Astrology – Yearly Highlights Report

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This report lists the MAJOR transits for any given year.  The Transits that will have the most impact on your life.  Impact that likely has a rippling effect either in the way you are as a person, or how you deal or look upon things from here on out.  The impact can also cause life changes.  At the very least, they provide the opportunity and energy for such changes.

You will notice that on the report there are certain references to the bigger planets, in this case Uranus, going Stationary Direct in the 1st house with no text explanation following it.

The reason is, the bigger planets go direct and retrograde in any given house fairly often.  Uranus can remain in a house for 7 years on average and usually goes retrograde once every year.  He ends up spending about half of the year in retrograde.

So while it is an event, one worth mentioning, it likely has become somewhat familiar to you.  It’s MUCH MORE important when Uranus enters into a new house or aspects a planet.  These are triggers.  The retrograde (moving backwards) and stationary (halt to switch directions) direct (moving direct once again) are likely customary at this point.  Consequently, why the text doesn’t review them.

YET… I do include a brief summary of what each Planet Retrograde means.  I also include in that summary what each House Represents.  You can simply view the report I include, add Uranus to House 1, and you’ll know how it might feel to you.   It’s entirely possible you’ll notice very little.

I also include a House Key, which summarizes the meaning of each house, along with giving you the “glyphs” (i.e. symbols) for each sign and each planet.  That may add a little extra information.

BUT… the big news is always THE ASPECTS between planets, as well as the HOUSE CHANGES.  These are always reviewed in detail inside each report.

Yearly Highlights Report