Astrology – Your Yearly Transit (Predictions) Chart PLUS Your Solar Return

Astrology Reading
If you’ve already had your Astrology Natal Chart Reading and now need your Yearly Transit Report, you’ve come to the right place.

The transits are what most people think of as their Horoscope.  The difference being, this is Your Personal Horoscope, based on your precise Date, Location, and Time of Birth. 

No one else has this.  This is yours.

The Transits are the Predictive part of Astrology.  They tell you:

  • The Areas of Your Life Where You’ll experience MAJOR Activity in the Coming Year.
    Example:  Will You Be Moving, Getting Married, or Getting a Raise… or just the opposite.

  • They’ll also clue us in on whether this Activity Will Be Pleasant or Not so much so.
    Example:  Will You Come into Money or Lose Money.

  • They even guide you in What’s in Your Best Interest to Do… along with what’s not.
    Example:  Should you start the new business now or wait until next year and plan.

  • PLUS… a new feature I’ve added to Your Yearly Transit Report

    I’m now including Your Solar Return Chart.

    A Solar Return Chart is a chart calculated for the exact minute the Sun returns to its exact position on the day you were born.  While most might think this is the hour, minute, and day of your birth, it’s not always.  Often it falls within a day or two of your birthday though.

    The Solar Return Chart gives you added insights into your year ahead.  It lays the background, or theme, of your coming year.  It really is a chart of its own.  A chart that adds a whole new layer to what your chart transits previously offered.

    Schedule your 12 Month Personal Transit Chart
    PLUS Solar Return Chart Reading TODAY!

    • 30 Minute Transit/Predictions Reading are good if you don’t mind me speaking really quickly.  I can cover all of the year’s transits in 30 Minutes.  I may not be able to answer all of your questions, especially if the Solar Return Chart has a lot going on within it as well.  So yes, this may be a tad rushed.  

    • 45 Minute Transit/Predictions Readings allow us enough time to thoroughly review the upcoming years transits and address all things I see within the Solar Return Chart, while also giving us time to address many of your additional questions.  

    • 60 Minute Transit/Predictions Readings are always best since it gives us the most time in order to review your Transit Chart thoroughly, as well as your Solar Return Chart.  It also gives us ample time to answer all of your questions.  Obviously, opt for this one if time and money allow it.   

    You’re Free to Book Either 30, 45 or 60 Minutes
    Most opt for the 45 or 60 Minutes

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