NEW – Life Path Readings

The Life Path Reading combines many of the skills I’ve developed over the years.  It takes powerful pieces of information from:

  • Your Astrology Chart
  • Your Numerology Chart
  • I then use my Psychic Abilities to Drill Down Deeper Into Each Chart
  • Also Using My Medium Connections to Gain Higher Knowledge
  • And Tie Up All Loose Ends by Performing a Very Focused Meditation On You Immediately Prior to Your Reading.

We begin your reading by my sharing with you what I see that is of major importance.  Oftentimes what I share includes:

  1. Information About Past Lives and How They Pertain to This Life
    As Well as Gifts, Challenges, and Talents You May Have as a Result of Those Lives.

  2. I also share what I see from both your chart and numbers about where you hoped you’d head this life.  Your “job” here.

  3. PLUS… I look at your Astrology Transit/Prediction Chart to see what the upcoming year is encouraging and discouraging you from doing right now. 

  4. We then conclude with finding answers to your most pressing questions.  Because while I do pause often during the reading in order to give you a chance to ask questions, or pursue a topic more thoroughly, you’ll likely think of added questions all throughout the reading.

The goal of this reading is to help you find the answers to the BIG QUESTIONS about your past, your present, and your future.


My hope is by combining so many pieces of what I believe to be the puzzle of your life, you will discover your purpose.


It’s a very intense reading.  One that’s full of facts and details about you, your life, your mission, and answers the big question, “What Now”?

I offered this reading many years ago.  It was a HUGE HIT and served many people well.  Everyone loved it.  But life happened. I took some time off. And when I started back up, this reading got left out.

NOW… it’s back and better than ever.  I’ve spent that time off studying and adding even more insights to everything I do.  Resulting today in the reading being stronger than it ever was.


 I’m Pretty Sure You’re Going to LOVE the Outcome

Schedule Your life Path Reading TODAY!
It Really Is SO Worth It!

Psychic Readings
I would highly suggest scheduling the 60 Minute Reading for the first Life Reading.  There’s just SO much to cover I’d prefer not to skip anything if I don’t absolutely have to.

THEN… all follow-up appointments you can determine the length of time you need to schedule based upon how many questions you have, along with how deeply you want to delve into them.

TOO… I’d suggest getting the Astrology Transit/Predictions and Numerology Personal Year Updates done every year, via this reading.  They do change from year-to-year.   Meaning, the rhythm of your life changes as well.

For that you’d likely want to schedule 30-45 Minutes Minimum.  Schedule 60 Minutes if you want to go deeper and review more of everything.  The 20 Minute Reading is for an added question or two primarily.  Again, choice is yours though.

You may also call, text, or email me if you prefer…
or if the times or dates listed won’t work for you.

Phone Number: 317-781-1159


(*All prices subject to change without prior notice unless already booked)