Your 2021 Year Ahead Astrology Guide for Every Sign by Rebecca Gordon

Start off the New Year on the right path.

We can celebrate in the fact that the astrology of 2021 is a world of difference from 2020. Two of our largest planets (Jupiter and Saturn) meet up and change signs—a rare occurrence that happens only once every 20 years. And truly, 2021 announced the beginning of a brand new era collectively and in your personal life. Read below for your sun sign and rising sign to find out what it means for you.


As a stack of planets exits your career sector, the pressure will lift on job-related matters, and you will realize you don’t actually have to carry such a heavy load. It’s time to take action on your most coveted visions as Jupiter and Saturn align, asking you to follow a dream. Areas of publishing and broadcasting will be lit up.

Year Theme: Collaboration and vision. This is your year to stop playing small and commit to your higher vision. Collaborate with those you admire.

Awakening: Learning, media, travel. Learn a new skill.

Love: From June 12 to July 30, sparks fly with Mars and Venus in your love sector.

Career: January is a power month.

Money: May brings a new beginning.

Health: September is the time to reset your mind-body routine.


You are stepping into your authority in 2021 as three large planets gather at the crown of your chart. It appears that you will be receiving external support or an investment as a solar eclipse brings new potential in your finance sector. To make the most of this prosperous phase, be sure to devote time to important business endeavors.

Year Theme: Career and success on your terms, as Jupiter and Saturn set up at the crown of your chart.

Awakening: Self-worth and money. You will learn to break through any inherited subconscious patterns around worth and money.

Power Zone: From January 7 to March 4, you will be radiant as magnetic Mars occupies Taurus.

Love: From July 30 to September 15, love will be dedicated.

Career: February

Money: June

Health: October


December 2020 sets the stage for a new kind of commitment in your life as your partnership sector gets eclipsed. This could be business or personal, though whatever the case, this partnership will open new opportunities of learning, teaching, and travel for you in 2021.

Year Theme: Publishing, teaching broadcast. Break out into new forms of communication.

Awakening: Self/other. This is your time to commit or jump ship, and you will know with eclipses in your partner sector.

Power Zone: From March 4 to April 24, you call the shots.

Love: From September 15 to October 31, Mars will stir up romance.


Money: July

Health: November


These last couple years have not been the easiest, as most of our solar system dwelled opposite you in the sign of Capricorn. 2021 will be your time to focus on getting into the best health ever, as Saturn, the planet of discipline, and Jupiter, the planet of luck, will support your routines and wellness.

Year Theme: Finances, trust, and intimacy. It is your year to open up and melt the armor.

Awakening: Spirit and body. Focus on spirituality and better personal health as eclipses light up the private areas of your chart.

Power Zone: From April 24 to June 12, you will be in your zone and feel energized.

Love: In November, a Scorpio new moon will show you the depth of a connection.


Money: August

Health: December


If there were a year to commit to your passions in love and creativity, it would be now. Jupiter and Saturn will align favorably for marriage or a new creative partnership. Committed? Perhaps you will create a child together or birth a new exciting endeavor. Love will guide you in the right direction.

Year Theme: Commitment, business partnership, and marriage. You are ready for a serious endeavor.

Awakening: True love and your positioning. Eclipses open the heart and creativity.

Power Zone: From June 12 to July 30, Mars in Leo will give you extra confidence to meet all your goals.

Career: From January 7 to March 4, it will be a busy time for you, so rest up.

Talent: September

Vocation: November

Love: December


Unexpected new doorways will open for home and real estate as a solar eclipse lights up the foundation of your chart. This is not only a move or home upgrade—it’s a change of priorities. You will create the life and work habits that will stay with you for years to come.

Year Theme: Health, routines, and work/life environment. With Jupiter and Saturn in your sector of health, it’s time to create healthy patterns to last you a lifetime.

Awakening: Home and career. It’s your year for a new home and career advancement.

Power Zone: From July 30 to September 15, Mars in Virgo puts you in charge.

Career: From March 4 to April 24, it will be a busy season.

Home: The December 2020 eclipse

Love: January

Career: The June 2021 eclipse


Family matters may have weighed you down in these past couple years with most of the solar system at the base of your chart. Now in December 2020, the planets gather in your house of creativity. It’s time to free yourself up with writing and other emotionally fulfilling outlets. You will shine.

Year Theme: Love, creativity, and children. Jupiter and Saturn get serious in the sector of true love.

Awakening: Learning, broadcasting, and publishing. It’s time to share your truth, share your message.

Power Zone: From September 15 to October 31, take charge.

Career: From April 24 to June 12, you will be well positioned to make your move.

Love: February

Publish: The June 2021 eclipse

Money/Talent: November


The solar eclipse in your earned income sector will help you break through the glass ceiling and become more abundant. This will also be reflected in your home as Jupiter, the planet of prosperity, opens the space for a larger pad or renovation. It’s time to value yourself and know your worth.

Year Theme: Home, real estate, and family

Break Through: Money stories and abundance

Power Zone: From October 30 to December 12, this year ends with you reclaiming your self-worth and power.

Money: The December 2020 eclipse begins a new cycle.

Love: March

Health (Focus): April

Travel Zone: July


This is your year to learn a new skill as Jupiter and Saturn will spend 2021 in your communications sector. You will have all the motivation and focus you need to write a book, create a course, or learn a language. Fall in love with your life again.

Year Theme: Writing, learning new skills. Jupiter and Saturn work to open your communications sector.

Break Through: Self-awareness, partnership, and marriage. Realizing commitment.

Health (Focus): From January 7 to March 4

Travel Zone: From June 12 to July 30

Personal Rebirth: The December 2020 eclipse

Love: From April to June

Partnership: The June 2021 eclipse


This will be a year of deep inner change as an eclipse lights up the most hidden sector of your chart. You will be able to release longtime subconscious patterns and connect to a newfound sense of joy. A hobby or interest may develop into a new business endeavor. Give it your all, and it will lead to success.

Year Theme: Money and skills. You are turning your true talents and skills into business.

Break Through: Spirit and body. Awakenings of spirit and body will help align your path.

Health: From March 4 to June 24, Mars in your physical sector will help you crush your goals.

Learn/Teach: From July 30 to September 15

Spirit: The December 2020 eclipse

Love: May and July

Body: The June 2021 eclipse


You are now in your Saturn return, an event that happens every 29 years. This is a time to lay down the building blocks for your future. Take time with every decision as each one will yield long-term results. Jupiter joins with Saturn in your own sign, bringing a wealth of opportunity. Live courageously and commit to your vision.

Year Theme: Personal development. With both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, it is time to commit to the true you and embrace your lucky year.

Break Through:
 Love and community. You will meet the key people in 2021 who travel through life with you in the years ahead.

 From April 24 to June 12, it’s time to get embodied and commit to a routine that suits you well.

 From January 7 to March 4

The December 2020 eclipse


The June 2021 eclipse


You are one of the most creative members of the zodiac, so when there is a solar eclipse in December 2020, it will ask you to bring your hidden talents to the surface and up to production. Trust your intuition and natural artistic ability to guide you. You are ready to go big and share your creativity with the world.

Year Theme: Spirituality and inner exploration. Jupiter and Saturn spend time in the most private area of your chart.

Break Through: Home and career. Eclipses will awaken a new career potential at the start of the year.

Love: From April 24 to June 12, romance and true love will surround you; a creative time as well.

Health: From June 12 to July 30

Career: The December 2020 eclipse

Partnership: September

Home: The June 2021 eclipse

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