10 Things You Might Not Know About Your Moon Sign by Leah Flavell

Our moon signs are often overlooked in our horoscopes, with particular emphasis placed on the importance of the sun’s position in our birth charts. However, our moon signs are powerful and prominent astrological factors. They reflect our inner selves and the irrational, emotional responses that have been long ingrained in our psyche.

According to astrology, we share a deep connection with the moon and all of the planets. Their energy affects us and can greatly determine the events in our lives and the moon is particularly connected to how we truly view ourselves. Here are ten things you might not know about your moon sign.

Our sun sign is often considered our primary astrological sign due to its significance in our birth charts. However, our moon signs are just as powerful and can often temper the fiery strength of our sun placements. People with opposing sun and moon signs can often feel conflicted and can appear to other people very different from how they consider themselves.

Our sun sign determines how we integrate and express ourselves, but our moon signs reflect our more personal nature that, oftentimes, only we can recognize. If our sun and moon placements are opposing signs such as Aries and Libra or Cancer and Capricorn then it could lead to deep feelings of incompatibility.

Many astrologists believe that our moon placements represent our instinctual selves as they reflect who we were in past lives. The zodiac sign which houses the moon in our birth charts reflects how we express our inner selves, with instincts deeply ingrained in our psyche.

Our moon signs symbolize the karma in our past. It represents our familiar territory and emotional responses that are firmly implanted in ourselves.

The moon takes twenty-seven days to orbit the earth and, throughout its cycle, it changes and fluctuates constantly. According to astrology, human beings share a connection to the moon’s energy and our emotions correspond with the lunar cycle.

This explains conflicting emotions and cyclical patterns of behavior. Our moon signs are connected to our inner selves and explain why we are often the only ones who notice this fluctuating emotional state.

As our moon signs reflect our more personal nature and the inner self that only we truly recognize, many people do not relate to horoscopes that provide predictions based only on sun signs. The astrological type through which the moon’s energy is expressed relates to us on the most personal level and can often contradict our sun placements.

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This explains why many people do not feel a connection to their horoscope. Sun signs relate more to self-integration rather than how we see ourselves.

Our moon signs determine how we respond to life experiences. As the moon rotates the earth in a cycle, our emotions reflect this and we can often connect our mood to aspects with the moon.

For example, people with Cancer moon placements tend to be sensitive and prone to sulking. Cancer is a cardinal water sign and, because of this, can be direct emotionally but also fluctuate in different directions.

The position of the sun on your astrological birth chart determines many primary aspects of your personality, though usually, it reflects how we integrate ourselves with other people. Our moon signs are much more private and reflect our secret selves.

For example, a person with a Leo sun sign may appear proud and seeks admiration from others, but if their moon is in Virgo then their inner selves may be more analytical and self-sacrificing.

The moon symbolizes motherhood and nurturing in astrology and our moon signs often reflect how we view motherhood and what we expect maternally. Through our moon signs, we develop an image around mothering including what we expect to feel safe, what experiences with mothering we have had and what behavior we subconsciously expect.

For example, people with Sagittarius moon signs often seek a companionable mother who can explore the world with them. The Sagittarius mother is usually spontaneous, playful and loves freedom.

Our moon signs reflect our inner selves and, because of this, it is often through our moon placements that we learn what makes us soaringly happy and devastatingly sad. The moon shares strong ties with our emotions and it is through this connection that it affects our emotional state.

People with Aquarius moon signs are often delighted by revolutionary action and intellectual conversation but challenged by emotions. As our moon signs are more irrational, we often have less control over these fluctuations between emotions.

The position of the sun on our astrological birth chart reflects our rational personality and who we strive to be, whereas our moon sign highlights our kneejerk, irrational responses. Because of this, we have less control over these feelings and they can often be overwhelming.

For example, people with Taurus moon signs find happiness from security. They will go to great lengths to maintain the status quo to feel stable.

Our moon signs have a lot to do with security and feeling nurtured. Often they reflect what it is we need to feel safe, which is usually something we have become dependent on for happiness in the past. It symbolizes what we yearn for or what we believe we need to feel complete.

For example, people with Gemini moon signs often seek attention and mental stimulation for inner comfort and security. Geminis love conversation and excel with communication. They enjoy being listened to and gain emotional satisfaction from talking and being heard.

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Mercury Is Entering Aquarius & Things Are About To Get Weird by ERIKA W. SMITH

Mercury isn’t in retrograde — yet — but the speediest planet is moving into Aquarius, the sign of the Water Bearer, on January 16. In astrology, Mercury rules communication and expression, while Aquarius is known for an eccentric, intellectual nature. And it turns out that these two are a perfect fit.

“Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, which means the planet functions especially well in this sign,” Stephanie Powell, Head of Content at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, explains. “Aquarius’s logical and inventive nature is a natural fit for the planet of communication.

”During this transit, we’ll all be a little more open-minded. “When Mercury, ruler of our thought processes, communication, and opinions, travels through cool and detached Aquarius, there is a noticeable shift in our collective mental space,” Powell says. “Aquarius is known for its innovation and freedom-seeking ways, and with Mercury’s entrance into this sign, we’re more eager to introduce and accept out-of-the-box ideas. The status quo becomes boring.

She adds, “We may find that we’re a little more opinionated and stubborn with our views, so it’s important to practice active listening during this transit. Sometimes the greatest learning can come from shifting your mindset.

Astrologer Lisa Stardust says that we may feel a little detached during this transit — though that can work to our advantage. “Whenever Mercury enters Aquarius, it’s a time when we can sit back and view facts from afar and make decisive choices based on an indifferent perspective,” she says. “This isn’t bad. It just means we are separating emotions from facts, which will allow us to have a discerning approach to finding truths.

This transit is the perfect time to focus on a hobby or a goal. “The good thing about this placement is that it will give us a boost to put our passion project into reality and add courageousness into manifesting our dreams,” Stardust says. 

After leaving Aquarius on February 3, Mercury will enter Pisces. But then — you’ve got it — Mercury goes retrograde on February 16 in Pisces. During its retrograde period (when the planet appears to move backwards in its orbit, as seen from our perspective on Earth), Mercury will re-enter Aquarius on March 4. Then, the planet will end its retrograde transit and begin moving direct in Aquarius on March 9, before finally re-entering Pisces on March 16. As Mercury retrogrades through these two signs, “We may facilitate from hot and cold emotions as well as uncertainty about what to bring in our lives,” Stardust says. Be prepared!

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The Full Wolf Moon Eclipse In Cancer Means It’s Time To Turn Inward by Erika W. Smith

Less than two weeks into 2020, we’ll have the first eclipse of the decade. On Friday, January 10, the moon will be partially covered by the Earth’s shadow in what’s called a penumbral lunar eclipse. Dubbed the Full Wolf Moon Eclipse, it will be visible in Alaska, Greenland, and parts of Maine and Canada. For the rest of us, the full moon will appear slightly darker than usual.

About that name. Each month’s full moon has a different name in the Farmer’s Almanac, derived from Native American and colonial American naming traditions. January’s is the Wolf Moon, because wolves can be heard howling at this time of year. It’s also sometimes called the Cold Moon or the Old Moon (as in, “that old fellow, winter”).

This full moon and lunar eclipse occur in Cancer, a sign known for strong emotions, a love of home, and being protective. In astrology, “Lunar eclipses are like intense full moons,” explains astrologer Lisa Stardust. “They help us see the whole picture — which may not be what we want, because the truth can be overwhelming.”

This lunar eclipse “marks the end of the journey from the story that began in July 2018,” when we had a new super moon in Cancer, Stardust says. “During that moment in our personal history, we started a new chapter in healing or nurturing ourselves. We made sure to protect ourselves and loved ones at all costs.

“Beginning with this eclipse, things will begin to change. “Now, we are still giving our all to others, but we are taking some of our energy back to focus on ourselves,” Stardust says. 

The other planets also influence the power of this full moon. In particular, pay attention to the position of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. “Our eyes will be opened due to Saturn and Pluto opposing the eclipse point, which will expose matters we aren’t prepared to deal with and force us to give our all to the #1 person in our lives — ourselves,” Stardust says. “Emotions will be intense. Keep the Kleenex close by and be kind to others. Even if they start in with arguments, don’t engage.”

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What Is Psychological Astrology? 5 Ways You Can Use It In Your Everyday Life by Jennifer Freed, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, mediator, and author

Psychological astrology brings psychology and astrology together along their unifying thread: understanding our potentials and challenges and moving, through self-knowledge and practice, through obstacles and into a more joyful and fulfilled life. 

Psychological astrology dictates that every person arrives on this planet with specific proclivities, strengths, and liabilities. It’s a way of understanding what our “life school” is this time around: where we’re meant to explore and grow, and where we are naturally strongest. An understanding of our own birth charts supports us to live into the complete fullness of our unique selves, and to better understand and appreciate the uniqueness and potential of others. 

The psychological part looks at how through our “nurturing,” we have developed certain patterns, defenses, and strengths and how to address those adaptations or “complexes” to become more fulfilled and higher functioning. The astrological part is the “nature” aspect that reveals our cosmic DNA and what are divine lesson plan reveals. A psychological astrology reading combines the nature and nurture aspects of development and helps the individual rise to the highest expression of both. It also helps the petitioner understand diving timing in terms of shorter and longer lasting cycles of challenge and opportunity.

An important note: Psychological astrology is not about prediction and ironclad fate; it is about using our unlimited capacities to learn and grow and make the most out of our inherent assets and challenges.

Even a basic understanding of the planetary placements in your birth chart—especially your sun, moon, and rising signs—can be profoundly useful in your everyday life. Here’s how. 

1. It helps you understand yourself. 

Let’s say I have my sun in Capricorn and my moon in Aries, and that my rising sign is Leo. This reinforces that my identity (sun) centers around being a hard worker with great accountability and a love of getting things done; that my needs (moon) include vigorous movement, action, and emotional expression; and that my way of showing up in the world (rising) tends to be loving, theatrical, creative, and generous.*

Each of these signs also has a less skillful side. When less self-aware or under more stress, a Capricorn Sun person can become controlling, forget to rest, and be overly needy of external approval; an Aries Moon can fly off the handle or feel constantly in need of attention around their emotional state; and a Leo rising can hog the spotlight and fail to let others shine. 

This basic knowledge of myself helps me care for myself and others well, and to course-correct toward being my better self when I am less skillful in my life or relationships. 

2. It helps you understand & empathize with others. 

Let’s say my life partner is maternal, emotional, and nurturing on her better days, but might be clingy, irrational, or overly needy in worse moments. I might feel frustrated by her behavior at times, and once I recognize that these characteristics are textbook Cancerian—and that she has Cancer Sun, Moon, or rising—I can understand and empathize with her better. I can skip judging her for failing to deal with this situation the way I would! Instead, I can appreciate how beautifully differently made we are, and I can compassionately invite her into more skillful expressions of Cancer. 

3. It can help you forgive yourself. 

If I have my sun in Scorpio, I might have a tendency to be secretive or overly intense or to sabotage myself or others when I’m not self-aware or am under-resourced. My scorpion stinger might lash out as a first response to difficulty. Knowing about the many qualities of Scorpio (both skillful and unskillful) helps me recognize when I’m swinging toward an expression that might be harmful to me or to others. As I recognize it, I can name it, and I can choose to pause, take care of myself, and make a positive shift. I can skip the questioning (“Why do I always do this when I’m stressed or overwhelmed?”) and go straight to self-care and more skillful behavior. 

4. It helps you make decisions. 

A writer friend couldn’t decide which educational path to pursue. Should he write novels? Short stories? Creative nonfiction? Articles? Blogs? Poetry? Screenplays? A reading of his birth chart revealed a deeply intuitive nature (Pisces Sun), a love of details (Virgo moon), and a desire to stand for harmony and beauty in the world (Libra rising). With this understanding, he recognized that poetry was the best path for him. He entered an MFA program and wrote a beautiful book of poetry focused on the natural world and its preservation. 

Knowing our most important values is a big part of making decisions responsibly, and knowing the planetary placements in our birth chart can add much to our understanding of those values. 

I’m not suggesting that you should consult an astrologer to figure out where to go to lunch or which sweater to buy online. But the deeper your understanding of your birth chart – including where all your planets sit in signs and astrological houses, and how they sit in relationship to one another – the more clearly you can step outside of the tension and confusion that can accompany the making of a big decision, and into a better sense of which direction. 

5. It helps you remember we are all part of something larger than ourselves. 

The placement of the planets at any given time tends to be reflected in the events of the world and in the way people feel and interact. They also interact in meaningful ways with the planets in your birth chart. (This is how horoscopes are created: through an analysis of the relationships between the planets and your Sun sign.) We invite you to see this not as a way of predicting what will happen, but as a mythic organizing lens through which to see the whole world and your place in it. 

As we move through a world that can sometimes seem to make no sense, we can turn to psychological astrology to better understand the cosmic energies at play in current events. A look at the current placements of the planets called cycles, or transits, can help us orient ourselves with these energies, and to work with them rather than against them. 

If you make a habit of doing this, you’ll begin to see patterns and to feel more at home in the world. Patterns and behaviors will make more sense to you and you will have more self awareness and agency to address recurring themes. You’ll come to feel that you are not a single being flailing around in a chaotic universe—you are part of a glorious movement of forces that began at the start of time and will continue for long after you are gone.  

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The Galactic Decoder – Your Unique Signature

Every day and every person has a Galactic Signature.
There are 260 unique possibilities!
Each signature is a combination of a “Tribe” and a “Tone.”
The energy on the day you were born is known as your personal Galactic Signature and serves as a key to your Cosmic Identity.

Decode yourself and people in your life, to see what synchronicities are revealed! Decoding significant dates in your life (past or future) is also a profound way to gain insight into the larger synchronic order of your life’s journey…

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Numerology for 2020 is a year 4 (2 + 2 = 4). It is a year of spirituality, where we must go back to cultivating an inner life, a connection with the macrocosms and spiritual heritages we pose. That’s what the number 4 marks.

Also, as we are told in number 2, you are one year to care for your partner, to defend your love, and to be faithful to the last achievements. This is not a period for casual relationships and disposable novels. Check what Numerology for 2020 holds for you in love, work and health.


Number 4 in Numerology encourages organization, method and work. With personal year 4, you will be more focused on your work life, taking seriously the opportunities that will come to you. With focus on number 4 and dynamism on number 3, your success will only depend on your effort.


Numerology for 2020

With the stabilizing and solid energy of number 4, by 2020 anyone who is committed will do everything to maintain the relationship – or even deepen it. It will be important to develop the conversation calmly and reassuringly to clarify any issues that arise. Do not listen to rumors or gossip. It is not worth fighting for jealousy over something someone has heard; talk openly with your partner to strengthen the relationship.

Anyone who is single will be in a flirtatious mood, but looking for a long term relationship. Numerology for 2020 does not point to romantic or tender relationships, but to relationships of partnership, trust and simultaneous exchange.


Numerology for 2020

The energy of your personal year will be very focused on work, but number 4 has too much dispersive energy that can disrupt concentration. Especially in relation to your colleagues, who may be in a different climate than yours.

The work climate will be great, with great harmony and mutual cooperation, but you must be careful not to leave unfinished projects along the way when distracted. You will have to work hard, be organized and methodical; don’t get carried away by lazy or fanciful people, your success depends on your dedication now.

Personal Year 4 is a planting year where you work more than you rest. But soon after comes the harvest year and you will reap the rewards, so strive now to make the harvest good.


Numerology for 2020

You may have already realized that the year will be a lot of work, right? Therefore, you will need to take care of your health so as not to surrender to stress and monthly fatigue.

Numerology recommends that you often perform relaxing activities to fight stress, such as massage, alternative therapiesmeditationyoga, etc. Otherwise, nervous tension may be a problem at the end of the year, with many responsibilities on your back (which may incur severe pain, pay attention to the chair used to work).

It is wise to check with your doctor at the beginning of the year to map out potential problems and treat them before they get worse. Do not ignore your body symptoms, especially related to mental health. You can’t take too much of your body without compensating it in some way.


This year has everything to be amazing for your professional and financial life. If you stay focused, you will reach the end of 2019 and will take stock of that period.

Your friends and partners may charge you more often, be sure to explain to them (very patiently) that this dedication is important to you. Remember to rest and pay attention to those around you, as your mind must also relax to function well.

Take the reins of your emotions and don’t get carried away by false or exaggerated emotions, you will look better in stable and solid relationships. Beware of bad mood, not everyone will be in an environment as focused as yours, try to take life seriously but also lightly.



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Vedic Astrology January 2020 By Sam Geppi

The New Decade: Astrology January 2020 Forecast and Trends

The new decade begins in the midst of an eclipse cycle. A cycle that offers us the opportunity for deeper insight. We would do well to use our practices to harness the energy of the Jyostish or Vedic Astrology January 2020 and beyond.

January 10

There is a Full Moon / Eclipse in Gemini today that exemplifies the themes of Astrology January 2020. This powerful eclipse brings into greater contrast the Solar Eclipse of two weeks ago. Remember that intense Christmas Day, and how I told you to be careful to not get into philosophical arguments? Well, now you have a couple weeks to clean up any potential messes, starting today. Besides that, this may be a good time to actually start to communicate about some of the things you were holding back on a couple weeks ago. The energy of Gemini includes skillful communication and good communication includes listening to what others say.

This Full Moon / Eclipse will be in Punarvasu Nakshatra, related to the divine mother goddess, Aditi, the personification of the infinite and the mother of many of the gods. This divine mother energy takes our ideas and brings them into the heart – leading to greater compassion.

January 24

This New Moon is in Capricorn and begins a new cycle of concentration, duty, commitment, and service which comes after the inspiration delivered by Sagittarius. It is not enough to be inspired. Inspiration must lead to a course of action where we work through our problems and stay the course. This is the only way we make real progress in life. After all, it is easy to be inspired, but once the hard work begins we can lose our way.

The next 30 days will be a great test and will reveal what is most important to you. What are you not willing to give up on when the going gets tough?

This New Moon is in Uttara Ashada Nakshatra, related to the universal gods. These gods include “Time”, “Action”, “Passion” and a lot more. If we are to succeed in life all of these universal energies or powers must be aligned. Again, what are you not willing to give up on when the going gets tough?

January 24

Saturn moves into Capricorn beginning a 2 1/2 year cycle which will empower us to be more self-possessed, humble, and committed to our salvation. But first we must work through our emotional problems and difficulties. Our biggest emotional problems involve facing our fear of loneliness and even death. This could be a heavy couple of years, but certainly a time of enormous growth and getting real on the bone level.

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Mercury Is Entering Capricorn, So Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Now by Erika W. Smith

As 2019 comes to a close, Mercury, the planet of communication, will enter the sign of Capricorn on December 28th. Capricorn is known for hard work, planning, and practicality, so maybe we’ll finally stick to our New Year’s resolutions.

“Mercury in Capricorn is very pragmatic and reasonable, preferring to analyze matters through a clear logical lens — never letting emotions change their opinions and fact-finding,” astrologer Lisa Stardust explains. 

This energy will be particularly apparent in the way we communicate. Stephanie Powell, head of content at Astrology.com and Horoscope.com, says, “When Mercury is in Capricorn, our communication planet exudes a collective energy in a reserved manner. The way we process information and the way that we communicate our ideas filters through a practical lens. Our mental energy shifts its focus and moves toward conversations that are goal oriented and about our long-term future.

”This can hit us hard after Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius, which brought us outgoing, sociable energy. “There can be an air of pessimism that crops up when Mercury is in Capricorn, especially when you compare the planet’s previous few weeks’ stay in optimistic Sagittarius,” Powell says. “What’s really happening here is our thought process requires logic, order and grounding in reality. We need to see it to believe it.

”Be careful when having any difficult discussions — or holiday arguments. “Mercury in Capricorn isn’t known as one of the most romantic times to express or voice your feelings. This transit can have our speech come off a little cold, harsh, or even lack emotion,” Powell warns. “What it does offer us is a time to get serious and create a plan to achieve what we want in our relational spaces.

”Of course, the positions of the other planets and the nodes (two significant points in the sky along the lunar orbit) matter, too. “This time around, when Mercury is in Capricorn, Jupiter will come along and expand our minds by broadening our perspectives,” Stardust explains. “The only setback is that we may experience anxiety and frustrations due to Mercury’s alignment with the South Node of Destiny.

”What’s that all mean? As Stardust puts it, “The lesson here is to not jump to conclusions and to take a beat to find the right words to express our sentiments. All of this will help us communicate with others better and give us inner clarity.”

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I’m an Astrologer, and Here Are 7 Things I Never Do When Mercury Is Retrograde

As astrology has become massively popular over the past few years, it seems that everyone starts to worry when they hear that Mercury is retrograde. I get DMs, FaceTimes and panicked emails from clients, friends and colleagues alike along the lines of “I’m nervous!! What’s going to break? Is everything going to be OK?”

Yes, Mercury retrograde causes delays and disruptions to our daily routine, but this is for a purpose. Things are slowing down so we can review what’s happened, revise our goals and rework our strategy. (It’s actually a great time to focus on literally anything that begins with re-.)

And though Mercury retrograde shouldn’t be feared, there are definitely some things that are better left for when the planet of communication isn’t moving backward. With that in mind, here are seven things I never do when Mercury is retrograde.

1. Purchase new tech items

Mercury is the planet of technology, so it governs all our gadgets that help us navigate our day-to-day. Don’t be surprised if tech purchases made during these times end up glitching. If I must get that new laptop (sometimes life happens and a new machine is needed), I keep the box and the receipts so it’s easier when I inevitably have to get it repaired or make a return.

2. Sign a contract

Though this is sometimes unavoidable––a final interview has been scheduled or an offer has been made––it’s really best to wait until Mercury goes direct to sign a contract or seal a deal. Mercury is the planet of details, so agreements made during this time are always missing a few. If I must sign, I make sure to read everything extremely carefully and even send it over to a discerning friend. It’s likely that the terms of the agreement will change sooner than anticipated

3. Expect a speedy response

When I send important emails or messages during Mercury retrograde, I practice patience by not expecting a quick response. The person on the receiving end of my message is probably dealing with their own glitching tech, stalled subway or resurfaced ex. Even if I’m on a major deadline, I try not to take their lack of communication personally. Usually when the response finally does roll in, it’s at a particularly serendipitous––or hilarious––time. Mercury has a way of being in on the joke.

4. Make travel plans

If possible, I avoid making or booking travel plans during Mercury retrograde. Mercury rules transportation, and when retrograde, it halts our daily commute and turns the airport into a hellscape. Tickets purchased for future trips during Mercury retrograde often end up having to be reconfigured or canceled.

Personal anecdote: During the Mercury retrograde of July 2018, I impulsively booked a flight for a vacation in L.A., which I ended up having to call off because of work. Frustrated with losing money on the trip, I took an airline credit and ended up using it six months later to book a different flight to L.A. Remember: The idea is there, but the plan will change.

5. Begin a project or collaboration

Anything launched during Mercury retrograde is subject to overhaul (see: the recent glitch-tastic launch of Disney+ in November 2019), so instead of starting something fresh, I like to complete long-forgotten tasks or ventures. It’s a great time to put the finishing touches on a painting or a piece of writing, clean out a closet or (most of all) respond to those backlogged emails. Just double check them before sending.

6. Get a haircut or change my appearance

As much as I want to get bangs, dye my hair a shade of purple (that all my friends say will look great) or debut a statement outfit, I know that during Mercury retrograde, I can’t. To avoid future mirror panic, I instead revisit classic wardrobe pieces or hairstyles I once rocked on the daily. If I’m going for a #look, it’s gotta be one from the archives. I can try bangs when the planets are on my side. 

7. Send invitations

Mercury retrograde is really the worst time to initiate anything, so if I can avoid it, I try not to send invitations. Remember: plans will change, and no one is on top of their RSVPs anyway. I’ve accidentally locked myself into a birthday party at a bar I don’t even like when sending out invites during a retrograde! It’s always better to wait. 

Luckily, we are done with retrogrades for 2019, but next year’s three occurrences are right around the corner! Put these dates in your planner and keep these tips in mind.

Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020:

February 16 to March 9

June 18 to July 11

October 14 to November 3

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York.

Article Source – Yahoo.com