‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown’ Spoilers: Season 2 Investigates Paranormal Activities in Shepherdstown’s Local Rivers


I had to share this.  I loved this show.  If you missed the first season know that it combines a real-life mystery with the paranormal…. two of my most favorite things.  Watch it and let me hear your thoughts below.  Calleen

“Ghosts of Shepherdstown” season 2 premieres July 10

The paranormal investigations experts will be back for the second spooky season of “Ghosts of Shepherdstown.”

The Wrap exclusively revealed that Destination America renewed the thrilling series where a group of ghost hunters will be back with series hosts Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint, and Bill Hartley for another round of investigations regarding the hard-to-explain occurrences in Shepherdstown, West Virginia.

“As a network that searches for answers to the unknown, Destination America is ready to deliver another awe-inspiring season of ‘Ghosts of Shepherdstown.’ Our audience has told us they want to know more about the unexplained and we are going to deliver,” Destination America general manager Jane Latman said in a statement. “It’s rare for the story in a paranormal docuseries to unfold serially as it does in this show, but Shepherdstown is a one-of-a-kind haunted destination with roots that reach far beyond what we thought was possible.”

According to the report, the show will center on the speculations that supernatural forces exist within the local rivers that run through Shepherdstown in “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” season 2. The hosts will be called to convene at the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers within the town of Harpers Ferry to look into the unexplainable activities that are happening at the John Brown Wax Museum.

According to other reports, the investigation will lead them to discover several spirits that can be traced back to the Civil War as well as the restless spirits of a family who suffered during a tragedy.

The team will be assisted by psychic medium Lorie Johnson in their attempt to drive out the creepy events that are happening in the West Virginia museum.

Destination America will air the premiere episode of “Ghosts of Shepherdstown” season 2 on Monday, July 10, at 10 p.m. EDT. But fans of the supernatural series will be able to see the premiere episode online on Sunday, July 2.

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Haunted Celebrities – Their Homes & Their Stories

By Roz Zurko

Haunted Celebrities

When things go bump in the night at Jared Leto’s house, it is probably not his imagination. Leto lives high in the Hollywood Hills in an old Air Force Station that was decommissioned long ago, and he believes he is living there with other occupants that have passed on from this world.

It is not only Leto who has witnessed things in his house, he has lost a few of his staff in his home because of the eerie happenings. The old Air Force station is on the top of a mountain and Leto equates it to having his own “refuge.” He reports that he is quite at home in the house, despite the visitors that have scared some of his staff away, according to Digital Spy.

When talking about the house, Leto said the following.

“God knows what they did here. But it talks. We’ve already had ghost sightings reported by my housekeeper. A handyman quit the project as he had an encounter.”

Leto never elaborated on the type of encounter that this handyman experienced, but apparently, it was enough to make him walk off a project he was working on. His housekeeper has also reported ghost sightings in the house.

5 True Stories About The Military’s Paranormal Activity Research


Military ParanormalWhat if I told you that the Department of Defense and the CIA spent four decades researching extrasensory perception and psychokinesis — i.e., bending spoons with your mind?

From the 1950s to the 1990s, the military and intelligence communities investigated psychic phenomena, conducted clandestine missions that relied on subjects believed to have supernatural powers, and competed with the Soviet Union in a psychic arms race.

In “Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government’s Investigations Into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis,” published in March, investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen explores the bizarre world of government-funded research into the paranormal.

“The responsibility of the Defense Department and CIA is to be aware of what the enemy is working on and to create programs to counter it,” Jacobsen says. “Is this the chicken and the egg scenario? Is this the military industrial complex?”

Task & Purpose spoke to Jacobsen to discuss how it all started, and how it was allowed to get as far as it did. Here are five crazy but true stories about the government’s research into psychic phenomena.

1. It started with the Nazis, some of whom were obsessed with black magic.

In 1945, with the Nazi regime defeated, members of an elite U.S. scientific intelligence initiative called Operation Alsos made their way to Berlin to scoop up as much intel as possible on German military projects. In the bombed-out remnants of a villa in an affluent neighborhood in southwestern Berlin, they uncovered a cache of documents and artifacts that were part of the Ahnenerbe, Heinrich Himmler’s science organization, which was well-funded and vast. It even had an entire branch devoted to the “Survey of the So-called Occult Sciences,” Jacobsen writes in “Phenomena.”

The high-ranking Nazi leader was obsessed with the occult. On Himmler’s orders, SS officers raided Germany’s occupied territories for artifacts related to magic, even ransacking museums in Poland, Ukraine, and the Crimea for mystical texts. Nazi scientists at Ahnenerbe scoured the globe for items like the Holy Grail and the Lance of Destiny, the spear thought to have killed Christ.

Contractors claim bizarre events at home where killer Ted Bundy grew up

Via KomoNews.com

TACOMA, Wash. (KOMO) – It feels ridiculous introducing a ghost story, but Casey Clopton has no other explanation.

Clopton and his company, Extreme Contracting, were hired in September to renovate the Tacoma home where serial killer Ted Bundy grew up. The owner planned to flip the house afterward.

 Clopton says he quickly noticed red flags as they began work.

On his second visit, he brought his 11-year-old daughter to see the house. As they walked upstairs, she told her father she didn’t feel right, that something was wrong. Then she started crying and asked to leave.

“I just chalked it up to a little girl being scared of the dark,” he said.

 House Haunted

Haunted House

Via CBSlocal.com


MINERAL WELLS (CBS11) – A three bedroom, two bath home in the heart of historic Mineral Wells may remain occupied by its current tenants long after its sold.

For $125,000 all 2,800 square feet can be yours–that is if you don’t mind sharing the space with its inhabitants. According to the property owner, Phil Kirchhoff, as many as nine spirits call it home.

“When we bought the house we had no idea that it was haunted. I wasn’t involved in the paranormal at that point. The neighbors all started talking about it, they started telling us stories” Kirchhoff told KRLD-AM last October.

The home sits in the shadow of the historic Baker Hotel. It’s about a block and a half away.

Becky Foley, with Source 1 Real Estate, says this is her most unique listing to date. She herself doesn’t delve into the paranormal, but confesses to witnessing some odd occurrences.

“A client got literally nauseously ill, and thought she was going to pass out and ran out,” Foley said.

‘She kept saying, ‘I can’t go back in there, something hit me the moment you opened the door, I cannot go back in there.”

Kirchhoff told Foley, that’s not unusual.

“He says the spirits do not want some people in this house, and they’ll chase them out.”

The home’s many living spaces are furnished with relics from different eras. Lone toy carousels and stuffed animals eerily sit on the floor boards.

“The cute little trinkets belong to the people who live here,” said Foley.

At one point, the home had three bathrooms.

“This is actually a bathroom that got sealed up and no one knows why.” Foley said.

It does come equipped with a unique safety feature–what look to be burglar bars on the inside of the home.

“We’ve heard it could have been a brothel. We wonder if some of the people were maybe kept against their will, hence the bars–we don’t know,” says Foley.

Though it has been appraised at just over $26,000, Foley explains its $125,000 price tag reflects the business opportunity that resides there.

Currently, the home attracts brave souls interested in investigating paranormal activity.

On weekends, groups explore the house and often share their findings with a community of enthusiasts on the Haunted Hill House’s Facebook page.

Tours are booked through September.

The owner does not live on the grounds. Foley says the right buyer will embrace his passion for the property.

“His hope is whoever takes it and buys it, will have the love for what he loves. I think it will make a cool bed and breakfast. We’ll just have to see what its future holds.”

(Source CBSlocal.com)

Study Finds 55% of Nurses Report Paranormal Experiences

by Midnight in the Desert (late night talk show)

Hospital Paranormal

Nurses are often first-hand witnesses to the deaths of terminally ill patients under medical care. For that reason, nurses have a unique opportunity to observe the moments just before and after death that most individuals rarely get to see. It’s natural, then, that nurses might catch a glimpse behind the veil separating the worlds of the living and the dead – if such a veil exists at all. To confirm the presence of such a veil, a recent study found that the majority of nurses from eight Argentinean hospitals reported having witnessed strange, unexplained, or paranormal phenomena while on the job, usually related to death or near-death.

The report will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Scientific Exploration, a journal devoted to peer-reviewed scientific studies of paranormal and anomalous phenomena. According to authors Alejandro Parra and Paola Giménez Amarilla, 55% of the Argentinian nurses surveyed reported at least one instance of a paranormal or unexplained experience related to their duties:

Results showed that of the 100 nurses surveyed, 55 of them reported having had at least one anomalous experience in the hospital setting, the most common being the feeling of ‘presences,’ hearing strange noises, voices, or dialogues, noticing the tears or groans of patients, and intuitively ‘knowing’ what disease patients have.

Nearly 20% of the nurses reported that patients experience near-death experiences and 18% report witnessing patients healed by “religious intervention.” The study found that in general, these nurses accepted the phenomena they witnessed and were not frightened or surprised by them:

Acceptance of these experiences, without interpretation or explanation, characterized their responses. By reassuring them that the occurrence of paranormal phenomena was not uncommon and was often comforting to the dying person, we may assist nurses to be instrumental in normalizing a potentially misunderstood and frightening experience.

Are nurses uniquely positioned on a front line of research into necroneuroscience and the unexplainable? Quite possibly. As brain research continues to unlock many of the secrets of human consciousness and cognition, death has become one of the last frontiers of neuroscience. Who better to study such a frontier than the health professionals who come into contact with death every day?

Source: Midnightinthedesert

VERY CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Two sleepy UK towns named among the best places on the planet to go UFO spotting – including a Scottish village which is twinned with Roswell

The Sun

Warminster, in Wiltshire, and Bonnybridge near Falkirk are both famed for their paranormal incidents

TWO British towns have been named by a top travel guide as among the best places on the planet to ‘meet an alien.’

Warminster, in south-west England, and Scotland’s Bonnybridge have become hotspots for UFO sightings after a series of bizarre incidents.
UGO Sightings

The country town of Warminster became a paranormal sensation in the 1960s and is placed fifth on the guide by travel experts Wanderlust.

In 1965, the south-west community was rocked by reports of mystery noises and unexplained sightings in the night skies.

On August 17 of that year, a supposed ‘detonation noise’, shook homes in a housing estate in the Wiltshire town before a “monstrous orange flame was seen in the sky, crackling and hissing”, reports the Express.

The terrifying incident, known as the ‘Warminster Thing’, transformed the town from a sleepy country community into a world leader in UFO sightings.

10 California Hiking Trails with Insane Paranormal Activity

by Backpackerverse.com

Haunted Trails

Hikers vanish from California trails every year, sometimes without a trace. No one knows what happened to them. We do know that they were not alone. Strange things happen in the woods and deserts of California. Not all of them are easily explained by science.

These tragic accidents often occur in places with a violent history. Hikers beware. The following trails provide more than a physical challenge. The dangers on these trails seek your body, your blood, and your soul.

From documented crimes to alleged sightings, the level of paranormal activity and psychic phenomena in these areas is insane. Be prepared for ghost towns and Nazi fortresses, haunted forests and jealous prospectors, and everything in between.

California has a rich and violent history. From savage Indian massacres to the Gold Rush, blood stains California’s soil.

Your blood could be next.

There’s A Town In Northern Maine Called Islesboro, And You Must Never, Ever Go There On Halloween

By Vivian Lakatos

Haunted Town

I’ve wanted to tell this story for a year now, but my boyfriend was against it. I would hope that after a year he’d be more lenient, but he still puts his foot down in regards to this.

I don’t care anymore – in the spirit of Halloween, I am finally ready to tell the world what happened to us a year ago.


Last October, our mutual friends decided to get married. Growing up in Northern Maine, many of the young marriages resulted from being high school sweethearts – and this upcoming marriage was no different. We had all gone to high school with each other, and then drifted apart once we left for College; but somehow, our paths kept crossing throughout the years, and we remained close.

The wedding was set in a town much further than where we lived, and I had only ever heard of it once: Islesboro, Maine. This is not a town where people go to relax; it is a town that you might stumble upon while going to the town you want to relax in.

I had caught the travel bug a couple of years ago when I went backpacking across Europe, and ever since then, I look for adventures in every nook and cranny of a town – and this, well it was perfect for it. We decided to arrive two days earlier so that we could explore.

The town was accessible by ferry, so we were able to rent a car once we arrived. My boyfriend, Tom, calls it a ‘drive-through in a blink’ town.