Astrology Tells Us About You, Your Life, and Your Future!

Astrology ReadingsIt Tells Us Who You Are and Why.  It Details Your Strengths & Challenges. 

It Shares Real Insight About Your Future… Often Telling You Precisely When Different Events Will Occur.   

It even allows us to Reliably See How to Lessen, Alter, or Change Undesirable Outcomes, while Making the Most of Great Planetary Interactions.  In order to Lessen Stress and Heighten Success.

Astrology allows us to clearly see your patterns.
Patterns I believe that were set up with Your Desired Fate in Mind.


Therefore…. If You’d Like to Know More About Your:

Career  • Finances • Physical Well-Being • Relationships & Would like an Overview of the Coming Year

You Need to Have Your  Individualized & Very Personal Astrology Chart Done!



After working with Astrology for over 45 years, I’m still astounded by just how accurate it really is.  I can’t tell you why it’s SO accurate.  

I ONLY KNOW…. that in my own life, as well as in the lives of hundreds of my clients, I’ve seen astonishing confirmation that there’s something very accurate about understanding how to read and interpret the planets and their interactions.  

ALL OF WHICH… has led me to believe that Astrology is a very major piece of the puzzle to understanding life, our purpose, our potential, and yes, even death.   Amazing stuff really!

Your Astrology Chart is entirely Unique to You.
It really is Your Personal Life Map.

Understand the Map and You Begin to Understand Your Life.

I don’t claim to know everything by looking at your Astrology Chart.  But, I do know that I can help you foresee the best times to make changes in your life.  As well as when to stay put.

PLUS… you’ll learn to understand why you have the challenges you do.  As well as learn about potential strengths you never even realized you had.  

Therefore, if you’d like to have a better understanding of your life, have your chart done.

If you opt to have your Complete Natal & Transit Chart Reading (60 Min), we’ll also review your very personalized astrology predictions (transits) for the next year.  

Schedule your Complete Natal Chart Reading
PLUS One Year of Forecast/Transits TODAY!

This Reading Lasts 60 Minutes


Psychic Readings


Calleen takes your chart and boils it down to real life language.  I had my chart done by two different astrologers in the same month, and I can say, Calleen made it all make sense.  The other Astrologer talked a lot of Astrology lingo which meant nothing to me.  Plus, Calleen sometimes adds different facets to her chart readings that other astrologers don’t.  Book an appointment.  You won’t be sorry!  Pat, Illinois


What Will Your Astrology Reading Involve?

1) Before our appointment I run & analyze your Natal Chart and Your Transit Chart.   This enables me to begin our appointment with an in-depth review of your Natal Chart

By looking at your Planets & Signs, along with the aspects they make to one another, we get incredibly specific information about you. 

We’ll learn your natural strengths, along with get insight into how to work around areas of your life you may have struggled with.   

PLUS… provided we have the time of birth, you’ll learn precisely what areas of your life all of this planetary activity plays out in.   What areas are dominant in your life, as well as what areas aren’t.

Since I realize that some of you won’t know your time of birth, we can work without it.  But if you do have it, or can find it, it really narrows everything down to an ultra-specific point.  It’s worth the effort to locate it.

2) Next, we look at the Moon’s North and South Nodes 

These nodes tell us What You’ve Come into This Life to Learn & Do… along with what you’ve done so many times in the Past (or in Past Lives if you’re good with that) that could be undermining you in this life.  

Problem is, if we live on our strengths from a past time we cheat ourselves out of this life’s potential.  We might even manage to complicate things as we repeat sabotage patterns.  

Thus, we explore the Nodes in order to help you make sense of why you do things that sometimes are self defeating…. AND… what to do instead in order to achieve the best relationship, job, &/or financial resume.

After a review of Who You Are & Why, we’ll then look at your Personal Astrology Predictions for the coming year.

3)  These transits are what most people think of as their Horoscope.  The difference being, this is Your Personal Horoscope, based on your precise Date, Location, and Time of Birth.

No one else has this.  This is yours.

Your Transits will tell you:

• The Areas of Your Life Where You’ll experience MAJOR Activity in the Coming Year.
Example:  Will You Be Moving, Getting Married, or Getting a Raise… or just the opposite.

• They’ll also clue us in on whether this Activity Will Be Pleasant or Not so much so.
   Example:  Will You Come into Money or Lose Money.

* They even guide you in What’s in Your Best Interest to Do… along with what’s not.
   Example:  Should you start the new business now or wait until next year and plan.

Bottom line is… transits tell us WHEN to act, as well as when to wait.

“Calleen… I could not believe how accurate the chart was.  I was blown away by how everything you said in describing me was me.  From the very start you said things that explained a lot to me about my life and how people react to me.  I had no idea I could learn this much.  It helped me so much.  Thank you.”  J.B. Indianapolis, IN

Can You Ask Me About Things You Haven’t Covered?

Yes.  There’s SO much information in any one chart that I cover the most important things.  Yet it’s impossible to reveal everything in one reading.  It would take days.  Therefore, if you have a question or concern, please ask.

Again, it’s your reading.  I want to spend the time discussing what matters to you.


Do You Use Your Psychic Abilities During an Astrology Reading?

Sometimes, but often as a side-note.  You could schedule a Life Reading if you want all of my abilities combined.

Too, there’s so much in a chart that I try to devote this hour to covering as much of your Astrology information as I can.

“Calleen… You told me there would be a big problem at work in July… and there was, almost to the day, I got fired!  I had already been looking around for another job because of our reading.  I also understood likely why from talking to you.  Thanks for the heads-up.”  Jim, Indiana



What if you have something come up between readings:

A lot of people run into stumbling blocks &/or additional questions during the course of any year.  And while we’ve likely touched on it during the first reading, we may have only had time to briefly do so.   

Thing is… there’s literally hundreds of items in your chart and several dozen transits happening in any one year.  Obviously, we can’t talk about all of them during our initial reading.  I do touch on all MAJOR life changing transits.

Consequently, if something specific comes up and you need more insight about it, we can always look more deeply into both your natal chart and the ongoing  transits.  We may even look into some of the smaller transits for a specific timeframe &/or event in order to find your answers and guidance.

In that case feel free to book 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes for a Astrology Follow-Up Reading.   The amount of time you book is entirely up for you.  Obviously the more questions you have the more time you’ll want to book.

How Accurate Are You?

In the case of Astrology, I’m only the interpreter.  Astrology itself is the star performer and it’s HIGHLY accurate.

Truth is, Astrology is a science.  It’s predictable and repeatable.  Now obviously I realize scientists may have other opinions (ha).  Still, Astrology predicts the ebbs and flows of your life with a remarkable degree of accuracy.

It really is your Life Map.  Once you learn to understand the map life gets a whole lot easier.  Or, at the very least, makes far more sense.

“Calleen, I learned so much from my astrology reading. I wasn’t sure I even wanted one, but am glad I got one. You told me things that amazed me. Stuff you couldn’t know. I think I’m headed in the right direction now. I can’t thank you enough for the time you gave me. Man was I ever surprised. I think I know what to do now. Again thanks.” Jordan, WI

Do You Offer Refunds?

Nope.  Astrology is accurate.  Still, as with all of my readings, I charge for the time I put into the reading and upfront chart studying.  But I can never promise absolutes… free will and all.  I also cannot guarantee you’ll like what you hear.  Yet most do.

Will You Tell me Things I Don’t Want to Hear?

Maybe.  I’m honest.  I also understand that if I see it in your chart, and you’re calling to hear about you, then you probably should know what I see.

HOWEVER… I really am working to help you live a better life.  Meaning, I do my best not to share a lot of negative stuff. But even when I do, I’ll help you review what I see and find out about how to turn almost any negative event into a positive thing.

I DO NOT predict death though.  It’s not my thing.

Are Your Astrology Readings Confidential?

Yes.  100%.  Even the Testimonials I publish are permission based.  I always ask the person who wrote me the note BEFORE I publish them if it’s okay to do so.  I also ask how they want to be identified in them.

With that said, please let me hear your reviews after your reading.  I love both private reviews and testimonials.   Problem is, I always seem to forget to ask for them.

Outside of that though, no one will ever know what we spoke about but us.


Can I Record Our Astrology Reading?

.  I encourage you to record.  Clients always tell me how when they go back over their recordings they’re amazed at how accurate they were.  Usually they even hear things they missed entirely during the reading because they were focusing on something else.

How Do the Astrology Readings Take Place?

If you live in the US I’m happy to either call you on the telephone or Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, you must have a Skype account.  If so, you can opt for Video Chat or Audio Chat (for those who like readings in their PJ’s).

If you live outside the US you can either call me on the day of the appointment, or I’m happy to Skype you.  If you schedule a Skype appointment, again, you must have a Skype account, and you too have the option for Video or Audio Chat.

Book Your Reading Today!

Psychic Readings

You may also call, text, or email me if you prefer…
or if the times or dates listed won’t work for you.

Phone Number: 317-781-1159


“Calleen. The reading I had with you yesterday blew my mind. You explained the reason behind things that have happened to me my whole life, going back to when I was a kid. You helped me release old feelings so I could heal. I finally understood why my life unfolded as it did. I’ve had my chart done several times before. Each time you take it to another level deeper and I’m so amazed at what a chart tells a person. It really does tell them everything about their life. But at different times in their life. Like when they’re ready to hear it. I can’t thank you enough. I can’t believe how much you shared with me about things you had no way of knowing. Seriously! It is absolutely mind blowing. Thank you so much.” Pat O. Indianapolis, IN

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