Nicole Kidman delivered one of her greatest performances in an eerie reincarnation drama by Beatrice Loayza

Not sure if I saw this back then, but stumbled upon this article and for sure am going to watch now. Thought you might be interested in it as well. Calleen

Birth (2004)

Birth, the second film by Under The Skindirector Jonathan Glazer, plumbs the depths of grief and love with an unsettling hypothetical: What if a young boy showed up at your doorstep claiming to be your reincarnated dead husband? And what if you believed him?While the film doesn’t quite succeed in balancing art-house ambiguity with torrid melodrama, its mashup of dreamy, high-society elegance and psychological violence nonetheless has a lingering effect. Co-scripted by Jean-Claude Carrière, Birth in part recalls the haut-bourgeois twilight zones of the French screenwriter’s regular collaborator, surrealism pioneer Luis Buñuel. And as in some of Buñuel’s best work, the surreal premise isn’t really the point so much as the spark for a spectacular fallout—and arguably Nicole Kidman’s best performance to date.

Donning a Mia Farrow or Jean Seberg-esque pixie cut, Kidman plays Anna, a wealthy widow living in the Upper East Side with her new fiancé, Joseph (Danny Huston), following the death of her husband Sean 10 years prior. The couple’s engagement party is interrupted by the arrival of young “Sean” (Cameron Bright), a boy with penetrating blue eyes that seem to contain passion and wisdom beyond their years. No one takes him seriously, of course, when he claims with startling matter-of-factness that Anna cannot marry another man because she is married to him. Yet over the course of several days, he reveals intimate knowledge of Sean’s life—the very spot in Central Park where he died, the sofa on which he and Anna used to have sex. Might Sean be trapped inside this small, pale body? Anna, still traumatized by Sean’s indifferent treatment of her in life, and still grieving his death nearly a decade later, is all too willing to believe the impossible—not just that her husband has returned, but that he has returned full of love for her.

An unexpectedly tidy resolution somewhat derails the central love story, but Glazer wrings more out of Anna’s emotional journey than just romance. It’s never clear what she does for a living, if anything. She’s a housewife without a husband, a porcelain doll living in luxury under the thumb of her mother (Lauren Bacall, characteristically chic but cruel) and a fiancé whom she does not love. Her denial easily buckles as little Sean’s displays of devotion intensify, his refusal to stop bothering her skirting the line between bratty and heroically romantic. There’s a bravado sequence when Anna attends the opera and the camera slowly pushes in from a wide shot to Kidman’s face as it registers dozens of conflicting emotions: anguish and ecstasy, grief and wonder. (The scene recalls the radical close-ups of Maria Falconetti in The Passion Of Joan Of Arc or of Anna Karina in Vivre Sa Vie.) Things get weird when Anna starts spending time with the boy, selfishly keeping him from his working-class parents, themselves deeply affected by their son’s bizarre obsession. A risqué bathtub scene has the supposed husband and wife sitting naked across from each in the water; there’s no touching, but stillness and silence flood the room with palpable, indefensible desire.

Birth received mixed reviews at the time of its release, but has entered a phase of reappraisal since the success of Under The Skin cued more folks into Glazer’s particular brand of unearthly eroticism. In the film’s prologue, a long tracking shot follows adult Sean as he jogs through a snowy Central Park in the final moments before his fatal stroke. We can’t quite make out his face. The rest of the movie hinges on the possibility of an afterlife; its saturated color palette and uncanny, open spaces seem to point to supernatural forces at work. But Glazer strategically obscures Sean’s identity in these first minutes to destabilize the notion of reincarnation. How can we trust this boy who claims to be Sean when we don’t even know who Sean is in the first place? Glazer builds an afterlife, or at least the semblance of an afterlife, from the stuff of Anna’s desire—desire unfulfilled and unreturned, desire battered by grief, desperation, and jealousy. It’s an afterlife cobbled together from the memory of what could have been.

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The Thomas John Experience: CBS All Access Series to Follow Renowned Psychic by Jessica Pena

I SO love this guy… I’ll be watching. Calleen

The Thomas John Experience TV show on CBS All Access: (canceled or renewed?)

“I’ll never forget it.” CBS All Access just announced the release date for their new TV show, The Thomas John Experience.

The series sees renowned psychic Thomas John travel “across America using his ability to connect unsuspecting everyday people with those on the other side.”

The Thomas John Experience premieres on CBS All Access on June 4th.

Take a sneak peek and read more info below:

NEW YORK, N.Y. – May 28, 2020 – CBS All Access, CBS’ digital subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, today announced that its new unscripted series THE THOMAS JOHN EXPERIENCE, featuring the world-renowned psychic medium, will launch on Thursday, June 4. The eight-episode season will be available to binge, exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers. The series’ official trailer and key art was also revealed.

Throughout the season, Thomas journeys across America using his ability to connect unsuspecting everyday people with those on the other side. Whether he’s behind the wheel of a rideshare in Chicago or grabbing a bite to eat in Los Angeles, Thomas’s powerful readings offer insight and closure, resulting in emotional and heartwarming reunions between the living and the dead.

THE THOMAS JOHN EXPERIENCE is produced by CBS Television Studios and Fulwell 73. Ben Winston, Emma Conway, Sarah Happel Jackson and Zeberiah Newman serve as executive producers, with Meredith Fox as the executive in charge of production.”

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What is a Psychic Reading? By myitSolutions

We have frequently heard the word “psychic reading” or “clairvoyance.” Have you ever wondered what this psychic stuff is? What’s the purpose of the psychic reading, or is this psychic reading beneficial or harmful? Well, if you need some information about psychic reading, you can read this article till the end and can know about this psychic reading. So, let’s get started with it.

Psychic reading:

First, we need to know about psychic reading. So, psychic reading is the use of supernatural perceptive abilities to get information about the surroundings and people. Psychic reading requires more than ordinary human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

A psychic is a person who can use such unnatural perspective abilities and claims to have extraordinary human senses. These psychics can identify the hidden information of the environment through something called telepathy. Parapsychology is the branch of science that deals with the study of this supernatural psychic abilities.

Types of psychic reading:

There are many types of psychic reading. Every type of psychic reading incorporates extrasensory perception (ESP) reveal hidden information. Some of these types are,

  • Astrological reading:

Astrological readings, astrology, not just ‘Horoscopes’, is the study of the movement of celestial bodies like stars and their effect on human lives. These heavenly bodies have considered having a significant impact on human beings as the moon hs on the tides.

  • Palm reading:

Palm reading is called palmistry. It is another type of psychic reading. In palmistry, the psychic reader can foretell future events by studying the lines, wrinkles, curves, and shapes of palm.

  • Aura reading:

Have you ever had your aura read? Auras is the personal energy field that surrounds every individual. Every individual has a unique personality. The psychics claim that they can see and sense people’s auras and can interpret their behaviour and possible futures. Interesting stuff!

  • Tarot reading:

Psychics use tarot cards as mirrors of the subconscious. Psychics & Clairvoyants use tarot cards to foretell alternative future events or predict future scenarios based on the ancient archetypes embedded in the cards.

  • Psychometry:

Psychometry has been a popular form of psychic reading for centuries. In psychometry, the psychics obtain information about another person through physical contact with their possessions. Usually through flashes of information via the subconscious. It is believed that favourite objects store information embedded like a recording which is how sensitives can tune in to a person’s energy.

Research on psychic reading:

Parapsychologists have always been fascinated with psychokinesis, the use of extrasensory perception. Many of the critics say that psychic phenomena are just a myth and nothing more than suggestion. They say that the probability of psychic abilities is close to zero. There is nothing like psychic abilities or psychic reading. In other words. The jury is out, psychic abilities will be continue to be subjected to scientific testing until definite evidence can be shown.

However, psychic powers are respected by a large proportion of the population, many regularly consult psychic readers. Parapsychological researchers will continue to study supernatural phenomena. Television & media continue to be fascinated by psychic phenomena.The younger generations are turning to alternative belief systems to understand our our topsy turvy world. Ask yourself have you ever had evidence of psychic ability? Do you believe people possess these supernatural powers? Maybe it’s time to keep an open mind.

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San Antonio Ghost Tours

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Tour Information

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Our San Antonio ghost tours begin at Bar 414 at 205 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205. Bar 414 is located on the ground floor of the historic Sheraton Gunter Hotel and has its own entrance off North St. Mary’s Street.

Our tours will feature a mix of history and ghost stories along the way. We offer the best of a San Antonio ghost tour combined with a San Antonio Pub Crawl. Our tours will last 2.5 hours and cover approximately 1 mile along a walking route, which will be enough time for several stories and about four bars/pubs. We typically stay long enough for our guests to have a glass of wine or a martini at each bar. The purchase of drinks is not required, but keep in mind that we do spend that amount of time in each bar and there is some down time if you are waiting for others to have a drink that our tour guides will use to over share about their personal lives. We hope our ghost tours in San Antonio will help you have one awesome night for everyone in your group!

All tour guests must be 21+. Younger guests can potentially be accommodated if prearranged with our office prior to tour date. Call us today for more information about our San Antonio ghost tours!

While I don’t normally recommend drinking and hunting ghosts combined, this is something I definitely will do someday… it just sounds like a blast. Calleen