Give the Gift of Wisdom & Insight

Do You Need to Find a Gift for Someone Who’s Hard to Buy For?

Maybe someone who would love to learn more about themselves & their lives…

Or someone who’s going through a tough time and could use some help…


A Gift Certificate, For a Very Personal & Individualized Reading, is Likely the Perfect Gift!


Issues Commonly Addressed During a Reading Include:

Relationships –  Jobs – Health – Relocation – Children – Finances

& Really Anything Else That Life Sometimes Throws at Us  



Gift Certificates are available at the $75, $95, $125, $150, and $200 levels.
They can be used for one reading or a number of readings. 

You can buy as many as you want.
This locks in your cost regardless of future increases.


Feel free to use your Gift Certificates for Astrology Readings &/or Psychic/Medium Readings.  You can even book several readings off of one certificate if the dollar amount affords it.


BUY TODAY and Give a Gift Worth Giving… and Receiving!


(Sample of What Your Gift Certificates Will Look Like)

Calleen Wilder Gift Certificates

(Hang on to your Certificates, you’ll need the Certificate Code to Redeem Them)


There have been several New Reading types added… including:

Couples Astrology, Personal Astrology (now includes Solar Return Info), Children Astrology,
Relocation Astrology & Important Dates Astrology.

Add that to the much demanded Psychic/Medium Readings…


And You Have the Perfect Time to Give Someone the Gift of Insight and Wisdom,
as well as Practical Life Advice, Based on Their Specific Needs.


Pick Up Your Gift Certificate(s) TODAY!

Certificates Can Be Used For Up to 12 Months From Date of Purchase.

You Decide What Dollar Amount to Give.
Amounts Range From $75 – $200

Give the Gift of Understanding

Psychic Readings

*Prices Subject to Change Without Advance Notice

When you order a Gift Certificate use YOUR Name, Address, and Email.  We will forward your Purchase Receipt to Your Email and You can forward either the confirmation email or a copy of the Gift Certificate (sample above) to your friend.   All that is needed by your friend is the Certificate Code.  Enjoy!