August 8 Is One Of The Luckiest Days Of The Year by Nina Kahn

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Get ready to manifest some serious Leo season magic, because on Aug. 8, the Leo sun and the bright star Sirius will create an annual cosmic alignment known as the lion’s gate portal. This spiritual vibe is being amplified even more intensely this year, thanks to the new moon in Leo that’s taking place on the same day. Between these stellar events and the numerology behind the number eight, August 8 (or 8/8) is set to be one of the luckiest days of 2021. If you’re into astrology or numerology, you don’t want to sleep on this opportunity to manifest abundance and dream big.

So exactly what is the lion’s gate portal? It’s a combination of the sun being in its home sign of Leo, the star Sirius rising in the skies (which becomes visible on or around Aug. 8 each year), and the numerological meaning of the number 8 (which is amplified on 8/8). Collectively, these factors vibrate with an auspicious energy that makes Aug. 8 a particularly lucky day for manifesting success and turning your dreams into reality.

While celebrating the lion’s gate portal activation is popular within many modern new age practices, 8/8 has been celebrated as a spiritual date for thousands of years. Sirius’ rising and alignment with the sun was considered to be a significant event in many ancient cultures. “Civilizations as far back as the Dogon tribe of Africa, Sumer, and Ancient Egypt tracked the Sirius star system across the sky, despite lacking any modern technology,” ascension guide and intuitive healer Laura Brown tells Bustle. “Sirius’ alignment with Earth [also] coincides with the Orion constellation aligning perfectly with the Pyramids of Giza, creating a trinity of alignments which open the lion’s gate portal.” With August’s new moon occurring on the same date, the 2021 lion’s gate portal is slated to be even more spiritually potent than usual.

Aug. 8 brings a sparkling spiritual window of opportunity for all zodiac signs to set intentions, embrace abundance, and create new beginnings. Understanding the meaning of the 8/8 lion’s gate portal can help you take advantage of its magic.

The Astrology Of Lion’s Gate Portal

Sirius and the Sun align on Aug. 8 during the lion's gate portal

Let’s talk astrology. The fixed star Sirius (which is the second brightest star in the sky, next to our sun) is sometimes referred to as the “Spiritual Sun” — and that’s because in astrology and other mystical practices, it’s known for lighting up the spirit and illuminating our higher-minded goals and ambitions. Every year, right smack in the middle of Leo season, Sirius rises in the skies and becomes brightly visible over the eastern horizon.

“The lion’s gate portal occurs when the Earth and the Sirius star system are aligned,” Brown says. “Astrologically, this portal is called the lion’s gate portal due to the sun being in the sign of Leo.” Leo zodiac energy is symbolized by the lion and embodies the animal’s courage, pride, and regality. The sun is also Leo’s ruling planet, meaning it’s feeling extra mighty during this portion of the year — which charges the lion’s gate portal with loads of creative and confidence-enhancing solar power.

While Aug. 8 is considered the peak date for harnessing the mystical energy of the lion’s gateway, it’s believed that the manifestation portal is “open” for several weeks before and after, too. However, this year, the gateway is extra ripe for spiritually leveling up and creating changes in our lives, as it aligns with the date of the August 2021 new moon. During this lunation, the moon will align with the sun in Leo and herald in a fresh lunar cycle, bringing our passions to the forefront and supercharging our ability to start fresh.

The Numerology Of 8/8

Eight is considered one of the luckiest numbers in numerology and often corresponds with wealth and abundance. Visually, an “8” is also literally an infinity symbol turned upright, which represents its unlimited potential. “8/8 is numerologically significant, since eight is the number of abundance and prosperity,” Brown says. Being the eighth day of the eighth month of the year charges this date with the energy of success (on top of all the astrological magic) — and better enables us to set clear intentions.

The significance of 8/8 blends astrology with numerology in a synergistic and fascinating way. Sirius in astrology is associated with wealth, passion, honor, and even fame — while the sun is the planet of confidence, willpower, and self-expression. That said, the fact that Sirius will align with the sun in the sign of Leo near this date is important. “Leo is a raging fire sign, and its energy can attract all it desires like a moth to a flame,” Brown says. These success-attracting celestial bodies combined with the abundant numerological energy of 8/8 work together create the cosmic blend that makes the lion’s gate portal such a powerful period for putting your intentions out into the universe.

Aug. 8, aka the “Lion’s Gate Portal” Is Perfect For Manifesting

There are rituals you can do for the lion's gate portal on 8/8

8/8 is one of the luckiest days of the year for manifesting, and this year it falls on the same day as a new moon — meaning it’s a fabulous time to set intentions and do a personal abundance ritual. “The lion’s gate portal is an opening for high-frequency, high-vibrational energies — infused completely with Sirian energy — to flood down upon the Earth,” Brown says. The swirl of astrological and numerological magic on 8/8 can help us to “instantly manifest what we want,” according to Brown. Here are a couple ways to harness it:

  • Do an 8/8 new moon meditation and intention-setting ritual. Set your phone’s timer for eight minutes and allow yourself to clear your mind of any limiting thoughts (bonus points if you start your meditation at 8:08 a.m. or p.m.!). Focus on the unlimited potential for success that the number eight in numerology symbolizes. Embrace the Leo new moon energy and reach for the stars! After your lion’s gate portal meditation, write down your biggest goals and list eight tangible steps you can take toward them. The new moon’s power will help propel these dreams into reality.
  • Work with crystal healing. Creating a crystal grid or programming your crystals with new moon intentions are two great ways to take advantage of the natural manifestation power that the lion’s gate portal offers. Choose yellow or gold-colored crystals to amplify the star-powered energy of this date. (As an astrologer, I recommend pyrite, Lemurian quartz, or citrine.)
  • Plan a personal lion’s gate/new moon ritual. Whether you’re into reading tarot cards, doing candle magic, or just want to use a simple guided meditation, there are lots of lion’s gate portal rituals that will help you connect to the day’s mystical energy. And because new moons in astrology are ideal for fresh starts, it’s a great time to focus on your intentions.

Happy manifesting!

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The Complete Guide to Astrology Sister Signs by Maressa Brown

Turns out, polar opposites in astrology are often perfect pairs.

From the time you first learned to read your horoscope, chances are you turned to astrological compatibility readings to understand how you’d fare with your crush. And these days, it’s more like how you’ll connect with that hot match on Bumble or even your long-term love. But looking at how two signs connect and clash can be useful for an array of relationships, from your friendships to your siblings to your colleagues. And if you’re always finding yourself working on professional projects with Cancers or hitting it off right away with Aquarians, it’s possible you’re making the most of your astrological sister sign.

Here, the basics on sister signs, aka astrology’s polar opposites or polarities.

If you have an actual sibling, you know that you share some traits — your laughs, your eyes, your love of ’90s teen soaps — but perhaps you’re polar opposites when it comes to other characteristics. Your sister is a total workaholic, and you’re a free spirit. Your brother’s a homebody, and you’re a globe-trotter. In astrology, sister signs function in this same way.

The Complete Guide to Astrological Sister Signs


Located six signs or 180 degrees away from one another on an astrological wheel and rulers of opposing houses — say, the first and the seventh (that’s you, Aries and Libras) or the fifth and the eleventh (Leo and Aquarius) — sister signs share the same quality (aka quadruplicities):

Cardinal: These signs are the big-picture thinkers of the zodiac, excelling at brainstorming and initiating, but they struggle with follow-through. They include Aries (fire), Cancer (water), Libra (air), and Capricorn (earth).

Mutable: These signs are the most adaptable of the zodiac, but they can also be indecisive and flighty. They include Gemini (air), Virgo (earth), Sagittarius (fire), and Pisces (water).

Fixed: These signs dig their heels in, for better (say, being up fordoing the work in a long-term relationship) or worse (refusing to change their career path, even if it’s making them sick). They include Taurus (earth), Leo (fire), Scorpio (water), and Aquarius (air).

And you likely already know that there are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Well, they’re also divided up into what’s referred to as dualities. Fire and Air are the “active” elements, which are more assertive, energetic, and well, action-oriented, while Earth and Water are “receptive,” aka they generally prefer to tune into their emotions and intuition before making their move. Sister signs are always the same duality.

Working to understand your astrological opposite, or sister sign, can help you pinpoint qualities you might be lacking that you could learn from people in your life who possess them, thanks to their astrological placements in that sign. Although we often associate “opposite” with opposition or tension, the word has a much more nuanced application in astrology.

Sure, any opposition can be frustrating, challenging, or even lead to a lot of eye-rolling, huffing, and wanting to pull your hair out (just like the worst fight you ever had with a sibling or BFF). But if you’re up for playing ball with it, an opposition can also lay the foundation for intensely satisfying inner work, common ground, and balance. In other words, people you meet who have a lot of your sister sign in their birth charts could be the ultimate yin to your yang. (See: Everything to Know About Zodiac Compatibility)

Check out the sister sign that pairs with your sun or rising sign. Then consider your moon and possibly even all of your big six (meaning, your sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus). It could be that you often connect with people who have the sister sign to your rising sign (as that’ll be the sign that rules your seventh house of partnership) or natal Venus (the planet of relationships).

The Sister Signs for Each Zodiac Sign:

  • ♈️ Aries‘ sister sign is Libra.
  • ♉️ Taurus’ sister sign is Scorpio.
  • ♊️ Gemini’s sister sign is Sagittarius.
  • ♋️ Cancer’s sister sign is Capricorn.
  • ♌️ Leo’s sister sign is Aquarius.
  • ♍️ Virgo’s sister sign is Pisces.
  • ♎️ Libra’s sister sign is Aries.
  • ♏️ Scorpio’s sister sign is Taurus.
  • ♐️ Sagittarius’s sister sign is Gemini.
  • ♑️ Capricorn’s sister sign is Cancer.
  • ♒️ Aquarius’s sister sign is Leo.
  • ♓️ Pisces’ sister sign is Virgo.

Aries and Libra

Polar opposites: Aries, the cardinal fire sign and the ruler of the First House of Self, faces off against Libra, the cardinal air sign and ruler of the Seventh House of Partnership. Although both are go-getters, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and aggression, while Libra is a peacemaker first and foremost, ruled by Venus, the planet of love. Aries will literally ask people to fight with them for fun, while Libra will avoid conflict at all costs, even to the point that they get passive-aggressive or ill.

Perfect pair: As initiating cardinal signs, these two are equally psyched to kick off large-scale, sweeping projects. Impulsive, fiery Aries can challenge indecisive, airy Libra to move more quickly to a decision as well as to stand in their sense of self. Libra can help soften Aries’ blustery approach, teaching them how diplomacy and killing your opponent with kindness can often be just as — or even more — effective than handling a conflict like a bat out of hell.

Taurus and Scorpio

Polar opposites: Taurus, the fixed earth sign and ruler of the Second House of Money, opposes Scorpio, the fixed water sign and ruler of the Eighth House of Sex and Death. Ruled by pleasure-first Venus, Bull people basically come in second after Libra for most conflict-averse of the signs, preferring to chill out, soak up beautiful art and sumptuous food, and take it easy. Meanwhile, Scorpio, co-ruled by aggressive Mars and transformative Pluto, is intense about everything, wanting to live their best life in a bolder, more take-charge way. As (eerily) silent as they might outwardly appear, Scorpios have zero chill.

Perfect pair: Taureans are often labeled the most stubborn sign of the zodiac, but the truth is that all of the fixed signs are, and both the Bull and the Scorpion are wired to take a stand — and refuse to back down. That’s why they’re often a match made in heaven for any kind of long-term relationship, whether romantic, platonic, or professional; they both tend to fully commit to making things work, and see eye-to-eye on that intensity. (Both are super-sensual, though, so if the bond is a love or sex-based one, expect lots of sparks.) Taurus can help Scorpio embrace the calmer, more grounded side of life, while Scorpio can help Taurus get comfier wading into the depths of emotion and passion.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Polar opposites: Gemini, the mutable air sign and ruler of the Third House of Communication, sits across from Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign and ruler of the Ninth House of Higher Learning and Adventure. Ruled by messenger Mercury, Gemini is constantly soaking up and disseminating information in a curious, often lighthearted way. Think of the Twins as the chatty, wide-eyed little kids of the zodiac; they’re not ones to take themselves super seriously. But Sag, on the other hand, is ruled by expansive Jupiter, obsessed with knowledge in a far more professorial, know-it-all way that can come off as soapbox-y. Unfiltered and passionate, they’re full of opinions and fervent beliefs.

Perfect pair: Although they might express themselves and function in social settings very differently, both Gemini and Sag are hungry for information, connection, and eye-opening experiences. They’re the two most wanderlust-filled signs in the zodiac and would absolutely love to go on an adventure together, be it global or local. Gemini can encourage Sag to consider a variety of opinions, while Sag can nudge Gemini to adopt a deeper, more philosophical perspective. (See: How to Tune Into Astrocartography, the Astrology of Travel)

Cancer and Capricorn

Polar opposites: Cancer, the cardinal water sign and ruler of the Fourth House of Home Life, opposes Capricorn, the cardinal earth sign and ruler of the Tenth House of Career and Public Image. Ruled by the intuitive, heartfelt moon, emotional Cancer can’t help but nurture others, prioritizing family, their domestic sanctuary, and a sense of inner security. On the flipside, Cap, ruled by industrious taskmaster Saturn and symbolized by the Sea Goat, is determined to climb their way up their own personal mountain to achieve recognition, rewards, and respect. This isn’t to say they’re not also family-oriented, as old-school Saturn offers a love of tradition, but they’re first and foremost driven to cultivate an applause-worthy professional rep.

Perfect pair: While we, as a society, tend to pit home life against work life, the fact is that you’re likely to function best and be most successful in both areas when there’s symbiosis. Cancer and Cap are a clear example of how those two seemingly opposing energies not only can but must work together. Cancer shows Capricorn how to celebrate the joys of home, simply bonding with loved ones, and caring for your emotional core, while Capricorn teaches Cancer the pleasures of being recognized professionally and how to use a pragmatic, steady approach to get concrete results. Ultimately, these two have more in common than meets the eye, as they share a mutual desire to build something that’s lasting and fulfilling.

Leo and Aquarius

Polar opposites: Leo, the fixed fire sign and ruler of the Fifth House of Romance and Self-Expression, sits across from Aquarius, the fixed air sign and ruler of the Eleventh House of Networking and Long-Term Wishes. Ruled by the buoyant sun, self-assured Leo wants to be in the spotlight, have fun, dance, own and use their fierce roar, flirt, fall madly in love, have lots of fireworks-inducing sex… basically be an ’80s pop star. But future-minded, team player Aquarius, whose modern ruler is rebellious Uranus and whose traditional ruler was taskmaster Saturn, is an intellectual idealist focused on what’s best for the collective versus the self. Free-spirited, rational, and eager to strike out against convention, they’re most likely to step into the limelight when they’re marching for a social cause alongside friends or colleagues.

Perfect pair: Leo’s focus on self and tendency to be loud and proud will 100 percent clash with Aquarius’ cool, stoic front and devotion to community. But working together, they’ll realize they need one another’s skills and perspectives. In fact, as two fixed (aka stubborn) signs who believe their way is the best way, they’re a lot more alike than they might initially guess. Leo can teach Aquarius how to promote and brand themselves for the sake of their humanitarian campaigns, while Aquarius can help Leo see outside of their glitzy, glimmering bubble and use their roar for purposes that benefit communal causes that are close to their hearts.

Virgo and Pisces

Polar opposites: Virgo, the mutable earth sign and ruler of the Sixth House of Health and Daily Routine, opposes Pisces, the mutable water sign and ruler of the Twelfth House of Spirituality. Ruled by researcher Mercury, practical, analytical Virgo is all about facts, figures, lists, spreadsheets, and details that come complete with footnotes. And they’re downright gleeful when they can use their info-gathering skills to be of service to their nearest and dearest or colleagues. The Fish, by comparison, is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams that tends to cloud rational thought. Deeply feeling and slightly psychic, they’re wired to let their emotions, intuition, and imagination take the reins over logic.

Perfect pair: Tending to the minutiae of daily life and your health and well-being might sound like a snoozefest, but Virgos know there can be not only order but also magic in it. Getting your ducks in a row can create space for play and poetry, and that’s exactly what Virgo can impart to Pisces. And Pisces can help Virgo get out of their head and into their heart and spirit, learning to trust themselves to go swimming in the deep end of their most complicated, confusing feelings. Ultimately, both the Fish and the Maiden could realize they’re one in the same as empaths who aim to use their strengths to heal others.

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Astrologers reveal the biggest life challenges associated with your moon sign by Jessica Lindsay

In astrology, every celestial body has an influence in an area of your life.

From the sun that is our core identity and the essence through which we shine into this world, to Venus who dictates the way we love and want to be loved.

A person’s moon sign is said to represent your intuition, feelings, and inner self, and is one of the most important aspects of your chart.

To find out what your moon sign is, visit an astrologer or input your birth time, date, and place into a natal chart calculator. News, Sport, Showbiz, Celebrities from MetroPauseNext video0:00 / 0:00SettingsFull-screenRead More

Once you know, you can use this insight provided by the astrologers at to reveal how your moon sign can affect and influence your life.

Moon in Aries

Biggest challenge: Recklessness

If you have your moon in Aries you have been blessed with an abundance of optimism and a fiery heart. However, your recklessness and direct approach to communication can put you in some difficult situations. You say what you have to say with little to no filter.

With regards to romance you need a partner who will match your fiery side and won’t be intimidated by your blunt manner.

Moon in Taurus

Biggest challenge: Stubbornness

If there are two words to describe someone with a moon in Taurus they are: devoted and grounded. You like your comfort zone where you feel most stable and it’s hard for you to leave familiarity. Once you are fixated on something (or someone) it’s hard for anyone to change your mind.

When feeling bogged down or going through a tough period mentally, a Taurus moon can enter a state of depression in which they won’t feel like leaving their bed, or they will overindulge in the pleasures of life.

Moon in Gemini

Biggest challenge: Revengefulness

Curious and communicative, people with a moon in Gemini are true social butterflies. They love discussing ideas and making their voices heard. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to keep their interest and they can have a very gossipy nature.

If you cross a person with a Gemini moon, they will have no problem using their witty vocabulary to ‘take you down’ with cynical humour.

Moon in Cancer

Biggest challenge: Overprotectiveness

People with the moon in Cancer love to nurture and support everyone around them (most times forgetting they need to apply the same treatment to themselves).

An overly developed empathy, combined with the rapid changes in emotion can make a Cancer moon become overprotective with those around them, who might sometimes feel suffocated.

Moon in Leo

Biggest challenge: Attention-seeking

Loyal and intense, people with the moon in Leo will protect and be very generous to the people they love. And they will do so whilst looking their best, as there is a sense of regality attached to the sign of Leo.

However, if others don’t see them for the majestic beings they are, those with the moon in Leo will feel very underappreciated and might show their dramatic side.

Moon in Virgo

Biggest challenge: Overthinking

People with the moon in Virgo feel the need to be ‘of service’ and they often do so without any need of recognition from it.

They are very analytical towards themselves and will always try to find ways to improve. However, this can lead to them always finding flaws in themselves and overthinking their worth.

Moon in Libra

Biggest challenge: Independence

Those with the moon in Libra want harmony and peace in their lives. They are very diplomatic and natural peacemakers.

Being ruled by Venus, you might feel very unfulfilled if you don’t have a romantic partner in your life and you might hold onto toxic relationships just for the sake of not being alone, which can ultimately lead to your behaviour becoming very passive-aggressive.

Moon in Scorpio

Biggest challenge: Intense emotions

Magnetic, sensual, and mysterious, a person with their moon in Scorpio is one to remember. However, not everyone would be able to handle their intensity.

This sign is loyal and demands loyalty in return. Consequently, you might feel a need to protect your vulnerability, given these strong emotions, putting a wall between your true feelings and the world. This can make you very hard to decipher by those in your life.

Moon in Sagittarius

Biggest challenge: Know-it-all

Optimistic, positive and with a calling for freedom. This is the best way to describe someone with their moon in Sagittarius. You have the need to roam and are a nomad at heart.

Those with a Sag moon also love to be right about any topic they are discussing, especially if it’s something they are passionate about, and they can try to push their biased sense of reality to others.

Moon in Capricorn

Biggest challenge: Uptight

These people are very pragmatic and have a serious and responsible manner. They feel like they need to rise up to expectation and they will do everything in their power to do so.

Your pragmatic approach can also make you very cold and unavailable to those around you, making it difficult for you to create close relationships, especially of the romantic nature.

Moon in Aquarius

Biggest challenge: Unsympathetic

People with their moon in Aquarius have a very unique viewpoint of the world. They look at things objectively and might seem detached, hence why so many people consider Aquarius to be the least emotional zodiac sign.

You tend to need constant change and are not afraid to drop anything (or anyone) if it doesn’t serve you, making some consider you to be quite cold and unsympathetic.

Moon in Pisces

Biggest challenge: Vices

People with the moon in Pisces have an amazing instinct which can be both a blessing and a curse. Like an energy sponge that is always able to tell a change in those around them with extreme accuracy.

Due to a daydreaming nature, Pisces moons have the urge to escape reality and they can find themselves prone to seek that escape through drugs, alcohol and other vices.

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Both astrology and tarot have been around practically since the beginning of time, so it would make sense that they both draw from the same influences. The biggest similarity between the two is that they both incorporate the use of elements: fire, earth, air, and water. In tarot, the four suits of the deck coincide with these elements: wands are associated with fire signs, pentacles are associated with earth signs, swords are associated with air signs, and cups are associated with water signs. Each of these suits has a specific card that is associated with your zodiac sign, and can further speak to your characteristics. Oftentimes, you may find that the cards you pull for yourself may coincide with the dominant element in your birth chart, which is why tarot is such an incredible tool to understand yourself better.

If you’re curious to know if you’re the Emperor or the Devil card or any of the others in a tarot deck, look no further:

Young woman holding a crystal in front of tarot cards, trying to find which one she is based on her zodiac sign.

Aries: The Emperor Card

As the leader of the zodiac, your tarot card speaks to your authoritative nature perfectly. The Emperor card dawns a wise elderly man sitting on a throne with rams on it, a reminder of your assertive, direct nature. You’re always ready to spring into action, and the fiery background of this card proves that to be true. Your card is a reminder of your strength and independence, and if you happen to stumble across this card in a reading, it indicates that you are stepping into a powerful role.

Taurus: The Hierophant Card

Calm, cool, and collected, the card that best describes your down-to-earth nature is the card of the Hierophant. This card speaks to your practicality, despite being a lover of indulgences. The Hierophant card shows a man standing in front of two men below him, guiding them with wisdom. As an earth sign, your grounded guidance can teach others how to best provide for themselves in a productive and efficient manner. You’re traditional, and firmly believe that slow and steady wins the race. Getting this card in a tarot reading indicates that you may need to consult with a spiritual mentor or guide to best assist you on your current journey.

Gemini: The Lovers Card

As the most dual-bodied sign of the zodiac, it makes sense that your card would have two people on it. While the Lovers card can signify romance, it also symbolizes options and decision-making. As an air sign, mental stimulation is something you prioritize in your life, prompting curiosity when it comes to the world around you. There’s so much to learn and discover, and when you pull this card in a reading, it points to connecting with others and identifying your own personal beliefs. Your thoughts and opinions are valuable even if another person doesn’t agree, so remember to stay true to your own opinions.

Cancer: The Chariot Card

Being a cardinal water sign, you find yourself embracing the ebbs and flows of life more than some may believe, but as the moon-ruled sign of the zodiac, you thrive in changeable situations. The Chariot card is a card of encouragement, reminding you to draw upon your inner strength and resilience to achieve your goals. You tend to be a bit introverted, but the Chariot card encourages you to assert yourself and be brave. You will achieve anything you put your mind to.

Tarot reading or fortune teller holding and picking tarot cards in her hands with burning candles and tarot cards spreading on a wooden table.Divination or forecasting concept.

Leo: The Strength Card

This one may go without saying, but as a fire sign, you’re about as strong and assertive as they come. Your fiery energy is literally associated with the lion in astrology, so it only makes sense for your tarot card to be Strength. You display ferocious courage in every aspect of your life, and pulling this card during a reading speaks to ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Virgo: The Hermit Card

As an earth sign, you tend to prioritize productivity and problem-solving in your daily life, and your tarot card speaks to you needing to carve out some time to quietly withdraw and prioritize some “you” time. When pulling this card in a reading, you’re being asked to reevaluate your direction to ensure it aligns with your true calling and objectives. If the noise of other people’s problems begin to cloud your mind, it may be time to take some advice from the Hermit card.

Libra: The Justice Card

Being the peacemaker of the zodiac, you strive to treat everyone equally and fairly in your life, which is why the Justice card makes so much sense for you. You’re represented by the scales because you’re excellent at mediation, and can understand all sides of a story with ease. When you pull this card in a reading, it points to making important decisions that will have major consequences, be it good or bad. This card is also a reminder to trust your gut and follow your intuition, the right answer is a lot closer than you make think.

Scorpio: The Death Card

Being the sign that rules transformations isn’t always a walk in the park, because people tend to shy away from major changes in life — but they’re essential, just like the Death card. This card hardly ever actually indicates death; it’s actually a much more optimistic card than people may be led to believe. This card speaks to your ability to rise from the ashes in the face of transformation, something you rarely shy away from. Getting this card in a reading indicates that change is coming, and it cannot be avoided. In order to step into better situations, you have to embrace the “death” of something old to make room for new beginnings.

Young woman laying out a tarot card deck, trying to find the one that represents her, per her zodiac sign.

Sagittarius: The Temperance Card

As the adventure-seeking sign of the zodiac, you’re constantly seeking your next big thrill. The Temperance card is a friendly reminder to find balance in your life, and to take necessary breaks to recover. As a fire sign, you tend to be on the move a lot, but rest and recovery is an essential part of being a high-energy person. Pulling this card essentially points to finding a healthy balance between moderation and overindulgence, which further speaks to your enthusiastic nature.

Capricorn: The Devil Card

As the logical, hard-working sign of the zodiac, it’s easy for you to fall into a negative pattern of thinking, and this tarot card speaks to that perfectly. The Devil card is a reminder not to succumb to negative thoughts and patterns, and pulling this card in a tarot reading indicates that you can overcome any self-doubting thoughts or habits you may be dealing with.

Aquarius: The Star Card

This tarot card speaks to your humanitarian nature perfectly, since it represents hope, faith, and generosity. You’re always willing to go above and beyond for those who may need assistance, and the Star card speaks to bringing in fresh new perspectives and outlooks to your life. If you get this card in a tarot reading, it speaks to renewal, and the start of something new and positive in your life.

Pisces: The Moon Card

As the intuitive sign of the zodiac, it makes perfect sense that your card would be the card that governs over the subconscious mind. This is also the card of illusions, speaking to your adaptable water sign nature. Since you’re so go with the flow, it can be easy to confuse what’s real and what’s not, and pulling the Moon card in a tarot reading reminds you to trust your inner voice if the road is looking uncertain. Use your intuitive compass to guide you, it’ll never steer you wrong.

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Zodiac babies: 1 in 5 want their child to be born under a certain astrological sign by Chris Melore

NEW YORK — For plenty of prospective parents, there’s a lot of planning that goes into starting a family. For some horoscope fans though, they’re taking their passion for astrological signs to the next level.

A new survey finds one in five Americans would consider planning a pregnancy around what astrological sign they’d like their child to be. The poll of 2,000 respondents, split evenly by zodiac sign, also reveals Millennials are particularly picky about their future baby’s star sign (31%), with Gen Zers (25%) following closely behind. Apparently, lining up a baby’s star sign is a modern trend, as baby boomers were the least likely to say they planned a pregnancy around their baby’s potential star sign (5%).

looking to the stars

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of, the survey goes beyond respondents’ potential parenting plans and asks about the overall role astrology plays in their lives. Researchers find over half the poll (53%) believe astrology is “real,” with Tauruses the most likely to trust the power of the stars (63%). Geminis (59%) and Aquariuses (58%) round out the top three. Meanwhile, Leos, Capricorns, and Scorpios admit to being the most skeptical about astrology and their horoscopes.

Even then, the average American checks their horoscope two times a week, with Tauruses leading the pack again. Forty-two percent say they feel luckier after checking their horoscope. This may be why over two in five (44%) are likely to turn to astrology before making a big decision — especially Geminis (52%). Also, respondents express the most concern about finding a soulmate who matches with their stars. In fact, the number one thing Americans consult their horoscopes about is their love life (49%).

It’s love at first sign

looking to the stars

If people could choose their astrological sign, the most popular picks are Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus. As for the most attractive signs, people can’t seem to resist Geminis, Leos, and Aries. Those who fall under the sign of Aquarius and Taurus round out the top five attractive star signs.

“Horoscopes play such an important part in our daily lives since they are a guiding force in good times and in bad,” says Ankur Daga, CEO of, in a statement. “People turn to astrology to give them answers that they can’t find anywhere else — and part of that is because it comes from within.”

The average survey-taker loves talking about astrology, so much that it comes up in conversation about twice a week. Respondents say it even helps to build friendships, with 38 percent saying they’ve become friends with someone after learning they’re the same sign.

The average respondent adds they’ve used astrology as an icebreaker four different times. Forty-three percent even say they’d be likely to strike up a conversation with someone wearing an astrology-themed item.

“It’s always nice to wear something with meaning and a connection to you,” Daga adds. “They are deeply personal and create a more illuminating understanding of the self. What better way to show that you’re proud of who you are than to wear it for everyone to see?”


  1. Taurus 63%
  2. Gemini 59%
  3. Aquarius 58%
  4. Aries 56% (tied)
  5. Pieces 56% (tied)
  6. Virgo 56% (tied)
  7. Cancer 51%
  8. Sagittarius 50%
  9. Libra 50%
  10. Scorpio 49%
  11. Capricorn 44%
  12. Leo 43%

Personally, I think we should leave this up to the soul of the child. I truly believe they pick. After all, I had 2 children born on the cusp…. one a Gemini was 1 hours and 18 minutes from being a Taurus; the other a Libra was 3 hours and 18 minutes from being a Virgo. Both are beautiful beings, and both had in mind precisely what astrological traits, along with what astrological chart, blessings and challenges, they wanted. For me, being an astrologer, it appears obvious. Others might think I’m mad. BUT… I’m pretty sure there are no coincidences, everything happens for a reason. And my two souls wanted what they wanted. Weird to plan around the birth date according to sign. The baby souls will likely decide the outcome anyway. Still, interesting to know. Calleen

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Moon sign meaning: What YOUR Moon sign reveals about you By Izzie Diebe

Your Moon sign is one of the most important placements in your astrological birth chart.

If you don’t relate to your star sign, it’s time to have a good hard look at your Moon sign!

Francesca explained: “The exact position of everything in the night sky at the moment you were born has an impact on who you are and how you feel about stuff.

“The Moon only stays around in each sign for two days at a time as it moves across the sky, but it is intimately connected to how you really feel deep down.

“Your Moon sign has a big influence on who you are in your relationships.”

Francesca added: “In particular, the Moon represents our loving nature and how we nurture ourselves.

“I can compound elements of your star sign or add hidden, conflicting depths.”

To find out what your Moon sign means, you need to use a Moon sign calculator such as the one on Francesca’s website

The astrologer said: “You’ll need to know your birth time, date and place.”

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Your Moon sign is just as important as your Sun (Image: Getty)

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Your Moon sign reveals how you love and what you need (Image: Getty)

What YOUR Moon sign reveals about you

Aries Moon

Leighton Meester, Lily James, Emily Ratajkowski, Russell Brand, Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Radcliffe, James Cordon and so many brilliant celebrities are examples of Aries Moons… but you aren’t perfect!

Francesca said: “Aries Moons can be hard to live with as they react explosively to their emotions.

“Security is very important to Aris and Aries Moons in particular.

“They are incapable of sitting still and their idea of recuperation is to do stuff.”

Taurus Moon

Pharrell Williams, Keira Knightley, Kelly Clarkson, Amy Schumer, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Martin Freeman and Zendaya are all Taurus Moons (along with billions of other people).

According to Francesca, this is a lovely Moon sign to be blessed with.

She explained: “Taurus Moons are calm, contented and happy when they feel comfortable, fed and cosy.

“Taurus’s natural inner state is pretty chilled, and other signs whose emotions are more unstable find them soothing to be around.”

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Russell Brand has an Aries Moon (Image: Getty)

Gemini Moon

Joan Crawford, Eddie Redmayne, Jim Carrey, David Schwimmer and Rachel McAdams all have Gemini Moons.

Francesca said: “Geminis want to talk, text and generally communicate, as it makes them feel loved and connected.

“The Gemini Moon needs to know all about loved ones – what they ate, how they slept, where they’ve been and so on.”

Cancer Moon

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so anyone with a Cancer Moon is doubly emotional and loving.
Francesca said: “Kind Cancer Moon will feed, hug and look after you.

“However, sometimes they become overwhelmed by their own emotions, come across as really moody and need to retreat from the world.”

Emma Thompson, Lena Dunham, Pierce Brosnan, Ed Westwick and Busy Philipps are all Cancer Moons.

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Emma Thompson is a lovely Cancer Moon (Image: Getty)

Leo Moon

Maisie Williams, Jamie Dornan, Barbra Steisand, Megan Fox and Tom Hanks all have Leo Moons… need we say more?

Leo is the sign of confidence, showbiz and performance, and having your Moon in Leo means you have this in abundance.

Francesca said: “Leo Moons have a strong sense of self-worth that gets them through tough situations, even if everyone else thinks they can be a bit of a princess!

“Those with a Leo Moon are independent-minded and do what they want.”

Virgo Moon

Virgo Moons, don’t get offended, but you are known as the “fusspot Moon”.

Francesca said: “Virgo Moons have a strong need to control their environment.

“They can come across as quite critical, but it all comes from a place of love and wanting to help.”

James Franco, Gal Gadot, Channing Tatum, Courteney Cox and Zac Efron all have Virgo Moons.

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Courteney Cox, like her character Monica in Friends, is of course a Virgo Moon! (Image: Getty)

Libra Moon

Libra Moons like Kristen Stewart, Amber Heard, Tina Fey, Hugh Jackman and Tom Hardy like equality and order.

Francesca said: “Libras have a real need to feel like everything is in balance.

“Conflict and uncertainty are challenging for a Libra Moon.

“Conversations with family and friends reassure them and make them feel loved.”

Scorpio Moon

Scorpios are known for being secretive and mysterious, and Scorpio Moons are no different to the outside world.

However, Francesca said: “Scorpios want to be loved intensely and be loved, though they often instinctively repress what they feel because it is so strong.

“Scorpio Moons can read between the lines and are often natural psychologists.”

Lady Gaga, Luke Evans, Catherine Tate, Margot Robbie and Ricky Gervais all have the Moon in Scorpio, so you’re in good company.

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: Lady Gaga is a Scorpio Moon (Image: Getty)

Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moons are total free spirits – think Rod Stewart, Melissa Joan-Hart, Joan Rivers, Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Carr.

Francesca said: “Those with a Sagittarius Moon are most at peace when they are free to roam.

“They love to learn new things, try foreign cuisine and generally explore the world.”

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moons are very cautious with their emotions.

Francesca explained: “Capricorns are responsible when dealing with the emotions of others.

“Measurable achievement is central to their sense of self-worth.”

David Tennant, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kourtney Kardashian, Johnny Depp and Judi Dench are all Capricorn Moons.

Moon sign meaning:

Moon sign meaning: SJP is a Capricorn Moon (Image: Getty)

Aquarius Moon

Aquarian Moons can come across as very emotionally detached, according to Francesca, even though they’re usually very friendly.

She said: “The Aquarius Moon is the least comfortable with normal emotional functions and needs lots of space.”

Jessica Alba, James McAvoy, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Marilyn Monroe were all born with the Moon in Aquarius.

Pisces Moon

Pisces Moons like John Barrowman, Catherine O’Hara, Brittany Snow, Chris Pine, Kanye West and Winona Ryder all have nurturing and caring Pisces Moons.

Francesca said: “Pisces’ extreme empathy means they can get emotionally burnt out and need alone time to recharge.

“The Pisces Moon is very intuitive to the point where they seem psychic.”

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Astrology Can Help You Find Your Dream Job by Kyle Thomas

Astrology Careers

Just updating my resume with “Midheaven in Virgo” over here…

Have you ever felt that nagging feeling that your current job isn’t meant for you? Or that you should have clearer career ambitions, but sometimes don’t know where to start? Well, bb, there’s a handy astrology tool that could guide you to the most fulfilling job ever!

In your birth chart, there is a little ol’ thing called “the Midheaven” (sometimes labeled as MC on your birth chart). Head over to a free birth chart calculator and you’ll find it at the cusp of the 10th house, usually near the 12 PM point on the circle of your birth chart. This area of your chart gives insight into your professional life and the impact you’ll leave on the world. By checking which zodiac sign is here, you can glean a lot of info about what suits your skills and how to build your path to glory. Your Midheaven will never lead you to failure because, by definition, it is your highest potential for success. So use it as your superpower, bb. You were meant to shine!

Learn about the traits of each Midheaven—plus some possible career paths:


Set your goals high and be a leader! With your Midheaven in Aries, you need action and excitement in your career. You may be a self-starter, unafraid to carve out your own path. you have plenty of determination and you don’t shy away from a challenge. You need a career with plenty of opportunities for growth, and you like the idea of leadership. Adventure energizes you, and you can be a trailblazer. An important lesson for you is to know when to stand firm, and when to stand down and learn from other people’s criticism.

Possible careers: Athletics, law, politics, firefighting and fire prevention, or fitness instruction


You’re in it for the long haul! With your Midheaven in Taurus, you understand that patience and time are crucial to achieving your crown. Security is immensely important to you, so you’re eager to find a career that will give you a long-term foundation. Once you’ve found the right fit, you plan to put your entire heart and soul into your career. You likely have a talent for spotting good business opportunities and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty to build your nest egg. You may also have a call toward aesthetics or the arts.

Possible careers: Finance, banking, medicine, art, food, or design


Prepare for a whirlwind of ideas and possibilities if you have a Midheaven in Gemini! You crave a career that allows you to be constantly mentally stimulated. You need unique experiences, social interaction, a fast pace, and flexibility so you can let your creativity and genius shine. A job that feels boring or rigid is just not your style. Because you may have so many interests, you may find that you end up chasing several ventures simultaneously, or switching jobs repeatedly. No matter what, make sure you’re able to learn, share, and discuss information, and you will be happy.

Possible careers: Journalism, media, public relations, marketing, acting, or education


Sharing your gifts and nurturing others is top priority for you. With your Midheaven in Cancer, you may be drawn to professions where you can act as a caregiver and embrace your sensitivity. Helping others will validate you and give you a greater purpose in life. Feeling appreciated and understood by your team is immensely important to you. Sometimes this means you may be drawn to a family business or a career path passed down by your forbearers. Use your intuition and compassion to get where you’d like to go.

Possible careers: Life coaching, social work, nursing, teaching, hospitality, agriculture, or foodRelated Story


Let the world hear you roar! With your Midheaven in Leo, you were born for the spotlight. you want to be recognized, praised and seen as a leader. You put your whole heart into whatever you’re passionate about, which can encourage you to forge ahead in creative professions or become self-employed. No matter what, you want to make an imprint on your industry. Beware of overconfidence and impatience—you may feel you’re destined for greatness before you have the credentials. Keep building toward your goals, and you’ll get there in time.

Possible careers: Politics, entertainment, music, performance, motivational speaking, media, or business


Being of service is your top priority! With a Midheaven in Virgo, you are dedicated, practical, analytical, and strategic. These traits will get you far, because you can how to make an impact on the world around you. You have a deep sense of purpose and need to feel like your work has meaning. However, sometimes you can be a bit impatient or self-critical when your progress isn’t happening “fast enough.” Knowing that you can take it slow and steady will allow you to use your talents in a way that deeply satisfies you.

Possible careers: Veterinary, fitness, accounting, medicine, management, wellness, nutrition, or science.


When it comes to working with other people, you’ve got it covered! With your Midheaven in Libra, you have the ability to understand what others need and step up to make it happen. You’re naturally diplomatic and can aid others in mediation or negotiation, making sure everyone is happy in the end. Connecting with others is easy for you and helps you feel valued and, just as important, popular. Self-care will be especially important for you, though, so you’re not putting all your energy into projects or people that suck you dry.

Possible careers: Law, public relations, design, fashion, beauty, or mental health


Passionate AF? That’s you! If your work isn’t fulfilling your inner fire, you’re checked out and over it. However, when you’re truly able to focus your energy into a job that gets you motivated, you’ll get to bottom of every project! You’re drawn to all things that are complex, secret, and mysterious because you have a highly attuned intuitive nature. You just know how to dig into things and put your own spin on what you find.

Possible careers: Detective work, psychology, journalism, tax, surgery, criminal justice, investigation, or New Age


Adventure is your middle name! With your Midheaven in Sagittarius, you crave new horizons and experiences. You have a highly adept intellectual nature, and you need a bit of excitement, change, and flexibility in your professional world. You learn new things easily and want your career to feel like an extension of your soul. When it comes to breaking the rules and doing it your way, you’re the G.O.A.T. You may be drawn to professions related to travel, entertainment, or education, which provide you plenty of adrenaline.

Possible careers: Aviation, travel, entertainment, media, activism, spirituality, language, or education


You were born to be the boss. You have a knack for business, which could aid you in understanding the long-term strategies to take you—and your company—to the top. With your Midheaven in Capricorn, you’re one of the most ambitious people out there. TBH, your career is part of your identity. You tend to be in it for the long haul because you have the work ethic to take you to the top. You value organization and security, so you may be drawn to a more traditional path to success. You won’t stop until you get what you’re after: Success, power, and glory.

Possible careers: CEO, business, architecture, production, public relations, engineering, or medicine


You go your own way, babe. With Midheaven is in Aquarius, you may start off following one path, only to desire more independence and switch to doing something else entirely. You’re intrinsically called to listen to yourself, and yes, “dance to the beat of your own drum.” Entrepreneur is probs already in your IG bio. While you thrive being self-employed (so no one is your boss), you also possess incredible communication skills. Teamwork is your second nature—if you think it’s worth your time. Otherwise you’d rather just do it on your own because nobody does it quite like you.

Possible careers: Humanitarian, design, teaching, directing, politics, science, astronomy, or engineering


You always have your head in the clouds. This can give you incredible creative or spiritual gifts, allowing you to dream new ideas and make them happen in real life. With your Midheaven in Pisces, you also have a tremendously powerful intuition, which can lead you to follow your heart, rather than pursue financial success or public recognition. You want to embrace your emotions and aren’t afraid to have a job that is behind-the-scenes. You love helping people and moving at your own pace.

Possible careers: Entertainment, art, music, veterinary, spirituality, wellness, rehabilitation, or mental health


North and South Node Placements In Your Birth Chart by Explica.Co

Short & Sweet, but Accurate. Calleen

North and South Nodes

The lunar nodes (AKA Nodes of Destiny) are the points in the sky where the Moon and Sun cross paths. This happens a few times a year, during which we experience the astrological phenomenon known as eclipses. The Nodes denote the spiritual paths that we should move towards and let go of, as well as the type of energy we are working with over the course of the year and a half the Nodes transit through each axis (the Nodes are always in two opposite signs — for example, if the North Node is in Leo, we will be dealing with the South Node in Aquarius at the same time).

In astrology, the lunar nodes of the Moon are divided into two: the North Node and the South Node. Both tell a story of fate and destiny, in this life (the North Node) and your past lives (the South Node). Every year and a half, the lunar nodes change signs. In our charts, the different placements and signs show us our past and current destiny. (The past dictates the future — if we embrace our karmic lessons. Goose bumps!)

This is also how we know what will happen to us during the eclipses, based on our personal birth charts’ nodes and the transiting nodes that affect the collective as a whole. The Nodes of Fate or Destiny (aka your True Node) show your life’s purpose in your birth chart.

The North Node shows the fundamental visions we came into this life to learn. The South Node shows the baggage we bring with us from previous lifetimes. Thing is, we may fall back on past life tendencies because they are so familiar. Also, we may not want to deal with old crap, so we only work our way into the future. This is where the drama and conflicts happen.

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You can find your destiny by looking at your chart and circling your True Node. The South Node will always be the opposite sign and degree of the True. Circle both of them in your chart and use the interpretations below.

(Wanna graduate to the advanced class? Take it one step further to find out how the eclipses will affect you directly. Circle the houses where the two upcoming eclipses will occur: 5 degrees Sagittarius during the lunar eclipse on May 26 and 19 degrees Gemini during the solar eclipse on June 10. In the fall, there will be a lunar eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus on November 19 and a solar eclipse at 12 degrees Sagittarius on December 4. Put your natal nodes and the transiting nodes together, and presto, you have found out your eclipse story. You can do this trick to interpret your chart with all the other eclipses too!)

North Node in Aries / South Node in Libra: There’s a need to be more self-reliant here, as there is a tendency to focus on relationships. You need to learn not to let your partnerships define you, and moving on from toxic situations and relationships will require a lot of work on your part. But it’s totally doable over time.

North Node in Taurus / South Node in Scorpio: You tend to be too giving * and * hedonistic. It is suggested you are in charge of the finances, rather than your partner. Being consistent in the flow of emotions and keeping promises is essential, as you tend to be too focused on personal evolution. Don’t put up too many walls to ensure you can let others in.

North Node in Gemini / South Node in Sagittarius: You’re an independent thinker with great communication skills. Probs fluent in a few languages. Saying what you mean and relying on facts is essential. 

North Node in Cancer / South Node in Capricorn: You can be too ambitious and harsh. Sorry, but you know it’s true. Learning to be emotionally sensitive to the needs of others can take your relationships to a new level. Also, give yourself some TLC, too. 

North Node in Leo / South Node in Aquarius: Artistic and creative endeavors are favorable for you. You have a tendency to be a dreamer. Being a leader is hard for you, as you’re a team player. Learning to take the reins will elevate you to great heights. 

Node in Virgo / South Node in Pisces: You need to be more critical and assertive. Also, you have a tendency to disappear into the ~ spiritual world ~, which means that you’re often lost in your feels. And, you ghost others frequently. Be more communicative.

North Node in Libra / South Node in Aries: Think before you speak! You have a tendency to act or say things impulsively. Learning to work cooperatively and love others freely will be challenging, as you’re used to putting your needs first. Now, you have to focus on others.

North Node in Scorpio / South Node in Taurus: Ooh! You gain through inheritance or spouses, although your personality can be a bit obsessive / addictive. This is a great aspect for managing the affairs of others, though! Be patient and use your intuition to navigate you in all of your endeavors.

North Node in Sagittarius / South Node in Gemini: Okay, you are * very * talkative and lack focus. But! You’re hella generous. A natural teacher and philosopher too. Don’t just talk about it, do it! Put your words in action. 

North Node in Capricorn / South Node in Cancer: You love personal histories. Sentimentality and feels are hard to let go of — there’s a need for some emotional discipline here. Be open to sharing and reflecting with others. 

North Node in Aquarius / South Node in Leo: Motivations / goals solely for personal fulfillment, never for fame. You’re an idealist and humanitarian. However, you can be a tad selfish and needy at times.

North Node in Pisces / South Node in Virgo: You lack boundaries and you’re a perfectionist. But, hey, you have healing abilities, so not so bad. Use your powers to help those in need.


If you look at your birth chart, you will find a glyph (an astrological symbol) that looks like a horse shoe. That is the symbol for the North Node. The glyph for the South Node is an upside-down horse shoe. Once you find those symbols in your chart, then you can circle them. They will always appear in opposite houses, opposite signs, and at the same degrees. Now that you’ve found the houses that they reside in, you’ll be able to understand the karma and energy that you’re working with. The houses depict the overall vibe and story, while the signs show the flavor.

North Node in the 1st house / South Node in the 7th house: You’ll make up for any karmic debts in marriage / partnership, so good luck with that!

North Node in the 2nd house / South Node in the 8th house: Sex can be your undoing. Just sayin ‘.

North Node in the 3rd house / South Node in the 9th house: You’ve got so much love for your crew, not so much for spiritual stuff. You have the ability to self-educate and communicate well. 

North Node in the 4th house / South Node in the 10th house: You focus a ton on your “image” and reputation as well as your career. Spend more time in spiritual practices and the home. 

North Node in the 5th house / South Node in the 11th house: Your karmic debts are paid through humanitarian efforts — find a volunteer sign-up sheet and put your name down. 

North Node in the 6th house / South Node in the 12th house: You’re the effin ‘best at working together with people at the office. Bonus: You’ve got strong health too. 

North Node in the 7th house / South Node in the 1st house: You dominate partners and lack boundaries in relationships — hmm, maybe it’s because you have insecurities around self and relationships.

North Node in the 8th house / South Node in the 2nd house: Watch out for overspending and using your sexuality to your advantage.

North Node in the 9th house / South Node in the 3rd house: You feel a need for higher learning and travel. And you’re probs interested in publishing. 

North Node in the 10th house / South Node in the 4th house: You’ve got a strong need for a career — which makes sense, since you find more happiness at work than at home. 

North Node in the 11th house / South Node in the 5th house: You’re supes generous (especially to kids and your boo). You find creativity and happiness in helping others. 

North Node in the 12th house / South Node in the 6th house: Your karmic debts are paid through your relationships with the people around you in the office, like your coworkers and employees. Oh, and be on the lookout for health issues / concerns.

You love all things astrology. So do we. Let’s ~ follow the stars ~ together.


It’s common to have planets align with the Nodes of Destiny in your birth chart. It’s also common not to — so if you don’t have any, then don’t stress it. In astrology, anything and everything is common! If your birth chart includes a personal planet within 5 degrees and in the same zodiac sign of either of the Nodes, then we can say the energy is karmic. If the planet is a little further away, say between 5-15 degrees, then we can still apply the energy — it just won’t hold the same power.

Planets on the North Node dictate present life energy, and planets on the South Node depict past life energy; they also represent what we are bringing in (North Node) and what we are leaving behind (South Node). Let’s say your Sun is on the South Node — this means you’re working your way out of old insecurities in this lifetime. Conversely, having your Sun on the North Node means that you’re learning how to be more assertive in this lifetime. Got it?

Sun: We’re talking big ego. Popularity. Karmic lessons bring you into the spotlight. 

Moon: It’s a mixed bag. It is a protective energy, but it also indicates mental troubles. Hey, it also signals popularity and success in marriage, with women, and with your mom.

Mercury: When Mercury makes an appearance on the North Node, it is a very delightful time: clear thinking. Great communication. Good travel luck.

Venus: So many goodies here: magnetism, wealth, beauty, self-confidence, sex appeal, musical talents ….

Mars: Assertive nature with a bit of an insensitivity and selfishness toward others.

Jupiter: All signs point to success and career advancement. However, there’s a tendency to take success for granted.

Saturn: Hard work pays off for you, but you’re harsh with yourself and others. 

Uranus: Fanaticism — eep! But also, creativity and sudden fame — yay!

Neptune: Some dramz here: Expect artistic, psychic tendencies and a sexy, glamorous life. But also, um, manipulation. Drug and alcohol issues are a possibility too. 

Pluto: You’ve got the power to change or destroy the world or others — and the ability to heal. See also: Fame. Wealth. Obsession.


Sun: Selflessness. Charitable. Lacks self-confidence. 

Moon: Deep in your feels and pretty sensitive. Also, you’re spiritually and musically inclined. 

Mercury: Great memory but totes irrational. 

Venus: Poor bb: You are running low on self-esteem and have a tendency to find comfort through food, sex, drugs, or alcohol. 

Mars: Two words: temper tantrums. 

Jupiter: A very fortunate aspect! Informed. Smart. Generous. Just watch out for losses in stock market. 

Saturn: You’ve got an understanding and appreciation for the ups and downs in life. 

Uranus: You help inspire others. 

Neptune: Beware of alcohol and drugs. You’ve got a heightened imagination and trouble concentrating. Inclination toward the arts and spirituality. 

Pluto: Transformative nature. Prepare to rise to fame — for better or for worse.

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What Actually Is Karmic Debt & How Can You Know If You Have It? By Sarah Regan

SUCH a good article, I had to share it!

Karmic Debt Numbers

They say, “What goes around, comes around,” and if you’re a believer in karma, you might be interested to know that sometimes karma is said to transcend lifetimes. Karmic debt is just that: karma from past lives.

The good news is, once you understand your own, you can take steps to balance it. Here’s what you need to know about karmic debt, according to experts.

What is karmic debt?

Karmic debt describes something that occurred in a past life that you’re now making amends for in this lifetime, numerologist and author of You Are Cosmic Code Kaitlyn Kaerhart explains to mbg.

Clairvoyant and acupuncturist Deganit Nuur adds that “when you haven’t mastered a karmic lesson, it’ll repeat itself over and over again until you master it.”

That said, both she and Kaehart add that karmic debt doesn’t need to mean the end of the world. Most of us have karma—but holding fear and shame around it isn’t conducive to growth. Instead, there are many fulfilling ways we can go about “repaying” or balancing these debts.

For example, research shows that helping others can actually help improve your own life down the line—perhaps an explanation for balancing your karma in this lifetime.

Signs you have karmic debt:

1. You experience seemingly inexplicable behaviors and patterns.

According to Nuur, if it can’t be explained in this lifetime, chances are it’s rooted in a past life. “This tends to make sense of most irrational fears or other behaviors or patterns that wouldn’t otherwise make sense in context to this lifetime.”

Whether it’s a fear of open water, an aversion to joy, a distrust of authority figures, etc., if there’s nothing from this lifetime that can explain a feeling or behavior, it may stem from a past life.

2. Opportunities for mastery present themselves.

Try as you might to avoid the issue, if you fail to address your karmic debt, it’s going to keep popping up, beckoning you to settle the score and master your karma.

“Just like any pattern, these incomplete karma cycles can turn into habits if you don’t cultivate self-awareness,” Nuur explains, “so you’ll just accumulate more and more incomplete karma with time.”

3. You’ve had one or more karmic relationships.

Sometimes, karmic debt relates to very close relationships that have crossed lifetimes, which is where karmic relationships come into play.

You may be repeatedly drawn into a relationship with one particular person, for example, who seems to be teaching you the same lesson over and over again. These relationships can be toxic, but they can also be necessary for us to work through our karmic debt.

4. You’re aware of one or more themes repeating in your life.

Again, even if you try to bury your debts, you likely already know the themes and issues that continuously pop up in your life.

Nuur notes incomplete karma can feel like a trap, and it’s hard to ignore feeling trapped. Karmic debts can feel monumental and overwhelming to overcome at times, but they cannot be avoided.

5. You have karmic debt numbers.

And lastly, from a numerological perspective, Kaerhart explains that some (but not all) people have karmic debt numbers in their personal numerology chart. Those numbers are 13, 14, 16, and 19.

Karmic debt numbers:

  • 13: If you have a 13 karmic debt number, this is associated with laziness and selfishness in a past life. You may deal with blaming others and not taking responsibility, being negative, and also being stubborn and controlling. Your karma is to hold yourself accountable.
  • 14: A 14 karmic debt number is all about abuse of freedom, whether through indulgence or dominating others. You may deal with a lack of self-control, overindulgence, and commitment issues. Your karma is to develop self-discipline and vulnerability with other people.
  • 16: The 16 karmic debt number can be the most challenging to overcome and signifies a very strong ego in a past life, as well as relationship issues. You may have had many “failed” relationships, difficulty connecting to others, and an egotistical streak. Your karma is to be more thoughtful of others and consider how you affect them.
  • 19: The 19 karmic debt number indicates someone who abused their power in a past life and caused people to suffer. You may be selfish or manipulative, narcissistic, and very concerned with public appearances and perceived success. Your karma in this life is to make caring for others a priority.

How to figure out your debt.

At this point, you might be wondering how you calculate karmic debt in numerology. According to Kaerhart, it’s as simple as looking at the single-digit core numbers in your chart and considering the equation you used to get to them.

“If one of those numbers is related to 13, 14, 16, or 19,” she says, “that means you have a karmic debt.”

Here’s how to calculate your five core numbers and figure out whether they correspond with any karmic debt.

Personality number.

This number is all about your personality and how you relate to others. It’s calculated by adding the digits of your birth day and month. (Don’t include the year here.) For example, someone born on August 14, would add 8 + 1 + 4, which is 13.

How it relates to debt: Reduced to a single digit, 1 + 3 is 4. That’s the personality number. However, those root numbers of 1 and 3 indicate that a person has a karmic debt number of 13.

Life path number.

To find your life path number, which is akin to your sun sign in astrology, you add up your birthday numbers the same way listed above, but this time with your birth year included.

How it relates to debt: So let’s say the full birthday mentioned before was August 14, 2001. 8 + 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 16. 1+6 adds up to 7, (the life path number), with 16 as the underlying karmic number.

Expression number.

Your expression number is all about your abilities and passions. It’s found by adding together the digits of your name. Here’s a helpful visual:

  • 1: A, J, S
  • 2: B, K, T
  • 3: C, L, U
  • 4: D, M, V
  • 5: E, N, W
  • 6: F, O, X
  • 7: G, P, Y
  • 8: H, Q, Z
  • 9: I, R

How it relates to debt: So let’s say someone is named Jackson. 1 + 1 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 6 + 5 is 19. 1 + 9 = 10, which in numerology reduces down 1+0, or 1. But again, to finding karmic numbers, you’ll want to look at the numbers that come before this single digit. In this case, that’s 19—another karmic number.

Birthdate number.

This number is just the day of the month you were born, and it represents any skills you’ve brought with you from a past life.

How it relates to debt: If someone was born on the 13th of the month, their birthdate number is 4 but, you guessed it, their associated karmic number is 13.

Soul urge number.

Lastly, your soul urge number deals with your heart’s desires, and it’s found by adding up the digits of the consonants in your full name, no vowels included, using the alphabet chart above.

How it relates to debt: The name Jane Doe (J, N, D), for example, would be 1+5+4 = 10. This reduces to a 1 soul urge number, and a 10 karmic number. This is a number of karmic completion, meaning there is no debt to be paid.

Karmic lessons vs. karmic debt.

Karmic lessons and karmic debts are related in that they both deal with karma from past lives. However, karmic debts tend to bear more weight throughout the course of our lives.

From a numerology perspective, karmic lessons are also calculated differently than karmic debts. And unlike debts, which speak to current challenges that you’re facing, lessons describe what’s missing from your life that could help you.

How to repay karmic debt.

As Nuur explains, “It’s not as simple as being nice to someone today because you were mean to someone yesterday. You can absolutely do your best to master your karmic lessons, complete karma, and be mindful to not cause harm—but we’re not guaranteed heaven, a holy land, or an award for becoming ‘debt-free.'”

That said, she does advise cultivating awareness around the impact of your actions and making choices with that awareness. “If you’re approaching karma like a bank account, hierarchy, or checklist, you’ve missed the mark entirely,” she adds.

Rather than thinking of it as repaying, Kaerhart likes to view it more as a necessary experience. You have to go through experiences that “show you what others around you went through because of you,” in a past life, she explains. “And in understanding that, you’re meant to find a better approach.”

When we can approach our karmic debts with more understanding and compassion, we can address them head-on rather than avoiding them, though there’s no guarantee we’ll break the cycle in this lifetime.

If you’re really keen on clearing as much karma as you can, it could be worthwhile to seek the guidance of someone who specializes in past-life readings, as Nuur does, so you can learn what really happened in your past lives and how it’s affecting you now.

The bottom line.

It’s not so far-fetched to think karma exists, ever in flux, as we go about our lives. And if you believe it can transcend lifetimes, it can be easy to feel stuck, not understanding why things are happening to you. By studying past lives, or taking a lot into your numerology chart, you can start to unravel the mystery of your karmic debts and work toward finding more balance in this lifetime.

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