Mayan Astrology Symbols & Their Meanings


The Mayan Astrology Signs are divided into 19 zodiac signs in an astrological system that was developed by ancient Mayans.

mayan astrology signs

A modern interpertation of the Mayan Zodiac Symbols calendar.


There is a lot of mystery surrounding Mayan astrology that persists to this day. The exact meanings of the astrology signs is unclear. Many modern interpretations have been offered, however not many of them are based on research into Mayan culture and the symbolism used by them.

What is known is that the Haab Calendar used 19 Mayan astrology signs to represent the movement of the days throughout the year. Many of the meanings and symbolism are based on aspects important to their culture; weather, the jaguar, the four directions, and astronomy.

Modern Mayan people have not provided further meaning into the symbolism of the signs, so there are a lot of different interpretations available. I have included the classic Mayan astrology signs, dates, and meanings… along with a personal interpretation based on the symbolism known to each sign.

mayan astrology signs

Ch’en: January 2nd to January 21st
Meaning: Black Storm, Black Sky, Moon, One Flower, West

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Ch’en sign are people of the night. The hours past dusk and before the first light are power times for you. Tap into this time of quiet energy to develop yourself fully. You have a natural affinity for moon energies. Consider wearing moonstone to increase your connection with lunar energies. Your cardinal direction is the West and facing Westward during meditation can be very beneficial for you.

Yax: January 22nd to February 10th
Meaning: Green Storm, Venus, Two Flower, South

Mayan Astrology Interpretation: Those born in the Yax sign have an affinity for those born in the Yaxk’in sign. Venus is your ruling planet and by nature you are gentle and loving. Tap into your peace-keeping abilities to bring harmony to those around you. It is a great gift to be a peace-keeper in these times and you can do much good in the world. Your cardinal direction is the South.

Sac: February 11th to March 2nd
Meaning: White Storm, Frog, Frog Constellation, Three Flower, North

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Sac sign have an affinity for the day hours. Early morning is a power time for you. Make sure to allow time for reflection in the early hours of the day because great wisdom can come to you during this time. Your cardinal direction is the north. The frog is a power animal for you. The meaning of frog is their adaptability and comfort with change. Frogs can make a quick and effortless jump from one stage of consciousness to the next. Embrace the changes that come into your life. Your power is in change.

Keh: March 3rd to March 22nd
Meaning: Red Storm, Trees, Deer, East

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Keh sign have an affinity for nature and natural balance. You can help restore natural order to our planet by your example. You have the energy of fire and red is a power color for you. Embrace this powerful force and let your fiery nature be known. Meditation in forests will help you develop your natural power. Your cardinal direction is east and your totem animal is the gentle, noble “people” of the woods… deer.

Mak: March 23rd to April 11th
Meaning: Enclosed, Cover, God of Number 3

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Mak sign are under one of the largest mysteries of the Mayan astrology signs. The meaning for your sign is less clearly defined than for any other. Mak is a mystery and that makes you a mystery as well. You do best when you keep some of yourself back from others. The words describing your sign are cover and enclosed, once again referring to something that is “under cover” or hidden away. Like the bear, spend time in reflection and meditation. If you allow yourself this personal time away from others you can discover the mysteries of existence. Your power number is 3, which has numerous references in symbolism throughout time. 3 is considered the number of divinity, balance and completion.

K’ank’in: April 12th to May 1st
Meaning: Earth, Dog, Yellow, Underworld, Yellow Sun

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the K’ank’in sign are people of the earth and the sun. You have an affinity for both the planet beneath your foot and for the strong solar energies of the sun. Spend time under the solar rays meditating for there is wisdom for you. Spend time as well in and on the earth. If possible, meditate in a cave, or at least visit a cave and experience the calm tranquility of being in the womb of the earth mother. Your totem animal is the dog, specifically the yellow dog. Dogs are well known for their loyalty, but a less known meaning of this animal totem is their incredible inner strength.

Muwan: May 2nd to May 21st
Meaning: Owl, Moan Bird, God of Rain and Clouds, Fire

Mayan Astrology Interpretation: Those born in the Muwan sign have an affinity for fire and water. Embrace these two elements. Especially during thunderstorms when both fire and water are present in the forms of rain and lightning. Storms are power times for you. Your animal totem is the Owl, also known by Mayans as the moan bird. Owls have the ability of vision. They are seers who can detect the truth around them.

Pax: May 22nd to June 10th
Meaning: Planting Time, Puma, Steam, Arrow, Drum

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Pax sign have the animal totem Jaguar. Jaguars were very important to Mayan culture. They represent leadership. Your personal strength is as a leader of people. Embrace this strength. You also have the straight-forward nature of an arrow and the steady strength of a drumbeat. Use the drum in your life. It will bring you stability and balance. Your element is steam, a mix between earth, water, and fire. Steam rises from the earth through heat. Combine these three elements together in your life.

Kayab: June 11th to June 30th
Meaning: Turtle, Moon Goddess, One God

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Kayab sign have a natural affinity for the moon and spiritual endeavors. You most likely find yourself searching for the deeper meaning in everyday occurrences. The turtle is your animal totem. Turtles have deep signfigance as the carriers of ancient wisdoms and the carriers of the earth.

Kumk’u: July 1st to July 20th
Meaning: Grain, Crocodile, Conch over Maize, Two Lord, Dark, Itzamnas gods of rain and plants

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Kumk’u sign have a dualistic nature. Most likely you are often seeing opposite perspectives clearly and honoring the wisdom that both perspectives offer. Your animal totem is the crocodile. Crocodiles have the gift of survival, timing and patience. Crocodiles are one of only a few reptile species that survived past the Mesozoic period when most reptiles and dinosaurs went extinct. Tap into the power of longevity and stability. You do not embrace change, and yet change occurs all around you without affecting you. This is a tremendous gift.

Wayeb: July 21st to July 25th
Meaning: Unlucky Days, The Earth God, Specter, the Missing Days (short 5 day month)

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the Wayeb sign are the anomoly in the Mayan astrology signs. The Wayeb span of time is only 5 days out of the year, in contrast to the 20 day span that all of the other Mayan zodiac symbols have. During the Wayeb days, ancient Mayans felt the natural balance was affected. It was a time when other forces came into play, similar to the pagan concept of Samhain when ghosts walk the earth. Being born in this sign does not mean you are unlucky though. It means you likely have a strong connection to the other worlds and other realms. Embrace this. You have an affinity for extra-sensory perception, esp, and walk between this world and the next.

Pop: July 26th to August 14th
Meaning: Jaguar, Chief, Leader, Soft Earth

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the Pop sign are leaders. Both Jaguar and Chief refer to positions of power in ancient Maya. You can bring clear vision and direction to those around you while remaining sensitive to their needs. Your gift is at the forefront guiding others around you. You have an affinity for the earth and doing grounding meditations will enhance your gifts.

Wo: August 15th to September 3rd
Meaning: Black Sky, Black Jaguar, Black Storm, Nightime, Frog, Two Soft Earth 

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Wo share similarities with those born in Che’n and Sac signs. Similar to Che’n you can gain much wisdom from the hours after dusk and before the first rays of sun. As with the Sac sign, you share the frog animal totem. Through frog you can easily shift from one level of consciousness to the other. You are likely a mystical person who searches for hidden wisdoms and mysteries.

Sip: September 4th to September 23rd
Symbol Meaning: Red Conjunction, Red Sky, Red Storm, Deer, Stag 

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Sip have a strong affinity for the element of fire and air. Your power animal is the deer, more specifically the stag. The deer is a symbol of grace and connection with the forest. The staf is the noble leader of these forest people. Embrace the energies of grace and nobleness in your life. Red is your power color.

Sotz: September 24th to October 13th
Meaning: Bat, Fish, Two Moss, Beginning of Winter

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Sotz have two animal totems the bat and the fish. Interestingly one has the ability to move freely through the air and the other through water. Air and water are your elements. The bat is known for it’s association with the earth mother. It’s natural state is to return to the womb of the earth mother every day for rest. Bats are highly sensitive creatures and your strengths from them are intuition, sensitivity, and the ability to see through illusion. The fish represents the subconscious and depth. Your fish totem combines with your bat totem to provide you with a deep intuition that is not available to most people.

Sec: October 14th to November 2nd
Meanings: Sky and Earth

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Sec are very specifically associated with two elements: earth and sky (wind, air). You most likely have a fascination with the sky and are interested in all things from above. Air is the element of mental energies and earth is the element of practicality. Between these two you have the gift of examining any situation and discovering the most effective solution. This is a great gift and you can assist the world through your grounded perceptions.

Xul: November 3rd to November 22nd
Meanings: Dog with suntail, Bird Days, Dog God

Mayan Zodiac Symbols Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Xul are closely associated with the animal totem dog. The dog was an important animal to the Mayans, who believed that dogs guided people to the next life after they passed from this one. As a result, people born in this sign have the traditional animal totem traits of dog; loyalty, strength, dedication. They also have a strong connection to the next life, and can help those around them release fears of death and passing.

Yaxk’in: November 23rd to December 12th
Meaning: New Sun, Sun God, Red Clouds, Green

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Yaxk’in have a connection with the Mayan Sun God Ah Kin. He provided protection against darkness, drought and disease. Those born in this sign are natural healers. You may find you have an affinity for healing those around you, whether with soothing words or as a healing practitioner. This sign also has one downfall which is doubt. Ah Kin was known as the bringer of doubt and indecision. Learn to trust in your decisions and the decisions of those around you.

Mol: December 13th to January 1st
Meaning: Water, Clouds Gather, Jaguar, Gathering

Mayan Astrology Signs Interpretation: Those born in the sign of Mol are associated with the cardinal element of water. They are said to be able to “make the rains come”. Pay close attention to how weather patterns make you feel, for your power times are associated with water and rainfall. Your animal totem is the Jaguar. The Jaguar was a power animal for the Mayans, and represented the mysteries of the shamans and the strength of leaders. You have an affinity for both these roles and your life can take you on the path of a spiritual leader.

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Mountain Spirit Astrology

Karen Anderson, Peak to Peak

Year of the Dog

Year Of The Dog

The Chinese Year of the loyal and honest Earth Dog begins on February the sixteenth. In western astrology, each sign occupies the same month every year. In the astrology of the east, a sign lasts for one year. Every 12 years, the dog is at the center of the world. When the Buddha was leaving the earth, 12 creatures bid him farewell, becoming the guardians of the zodiac. This year the Earth Dog reigns, and he is reputed to be responsible, serious and communicative. This blends well with the year in western astrology, centering around hard working and determined Saturn in Capricorn.

Aries- Aries is equated to the sign of the Dragon in the east. Your year ahead is a fine one in which you make progress in career, under the direction of the responsible Year of the Dog. It is suggested that you avoid confrontation with those who do not agree with your viewpoints.

Taurus- The Chinese Year of the Dog is considered to be quite compatible with Taurus. During the year ahead, the sages from the east predict that you will have opportunities arise in regard to launching new career ideas. The year is also considered favorable for travel and entertainment.

Gemini- In eastern astrology it is said that in the year ahead important people will notice you. In western astrology it is also noted that the majority of people who cross your path will like you. The Year of the Dog is a good year for study, and it is noted that you will do well academically.

Cancer- Cancer continues to develop a strong sense of self, with the implementation of boundaries when needed. You are enjoined to remain optimistic, with the understanding that challenges allow you to become stronger. Romance could arise for you during the year ahead.

Leo- Follow the lead of the loyal dog in the year ahead, remaining faithful to those who are deserving of your friendship.  Applying discernment will serve you well. This is a year in which you should oversee your financial issues with particular care, and refrain from loaning money.

Virgo- This astrologer, if asked to rate the signs in order of good fortune during 2018, would place Virgo in the first position. In the east, the fortune tellers concur, predicting power and position arising for you. Travel and entertaining are also ahead in the Year of the Dog.

Libra- The Year of the Dog is said to bring protection to you, with study and meditation especially favored. In the west, a similar viewpoint is held, and you could consider any training that would help further your future success. Time spent looking within will be beneficial.

Scorpio- A lighter and clearer year arises for the sign of Scorpio. You are entering a new cycle and new realms in life. You are enjoined, however, to take care as to where you place your confidence. Trust in your own intuition to guide you forward into your favorable future.

Sagittarius- The eastern sages are asking that you remain patient and prudent in 2018. Here in the west, you are entering a fresher, clearer cycle. In November you will find the rewards from the efforts that you have expended over the past three years arriving at last on your doorstep.

Capricorn- For the constantly climbing sign of Capricorn, the new Year of the Dog will find your path cleared of obstacles. Certain complications that arise do not develop into challenges, leaving you free to climb upward toward the goals that you have set for the year ahead.

Aquarius- Alchemy combines the events in your life favorably for Aquarius, with protection surrounding you. Although the Year of the Dog states that you will work hard for the success that you achieve, you will find that influential people arrive to support you in your efforts.

Pisces- In the east as well as in the west, it is foreseen that you will have a smooth year ahead. You will have the opportunity to straighten out problems from your past, which gives you the feeling of freedom. Having done this allows you to design the future that you wish to have.

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This Is The Tough Love Advice You Need To Hear For 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Loved this SO much I had to share it with all of you.  Hope it hits your nail square like it did mine (lol).

Zodiac Love 2018


Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

In 2018, you need to slow the hell down and stop running from your problems.
Hell, you’re not running; you’re sprinting. Instead of addressing the pain in your life and in your heart, you pretend it doesn’t exist. You are always filling your days with distractions. You never allow yourself to just be still because you’re afraid what will happen if you’re left alone with your own thoughts. You’re afraid of acknowledging the void. In 2018, it’s time to face your self-destructive habits head-on and change your life. It’s time to stop drowning your issues in vodka, almost relationships, and work. Face the bullshit head-on, and then watch yourself (and your life) flourish.


Taurus (April 20th to May 20th)

In 2018, you need to learn to be wrong every now and then.
Because there’s nothing more you hate than being wrong, is there? Hate to break it to you, Taurus, but you are wrong at times; in fact, you are probably wrong alot. And this isn’t because you’re a failure, it’s because you’re a human being. It’s in our DNA to fuck up, to not know everything, to lose. And that’s okay. In 2018, do yourself and your relationships a favor and admit when you’ve made a mistake. Learn to hear your partner or friend out when you’re arguing and see things from their point of view, instead of just your own. It’s going to be uncomfortable as hell at first, but it’s the only way to not stay stagnant and to improve your relationships and how others see you.


Gemini (May 22nd to June 21st)

In 2018, you need to quit being so damn inconsistent.
Keep the plans you make, stop ghosting people, and learn to actively pursue your goals. One of your biggest downfalls is your apparent inability to be consistent. And while this is definitely a weakness, it’s not something you can’t work on. You can learn to enjoy routine. You can learn to start working towards one specific thing without feeling like your skin is crawling, or dating one person you like without fearing someone “better” is out there. Try it in 2018. It’ll be good for you.


Cancer (June 22nd to July 22nd)

In 2018, you need to stop using “trust issues” as an excuse to not let anyone in.
Because here’s the truth: trust is scary. We are all afraid of getting hurt and being let down by someone we love. Trusting someone is inherently vulnerable. That will never change, no matter how much you work through your “issues.” It will always feel uneasy. You need to take the leap in your relationships and put your faith in someone else, even if that means you get hurt. Because you know what? You can heal from that, and trust again. You’re more resilient than you realize. Stop acting like you’re not.


Leo (July 23rd to August 22nd)

In 2018, you need to stop expecting everyone in your life to be perfect all the goddamn time.
Repeat after me, Leo: No one is perfect. So stop expecting them to be. You tend to hold people to unrealistically high standards, having astronomical expectations for your friends, family, and love interests to fulfill your wants and needs. But people have their own lives, problems, and interests. They can’t all bend over backward for you all the time. Learn to be more compassionate and understanding. It’ll go a long way in 2018.

Virgo (August 23rd to September 22nd)

In 2018, you need to stop distracting yourself with others’ problems and actually focus on yourself and what you need to work on for once.
People aren’t projects, Virgo. They’re just people. You can’t save them or fix them, you can only love them. Having said that, you need to stop focusing so much on other people and what’s going on in their lives and start paying more attention to your own. You’re constantly feeling burned out because you don’t really take care of yourself as much as you should. You know what’s a great solution to fix that? Some goddamn self-care. In 2018, take a break from playing therapist or fixer and just do you for a while. Your sanity will thank you.


Libra (September 23rd to October 22nd)

In 2018, you need to stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself.
Make the changes you want and stop sitting around and complaining. Just do something already! Thinking a ton about how things “shouldn’t” be a particular way doesn’t change shit. It just prolongs the problem and procrastinates action. Acknowledge what isn’t working, address your shortcomings, and get moving to make your life better and yourself happier. Enough of the damn wallowing in 2018.


Scorpio (October 23rd to November 22nd)

In 2018, you really gotta work on that jealousy problem of yours.
Seriously, it’s a bad look. Just because someone else is successful doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful. Two people can both be attractive, believe it or not. Your girlfriend talking to another guy at the bar doesn’t usually mean shit, so stop worrying so damn much and being so incredibly insecure with your own strengths that no one else can have them either. Be more confident in yourself and learn to celebrate the good in others. It’ll feel better. Trust me.

Sagittarius (November 23rd to December 21st)

In 2018, you need to work on being more patient. 
There’s a reason they say patience is a virtue. The ability to wait gracefully and delay gratification falls into so many areas in our lives, be it our health, work, love life, etc. Feeling the need to rush everything along only hurts the process and also takes away some beautiful moments between what could be and what is. Waiting won’t kill you, Sagittarius. Let relationships happen as they will. Stop trying to rush love. Let personal growth come as it may and pay attention to the discomfort you experience while waiting for everything to come together. That’s where the growth happens.


Capricorn (December 22nd to January 20th)

In 2018, stop being so damn unforgiving.
The world isn’t out to get you, Capricorn. Stop holding grudges and writing people off for making mistakes or hurting you, because, most times, it’s not malicious or intentional. Everyone is simply doing the best they can with what they have at a given time. No one is perfect. Stop expecting them to be, it’s just unfair. Learn to let shit go and you’ll feel a lot more peaceful and your relationships will improve. Life will feel a lot lighter when you’re not carrying everyone’s missteps around like a badge of honor.


Aquarius (January 21st to February 18th)

In 2018, stop hiding all of your fucking emotions.
Believe it or not, people can’t read minds. No one can always know what it is you’re feeling if you don’t make those feelings known. Keeping everything bottled up and tucked away doesn’t help anyone. It’s unhealthy for you and it does literally nothing for your relationships. Allow yourself to be emotionally expressive in 2018 and as vulnerable as you can be. You won’t die.


Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

In 2018, you need to stop overanalyzing every little goddamn thing.
Seriously, stop. You’re driving yourself and all your friends nuts. You read waaaay too much into things. Learn to let things just be as they are, without having to give a deeper meaning or reasoning for why they are the way they are. Sometimes, people and situations actually do come at face value. Learn to recognize when you actually do need to do a deeper analysis and when your brain power could be used elsewhere, like your job. You’ll probably be less tired too. Try it.
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A Sneak Peak At How Your February Will Go, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Abner via

february astrology


March 21st – April 19th

February is sizing up to be a extraordinary month for you, Aries. You will feel like a winner and your confidence will reflect that. The first couple days of February may require you to take some big risks, but you’ll be glad that you did. You have been on a mission to achieve a long-lived goal for quite some time now. And now, it’s your time to shine. You will feel as if you’ve finally reached a place of success you never thought you’d be able to get to. Be proud of your accomplishments, and keep working hard. This month will be excellent for your career and financial situation.


April 20th – May 20th

As a Taurus, February will be a month filled with meditation and spiritual healing. At the start of the month, you may feel easily irritated or bothered by your peers, which might result in spending most of your free time solo. Which is totally OK. It’s actually very healthy and necessary. This month, make sure to take some “me” time to just chill out and focus on yourself. Everyone will still be there next month. Take a breather in February. Focus on you.


May 21st – June 20th

As a Gemini, February promises to be a spectacular month filled with good times. You are going to prove yourself to be highly intelligent and resourceful this month, so don’t be surprised if you dazzle everyone with your wit at the start of the month. Mid month, you may be presented with a choice you must make, and you might have to make this decision rather quickly. So be sure to open up about what you really want. Don’t lie to yourself, and make sure your choices reflect how you really feel inside. You’ll thank yourself later down the road.


June 21st – July 22nd

At the start of the month, you will be tossed into a big pit of emotional turmoil. It might really overwhelm or frighten you. But don’t worry, this won’t last for long. The second half of February actually proves to be a very happy, peaceful time for you. And come mid-month, you will start by removing all the toxicity from your life. It will feel incredible too. So always trust your gut, and allow your feelings to spill out, you’ll feel so much better afterwards!


July 23rd – August 22nd

As a Leo, your ego has typically been a major issue in most of your personal relationships. This month, you and your ego may be at odds. So now might be a good time to check in with yourself and reevaluate the way you present yourself to others. It’s important to remind yourself that your ego doesn’t always know what’s best for you. And if you continue to let your ego take over, you’ll push people away. This is also a month of learning new things, exploring new places , and discovering new things about yourself you didn’t see before. The month promises to be great for you, Leo!


August 23rd – September 22nd

As a Virgo, February is a month of new and exciting things. You will be thrown several unexpected curves at the beginning of the month. And you might not know exactly what to do with these curves. Embrace them. Utilize them. Don’t fear what is coming next, instead start focusing on the present. You will benefit from these exciting surprises once you allow yourself to embrace the unknown.


September 23rd – October 22nd

As a Libra, the month of February is shaping up to be an incredible one! You will experience romance, happiness, sadness, all in one month. Your emotions may be all over the place, but in a good way. So try not to take life too seriously right now, or get too wrapped up in “what it all means” because again, life should be a fun adventure. Quit trying to make sense of it all, and just go with how you feel for once. You will feel confident and ready to mingle by mid-month. So show off what you’ve got! You’re feeling hot, and everyone around you thinks so too.


October 23rd – November 21st

This month is going to be all about dealing with underlying issues, Scorpio. But, the good news is that you’ve always been excellent at finding answers to even the most difficult of questions. Your home life or romance may be at an odds during the first half of the mont, leaving you feeling hopeless at times. Push through this difficult time, because better days are on the way. Start voicing your opinion rather than bottling it up inside. Hash out anything you’ve been avoiding with your loved ones. You both will feel relieved and happy to realize that you both are on the same page.


November 22nd – December 21st

 As February kicks off, you feel on top of the world, Sagittarius. And people are surely going to notice. You are feeling extremely confident in your skin, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. Your charm is at an all time high, so take advantage of it! Also, you will have the extreme urge to start exploring new and unfamiliar places and look at life from a different perspective. The end of the month promises some good news, so get ready to celebrate. This is your month to shine, Sagittarius!


December 22nd – January 19th

As a Capricorn, February will be anything but uneventful. Mid month, you might see someone in an entirely new light, and it might even be someone you looked up to. Your feelings towards that person may change entirely, so trust your gut on this one. Steer clear of any flaky types who try and hold you back. You will feel much better when you rid yourself from these distractions. A massive weight will be taken off your shoulders. This month is all about letting go of fixed plans, just focusing on the here and now. Work on being present, Capricorn.


January 20th – February 18th

As an Aquarius, you’re about to blow your own damn mind this month. You’re going to be pretty amazed by the creativity of your ideas on the first days of the month. February will be a month in which your mind is running wild. You will have so many new ideas and thoughts so it’s best you write them down so you won’t forget any of them. You might overwhelm yourself with all these ideas, but trust that they are taking you somewhere amazing. Be patient. You will be all about business this month which leaves little time for play. Try to balance your work and fun load so that you have time to spend laughing and doing the things you love to do! It’s all about balance, Aquarius!


February 19th – March 20th

February looks as it will be a month full of romance for the Pisces. Whether you already have a significant other, or you have your sights on someone special, this month will be full of romance. Make time to show that special someone how much you care for them and how much they truly mean to you. This month allows you to let go of all the pent up stress that your career has been giving you lately, and all this romance will calm you down. You’ve been so focused on your career, but it’s time to relax and focus on a different side of life for a bit.

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The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Blue Blood Moon 2018 Is Cooler Than You Think

By Rosebud Baker

The super blue blood moon is scheduled to occur on Jan. 31, 2018, and sadly, it does not mean all the women of the world sync their menstrual cycles at once. It actually means that there’s a lunar eclipse and a full moon syncing up with the moment when the moon is closest to earth as it can get within orbit. Sounds pretty boring, but the spiritual meaning behind the super blue blood moon is not as sinister as it sounds. In fact, the blood moon got its name from the color it turns when it falls behind the Earth’s shadow. That’s it.

The spiritual meaning behind this astrological event is a lot more fun than that, and you can make the most of it in whatever ways you want to. The full moon has always been known as a time of ripening, a time of harvest, and when you add an eclipse to that, it’s meaning becomes much more mysterious. So I’m here to shine a little light on the lunar event known for staying in the shadows. Get your journals out, light a candle, say a prayer or take a breath, cause this eclipse is all about reaching for the moon.

Full Moon Meaning


The full moon is known by spiritualists as a time when our subconscious thoughts, longings, and fears all come to the surface at once. It’s when what’s been bubbling beneath our conscious thought patterns suddenly reveals itself through impulsive actions, changes, or decisions we make. The things we do or say during a full moon can be difficult to take back, because they are based on deeper truths — truths we know are real to us, in spite of how hard they might be for those around us to accept.

Full Moon Eclipse


A full moon eclipse, like the one we have ahead of us on Jan. 31, 2017, is like three full moons rolled into one. Think of this kind of event as a dramatic tossup in the course of your life, because when it hits, it radically alters the status quo in one way or another.

The astrological understanding of a full moon lunar eclipse, according to renowned astrologer Susan Miller is as follows:

The way to cope with these changes is to acknowledge the news that they bring as a necessary stepping stone into the next phase of your life. You might find that the changes an eclipse brings can be challenging or more difficult than you might have expected, but these challenges force you to leap forward into your fears, and to accept all that life has to offer you on the other side of them.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


A full moon lunar eclipse especially, like the upcoming one on Jan. 31, 2018, is known to show you a person’s true character. This can be difficult, as it’s always a toss-up about whether or not you’re going to like what you see. That said, with the super blue blood moon lunar eclipse in the prideful sign of expressive Leo, you could very likely have a light shining on your own true colors, and that will surely have a positive effect, because this awareness can only lead to growth.

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The Zodiac Society

This is so uncannily accurate and fun, I just had to share it with all of you.

what the signs remind me of

ARIES: bloody knuckles, smiles that melt your heart, laughing until your stomach hurts, forearm tattoos, driving fast, guilty pleasures

TAURUS: natural beauty, happy tears, the warmth of a hug, clean laundry, going to the store at 1 am and buying junk food

GEMINI: summer afternoons, long drives with all of the windows down, the 1975, the sun, Troye Sivan

CANCER: New York City, the faint buzz of a neon sign, writing until 3 am, unsweetened green tea, the stars, black lights

LEO: hands covered in paint, giggles, hugs from behind, blowing bubbles, fresh cut grass, soft blankets

VIRGO: antique shops, chai tea, vanilla candles, sketch books, sweaters, art museums

LIBRA: fairy lights, gold jewelry, dream catchers, sage incense, Lana del Rey, ukulele music, being gay as fuck

SCORPIO: black and white photos, space, making out, the smell of fresh coffee, Joji Miller, menthol cigarettes

SAGITTARIUS: Emily Dickinson, the view out of the window of a plane, the moon, sneaking out, lilacs, piano

CAPRICORN: unconditional love, late nights, lingerie, soft hair, Hozier, the smell of a bookstore

AQUARIUS: the sky, waves on the shore, sweet peaches, long phone calls, polaroids

PISCES: quiet acoustic guitar, rain, watching movies in the dark, cedar, the library


New Year Predictions: What your horoscope says about 2018

Dr Sundeep Kochar

I wanted to share this astrology article I stumbled upon since I haven’t had the time to write my normal astrology column. The end of this year has been overwhelmingly busy. Enjoy!

Astrology 2018

Astrology predictions for 2018 by celebrity astrologer Dr Sundeep Kochar:

The new year is almost upon us. While this is the time to introspect and reflect on the year gone by, the last few days of 2017 will also build up anxiety, excitement and expectations for 2018. Most people get curious about what’s in store for them in the new year and how will the months pan out for them. Here are the predictions for all the zodiac signs.

Aries horoscope for 2018: You are in one of the best years of your life, so use this to your advantage. You have Mars’ energy to push you and a golden opportunity to make the best use of all the planetary placements. People at work will see a growth in position or will get newer responsibilities. You may get a promotion or some form of recognition at your workplace. For those who are involved in a business or are planning to start one, this is the appropriate time. You will find a good partner, and you will be rewarded for your work. Just be cautious during the last quarter of the year, as you may see a sudden windfall of luck, which can disturb your balance a bit. Be grounded. For those who are single, it is a good time to get married and settle down. Those who are planning to expand their family, this is also the most appropriate time to do so. You will be blessed with children based on your planetary positions. For those who are married or married with children, might get a bit frustrated because of lack of support at home. Although that will just be an illusion, as your focus will be more on career. Your obsession for buying a home, new cars, etc, will increase and even if you have enough, you will still yearn for more. By the last quarter, you may even indulge in gambling to achieve faster gains. Seek guidance from your father and elders, though you prefer to seek knowledge from divine powers. Meditation, prayers and religious travels will be preferred to support your transformational journey this year.

End of the Year Advice From Twitter’s Favorite Astrologers

Here’s another great Astrology post I stumbled upon. Obviously then, I’m sharing it with all of you:

Astrology 2017

The end of 2017, with all its disorder and darkness, is upon us. The full cold moon (also a supermoon) on December 3 will be in Gemini and tap directly into chaos as an energy force. We should all remember that chaos isn’t always a bad thing—it can rearrange the old into something important and different. The new moon in Sagittarius on December 18 will lead us into a spirit of invention for invention’s sake. It will remind us that nothing is static, even those most dependable aspects of our lives. However this year has been for you, lean into your passion and make room for that passion to change, which is (do we have to say it?) inevitable.
Yours in the stars and on Earth, The Astro Poets,


This last month of the year is a time when many career opportunities you’ve already put into play will formulate into your next big breakthrough. You have a lot of momentum right now, Aries, even if you still feel like you’re waiting for that one big prize. Try to see as many of your lucky people this December, the people who make you feel good without trying to entertain you. And stay away from the friend drama you’re very good at curating and controlling (which gives you a sense of order) because while theatrics are always something that actually fuels you, you need to keep calm and lay low this month in preparation for a big 2018, which will be all about you and the work you’re interested in doing in the world. Apply the same kind of “chill” filter to your family, which may be a bit demanding on you right now. You aren’t letting anyone down if you cut a few appointments, miss some meetings, or return a few emails with delay. We urge you to meditate on the big picture this month and take care of yourself. You’ve already impressed everyone, shouldn’t you be a little more impressed with you, too? Your most loyal friend will come to your rescue right as the year is about to end.

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