These Are the Innate Psychic Abilities of Each Zodiac Sign


Psychic Abilities

Everyone has psychic ability,  Accepting this is the first step in harnessing your own powers. While this is generally a simple and well-understood concept, it gets a little more complicated when ascertaining exactly what type of psychic powers we all possess.

Each person you meet can tap into the collective unconscious and extract something. It takes practice, confidence and the ability to discern between what you want and what you feel. Most importantly, though, is to know the limits of your own sign of the zodiac.

Your psychic abilities are tied to your astrological birth sign. If you know your sign, you can learn to focus on the specific psychic abilities you possess. Next you can try: Ten Ways to Improve Your Psychic Abilities or 6 Tools to Help Improve Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic Powers by Zodiac Sign

Aries March 21 – April 19

Right Place, Right Time

Your psychic ability is finding the next big thing. For example, while simply walking aimlessly, you come upon a party and discover a performer who is honing his or her act in front of ten friends and some family, who will sell millions of dollars’ worth of concert tickets next year. You’re a talent magnet!

Taurus April 20 – May 20

Sensing the Invisible Border

The Bull taps deep into understanding boundaries. You avoid tension by never crossing the invisible line of acceptable behavior that every person establishes. You can sense when someone is trying to get past your personal barriers and are fearless in confronting these interlocutions before they get too deep.

Do You Always Look At The Clock At 11:11? THIS Is What It Means



My friend told me about this weird phenomenon he was experiencing.

When he felt inclined to look at the clock, he saw a number repetition, like 11:11 or 12:12. This, in itself was peculiar and to add to the mystery, he felt some odd connection he couldn’t explain.

We tried to figure out rational explanations and concluded that he was working off a seventy one minute cycle.

This is not a common attention cycle and he started after seeing it when someone told him that they were experiencing the same thing. Shortly after he told me, I started to notice it as well.

We didn’t see 11:11 all the time though, only in positive times in our lives did we consistently see it. I too felt a strange feeling every time I saw it. I started researching it and came across numerology.

Numerology is the study of the numbers in relation to ‘occult’ manners. It explains and examines how subtle patterns can express current and upcoming trends in our lives.

I learned we weren’t seeing a subconscious timing cycle and we weren’t the only ones seeing this. A growing number of people around the world are seeing small signs like this. There are different explanations as to who or what is sending us these subtle messages. Some believe it’s angels, interdimensional beings, the universe itself or even God.

I’ll leave it to your unique beliefs and relationships to decipher what is communicating with you. After all it could be different for each person.

I believe it is an indicator of the universe’s movements and trends. Different number repetitions mean different messages and as you start to notice the trends you’ll be able to read the signs and specifically apply them to your life.

The time 11:11, is one of the most commonly seen signs. Seeing this time indicates you are on the right path and heading in the right direction for your personal fulfillment.

Doreen Virtue, a world famous therapist, psychic medium and spiritualist, stated that seeing this meant your spiritual powers were growing.

The Mayans were legendary spiritualists that were proponents of numerology in their own way. They predicted the end of the Dark Ages on December 21, 2012 at 11:11 and the start of a spiritual awakening.

The individual numbers add up to four, a number of stability and strength. The path attributed with 11:11 is one of powerful, dramatic and positive change. I have found this to be true on a smaller scale.

I specifically remember I was about to quit my job and start pursuing my dream of writing. I was scared to throw away my job that I had worked so hard at.

My co workers had become my good friends, so I was worried about loosing them. Most of all, I was terrified that I would turn out to be a terrible writer and fail myself.

I looked at the clock, waiting for my now ex boss to show up, the time was 11:11. I felt like time slowed to a crawl and everything sharpened in detail. I felt confident and still not sure of my decision, but willing to give it my best. I’ve been happily writing ever since!

11:11 will show up more and more as you grow the connection between you and the angels or other worldly forces that are directing your awareness.

This phenomenon spreads through sharing the experience, so you may start seeing it as well. If you do don’t be scared. Take a moment and see how you feel and where you are, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Where are your intentions? Are you progressing towards a goal or finishing overcoming an obstacle? If you have been seeing this number please comment below and tell us about your experiences! Only through sharing information can we learn more!

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Calleen’s Slightly Snarky Astrology Predictions for March 2017

astrology march 2017

March 2nd – Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries

March begins with the planet of all things big and better, Jupiter, challenging the planet of “I hate all things old, routine, stable, and basic”, Uranus.  Obviously, this leads me to believe there’ll be a little chaos ushered into all of our lives beginning NOW (according to Aries who hates even a one second pause).  So brace yourself.

With Jupiter in Libra, I imagine much of the renegotiating and/or leaving entirely will take place in our relationship department.  I imagine the outcome is mostly dependent upon how full of resentment or just puffed up expectations you are (sigh).  Trouble is, you might have difficulty distinguishing which is which with these two “whole hog” planets urging you to push limits and release all things weighted.

Problem is, on any other day we tend to like a few weighty roots holding our lives in place.  But not today.

Today we want fun, exciting, adventure, new, and absolutely zero limits.  And with Jupiter, the most positive planet in the galaxy, we’re pretty sure we deserve all of that and more.

The good news is, if there really has been something you’ve been putting off doing, something you know needs to be done (or discarded), this is the time the toes hit the road.

Calleen’s Slightly Snarky Astrology Predictions for February 2017

astrology predictions

February 3rd – Venus enters Aries

Our gentle little southern belle of a planet, Venus, is now entering into “I jump in, I jump out, and I do so hard, fast, and surprisingly unexpectedly” Aries.  Obviously then, this isn’t the greatest astrological pairing.

How most of us will experience this next month or so, is that our love and lover-ly department will become more than a tad unstable.  Seems we’ll want what we want… immediately.  We’ll even feel entitled to get rather astonishingly loud about it when we don’t it precisely on our terms too.

“The other person?  What other person?”  Might sum up this transit quite nicely.  All of this makes our little southern charmer want to purse her lips and mumble a few very unladylike things under her always mint-fresh breath.  So, stress?  Yes.

As a result, expect bumpiness and potholes to appear in all of your relationships.  Largely attributable to the fact that we’re all gloriously exhibiting incredible amounts of selfishness.   Still, it’s not because we don’t care what someone else needs (well yeah, it kind of is), but even more so, it’s because we don’t notice their needs.  As I said, we want what we want in just the worst and most immediate type of way.  All others be damned.  Survival of the fittest and all.

I guess the best part of this coupling is simply that if we want something, we’ll likely ask for it.  Then, we’ll go get, grab, or harness it.  There really is no shame in our game at this point.

So testy, impatient, abrupt, sporadic, touchy, and just incredibly sensitive to the least deniable might best describe the way we’re treating the normally loving areas of our lives right now.

Calleen’s Slightly Snarky Astrology Prediction for January 2017

Astrology Prediction

January 1st – Mars in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

The year begins with our planet of fire and brimstone drowning in the sign of compassion, ego-denial, and lethargy, Pisces.  AND, since it’s now joining forces with Neptune (ruler of Pisces), who also happens to be in Pisces, we might as well get used to tear soaked hankies and a whole lot of frustration.

It’s true.  This transit takes away most of our vim and vigor, leaving only sadness, self-brow-beating, and a bad case of irritability and self-disdain in its wake.  SIGH!

I guess the best use of this often depressing energy is to do something Neptunian in origin… perhaps like volunteering or studying something spiritual.  Both of which Neptune and Pisces simply adore.  Only caution might be… 1) make sure someone isn’t taking advantage of you, and 2) don’t push your physical limits.



Native American Astrology

Native American astrology is celebrated for its profoundly deep and in-depth representative abilities. Dating back nearly 5000 years ago, Native American astrological signs are all based on the spiritual alignment of an individual to their totem.

Zodiac signs are based on the Mesoamerican calendar, created with the aim to harmonize life with long-held animal myths and legends. Animals, as part of Native American cultures, have the power to educate humans through life lessons and spiritual guidance.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 9.23.43 PM

Otter (January 20 – February 18)

Often perceived as unconventional, the otter isn’t always the first one to get the job done. However, while the otter may have an unusual way of looking at things, he/she is the most equipped with a wide skill set of brilliant imagination and intelligence – giving them unique leverage over the competition.

2017 is a Universal “1” Year For Everyone

By Calleen Wilder

Universal Year Number

So last week we covered how to figure out what your Personal Year Number is for 2017… along with what that means for you.  If you need a refresher, you can read that article here.

Today, I thought we’d also briefly cover what 2017 (2+0+1+7=10… reduce the 10 by adding 1+0=1) means for all of us.  As of January 1, 2017 the Universal Number changes, as does the energy that accompanies the numerical change.

The Universal Year Number is different than the Personal Year Number, in that it applies to everyone.  It’s more like the prevailing theme, whereas your Personal Year Number is much more specific to you.  Said another way, the Universal Year Number is like the backdrop of a play, while the Personal Year Number is the action, the actors, the verb.

An example might be that last year was a Universal Year 9 for everyone (2+0+1+6=9).  A 9 year represents “endings”.  It’s a tying-up-the-loose-ends type of year.  As such, most of us experienced some type of ending this past year.  Usually when a “9” is involved, so is an ending of something important or major, versus an ending that goes by relatively unnoticed.

Then when we add in our actors, our Personal Year Number, we see where the endings took place.

Your Personal Year Number for 2017

By Calleen Wilder

Personal YearNow while we all know I’m no expert in Numerology, I have studied and observed it for over 20 years now.  Thus, I though I’d give you my humble opinion about what I believe the numbers have to say about your coming year.

First, you have to figure out your Numerological Personal Year.  You do this by adding your birth month to your birth day to the current year.

Example:  Someone born on November 1, 1970 would add November (11) to birth day (1) to the current year, 2017 (2+0+1+7 = 10).  Then reduce the 10 down to single a digit by adding the 1+0=1.

So we’re adding 11 + 1 + 1 =13    We then reduce this down by adding 1+3=4.  This person would be in a 4 Personal Year.  To be exact, a 13/4 Personal Year (more on that later).

Oh, you toss out the 1970 birth year because it doesn’t apply when figuring your Personal Year Number.

After you have added up your numbers, below is a quick summary of what the new year holds in store for you:

#1 Personal Year – A “1” Year is a time of New Beginnings.  Last year, during the “9” Year, you ended a few things.  Consequently, it only makes sense that you now need to begin other things.