Why Has this Universal 22/4 Year Been SUCH a Problem? By Calleen Wilder

2019 Numerology

I am not a professional numerologist. BUT, I have followed and applied numerology for over 25 years, so I know a wee bit about it.

First off let me say that this year has been a pain in the arse for every single person I’ve encountered. Not only because of COVID, masks, social distancing, riots, cities being torn apart, and fires spreading relentlessly throughout our beautiful country, but also because our personal lives have been tested, set ablaze, and in some instances, entirely ravaged… well, to one degree or another… perhaps I over-dramatized there (ha)!

SO, WHY has this been happening? What could be possibly have done to deserve this year of reckoning?

First off know that 2020 is a Master Year. How that’s figured is you add 2+0+2+0=22…. reduced that down by adding 2+2 and you have a 4 Year.

YET… when you end up with 11, 22, 33, or 44, you’re not supposed to reduce those final numbers down ever. Those are “MASTER NUMBERS”.

This 22/4 is not your Personal Year Number. That’s found by adding your birth month to your birth day to the number of the current year, 4 (all reduced to single digits before adding). Once done, you then reduce that number down to a single digit… unless again, it adds up to an 11, 22, 33, or 44.

SO NO… this 22/4 is a UNIVERSAL YEAR NUMBER for every single dang one of us. Meaning, we all have this year in the backdrop, forefront, or just spewing its anger all over what remains of our lives. Plus, we still have to work out whatever lessons were dished out for us as we try to also incorporate our Personal Year Number. SIGH!

MEANING, we’re all getting a taste of this master disaster year. But I digress.

Back to the 22/4 thing. It has been not only my understanding, but also my personal experience, that whenever you have a Master Year in play, be it personal or universal, the lessons meant to be learned are at a Master Level.

In other words, everything is ramped up to the most incredible level of testing. And the “4” alone is a “builder” year. Meaning, whatever foundation we’re basing our lives on, our world on, it’s now being vise-gripped to death. Squeezed, in fact, until some things crumble, some things crack, while other things miraculously withstand the pressure and become stronger as a result of having gone through it.

Obviously people, some of us were screwing things up on a universal level quite horrifically… ha! Yes, I include myself in the “some of us” statement.

Hence, we’re cracking, falling, yelling, crying, dying, burning, rioting, and even being forced to wear the damn masks that make our faces moist and our breathing hard. UGH! NO… I don’t like the masks. Yes, I do wear it wherever required. But it makes me sad and slightly broke out.

NOW… here’s the good news. Generally, based on 25 years of past observations, I’ve found that any master year consists of merciless testing and crumbling during the first 1/2, 3/4, 9/10th of the year, (depending on how quickly we learn I suppose). BUT the last 1/2, 1/4, 1/10th ushers in change… and also, MASTER REWARDS.

YEP! Our lives get smoother, better, and richer, with more life in them. All precisely because we grew, we listened, we changed, we built better (builder year), we shifted our priorities to things that actually matter, and bottom line, we grew. In this case, we grew as a nation… on a Universal level.

I believe this “rewarding business” can’t happen soon enough. Yet, even if we’re procrastinators who are refusing to grow, I suppose one day of celebration beats every single other day of this often grumpy and mean year.

Consequently, take heed. Know that provided we all quit hurting one another and begin helping one another, or at least caring about one another, we will get rewarded… on a Master Level. That’s something, right?

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