’ve ever been. Even our pit stops are challenging. It adds a whole new layer to our experience.”

“Everything is extreme, even the locations,” said Alex Schroeder. “And as much as we try to ready ourselves for each situation, nothing can really prepare us for what comes next.”

This season on DESTINATION FEAR:

Episode 1 – “Waverly Hills Sanatorium”

Begins Streaming Saturday, July 24 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, July 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

The team is back, and their first stop is straight out of a nightmare! They’ve feared Waverly Hills Sanatorium their entire lives, and for good reason. What they catch on video lives up to the location’s reputation as the most haunted in all of America.

Episode 2 – “Missouri State Penitentiary”

Begins Streaming Saturday, July 31 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, July 31 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Dakota blindsides the team when he decides to amp up the fear at what once was the bloodiest prison in America – Missouri State Penitentiary. Chelsea can barely hold it together when the ghost of a child kidnapper won’t stop trying to communicate with her.

Episode 3 – “Fort Knox”

Begins Streaming Saturday, August 7 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, August 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

The team is left with less-than-warm feelings for Dakota when he hatches a chilling plan to communicate with the dead at an abandoned fort in Prospect, Maine. Things get even more heated when a ghostly caretaker threatens to throw them all out into the cold.

Episode 4 – “Ohio State Reformatory”

Begins Streaming Saturday, August 14 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, August 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

All bets are off when Tanner picks one of America’s most depraved prisons to investigate – the Ohio State Reformatory, also known for its role in The Shawshank Redemption. He unveils a fear experiment so diabolical that the team is forced to decide whether to part ways or to continue on this road trip from hell together.

Episode 5 – “Greene County Almshouse”

Begins Streaming Saturday, August 21 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, August 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Fed up with Tanner’s and Dakota’s experiments, Chelsea picks a revenge location unlike any other. The dark, untapped energy of this Pennsylvania poorhouse is overwhelming, and it forces the team to make a stunning decision to save their sanity.

Episode 6 – “Odd Fellows Home”

Begins Streaming Saturday, August 28 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, August 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Alex has a diabolical plan for revenge that quickly turns to regret once he realizes he has unleashed something terrifying on the team. His location, once home to a mysterious secret society that entombed skeletons in the walls of its buildings, will reveal things to the team about their fear threshold that they may wish they never knew.

Episode 7 – “Edinburgh Manor”

Begins Streaming Saturday, September 4 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, September 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

Six years ago, Dakota and Alex attempted to explore Iowa’s menacing Edinburgh Manor, where it’s said that residents literally slit their own throats to escape the misery. Without a plan, they were chased away by something in the basement. Now they return with the entire team, armed with a new understanding of the paranormal. But they once again encounter something in the basement. Can Dakota turn the tables on the poltergeist known as The Joker?

Episode 8 – “Villisca Axe Murder House and Malvern Manor”

Begins Streaming Saturday, September 11 on discovery+

Premieres Saturday, September 11 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Travel Channel

In an unprecedented move, Dakota takes the team to not one, but two locations … at the same time! Combined, it will make for an exploration of one of the most gruesome events in American history. A family was brutally murdered in the now-infamous Villisca Axe Murder House, and many believe that a dark and nefarious entity haunts the home. But it’s the seemingly paranormal connection to a hotel 40 miles away that has intrigued Dakota, and he and the team are the first to explore it.

Get an exclusive sneak peek of the new season and hear firsthand from Dakota, Chelsea, Tanner and Alex as they share all of their creepy experiences in the team’s first-ever Comic-Con@Home panel together, taking place July 23-25. The panel will be moderated by podcaster Sapphire Sandalo. Date and time to be announced.

I LOVE this show! I’ll definitely be watching. Calleen

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Humans have ‘built-in survival instinct triggered by ghosts and aliens’

EXCLUSIVE: UFO researcher of 50 years, Paul Ascough has pulled together different subjects that surround extraterrestrial and paranormal thought in his new book UFOs – The Real Story

Humans can instantly detect extraterrestrial and paranormal activity thanks to a special frequency, says an ex-MoD medic.

In his new book UFOs – The Real Story, Paul Ascough attempts to make sense of all life clouded in mystery from aliens to bigfoot and ghosts, based on his own run-ins with the unexplained.

The retired British Army and NHS paramedic claims whenever we witness something other-worldly, our frequency crosses with theirs which triggers in us a “visceral terror”.

According to Paul, anyone who has spotted or experienced mysterious activity is left in no doubt it was with an extraordinary being because of an internal reaction to their presence.

Paul Ascough
Paul Ascough has penned his experiences and theories in a new book (Image: Paul Ascough)

Paul from Yorkshire, said: “I believe that it could be quite plausible that as human beings we have a built-in survival instinct, that our own frequency can pick up an ‘alien’ frequency and recognises at some deep level that we should not be where we are.

“Therefore we feel this visceral terror and absolute fear; because our ‘soul’ can recognise that we are in danger, by being in a frequency that does not resonate with our current body and where we should be!about:blank?unblock=true

“To take this another logical step, could this also be true for the eye-witnesses to the paranormal? People who may become terrified on seeing spirit?

“We are temporarily exposing ourselves to a frequency or vibration that is higher or lower than where we currently resonate.”

Paul believes aliens carry a frequency which alerts our own when near (Image: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF)

The proud Yorkshireman, who has investigated the phenomenon of UFOs and the paranormal for over 50 years, adds that ET can use their frequency to control reactions to their presence.

After spotting a UFO in the sky but not grabbing his camera, Paul wonders if his conscience was being warned against capturing evidence.

He added: “ET can control and project a ‘fearful’ frequency, that dissuade any witnesses from being more curious and people will naturally shy away from a fearful confrontation.

“ET make their own little universe around the craft. They are able to manipulate the frequency of the immediate surroundings to travel at will wherever they want to be!”

In his new book, Paul explores human and alien frequencies further as part of a multitude of subjects from UFO abductions to the paranormal.

I wanted to share this article simply because I think there’s likely truth in it. Obviously, I’ve lived through multitudes of things many have said weren’t possible. Therefore, when it comes to aliens, I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t or couldn’t exist.

Too, I once experienced a rather strange reaction when visiting the local Children’s Museum. At the time there was a dinosaur exhibit. An exhibit that randomly broadcast the call, or sound, of a dinosaur over their speaker system. When I heard the sound for the first time I felt pure terror. Yes, I didn’t know the sound was coming, but it wasn’t loud at all. Rather, it sounded sort of “off in the distance”.

Yet the fear that resonated in me came from the deepest core of my being. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide. I wanted to instinctually get away from that sound. It was bizarre! My reaction, along with the sound, wasn’t “normal”. It was primitive.

As a result of this one experience I can’t imagine we don’t have a powerful gut-level reaction to many things, one almost certainly being anything not of this world. So Interesting! Calleen

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This Romanian Forest Is Said To Be The Most Haunted In The World by Katie Machadop

Hoia Baciu is the most haunted forest in the world and if stories from the locals are any indication, we don’t recommend going in alone.

The Hoia Baciu Forest is more than just haunted – it also carries with it a dark history that many people attribute their negative experiences. While the wooded land only consists of about 729 acres of land (which is not a small amount but it’s not nearly the largest, either), being in this forest often feels as though it’s surrounding you with much more than originally bargained for. Those who do explore it do so by foot or bike, as there are plenty of trails throughout for both. However, once a person hears the history of these woods, it’s unlikely they’ll be jumping to go on a hike or a bike ride anytime soon.

The forest resides just west of Cluj-Napoca so it’s not difficult to find. With the surrounding land still looking very much like it did during the 12th century (with the exception of modern society, of course), it’s easy to imagine that these woods do carry the energy, hauntings, and paranormal activity they’re said to. The Daco-Roman architecture from the 12th century only enhances the overall atmosphere and in the city, it’s beautiful… but on its outskirts, well… we’d say you were warned.

Romania’s ‘Bermuda Triangle’

While Hoia Baciu has many names by the locals, one of the most well-known is Romania’s Bermuda Triangle. One of the alleged paranormal phenomena that occur here has to do with time travel and bizarre disappearances, as many people have either gone into the forest and not come out, or have gone in and come out years later, looking exactly as they did years prior. Two such stories account for this activity. The first is about a local shepherd who disappeared with his flock of sheep in the woods. When locals have gone to search for the man, they’ve all returned with stories that don’t necessarily add up as something ‘normal,’ and have come back with strange rashes that have seemingly been caused by nothing at all.

The second story is that of a five-year-old girl who wandered into the woods alone, and though she was searched for, the girl was never found. Five years later, she wandered back out of the woods and, although it was five years after her disappearance, she appeared to be no older and was wearing the same exact clothing she had on the day of her disappearance. While it’s estimated that roughly 1,000 people have disappeared in the woods in total, according to JayWay Travel, it’s also said that the forest is home to a secret portal that allows people to (unintentionally) travel in time or to another world.

The Peasants Who Lived There Before

It’s said that the forest’s original haunting happened centuries prior when peasants were murdered on the land it sits on. While this happened hundreds and hundreds of years ago, it’s said that this is the negativity that causes the unease that many people feel when hiking through the forest. Those who believe in its tragic history – as well as those who don’t – have said that they’ve gone into the forest and heard strange noises, seen unexplainable things, and have even heard giggling seeming to come from nowhere, in particular.

Today, some people still come out of the forest with rashes and other physical symptoms that can’t be fully explained, and this has driven up the interest in recent years. The unexplained mysteries surrounding the forest have gotten so popular that paranormal groups have taken to its trails, as well, and many tourists have strapped on their own hiking boots to see what it’s all about.

UFO Sightings Since The 1960s

One of the most unique things about this forest is its geological features which, many people say, only feel into the paranormal phenomena that seem to surround it. Since the 1960s, there have been many UFO sightings – and by ‘many,’ we mean so many that people have been able to capture them on film and in photos. There’s even an area in the forest where nothing grows as it is completely devoid of life, and it’s an area that has even stumped scientists.

It’s often said that this is where the portal to another world lies and, if not, then perhaps it’s a place of alien origin. Interestingly enough, upon further studying the soil, it’s been determined that there’s nothing biologically wrong with it, and there should be no logical reason that no trees or even grass grow in the area. Therefore, on top of its dark medieval history, there’s also the question of whether or not this land has been visited by others we don’t even know about.

Article Source –

The is one forest even I don’t think I’d ever want to visit. I’ve read too many things about how horribly many people are affected. Truly, a scary place. But interesting, so interesting! Calleen

Delve into the History of Black Eyed Kids on Linnea Quigley’s Paranormal Truth Exclusive Clip By Karen Benardello

Horror fans are being lured to explore the myths and realities of some of the world’s most haunting supernatural events on the upcoming television docuseries, ‘Paranormal Truth.’ The show’s first season, which is comprised of 12 30-minute episodes, is set to premiere later this month on Amazon, Tubi and other major On Demand platforms.

In honor of ‘Paranormal Truth’s upcoming premiere, ShockYa is debuting an exclusive clip from the horror docuseries’ seventh episode, which is titled ‘Black Eyed Kids & Celebrity Deaths.’ The clip delves into the question of why the children appear to adults with black eyes, and how the former lure the latter under their spell.

‘Paranormal Truth’ is hosted by horror icon Linnea Quigley, who’s known for starring in ‘Return of the Living Dead.’ The show is presented by MAHA films, ScreamQueen Productions and Red Rock Entertainment. It was written and shot by Jeff Sheldon, who also served as the director with Victor Huesca.

From vampires, exorcisms, devil worship to supernatural hauntings, each episode of ‘Paranormal Truth’ will take viewers behind the myths and realities of each subject. With interviews from leading investigators around the world, the series will delve into a world never seen before.

The Black-Eyed Kids Freak Me Out… and Not Much Freaks Me Out! Creeeepy! Calleen

Spend the Night in a Haunted Prison

Are you a fan of horror movies? Do you believe in ghosts? If so, you might be interested in going on a ghost hunt in the old Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge, Montana.

Thanks to, thrill seekers and those interested in paranormal activity can book an overnight ghost hunting excursion at the prison. The prison was first built in 1867, which is longer than Montana has been a state.

The overnight ghost hunt includes access to the most haunted areas in the prison. You’ll have access to the Death Tower, Administration House, Clark Theatre, Maximum Security, The Hole, and the Chapel. Led by an experienced investigator, you will be able to use EMF readers and other equipment to detect paranormal presences. Your guide will be there to lead vigils and answer your questions about the prison and its inhabitants, and they will walk you through the most active areas of the compound so you can experience everything the prison has to offer.

According to Ghost Hunts USA, visitors have reported a variety of paranormal experiences within the prison walls. Records show that the living conditions were nearly intolerable with deadly heat, unhygienic living spaces, and corrupt management. Many men suffered and died there. There were several violent riots and attempted prison breaks over the years, with one such riot leading to a hostage situation and a bloody murder-suicide at the top of the Death Tower. In other words, there are many unhappy souls who have ties to the old Montana State Prison

If you want to book an old Montana State Prison ghost hunt, more information can be found here.

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Josh Gates’ Explorations Take Him Back in the Field as Epic Nights of Adventure Every Wednesday on Discovery Channel Return April 14

Via Discovery Channel

Look for “Expedition X” and “Josh Gates Tonight” back-to-back starting at 9:00/8:00c.

Adventurer and avid explorer Josh Gates has spent his career traversing the globe investigating history’s greatest legends and mysteries. Now, America’s most adventurous talk-show host is getting out from behind the desk and is once again back in the field for a hands-on, heart-pounding investigation as Discovery’s Adventure Wednesday lineup returns with all-new episodes of JOSH GATES TONIGHT and EXPEDITION X. Episodes of both series will be available to watch on Discovery Channel and stream on discovery+.

Beginning, Wednesday, April 14 at 9PM ET/PT, audiences can join Josh as he breaks out of lockdown to join his team of scientist Phil Torres and paranormal researcher Jessica Chobot in the season premiere of EXPEDITION X, airing at 9PM ET/PT on Discovery+ and Discovery Channel.

In one of the most exciting EXPEDITION X investigations yet, Josh ventures into the field to join his dynamic duo as they hunt the legendary Beast of Bray Road across rural Wisconsin.

And throughout the new season, Jessica and Phil will continue to tackle the strangest mysteries and legends from around the country. Whether it’s exploring the waters surrounding “UFO Island” just off the coast of California, chasing the legend of a seven foot tall humanoid creature in the eerily-named Ape Canyon, or ghost hunting on an abandoned canal rumored to be haunted by soldiers slaughtered in the Civil War, the Expedition X team has the truth in its sights.

Working with eyewitnesses and experts, and deploying a cutting-edge toolbox of high-tech equipment, Phil and Jess shed new light on cases that have confounded, frightened, and fascinated people for generations.

Could be Interesting…. Calleen

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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind

My oldest child reached out to me and suggested I watch this movie. He had just watched it and found it very interesting. He also mentioned how so much of what is talked about are things I encounter or work with daily. So obviously, I watched it last night.

All I want to say is, watch it if you’re open to such things. If not, you’d probably be bored. I was transfixed, especially as it advanced.

Yes, my son was right, so much of what they speak of I work with or have encountered… still encounter. Am I a believer? YEP. In truth, it doesn’t even seem that weird to me. It seems like the only sensible possibility.

Anyway, watch it if you have any interest whatsoever in some pretty explosive facts about those things not often mentioned in public.

Enjoy. Calleen

Mysterious Deaths and Serial Killer Residents: What to Know About the Cecil Hotel’s Creepy History

Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel examines the 2013 death of Elisa Lam, whose body was found in a water tower atop the Los Angeles property.

cecil hotel


Netflix’s Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel delves into one mysterious death, but the historic Los Angeles property had an eerie reputation long before Elisa Lam checked in.

The twenty-one-year-old Canadian college student disappeared while staying at the hotel in 2013. Her body was later found at the bottom of a water tank on the roof. The circumstances surrounding her death mystified law enforcement and online sleuths, who studied the evidence, including a bizarre bit of security footage of Lam stepping in and out of a hotel elevator that marked the last time she was seen alive. Her death was later ruled an accidental drowning, but that has done little to quell the endless speculation about foul play or even paranormal activity.

According to one of the experts featured in a clip from the show (below), “Throughout the years the Cecil has become this exalted space of crime, of violence, of spookiness.”

Serial Killers in Residence

Two serial killers famously lived at the Cecil, a 700-room hotel that opened in the 1920s and is located in Downtown L.A.’s Skid Row. For much of its history, it functioned as single-room rentals with shared bathrooms, rather than a typical hotel.

Richard Ramirez, known as the “Nightstalker,” resided in a $14-per-night room in 1985, according to CNN. In the early 1980s, he killed 13 women and, the outlet notes, was able to remain under the radar thanks to the building’s seedy reputation and largely transient occupants. A second expert who appears in the episode notes Ramirez would “come back covered in blood” without raising eyebrows.

Another serial killer, Jack Unterweger, was reportedly a resident at the Cecil in 1991 and killed three Los Angeles sex workers during his time there. The Austrian journalist had previously been convicted of murder but was released early in 1990 after he was thought to have been rehabilitated. He went on to be convicted of nine more murders.

A Link to Black Dahlia

The Cecil Hotel also has ties to one of the most famous unsolved crimes in history: the Black Dahlia murder. While actress Elizabeth Short, who became known as the Black Dahlia after her death, was last seen at the nearby Biltmore Hotel before her gruesome death, Crime Scene indicates she allegedly visited the bar at the Cecil Hotel shortly before she was killed.

One online theory about Lam’s 2013 death also involved a suspect who had previously visited the Cecil and posted a video of himself with an image of Short in the background.

Numerous Guest Deaths

At least four tenants of the hotel have also died by suicide at the site since 1927. In 1962, a woman jumped from a ninth-floor window and landed on a pedestrian below killing them both. Several others died after ingesting poison. In the show, the hotel’s former manager, Amy Price, claimed she had seen 80 deaths in the 10 years she worked there, from 2007 to 2017.

Turns on TV

The Cecil served as inspiration for American Horror Story: Hotel, the fifth season of the Ryan Murphy-created show, which aired in 2015 and 2016. The show was not filmed on-site, but there were many parallels to Murphy’s fictional Hotel Cortez. He even revealed on a panel that he decided on the theme of the season after seeing a real bit of surveillance video. “A girl got in an elevator in a downtown hotel. She was never seen again,” he said seemingly referring to the footage of Elisa Lam.

It also received a visit from Travel Channel’s Zak Bagans and his team of paranormal investigators, who created the two-hour special Ghost Adventures: Cecil Hotel, which debuted on January 4 and is available to stream on Discovery+.

New Tenants Wanted

The Cecil Hotel is not currently welcoming guests, but there are plans for it to reopen. The property was purchased by hotelier Richard Born for $30 million in 2014, according to Curbed. The plan was to turn it into “reasonably priced residences catering to young professionals,” according to the outlet. But it soon changed hands again. It was purchased by a development group in 2016 with hopes to turn it into the Historic Core hotel, a mix of hotel rooms and rental units.

In 2017, it closed for renovations, with plans to add a gym and rooftop pool among other luxury amenities. It has yet to reopen.

Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is streaming now on Netflix.

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