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If you’ve already had your Astrology Natal Chart Reading and something pops up that either wasn’t “in the making” at the time of your reading or not fully discussed during it, this is the time for an Astrology Follow-Up Reading.

Our lives are always in a state of flux.  Between free will, mood swings, Full Moons and Mercury Retrogrades… not to mention a host of other “life things”… stuff changes, breaks, &/or advances.  As a result, you often need a Follow-Up Reading.

Areas prime for this type of reading include:

Job Changes – Financial Issues – Relocations – New Babies,
Health, & NEW relationships.

Or really anything else that’s effecting your life.

During your reading we can discuss as much or as little as you’d like.  Consequently, if you have one or two questions you might book 20 or 30 minutes.  If you have more questions or need more devoted time to look into things, book 45 or 60.   

On the forms you’ll fill out when booking your appointment, you’ll be given the option to share what your major concerns are.  Feel free to share your concerns there, but it’s not required. 

This simply allows me the opportunity to run your transits &/or look at the planets that directly correlate to whatever area of your life is causing you pause, questions, or concerns before our Reading.

  • 20 Minute General Follow-Up Readings are best if you really only have one or two areas of your life in question.  Or, if you simply want a very quick update and review.

  • 30 Minute General Follow-Up Readings are what you want if want a more thorough look into a couple areas of your life.  Or again, if you’ve run into a new concern that needs additional coverage and insight.  

  • 45 Minute General Follow-Up Readings are the most popular follow-up.   I assume that’s because they offer more time, which allows us to cover several questions.  Also, it allows us to review what we originally spoke about on a deeper, more thorough level. 

  • 60 Minute General Follow-Up Readings are always best since it gives us enough time to cover several areas of your life deeply.  Thus, if you have several questions, or want to look more deeply into a few areas, this is the Follow-Up Reading you’ll want to schedule.

Again, book the time you feel you’ll need since I’m often unable to extend our reading at the end due to previously booked appointments.

For Relationships, if you have Your Person’s Birth Information and that’s your major concern, check out our Couple’s Readings.

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