Heaven is a state of being.

I thought this video was fascinating from a perspective that is beyond religion, Jesus and the personification of God.

After a having his appendix rupture at the age of 3, Colton Burpo died and went to what many people understand as “Heaven”. He says he saw Jesus gently float down and take him through the light, to a place he called “The Throne Room of God”. There, he met his dad’s grandpa who told him about how he used to farm with his grandson. He also met an unborn sister that, when he told his mom about, was utterly astonished. There was no way he could have known any of the information he had after waking up.

afterlifeWhat happened in that higher state of being is not a religious experience, it is beyond our understanding of concept. Your surroundings after you die is a reflection of your consciousness in this life. If you grow up in a religious household, constantly interacting with religious symbols and figures, those ideas are embedded into your consciousness and get reflected back to you when you die.

You see what you believe. You are a powerful creator, more than you realize.

Consciousness does not cease to exist after the physical body dies, and what happens after depends on you. Many people don’t believe or understand that they’ve died, especially when it’s sudden or violent. They keep living their typical lives, for this physical reality stems from a mental projection in the first place.

It is so fascinating Colton said that God put familiar people around him to keep him calm. Many people who have died and come back to life report that their family members immediately greet them after death. They are surrounded in an environment that makes them comfortable.

When we understand that everything is fundamentally one energy, the idea of a single personified God is merely a projection from our own consciousness. Consciousness itself is made up from this energy, there is no one creator of it; it makes up all-that-is.

Because this boy grew up in a family where his father was a pastor, someone very connected to our idea of God, continuing that same stream of consciousness after he died was a familiar and comforting feeling for him.

We are all one in energy expressing itself infinitely, and we are all the creators of it.

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Her Son Keeps Waking Up Screaming At Night, Then Tells Mom He ‘Used To Be Somebody Else’

By Barbara Diamond


Ryan Hammons may look like a typical little boy from the Midwest, but deep down he has a “secret identity” of sorts. At the age of five, Ryan kept waking up at night screaming and crying. His concerned mother, Cyndi, had no idea what was causing her son’s bizarre behavior.

One night, Ryan finally confided in Cyndi. “Mom, I have to tell you something,” he said. “I used to be somebody else.”

Ryan proceeded to tell his mom that he believed he was the reincarnation of a man who died more than 50 years ago. Cyndi instantly felt chills down her spine. There was something so unsettling about Ryan’s confession; she was scared. Reincarnation was something she wasn’t comfortable with or even believed in. So, Cyndi kept Ryan’s claims a secret from her friends and family… even from her husband.

Ryan explained details of his supposed past life, like how he had two sisters, was married five times and loved to drink Tru-Ade, a brand of orange soda that had been discontinued decades before Ryan was even born. Cyndi still kept everything a secret.

Then one day, the pair flipped through a book about the Golden Age of Hollywood and turned to page featuring a black-and-white still from a Mae West film. Ryan immediately pointed to an unnamed man in the picture and said that that was the man he claimed to be.

The man in the photo was identified as Marty Martyn, a movie extra who went on to become a successful Hollywood agent.

Researchers confirmed details about Marty Martyn that matched Ryan’s story. Martyn did indeed have two sisters, was married five times and had a favorite beverage: Tru-Ade.

Watch the video below to find out what happened next.

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You Know You’re an Old Soul If…..

By Calleen Wilder

Old Soul

I saw this and knew I had to share it with all of you.  Funny thing is, I just had a dream last night that involved my being back in school, taking tests I didn’t understand, all while feeling, walking, and sitting completely alone.  I knew, even in the dream state, that I didn’t really “blend” in with anyone.

Here’s the thing, specifically meant for all of you loners, misfits, and awkward souls out there, your strangeness is what makes you interesting… at least to me.

As I said, I also never fit in.  And yes, I’d have given anything to have done so, especially all those years ago while in school.  But it seems, I just couldn’t pull it off.  I was different, odd, and also exuberantly rebellious.   This makes me wonder if perhaps Old Souls don’t do particularly well with authority, rules, and limitations either (ha).

Today though, I actually relish my time alone.  In fact, I crave it.  It’s a “must have” not an option.  It’s how I refuel and live to make others uncomfortable with my particular brand of strange for another day (lol).

Yet I do wonder, does anyone ever really feel like they fit in?  I know I personally speak with many people every single day who say they never have.  So either my work speaks to those who are more like me than the rest, or none of us really fit.

Thus why I’m sharing this little bit of information.  I think it’s important for everyone to know that even though no one (or few) might actually understand you, that likely is simply because you’re far too deep, or far too complicated in appearance, for those shallow swimmers to digest.

Now not that there’s one darn thing wrong with those shallow swimmers.  I’m simply saying I thank the Lord I’m not one of them.

Lesson learned for me is this:  Growing up it’s hard when you’re unique &/or different.  But… growing old is made so much richer for precisely the same reason.  Enjoy!

Manifesting Your Best Future

Calleen Wilder



The jury’s still out as far as my personal observation on where manifestation stands. Mainly because right now I’m working very hard on this mind-manifesting thing, but the results aren’t in.

Like most, I’m working on manifesting abundance, or at the very least, a more comfortable life style. After 29 years of working part-time, yet now finding myself in a situation where I need to produce a full-time income, I’m quite passionate and consistent in applying everything I’ve ever read on the topic.

And even though the “comfortable” hasn’t yet manifested, I can say that I seem to be stumbling into all sorts of freebies and discounts lately… to a truly unusual degree.

Therefore, it does seem that where and how I spend my focus is having some results. Who knows, perhaps the real issue with manifestation lies in how much we expect to receive, along with when.

Being the perpetual (what some call naive) optimist that I am, I quite naturally veer towards the positive anyway.  Meaning, whenever humanly possible I’ll always choose to leave fear out of the equation altogether.

Still, on the rare occasion that I find a little panic setting in, I’ll also share that I’ve noticed that all the “bargain and sharing” moments seem to evaporate entirely.

This leads me to believe that perhaps when we focus on fear we rather automatically throw up our guard, which in turn shuts down the free flow of energy. Thereby shutting out all of the good that might flow in from a lighter energy place, allowing only the bad, the heavier energy, to persist.  Likely attributable to the fact that we’re in a heavier energy environment emotionally. Like drawing like and all.

Anyway, I’ll let you know how all of this works out for me. After all, I think it’s critical we put words into action before reaching conclusions.  Even though, my fingers are seriously crossed (ha).

Yet in the end, I think we find what we seek… right?

Finding “You” After Loss Amidst the Grief

By Calleen Wilder

I found this picture online and decided to comment. I posted my comment on a page devoted to my daughter on Fb… but decided I’d share it here too for all those going through something similar. Yes, I’ve written a book, but it was from a different, more raw angle. Anyway, hope you find some understanding &/or comfort in this.


I believe “you” come back, but profoundly changed… not so much on the surface level where everyone can see it necessarily.

No. You change in your most deep, most secret & most personal places. You see you have gained such strength, precisely because you have known the worst kind of sorrow.

You find out that you fear far less than you could have ever imagined. Even death becomes just another eventuality and word in the dictionary.

But most of all I guess, you learn to hope from an entirely different perspective. You hope they’re okay. You hope they knew what was in your heart instead of what often came out of your mouth. You hope they’re safe, they’re well, and that they knew, above all things, how much they were loved.

So you come back with such a penetrating wisdom about priorities, and love, and loss, and what staring your biggest fear in the eye actually feels like.

In a way this empowers you, as your strength becomes immense. But it scars you in a way that no one who hasn’t gone through it can possibly even begin to comprehend.

Yet you lived because you were supposed to… for many reasons I assume. You go on breathing because it’s what your body knows to do. You go on loving because now love means something far more personal and special than it ever has. And you always remember them, the good times… the bad ones seem to disappear from your thoughts magically somehow.

So for all those going through their own grief, know I understand your pain and I grieve for you having to go through it.

Know too, you will come back even stronger than you were before… even if right now you don’t want to!

But you have walked through fire. You know what hell must feel like. And so, the you that you lost never comes back, because that you no longer exists. However, it has been replaced with a gentler, yet at the same time, fiercer you, who has something quite profound to offer.

Life’s weird that way. Your greatest loss becomes your greatest strength. Who knew?

4 Differences Between A Soulmate & A Life Partner

Via David Wolfe

I found this article so interesting, along with being something I hadn’t read before. Therefore, I just had to share.

Soul mate

Not all relationships and friendships are meant to last.

As much as you may like someone – as much as you may learn about life through them, the truth is that some people are life partners while others are merely soulmates.

Huh? Aren’t they the same thing?

Not quite. What follows are 4 key differences between the two. Accepting these differences is key to understanding the nature of love and companionship.

Difference #1 – Purpose


When a soulmate enters your life, they seem to meet you exactly on the level you need them to. You learn lessons together, lessons that help you get through that stage of your life.

But then, things change. You take different paths.

It can be painful but rest assured; one day you’ll find a true life partner – someone that shares your goals. A life partner isn’t just there to guide you through one stage of life. They’re there to guide you through all stages going forward.

Reincarnation: Children Who Remember Their Past Lives

Via The Liberty Web

I found this article online at and just HAD to share it. It’s so interesting and well written. Enjoy!


Where Do The Souls of Dead People Go?

There is a location in the U.S. that investigates reincarnation: the division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. For over half a century, this division has researched over 2,600 cases from over 40 countries of children who remember their past lives.

To take one example, there was an elderly Alaskan fisherman who said that he would reincarnate as his niece’s son after he dies. After the fisherman died, his niece gave birth. When the mother was trying to teach the 13-month-old child to repeat his name, he suddenly said, “You know who I am” and said the old fisherman’s tribal name. In addition, the child knew who was and wasn’t acquainted with the fisherman.

Japanese gynecologist Akira Ikegawa is also studying reincarnation from a medical perspective.  “Among the children who remembered being inside the mother’s womb, there were some who spoke about their past lives. I began asking for information on the social network about people who remember their past lives, and now I have collected enough to compile it into a book. Right now, there isn’t a place where we can comfortably talk about reincarnation; but once we do and gather enough real-life cases, reincarnation will become common knowledge.”

Socially Awkward And Loving It!

Article By Calleen WIlder

Socially Awkward
I stumbled upon this meme online and thought I’d take just a couple of minutes to toss in my two and half cents worth as I always seem far too eager to do…ha!

Yet, in having worked with countless “sensitive” children over the years, I’ve learned a thing or twenty-six about being “different”… what some might even call strange. In doing so what I’ve always felt the most compelled to share from the start was simply helping them to see how their being different was never by accident, but by grand design. It was, in fact, on purpose.

You see as a psychic child myself I know what it feels like to never fit in. In fact, my school years were torturous at best. No matter how much I wanted to “blend”, and I desperately wanted to, I never pulled it off. In fact, my bumbling attempts at being normal did little more than manage to make me to stand out even more. Why? I imagine because it wasn’t natural for me to be like many of those around me.

Now I didn’t stand out because I told people I was psychic. Nope. Back in my day you didn’t advertise such things. Heck, back in my day no one seemed to understand such things, least of all me. So calling myself psychic wasn’t even something I knew to be real or “a thing”.

No, I stood out because I was different than most. Or maybe better said, I was worse at hiding my differences than most were.

Thing is, I now know that everyone is a little psychic, so everyone was pretending back in the day. Yet, that still left me feeling that I was always on the outside looking in. Everywhere! There was no one safe space. No one spot I felt I could actually be me and be accepted. After all, I was peculiar in a way that was hard to put a finger on.

So to all sensitive children and adults as well, being different is normal. It seems in the grand scheme of things we were never meant to blend. We didn’t come here to be the status quo, middle-of-the-line, predictable, safe, and just so incredibly boring people we all aspire to be in school.

Nope. We came here to ruffle feathers, to think new thoughts, to create new ways of living in a world that’s followed tradition and the rules of those who hide better than us long enough. Reason being, they’re breaking things.

Color Therapy – Healing What Ails You With Color

Article by Calleen WIlder - Graph found on-line

I decided to share this quick little cheat-sheet on Color Therapy. Personally, I’m very much in the process of picking out all sorts of color combos for my home.

Obviously, being who I am, I’ve come to realize over the years just how drastically color affects not only our mood, but also our healing ability, our ability to sleep, our ability to contemplate effectively, along with pretty much everything else that compromises us energetically… i.e. our mood, energy level, intelligence, focus, stress, etc…

Therefore, I’m sharing. And for those who don’t believe color has any impact on your overall mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, might I suggest you spend a fair amount of “alone time” in a bright red room. Or perhaps better yet, a room painted the color you’re least attracted to. Seriously, color matters.

I also imagine that once we take the time to really “take in” our surroundings we’ll be amazed to find out just how much, and how deeply, the colors, sounds, sights, and smells in our environment(s) affect us.

As a result, as we begin to make some either major or minor corrections, in any or all of these departments, I believe we’ll be equally amazed at just how much better we feel, heal, and interact in our lives.

Test it for yourself. AND… if the graph below states a color for mending whatever ails you yet you absolutely hate that color, don’t use it. This is an overview, a consensus if you will. Yet we are all individuals. So what works for one may destroy another. Therefore, use it only as a guideline.

Happy painting, humming, planting, and baking my friends (lol). Calleen

Color Therapy

Powerful Words… the Positive & Negative Versions


So I saw this and was slightly blown away. I love the fact that some of these words are used so automatically in most people’s day-to-day lives that we never even stop to consider just how negative the tone of the word itself is… or, at least, I don’t.

Granted, we all know when you tell someone that they “never” do something, or vice versa, that they “always” do something, the intention behind those words are often accusatory at best and downright spiteful at worst.

And while I’m not entirely on-board with the idea of certain words causing specific karmic reactions (although they may), I can immediately see how switching up my vocabulary by using the more positive version of a word could definitely change the dynamics of many conversations.

Thus, I’m sharing.

Powerful Words