Director of upcoming horror film ‘The Nun’ shares terrifying on-set paranormal experience

Kevin Polowy

The ghost stories on the sets of the Conjuring movies have been well-documented. So it’s no surprise that the upcoming horror film The Nun, a spinoff prequel that follows the evil Valak introduced in The Conjuring 2, came with its own real-life scares.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment at San Diego Comic-Con, director Corin Hardy shared his own terrifying paranormal experience from the film’s Romania set.

They were shooting a sequence called the Corridor of Crosses in a fortress in Transylvania, recounted Hardy, who was joined by star Taissa Farmiga. The filmmaker said he had his monitors set up in “this little cell room along the sides of this long corridor.

“As I stepped into the room I saw a couple guys sitting in [the back] of the room,” Hardy said. “I presumed they [were from] the sound department. I said, ‘Hi,’ and I quickly turned around — I had my back to them. And I was watching the monitors, I was watching Taissa, I was watching the camera, and it was quite a difficult scene to coordinate, and it took about half an hour.

“So I was sitting there, there’s only one doorway in and out of this room, and we finally got the shot. I turned around to say, ‘Oh, did you see that? What did you think?’ And there’s no one in the room. And there never had been.”

It’s just more proof: If you want to have a nice and horrifying ghost run-in, just make a Conjuring movie.

The Nun opens Sept. 7. Watch the trailer:

When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest (Demian Bichir) with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows (Taissa Farmiga) are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order’s unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in “The Conjuring 2,” as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.

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7 Sinister True Ghost Stories To Read In The Dark

By Occult Museum

“After that day I never heard a single voice again. I do not like to imagine what was waiting downstairs for me that night.”

Ghost Stories

Turn off the lights and prepare to be scared by these 7 terrifying and unsettling true ghost stories. From a little girl in a yellow dress that only appears at night to a policeman who encounters a strange and unexplainable case that’s decades old. And just who is the little boy with no eyes that haunts a terrified family? Settle in for some creepy tales of paranormal encounters.

Ready? Then let us begin…

1. The Figure In Dark Robes

I’ve told this to a select few. And while “creepiest/scariest” is subjective, in the context of my life, it truly is the creepiest and scariest unsolved mystery.

I was a freshmen in high school in my home town of La Crosse, Wisconsin. I was sleeping over at my friend Tom’s house. We were watching a movie in his living room when he suddenly got a phone call. I watched as he listened to what was being said on the other line. I watched as emotion poured over his face as he threw the phone across the room.

After moments of crying, he told me that a boy at my school had committed suicide. Now, I knew this boy only through seeing him in the halls. My friend Tom and I didn’t go to the same high school but Tom had gone to middle school with this boy. Apparently, Tom bullied him during those years. He wasn’t proud of it, and to be honest, I was pretty surprised because he was a great guy.

He had utter remorse.

We decided to sneak out and go for a walk. The year was roughly 1990. Maybe 1991. We were freshmen in high school. Now, sneaking out was nothing new. We always did it. At the time, we weren’t into drugs, alcohol, or partying. We just liked the freedom of walking the streets at night. The discussions were always great.

Normally, we’d go walk through the big cemetery that was near my house. It was behind the train tracks that still run through La Crosse to this day. We loved the danger of the cemetery. The scares. We were kids. It was a rite of passage. As we walked along the train tracks, leading to the cemetery, we stopped. To this day, I can’t explain why. We had walked into that cemetery dozens of times… and on scarier nights.

For whatever reason, we didn’t want to go in there. I don’t know if the thought of death on our minds due to my classmate’s suicide was a factor. Perhaps. Regardless, without really saying anything to each other, we stopped, turned around, and decided to head down a nearby street.

Now, in retrospect, I do have to say that throughout this walk, things seemed off. There wasn’t a car in sight. This was suburbia. Even walking through the town’s main street was odd because there just weren’t any cars. Odd. It was roughly after midnight. It was a weekend night. Where was everybody? Perhaps just a strange coincidence.

Lastly, there was something in the air. Both Tom and I felt it. We even brought it up.

“It feels weird tonight. The air. The lights.”

So we decided to walk down a dead end street. At the end of the street was a ditch with a simple up, down, and up trail that led to the street that I lived on. Simple enough.

Keep in mind, as I get into the horrifying part of this story, that we were in the suburbs. These weren’t old, creepy houses with strange individuals. And the trees were small. It wasn’t a brand new development, but it wasn’t that old either.

So as Tom and I are walking down this street, we’re looking down to the road beneath our feet as we talk. I don’t remember the exact conversation at this particular moment. Perhaps we were talking about the tragedy of that night. But it could just have easily been about Star Wars or Akira.

As we approached the dead end, which was a few houses away… Tom and I suddenly stopped. We did so at the same time without saying one word to each other.

Our heads slowly turned towards each other, both sensing something. The hair on our arms and backs of our necks standing high. Then our gaze slowly moved forward in unison, slightly to the right.

That’s when we saw it.

About two houses away, in a virtually barren front yard of a suburban home, besides some bushes, was a DARK FIGURE. It was someone or something in dark robes.

No face. No features at all. Just the robe.

Now, this figure didn’t acknowledge us. Not yet. It instead walked or moved in a certain way. I can’t articulate it correctly. As if it was walking in circles slowly… without really walking. It held something that was blowing in the wind. And yes, the wind picked up a little bit as well. Another odd element was the light that illuminated it somewhat. There was a street light a few houses up, but it wasn’t strong enough to illuminate this figure as it was.

Tom and I were frozen. In fact, I’m almost frozen as I write this. It’s been awhile since I have thought about this night. So there we stood, frozen in fear, staring at this dark figure moving, yet doing so without moving. And it was holding something. Or perhaps what was blowing in the wind was more of its robe. I’m not sure.

We stared at this… thing… for I don’t know how long… until…

IT STOPPED AND SUDDENLY LOOKED UP AT US, as if finally alarmed by our presence!

That was enough for us. We ran away as fast as we could. We cut through a side street that was to lead us to a parallel street towards my neighborhood. This street lead to a slight hill. As we rounded the corner and started running up the hill in a panic…

We stopped. Because on top of that hill, we saw another dark figure with its arms raised. We turned around and ran away in the direction of Tom’s house, which at this distance was at least five miles away.

We ran. Time stood still.

The next thing I remember, we’re lying in the middle of a courtyard of some other neighborhood that we’d never been in, gasping for breath. We sat up and without saying a word, we walked in silence back to his house. The air felt normal again. Although we felt like we were in a haze of sorts. Albeit out of danger.

We fell asleep in his house. I woke up that morning and went home.

A few days later, I rode my bike to the location. Perhaps it was shadow play? Perhaps there was a certain tree or bush or maybe a For Sale sign or something that made it look like there was something else there?

Nothing. It was an open yard.

Tom and I didn’t speak of that night for a long time. Years later when I brought it up, he replied, “Yeah. What the hell was that?” As if no time had passed.

What was it? I have no idea.

We hadn’t taken any drugs. We hadn’t been drinking any alcohol.

I often wonder if it could have been a haunting, a specter, a ghost, etc. Maybe it was an alien abduction or sighting. We saw no craft but there was that unexplained light. Or maybe it was some other kids messing with us. But how would they have known we were coming? How could they be so prepared?

I just don’t know.

That was roughly 24 years ago, give or take.

And yes, this IS a true story…

Sadly, my best friend Tom passed suddenly a few months ago. I thought of this night during his funeral. I thought of returning to that site. I thought of the odd coincidence of unexpected and surprising death, just like my classmate that night. Is there a connection? Were we seeing some future fate for one of us, which sadly fell upon my best friend Tom? Was this all some dual hallucination (In my mind, no way)?

It haunts me at times.

– Ken Miyamoto

8 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay In Right Now



People go on vacation for all kinds of reasons: they need to rest and recharge; they want to experience adventure; or maybe they want to see something new and different. If you like your vacations with an emphasis on the latter two, you might consider a pilgrimage to a haunted hotel. Hotels all over the world have popped up in buildings with terrifying or odd histories, and claim their gory pasts as a way to attract people keen to lie in high thread-count sheets and feel terrified all night. Whether you prefer your ghosts anonymous or famous, corporeal or simply gusts of wind and weird clunking noises, there’s somewhere in the world for you.

“Ghost hotels” aren’t actually all that new. People have been fascinated by staying in places that allegedly have resident phantoms for centuries. Spiritual “seances” and other practices became highly popular in the 19th century, and contact with the spirit world was fashionable AF. From that period onward, we’ve seen a room with a view as about as valuable as a room with a decent in-house ghost. Europe is particularly good for hotels with dark pasts — castles in particular are a good pick — but the U.S. has its own home-grown places with haunted histories. So wherever you want to lay your head, be prepared to pick up a room key and feel a strange chill in the air.

1. Holt Hotel, UK

KnownUnknowns on YouTube

If you want to get a dose of the supernatural in the UK, the Holt Hotel in Oxfordshire is a good bet. Like many other British hotels it claims a bit of ghost pedigree, but it happens to be a romantic one: it’s supposed to be haunted by the ghost of highwayman Claude Duvall, who’s supposed to have murdered many people in the hotel in its past as an inn.

Book here.

2. Hotel Burchianti, Italy

Haunted Hotels
The Burchianti in Florence is one of the country’s most haunted, according to legend. Phantoms include skipping children and knitting women, though if you’re just creeped out by history without any extras, you may simply get a crawling feeling from the fact that dictator Benito Mussolini reportedly once stayed here.

Book here.

3. The Heathman Hotel, Oregon

Haunted Hotels
The Heathman doesn’t claim to have distinguished resident ghosts; the hauntings there are more inconvenient, in the manner of temperature drops and odd noises. Fortunately, it’s in Portland, so the overall aura of ‘weird’ doesn’t make it stand out too much.

Book here.

4. Amberley Castle, UK

Haunted Hotels
Can you do better for hauntings than a castle? Not in Amberley, where the resident medieval castle apparently hosts a particularly tragic ghost: a serving-woman who jumped off the battlements after she became pregnant by a bishop, and now wanders the halls. True? No idea. Spooky? Yep.

Book here.

5. Place d’Armes Hotel, New Orleans

New Orleans has a definitively otherworldly feel at the best of times, but the Place d’Armes in the French Quarter beats everything else on the list. It’s reportedly the home of a swathe of phantoms, because it used to be a school that burned down in the 19th century, allegedly consuming children and teachers. Cue creepy children’s laughter, strange bearded gentlemen and other decidedly supernatural experiences.

Book here.

6. The Chelsea Hotel, New York

Haunted Hotels
The Chelsea is famous full stop, hosting everybody from Patti Smith to Robert Mapplethorpe in its dissolute history. But the legendary haunt for many of the 20th century’s most famous dissipated artists in NYC is also alleged to be haunted by the ghost of Sid Vicious, who died here, and, oddly, the poet Dylan Thomas. Ten points if you get that apparition to recite anything before he disappears.

Book here.

7.  Q Station Retreat, Australia

Haunted Hotels
Sydney’s history as a penal colony lends itself to many colorful ghost stories, and Q Station, which was originally a quarantine station for contagious prisoners, has a horrific past independent of any spooky additions. The isolated hotel was less a hospital than a place for incurable cases to die quietly without infecting anybody, so don’t expect to feel completely at home.

Book here.

8.  Parador Jaén, Spain

Haunted hotels
Forget Pamplona’s bull-goring; the true blood and guts of Spanish history are reportedly found in Parador Jaén, a fortress in Andalusia built in the 1700s. It’s reported to be haunted by everything from a winsome female ghost to a prisoner who died of hunger. He’s named, for some reason, Terrible Lizard, and isn’t thought to be threatening, but it’s hardly a settling experience.

Book here.

If you’re down to spend your PTO among the undead, these are some pretty clutch places to do it. Don’t forget to Instagram your ghost-hunting gear.


A Young Man Invents a Device That Brings Back The Spirits of the Dead in Creepy Trailer For OUR HOUSE

By Joey Paur


I’ve got a great trailer here for you to watch for an upcoming paranormal horror thriller called Our House. This movie actually has a pretty rad horror movie concept and it looks like it will make for a good and scary movie! I really like what I’m seeing in this trailer for the film.

The story centers about a young genius who “accidentally invents a device that amplifies the paranormal activity within his family’s house, possibly bringing back the spirits of loved ones.” Of course, as you’d expect from any horror movie, the device also unleashes sinister things that are far worse.

A machine that can bring back dead loved ones seems like a great idea — until you unleash the wrong spirits.
The film was directed by former visual effects artist Anthony Scott Burns. This is his directorial debut and it stars Thomas Mann, Percy Hynes White, Nicola Peltz, and Kate Moyer.

The movie will be released on July 27th.

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Comedian Ryan Singer, ‘I dated a woman who could shapeshift’


Comedian Ryan Singer is a funny guy, but his paranormal themed podcast “Me & Paranormal You” is no joke. He believes in the paranormal. “I was kind of built for it. When you’re raised Catholic, and you go to Catholic school for 12 years, you kind of have a built-in mysticism,” he told LEO. He has appeared on Marc Maron’s “WTF? Podcast” and IFC show “Maron” and now is on tour honing material for an album. He stops one night at The Bard’s Town.

LEO: I want to start with your podcast ‘Me & Paranormal You.’ What inspired a comedian to do a paranormal podcast?

Ryan Singer: Disclosure is among us. The government is beginning to acknowledge on a wide scale that UFOs are real and have been for quite some time. It’s going to be a whole new world 10 years from now. I also think we’re very close to proving the existence of ghosts or the afterlife, or whatever that might be. We’re about to be living in a world that is about to have a huge paradigm shift in understanding the question of what is reality?

What drew you to believe in the paranormal?

I was kind of built for it. When you’re raised Catholic, and you go to Catholic school for 12 years, you kind of have a built-in mysticism. The miracles. Walking on water. Bringing people back from the dead. It was all supernatural and mystical. Plus, I think it’s more fun to believe. Who would you rather be hanging out with at a party? The guy who doesn’t believe in anything and thinks everything is bullshit, or somebody who believes in the possibility of anything. To me, the answer is pretty clear.

Have you had personal experiences with the paranormal?

I’ve never seen a ghost, and I’ve never seen an alien. I dated a couple of women who had abilities. I dated one woman who had precognitive dreams about the future, where the events would come to pass. But the big one is that I dated a woman who could shapeshift. That’s usually what makes people think I’m crazy, which is fine. I get how it sounds. But when you see something happen twice, that’s more than believing — that’s knowing.

I’m intrigued. What did she shift into?

She had no control over it, she wasn’t like an X-Man or anything. But one time she just shifted into another woman all together. And another time she was nine months pregnant for a day. From evening until the next morning, it was like — boom. I mean, fully pregnant, I was there. I had my hand on her belly. I felt the baby move. We woke up the next morning and she was back to normal. It was crazy, man.

You have such smart material, but it never feels like you’re talking down to the audience.

I think the reason it comes off that way is because I really don’t think I’m smarter than anyone else. Comedy shouldn’t be about making people feel stupid. It’s about making people laugh. Do I read more than most people? Probably. But it’s because I have more free time. I work an hour or two a night, and I don’t have any kids. I get to pick up a book at night because I don’t have to breastfeed.

Seeing people’s disconnect with American history today, is it time to dust off your old joke ‘United Snacks of America?’

It’s funny — that’s an old joke, but I have an updated version of it that I haven’t done yet. It’s amazing how much everything has changed since I wrote that. Maybe it’s time to put the updated version out there. The real message of that joke is that we can overcome anything and show up on the other side better than we were before. I know some people don’t feel that way right now, that’s unfortunate because I still truly believe we will.

Creepy Things You Didn’t Know About Black-Eyed Children

By Anna Kuzmenko

Black Eyed Children

Do you believe in monsters? No? What about children? An Internet phenomenon posits that they can be one in the same. The Internet has birthed quite a few urban legends over the years, often referred to as “creepypastas.” These ideas begin as scary stories and take on lives of their own. This phenomenon reached a new level of creepy with “black-eyed children.” These are children, just like the ones you see drinking grape juice and grinning with a smile that flashes a few lonely baby teeth and saying “mmm mmm, good”… only they have black eyes! Even though it likely started as a creepypasta, alleged sightings are popping up all over the Internet. Here are some creepy things you didn’t know about black-eyed children.Have you had an encounter with a black-eyed child? Share your story in the comments!

Black Eyed Children

Attributes The children appear to be between the ages of 6 and 16. Their skin is usually pale and their eyes, without any distinguishable pupil, iris or schlera, are completely black. The stories of these children began popping up online in the late ’90s.

Black Eyed Children

Actions The black-eyed children are usually seen either hitchhiking, panhandling or visiting residences. The most commonly reported appearances seem to occur at people’s home with a knock at the door, and according to witnesses, they seem to always need some kind of favor. Often, they want to be let into your house or car.

Black Eyed Children

Creeypasta Black-eyed kids are a traditional example of creepypasta which are stories that are written for the Internet and are shared so often they take on lives of their own. The best example is Slenderman, a creepypasta that was linked to a stabbing perpetrated by two young girls.

Black Eyed Children

Or Not? The first widely known story of black-eyed children came from a journalist named Brian Bethel. While many sources claim that the original black-eyed kids account by Bethel was a fictional story, others say it was legitimate. Bethel himself has come out saying it really happened. He was living in a small town in Texas when the encounter supposedly took place.

Black Eyed Children

Encounter Bethel claims he was in Abeline, Texas, on his way to pay his Internet bill when he saw two kids approach his car. One boy appeared to be 9 and the other 12. He describes them as “a somewhat suave, olive-skinned, curly-headed young man” and “a redheaded, pale-skinned, freckled young man.“ They both wore hoodies (as the black-eyed children often do).

Black Eyed Children

Encounter II The boys claimed they were hoping to see the premiere screening of “Mortal Kombat” but had forgotten to bring their money. Bethel recalls an intense and irrational feeling of fear while talking to them. The boys asked him to drive them to their mother’s house so they could get their money, and subconsciously, Bethel reached over and opened the door.

Black Eyed Children

Encounter III As he opened the door, he broke eye contact with the boy, but when he looked at him again, he noticed his eyes. As he describes them, “The sort of eyes one sees these days on aliens or bargain-basement vampires on late night television. Soulless orbs like two great swathes of starless night.” You may be thinking that they were contacts, but these weren’t too common in the late ’90s. Bethel then made up excuses not to let them in and sped off. When he looked into his rearview mirror, the kids had disappeared.

Black Eyed Children

Reports An article that appeared in 2014 in the British newspaper The Daily Star recounted sightings of black-eyed kids and claimed they’d occurred in the U.K. during the ’80s (predating Bethel’s story).

Black Eyed Children

Star Sighting One of the sightings in The Daily Star, which happened only recently, went as follows: A woman was walking with her daughter when they heard a little girl screaming. “I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl, but they definitely seemed in distress and sounded very close to us, so we instantly started running towards the noise.” They turned around and saw a girl who looked about 10 years old with her hands over her eyes. She slowly put her hands to her sides and opened her eyes and they were pitch black. She jumped back and grabbed her daughter, but then the girl was gone.

Black Eyed Children

Old Case In an alleged sighting that dates back to the ’80s, the story is similar. A woman was walking down a dirt road with some friends and heard a girl shouting for help. They rushed toward her, searching for the source of the sound, and then came upon a girl who looked about 6, running in the opposite direction. When they caught up to her, she turned around and looked at them with pitch black eyes.

Black Eyed Children

Reddit Sighting Many sightings are posted on Reddit. One poster recalls the night her puppy started barking in the middle of the night. She had a toddler who should have been in bed, but was instead just staring, motionlessly at the door. The mother went to open the door but as soon as she touched the deadbolt, the dog began whimpering instead of barking. She stopped in her tracks and decided instead to just look through the peephole. She saw two girls.

Black Eyed Children

Reddit Sighting II One girl appeared to be about 16. She was holding the hand of a smaller girl who was only 3 or 4. Both had honey blonde hair. The smaller girl gazed shyly at the ground. She was holding a stuffed toy under her arm. The woman, like the others, felt overwhelmed with fear and dread. “We have to use your phone,” the older one said suddenly. Except, she had no way of knowing the woman was standing behind the door looking at her through the peephole. Yet somehow, she was looking at the woman directly. That’s when she saw the black eyes. “Our mother is worried,” she said…

Black Eyed Children

Reddit Sighting III The woman describes herself as an atheist who never beloved in anything like this. The little girl asked again to use the phone. She became afraid and backed away from the door as the girl asked again, sweetly, “Just let us in to use your phone.” The girl’s tone changed then, becoming commanding and hostile. “We’re not going to hurt you. If we wanted to do that, we would have broken in. I’ll ask again. May we come in and use your phone?” The woman stepped back again as the dog began snarling.

Black Eyed Children

Reddit Sighting End The woman ran up the stairs, filled with fear as the dog furiously barked. When she summoned the courage, she looked out the window and realized the girls were gone.

Black Eyed Children

Spread Bethel’s black-eyed kids story gained such popularity that he wrote a FAQ in response to all the attention. He’s done numerous interviews on the subject and paranormal TV shows have focused on the topic. However, there’s yet to be any physical evidence of black-eyed kids. Still Bethel maintains that his account really happened.

(Article Source – RebelCircus.News)

Oregon’s Enchanted Forest featured on ‘Ghost Adventures’ Saturday

By Kristi Turnquist | The Oregonian/OregonLive |



Alien Past Life


Since Boriska Kipriyanovich was born he was not a normal child. After just 15 days of being born, he was already able to hold his head up with no support. His mom is a doctor and saw this as strange, but somehow she already knew he was gifted. Her suspicions were verified very quickly. After just four short months he was able to pronounce words and by age one-and-a-half, he was able to read, draw, and paint.

So at a very young age, he was able to speak full sentences with an amazing vocabulary and tell stories. When he was in kindergarten, his teachers noticed he was very good at writing and speaking and that he also had great memory skills.

Usually around 35 months, kids are able to clearly remember their past life memories and this is exactly what happened to Boriska. When he was seven years old, he was on a camping trip and he told the adults to sit down and listen to him as he told his story. This is when he started to gain a lot of attention because there was a scientist listening to his story on that day.

Boriska’s parents didn’t teach him anything about planetary space but he would often talk about Mars, planetary systems, and alien civilizations. His parents would find him meditating in his room, alone until he was in a trance. They assumed that this is how he got his information.

He has puzzled experts with his knowledge of the galaxy and planetary systems. Even the researchers have described him as extremely shy with an above-average intelligence. His parents believe that Boriska is truly gifted and telling the truth about his past life.


Boriska Kipriyanovich MarsBoriska says he used to be an alien from Mars. This was a long time ago when the earth only had one continent and Lemuria still existed. There were fully advanced societies on both mars and earth at that time. He mentioned they had things such as teleportation and time travel. Every race of aliens had their own technology and invocations.

In his past life he was part of the military as a pilot and used to fly to earth a lot. Earth and Mars were very interconnected at this time. He would fly triangle planes that used plasma and ion power and visit Egypt the most. They couldn’t use gasoline because it would run out too fast. He said, “we could travel in time and space flying in spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft.”

He said that Martians breath carbon dioxide, they can be really tall, up to seven feet tall and they stop aging at age 35 so they are partially immortal but can die if they are killed. The boy stated that when the Martians came to earth they had to breathe out of pipes filled with carbon dioxide.

Boriska was quoted saying “I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.” Mars ended up having a huge war with nuclear bombs and they ended up destroying the atmosphere. The martian’s tried to create a sun out of Jupiter but it failed and that is what that spot on Jupiter is.

Martians can’t live on the planet anymore because of the destroyed atmosphere so they live underground by breathing carbon dioxide. He said they still live on Mars and they still have communications to other galaxies and planets. Somehow earth was disconnected from everyone else in the galaxy.

There was also apparently other indigo children who have are similar to him who survived the martian wars. They are all here on a mission to save humanity from an apocalyptic nuclear war. He also claims that the there are secrets in the Great Sphinx in Giza. He was quoted saying, “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.”


Dr. John Brandenburg, Ph.D. is a plasma physicist who believes life on Mars was killed off by a nuclear war by an ancient civilization. Alfred McEwen was quoted saying, “the possibility of life in the interior of mars has always been very high, there is certainly water somewhere in the crust of Mars, it is very likely, I think, that there is life somewhere in the crust of Mars.”

Boriska Kipriyanovich Ancient AstronautJames Green is a NASA director of planetary science and he says “Mars is not the dry, red planet that we thought of it the past, liquid water has been found on Mars.” And, “Mars is the planet most like earth, in the past Mars was a very different planet. It had an extensive atmosphere and in fact, had what we believe was a huge ocean perhaps as large as two-thirds of the northern hemisphere and that ocean may have been as much as a mile deep. So Mars indeed three billion years ago had extensive water resources but something happened. Mars suffered a major climate change and lost its water”

John Grunsfeld, five-time space-flown astronaut, associated administrator head of NASA science mission directive said, “we are going to Mars. Our journey to Mars is a science lead expedition right now. Soon I hope we will be sending humans to the red planet to explore and science will lead the way. In today’s announcement of a really fascinating result about current water on Mars is one of the reasons why I feel it is even more imperative that we send astrobiologists and planetary scientists to Mars to explore if there is current life on Mars” and, “the more we observe Mars, the more information we are getting that it is really a fascinating planet. From the curiosity rover we know now that Mars was once a planet very much like earth with long salty seas, freshwater lakes, probably snow cap peaks and clouds and a water cycle just like here on Earth. Something has happened to Mars, it lost its water.”

Article Source –

Extraterrestrial Communicator? Japanese boy found communicating with UFOs via telepathy

By : Nirmal Narayanan

Ido has allegedly some extra-sensory skills to communicate with UFOs via telepathy and that he can clearly access the course of UFOs besides taking photographs of these alien crafts.

UFO Communication

After the Russian boy who claimed to have born on Mars in his previous birth, another teenager has emerged as the new sensation among UFO buffs and alien enthusiasts. Haruya Ido, the teenage Japanese boy is now rechristened as the ‘UFO boy’ in the country as people are literally mesmerized by his psychic abilities.

It was the popular UFO researcher Toshitaro Yamaguchi who initially identified the mettle of Ido. In a recent talk with the Japanese media, Toshitaro Yamaguchi revealed that Ido has that extra-sensory skills to communicate with UFOs via telepathy. As per Yamaguchi, Ido can clearly access the course of UFOs and he can also take photographs of these alleged alien crafts.

To substantiate his claims, Yamaguchi also released four images of UFOs which are apparently taken by Ido from various locations in Japan over the last one year. In all the four images, we can see bizarre objects hovering across the skies of Japan.

The veteran UFO researcher also added that Ido has the peculiar ability to do Shamanism, a practice that involves the practitioner exploring the subconscious mind and interact with the spiritual world. Experts say that a person who practices Shamanism can easily transcend energies from the spiritual world to our material world.

In Japan, Shamanism is part of the indigenous Ainu religion and Japanese religion of Shinto.

As Yamaguchi’s claims went viral, conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘UFOmania’ uploaded a video about Ido. The video soon went viral, and it has already racked up more than 4,100 views on YouTube.

After watching the video, viewers started speculating various explanations to define the extrasensory abilities of Ido.

A YouTube user named ‘Sonicbios’ claimed that Ido might be an alien hybrid, and his peculiar genetic traits might be helping him to communicate with unidentified flying objects.

“He is communicating with demons manifesting as fake aliens, that’s all it is,” commented ‘End of Times Preparation’, another YouTube user.

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This Three-Year-Old Girl’s Imaginary Friend Is So Nightmare-ish That All Of Twitter Is Crying


Imaginary FriendGood day, fellow patrons of the internet. Who wants to be completely creeped out by a spooky thing a child said? Literally no one? Well, too bad, because I read this three-year-old’s description of her imaginary friend and now you have to as well. Sorry, but those are the internet rules: when you see a spooky thing you have to share the spooky thing.

In an issue of Oh Comely magazine, three-year-old Ruby shared a drawing and brief description of her imaginary friend. It’s literally only five sentences long. How creepy can five sentences be? Well, creepy enough to creep out actress Natalie Morales who tweeted a photo of Ruby’s interview. Here’s Ruby’s description of her imaginary friend, Grateful:

“This is my imaginary mum, Grateful. Her yellow eyelashes mean she can see in the dark – she only comes to see me at night-time. It scares me sometimes, but I always want her to come back. She has two babies in her belly. She’s 14 but can never have a birthday.”

Morales succinctly summed up our feelings about Grateful in her tweet: “Ruby, you have a ghost. This is straight up terrifying.”

Ruby’s story has left the internet properly shooketh. (Paranormal Activity who? “Dear David” what?)

Imaginary Friend

Twitter responded with as many scream-face emojis as you would expect. (Side note: the actual official name for that emoji is Face Screaming in Fear. Also, apparently the Samsung version shows a ghost escaping from face’s mouth??? As if this all couldn’t get any creepier.) The tweet also prompted people to share their theories on Grateful, Ruby’s friend/ghost.

Some said “Grateful” sounds like a Puritan name, which would line up with the whole being pregnant at 14 thing. Others noted how articulate and scary Ruby’s whole description is. Stephen King is quaking. For the most part, people were like, “Um yep that’s definitely a ghost.”

Earlier today, Oh Comely tweeted a video to Natalie Morales, showing an extended interview with Ruby about her ghost mom Grateful. The video is for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

In the video, Ruby further confirms that Grateful “can have no birthdays, only nothing. Nothing.” Ruby also explains that Grateful “lights up in the dark normally.” (What happens when she doesn’t light up in the dark???) She goes on to say that Grateful interacts with her by whispering, “Ruby, Ruby.” (Very chill! So normal! Exactly how humans interact!!!) Ruby also notes that Grateful “actually wants to be a person.” (Click Link Below for Video)

While Ruby doesn’t clarify exactly what that means, we all know what it means: Grateful is a ghost and she wants to find a way to not be a ghost and this is all the plot for Paranormal Activity 17.

Little kids of a habit of saying the creepiest things. Earlier this year, your Twitter feed was likely flooded with people sharing creepy things their kids have said. Ruby and Grateful are just the tip of the spooky iceberg, my friends. Kids are creepy and they don’t even know how creepy they are, in turn making them even creepier.

One person shared that a kid in the pre-K class she taught walked up to her, pointed to her stomach and said, “‘There’s a little tiny baby in there. There’s a little baby right there.’ I was pregnant but hadn’t told my job.” (Not today, prescient fortune-telling baby!!!)

Another tweeted a story that started out sweet, with their child saying, “You’re the best mommy I’ve ever had.” To which they responded, “I’m the only mommy you’ve ever had.” Then, the child responded with, “No [you’re] the 3rd one but I like you the best.” (Nope! No thanks! That’s gonna be a “no” from me, dog!)

Lest you think kids started being creepy in 2018, please enjoy this Reddit thread of creepy kid stories from last summer. Apparently, kids can’t help but say extremely creepy things!

This would all be kind of funny if it weren’t extremely horrifying. But best of luck to you and Grateful, Ruby!

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