Brilliant Insight About Being Different

I stumbled upon this and had to share it with all of you…. it speaks so loudly to me, and I know it will do so for a few of you too. What a brilliant summation of being misunderstood, and perhaps finally understanding that it’s okay to be misunderstood, just as long as you’re alright with you. I love this!


Here are the only credits I found:My Dear Mr. M: Letters to G. B. MacMillan from L. M. Montgomery – L.M. Montgomery (personal letters)

A SUPER Accurate Personality Test That’s FREE

Personality Test

You know I always share things that I find super interesting… so if you haven’t already taken the Myers Briggs Personality Test, take it here.  I took this test for the first time yesterday and it blew me away.

Obviously, I already know my Numerology and my Astrology, and they all fit.  But this adds a whole other dimension for me understanding why I act and feel the way I do.  I tested as an INFJ, which means I think out of my right and left brain almost equally.  Meaning, my being a Virgo (practical, anal, down-to-earth planner) with a Capricorn Moon (persistent, determined, level-headed workaholic), while also being a Psychic/Medium, finally makes SENSE.  I actually can do both simultaneously.  I mean I always knew I could… but even in my mind, I couldn’t make the numbers & astrology add up to what I’ve done for a living most of my life.

Plus, it went on to talk about how I’m a SUPER private person.  And, I am… ask my ex.  He drove me INSANE sharing every single piece of information he knew about him, me, our life, and anything else he stumbled upon with anyone who cared to listen.  Some days I seriously begged him to just shut the heck up… NOW.  This was something I believe we discussed rather frequently (hahaha).

Anyway, enough about me. Just hear that this test helped me put even more of my strange pieces together.  Do yourself a favor, take it.  Be SUPER honest though.  Don’t say what you think is right, say what is true about you.  Too, always try to stay away from the middle choice… go one side or the other and you’ll find out so much about yourself.

I didn’t end up paying the additional fee for the expanded version, although I’m sure it’s worth it.  Still what I did read hit this rusty old nail of a woman right on the head.


What Being a Spiritual Warrior Means to Me

Calleen Wilder

spiritual warriors

I stumbled upon this today and had to share it with everyone… mainly because it spoke to me.  I can’t say I’m a Spiritual Warrior necessarily.  What I can say is that I’m someone who believes what they believe to an unshakable degree.  Something I didn’t really understand until my daughter passed away.

Before then I was very spiritual.  I also had a tremendous faith in what I believed.  But, what I came to understand is that when you’re that destroyed, that shattered, and that vulnerable, your faith really is all you have left.  All words, platitudes, and even the sincerest of actions bring you no comfort.  Nope.  Only your sincerest of beliefs about “what is next” can do that.

And as those of you who have read my book about this time in my life know, I wasn’t immediately comforted by my beliefs… quite the opposite.  I was angry.  I was furious.  I felt betrayed, abandoned, and lied to by those I believed held the highest of powers.  AND… I had no hesitation about expressing that.

Yet in the end, when the dust subsides and the shock passes, as the grief settles into your bones and a familiar new way of being takes hold, you have to stand back up.  You have to find your foundation, your platform, perhaps even a reason for going on… maybe better said, you have to figure out how to survive this.  That’s precisely when you begin to sort through your deepest knowings in order to uncover what you really believe, from the deepest recesses of your heart and soul, to be true… to be valuable… to be helpful.

Consequently, after having walked through my own personal hell I can honestly say that my beliefs have never been stronger, nor has my ability to understand, empathize, and genuinely care about others who may be required to walk a similar path.

I no longer care one iota what anyone else’s beliefs are.  I only care that everyone has something to believe in.  You see I know just how desperately you may need it one day.  I also honor whatever it is that gets you through these dark-night-of-the-soul moments.

And while I’ve had many heartbreaks over the course of my life, I’ve learned it takes a certain leveling-of-the-ego to truly drive you to your deepest beliefs, perhaps via your deepest despair.  Thus, there always seems to be another level of “knowing”.

Still, as a result of my hardest lesson yet, I realize I’ve become a very different person in some ways.  Granted, a part of the “before me” is still alive, sarcastic, blunt, perfectionistic, loves to laugh, and is very well.  It’s simply when it comes to the really “big” things I find I’ve changed… in a really big way.

Big things like integrity, honor, truthfulness, empathy, and a real caring for those around us matter even more to me than they used to.  Not that I leave no room for mistakes in my life, because I still make tons… more so that I don’t let myself off the proverbial hook so easily now.  I’m accountable.

I also find that I fight for my own peace, as well as my ability to live my life on my terms, much more ruggedly now.  I’ve learned that I’ve had to remove some things and people from my life, as well as add a few others, if I am to survive this with any degree of sanity.

In the end I’ve learned how precious time is.  I’ve learned how precious living is.  I’ve also learned how precious your faith is.  So I live accordingly.  I honor life and love in a whole new way now that I really understand just how fleeting all of it really is.

Spiritual Warrior?  I don’t know.  I only know I had to unearth precisely what my spiritual beliefs really were… mostly out of utter necessity.  This meant I had to reshuffle my priorities, in many areas of my life, in order to allow these beliefs to breathe.  So yes, I’m a warrior of my beliefs, because I fought hard to maintain them.

The best news is, if I say something to you, or promise you I’ll do something, I mean it… entirely.  I don’t have time for BS, platitudes, political correctness, or judgmental attitudes.  If I can help, I will.  If I can’t, I’ll tell you that too.  I realize your time is limited, so I won’t take it up with nonsense.

And yes, I absolutely honor your right to believe your way, as much as I honor my own.  Maybe that’s what a Spiritual Warrior is.  I’m not quite sure.  Still I’m open to learn.

“I Used to Change Your Diapers” 2-year-old Baby Tells His Dad. Claims to Be Reincarnation of His Grandfather


There are many beliefs in Hinduism that science does not believe in. One such belief is rebirth or reincarnation; and for western audience, it is an incomprehensible thought and a superstition. Today, we tell you 5 incredible stories of rebirth in common man that are every bit true.
According to Hinduism, after death of a person, only his body perishes not his soul. The soul leaves the body and enters another body, which is decided based on the actions or karmas of the previous birth. This is called reincarnation.
Gita Press Gorakhpur (a leading religious books publisher for Hindu religion) has mentioned true incidents of rebirth on which research has been done. In the US, reincarnation research was advanced by Dr. Ian Stevenson in the 1960’s. He interviewed thousands of people who had recollections of past lives).

The 5 Things Every Alpha Woman Needs In Their Relationship


I found this article incredibly interesting, and also, unbelieveably accurate.  Thus, I’m sharing.

Alphs Woman

Alpha women aren’t like most other women. If you’ve ever come across one, chances are good that you immediately recognized this. These are the women who most people perceive as intimidating, even though they can’t really say why at first. Then, they find out that it’s because they have ambition, drive, confidence, and aren’t afraid to tell people the way it is.

Dating an alpha woman can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. In fact, alpha women make for some of the best partners. But, you have to make sure you’re doing your part, otherwise they’ll likely kick you to the curb.

Here are five things every alpha woman needs in a relationship:

She needs to be able to be independent
You probably saw this one coming, but it’s very important. Alpha women place a high value on their independence. She’s spent a great deal of her life being determined and motivated to chase after what she wants out of life, so you shouldn’t try to stop her. Of course, she loves being in a relationship, but she also needs someone who will let her make decisions for herself and who can respect the boundaries she establishes.

She needs respect
Alpha women understand that in order to get respect you have to give it first. She thinks very highly of herself as a result of developing a high self-worth over the years, so if you fail to give her the respect that she knows she deserves, she’s not going to keep you around. Alpha women need partners who respect them, and trust in their decision-making.

She likes being challenged
If you can’t compete with the alpha woman on some level, whether it be in the bedroom or some other aspect of life, she will likely get bored with you. Alpha women crave excitement in their relationships. Not only do they want a partner who can keep up with them, they want one who will test their limits every now and then.

She needs someone who can make her laugh
Alpha women tend to be diligent, hard workers, but as you know, all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl. She needs a partner who can lighten the mood and make her laugh; someone who brings a bit of balance to her busy lifestyle. If you can make her laugh and smile and forget about the stresses of life for a while, she will definitely want to keep you around.

She needs a person to call her out when she falls out of line
Being independent, opinionated and strong-willed is great, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re always right. Alpha women need partners who are confident enough in their own being to be willing to call them out when they fall out of line or starts acting poorly; a partner who can bring her back to reality when she gets sidetracked by something else.

Article Source:

5 Unsettling Signs You’re On the Right Path


Life Path

Everyone wants to know that they’re doing something right, or that they’re on the right track in life. However, not everyone knows that many of the signs that tell you you’re on the right track can be scary. Change, growth, and new challenges can create uncomfortable feelings, but it’s these feelings that we have to listen to the most. It’s these feelings that let you know you’re improving and growing as an individual.

If you want to know that you’re doing something right, or that your life is on the path it needs to be, take a look at these five scary signs, emotions, and feelings that can be pretty good indicators of your progress.

1. You Realize that You’re Responsible for Your Happiness

Taking responsibility for anything in your life can be scary, but realizing that no one can make you happy but yourself can be a huge shift in understanding.

This newly found autonomy is a major experience for most, which can cause you to feel an immense amount of pressure. Taking this feeling in stride, and learning that you have the power to shape your own future is a sign you’re growing up the right way.

2. You Feel Like You’re Lost

Feeling like you’re lost or like your life has no direction can be a feeling often associated with depression, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. Feelings like this could simply indicate that you’re more aware of the power you have in life to make important decisions.

Young people who have several life paths to choose from feel this feeling from time to time, and all it means is that you have options that only you can choose.

3. The Desire to Be Alone is Strong

Again, this feeling can often be associated with depression, but it isn’t always the case. The desire to be alone could be caused by the fact that you’re entering a period of self-reflection. During major changes in our lives, we need time to sort things out, figure out exactly what we want, and just exactly how our decisions are going to change who we are. It’s hard to sort through all of it without being on our own.

4. Reliving Childhood Issues

During major changes in your life, you may feel like you’re reliving issues you had when you were younger.

That doesn’t mean these issues are reoccurring, it just means that you’re becoming more aware of the triggers in your life that bring about negative emotions. This is a big deal because it means you’re becoming more self-aware.

5. You Recognize the Length of Your Journey

When you’re young and just starting out on your own, you may feel overwhelmed by how far you have to go to reach your goals. Whether you’re in school or starting your career, this feeling can be daunting.

Take pride, however, in the fact that you actually recognize just how far you have to go; it’s not something everyone seems to understand early in their lives.




Everything is fundamentally an interconnected energy in this universe, and since we are simply reflections of it, our bodies operate the exact same. There are electrical pulses beating from the heart, keeping us consciousness and connected.
Many ancient medical traditions of the past speak about the interconnectedness of our emotional and physical states. Consciousness is the fabric of reality that allows our physicality to exist in the first place.

Natural HealingOur mindset, how we interact with others and our general outlook on the world greatly determines our health. In traditional Chinese medicine, emotions are regarded as one of the major causes of internal disruption. When we live in a prolonged state of anxiety, stress or anger, it can start to manifest as a physical ailment.
Understanding how each organ directly corresponds to specific emotions and ways of being can drastically shift your mental and physical health. Remember that we are fundamentally all made of an energy that, once we fully understand, we can control consciously.
Just like when our body gets a cut and heals it over time, we are able to heal things like cancer and major disease. This requires a massive shift in society, ways of living and the understanding of life. It is not easy to heal ourselves when we’ve been taught that it’s impossible from a modern scientific point of view.
In a world where we are in alignment with ourselves and fully grasp the mechanics of energy, the ability to heal yourself is as simple as thinking about it. Until we can collectively make a more drastic global shift, it’s important to learn how emotions and physicality are connected.

Natural HealingThe Suwen of Huangdi Neijing is an ancient Chinese medical text that has been used as the doctrinal source for Chinese medicine.
It is written in a question-and-answer format between the mythical Yellow Emperor and his medical advisors.
In it, it describes “The five yin-organs of the human body produce five different kinds of essential Qi, which bring forth joy, anger, anxiety, pensiveness, and fear.”



Joy corresponds with the heart. It is a feeling that spreads throughout your body and the intensity can only be handled by your heart.

Natural HealingIt is the center of your being, it is one of the main points where energy emits out of us. It is where we feel all emotions deeply, but not all emotions are always directly related to the heart.

The heart is like a second brain for emotions, intuition and inner knowing. When overstressed or stimulated, the heart can become agitated and lead to irregular heart palpitations. Try to focus on slowing down and listening to those gut feelings when you get them.


Traditional Chinese Medicine refers to anger as a full range of emotions, including resentment, frustration, agitation and similar feelings. Anger is directly related to the liver because of its process as a detoxifier.

Natural HealingWhen we are angry and putting stress on our body, it can produce an excess of iron in our blood and make it harder for our liver to filter it through.

This starts to block the energy in our liver and can start to develop problems over time if your mindset stays the same. If persisted, it can result in higher blood pressures as well.


Have you ever been really anxious about something and it feels like your whole chest tightens up? Your lungs are directly connected with anxiety and the emotion of fear.

Natural HealingA common symptom of a panic attack includes shallow breathing or the inability to fully breathe at all. The energy within our lungs gets majorly blocked when we are in a state of panic or urgency.

This can eventually lead down into the large intestine and cause ulcers if you stay in a prolonged state of anxiety. It is the stress, the physical tightening of our muscles that cause this, so if you are an anxious person, really take the time for yourself.

Do things that make you feel good, and if it’s relaxing your body, then it’s truly curing you from an array of physical ailments.



Pensiveness or over-concentration is the result of a brain that over thinks too much or is too intellectually stimulated.

Natural HealingMany people who have quick, sponge-like brains love to absorb information and continually run. It is vital to your mental health to slow those firing neurons down.

The organ related to this, surprisingly isn’t the brain but the spleen. The spleen is responsible for cleaning your blood and boosting the immune system. When you’re overstimulating your brain, a lot of the blood in your body goes there. It becomes an imbalanced distribution in not only blood but energy within the body.



Fear is an emotion natural to all of us. It is a root, primal instinct that is designed to keep us alive. When felt constantly in large doses, it can really shift our mental state drastically. The organ directly related to it is the kidney. It has a variety of functions, including an essential role in the urinary system.

Natural HealingThat is why children and people will pee themselves if they get scared enough!

That is a perfect example of how interconnected our emotions and physicality really are. When our brain tells our body that it is scared enough, our kidneys will involuntarily make the person pee in a reaction to the emotion.

This knowledge can greatly benefit all aspects of your health when taken into consideration and actually applied to your life. What emotions do you find yourself feeling the most?

What kind of mindset are you viewing reality from? These kinds of questions lead to answers that can fundamentally change how you interact with reality!


(Article Source

Slaying Your Demons by Overcoming Your Fears

Article by Calleen Wilder

Overcoming Fear

I saw this today and it struck a hard nerve for me.  Particularly since earlier today I found myself working with someone whose fear prevented them from doing something that’s reasonably easy for most of us.

Having worked as a hypnotist for many years in the past, I thought I’d go ahead and share what I know about such things.  Who knows, it may even help you slay a few of your own demons.

So here goes… When it comes to phobias, the one thing I’ve observed time and time again is that the longer we let them hang around, the more vastly they spread.  A fear of driving interstates can rather quickly turn into a fear of driving large stretches of highways.  Then, almost before you know it, you find that you can barely leave your own neighborhood.  It happens a lot.

I believe the key to overcoming these types of seemingly irrational phobias is simply to refuse to let the fear have hold of you.  Granted, I hate flying.  And I do mean I hate it.  I’m a true “white-knuckle, don’t touch or talk to me during take-off” kind of girl.

I’ve been told I died in a plane crash in a past life.  I was also told I was in a small plane that didn’t gain enough altitude during take-off and left us crashing into the side of a mountain as a result.

Now while I can’t prove this to be true, I can say I utterly despise take-offs.  I can also say that some fears, irrational as they may seem, may actually be quite reasonable if we had access to all of our memories.

Still, I continue to fly.  Perhaps I continue because I’m as stubborn as the day is long.  Or perhaps I fly because I refuse to let anything dictate how I live my life, especially fear.

I also believe that I can’t die one minute before the God I believe in allows it.  So there’s that.

Yet, I’m still horrified each and every time I board a plane despite knowing and believing as I do.  But I also realize that the “fight or flight” reaction is hard-wired into all of us.  That is a fact.

So don’t be fearful of being afraid, that’ll only compound it.  Instead, why not accept the fact that you’re simply wired to be afraid of certain things, all while refusing to let your fear prevent you from doing them. Provided, of course, doing them is wise.  In other words, if you’re afraid of snakes, standing at the edge of cliffs, or flame-engulfed houses, perhaps there’s wisdom in that.

It’s the fear of things that aren’t known to be harmful that get in the way of our living our lives.  So, refuse to feed the fear.  Refuse to let it win.  But accept you’ll be fearful while you’re doing it.  If you do you might even eventually convince the deepest recesses of your mind that you won’t actually die when climbing a ladder.  Js

Bottom line is, even if you can’t overcome the fear, don’t let the fear overcome you.  We really can limit our lives if we don’t face it, feel the fear, then rinse and repeat.

Mom’s Dead Son Comes Back To Life After Horrible Crash, Tells Her He Saw Dad And ‘2 Other Kids’ In Heaven.

By Josh Starling

Near Death Experience

In 1997, Julie Kemp was driving home from church with her husband Andy and their eight-year-old son Landon when their car was crushed by an ambulance in a horrifying accident. Landon’s dad was killed instantly, and so was Landon — twice. Emergency responders were able to revive Landon’s vitals for the trip to the hospital after the crash, but they lost him again on the way to the emergency room.

Doctors at Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina brought him back again and told Julie he would likely not survive, but after two weeks in a coma, Landon miraculously woke up. Everyone was shocked to discover he had no trace of brain damage.

Julie was elated to have her son back but dreaded having to tell Landon that his father had passed away. She tentatively asked Landon if he knew where his dad was… his response shook her to the core, “I saw him in heaven.” Even more amazingly, he went on to describe Julie’s two other children that she had lost in a miscarriage years before Landon was born. Julie and her husband never told the young boy about them.

This story is simply amazing to hear. Let Landon’s experience give you assurance, though most of us will never experience the other side and come back to tell the tale, hope is certainly not lost.