What Your Neptune Sign Means, By Astrology House And Zodiac Sign By Erin Watson

Everyone has ten planets in their natal chart, and Neptune is one of them. Your Sun describes your ego. Your Moon how you feel and Mercury is the way that you think.

Everyone knows that Venus is the planet of love, and the rising sign is how others view you, and Mars is what drives your motivation and passionate pursuits.

But, what does your Neptune sign mean?

Your Neptune sign meaning is unique depending on the zodiac sign you were born into and the house it was in at the time of your birth.

It not only helps to explain your psychic intuition and how you dream, but it also is a generational planet that gives insight into what’s going on in the world during your time of birth.

Discovered in 1846, Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun and is invisible to the naked eye; it is a gaseous planet and is called the “blue planet” because of its blueish foggy and cloudy surface.

The meaning of Neptune is tied to the God of the Sea in Roman mythology (Poseidon in Greek Mythology).

Neptune takes 165 years to revolve around the sun and spends 14 years in each sign, making it a big factor in a critical chunk of our lives. It has feminine energy and rules the twelfth house and Pisces.

The meaning of Neptune in astrology:

Neptune is associated with dreams, the ideal, magic, daydreams, and spirituality. Neptune is all about evolving, changing, and using spirituality to better ourselves.

Neptune is not all dreams and fun fantasy; on the negative side, it is also linked with lethargy, addiction, chaos, confusion, escapism, and being easily influenced.

Neptune can inspire but can also confused and upset.Idealism is great, but sometimes harsh reality must set in which can be upsetting and disappointing.

Neptune is connected to everything unseen; the planet is all about the forces at play in life and subconscious desires. In charge of our dreams, hopes, and creativity, logic and reality are the antitheses of Neptune.

Neptune encourages empathy and intuition, as well as sacrificing for the greater good.

The meaning of Neptune can be interpreted in dance, music, and poetry as well as theatre, television, movies, and fashion.

Any profession that relates to spirituality, creativity, devotion, and fantasy relates to Neptune.

Priests, artists, actors/actresses, poets, dancers, nuns, and tarot readers are some prime Neptune-related jobs and occupations.

When Neptune is in one of your houses, this means you need to have trust and hope in this aspect of your life. Additionally, it means you may face deceit and confusion in this area.

Neptune can have positive and negative effects in astrology; it can be a catalyst for great inspiration and creativity.

A time of energy and connection to the unseen, Neptune is a turn away from the logical and corporal world and a step into dreams, aspirations, hopes, and the ideal.

It makes sense that Neptune, with its cloudy and hazy appearance, is tied so closely to all that is mysterious and hidden from us.

Neptune can indicate a desire to remove yourself from the world around you; it can be ideal for creative inspiration but can also cause melodrama and discontentment with the life you have currently.

Neptune encourages you to remove barriers and strive for what you want with no thought for limitations. Everyday routines are rejected.

Negatively, Neptune is connected to alcoholism and drug use and those affected try to escape reality. Neptune has a strong influence on if an individual has a tendency to struggle with addiction.

For better or worse, Neptune is a dynamic planet that has a monumental effect on our lives; its slow rotation around the Sun makes its impact profound and easy to distinguish.

Here’s everything you need to know about Neptune and what it means in astrology, and your zodiac sign in general! Read on to figure out how this planet shows up in your life.

Neptune sign meaning for all zodiac signs and astrology houses:

Aries: first astrology solar house

Energetic and fiery, Neptune in Aries or the first astrology house are imaginative people who break down barriers and go after what they want.

However, they can struggle at deciphering the truth in areas they are passionate about.

They tend to be spiritual and religious and want to bring peace to those around them.

Taurus: second astrology house

Neptune in Taurus and the second astrology house are all about possessions and having the next new thing; it can be hard to motivate them, but once they start something there’s no holding them back.

They are typically practical about what they want and how they will achieve their dreams.

Gemini: third astrology house

Neptune in Gemini and the third astrology house tend to see the best in everyone around them and love spending time with people.

They are expert communicators and excel in education and deep thinking.

Cancer: fourth astrology house

Neptune in Cancer and the fourth astrology house are very protective of their loved ones and enjoy having their people around them at all times.

They are deeply emotional when it comes to their friends and family and will do anything for them.

Leo: fifth astrology house

Neptune in Leo and the fifth astrology house are fun-loving individuals with tons of natural charisma, which draws people to them constantly.

They have a love of drama and entertainment and can be impulsive as opposed to intellectual.

Virgo: sixth astrology house

Neptune in Virgo and the sixth astrology house are all about healing people and protecting the world.

These are naturally caring people who love nothing more than to serve others. Idealistic and empathetic, they are very detail-oriented as well.

Libra: seventh astrology house

Neptune in Libra and the seventh astrology house love being diplomats and have strong opinions on freedom and equality.

They tend to stand up for what they believe in just as often as they try to defuse tensions.

Scorpio: eighth astrology house

Neptune in Scorpio and the eighth astrology house tend to be very intense and passionate individuals who become very interested in different things.

They are talented and ambitious people who are very interested in the secrets of the world around them.

Sagittarius: ninth astrology house

Neptune in Sagittarius and the ninth astrology house believe in freedom for all and are typically very tolerant of those around them.

They dream of a better world where everyone is in harmony and respects one another.

Capricorn: tenth astrology house

Neptune in Capricorn and the tenth astrology house tend to be interested in money and success. They want to be wealthy and powerful and will work hard to make this happen.

The road to this point can be confusing and difficult to manage, but they have a knack for both inventive ideas and practical planning.

Aquarius: eleventh astrology house

Neptune in Aquarius and the eleventh astrology house are loyal people who march to the beat of their own drum.

They can seem a little different to those around them, but they are very idealistic passionate people when it comes to their dreams and passions.

Pisces: twelfth astrology house

Neptune in Pisces and the twelfth astrology house are typically very spiritual and religious.

They want to serve others and create the best possible world for everyone.

They are selfless, empathetic people who take this quest very seriously and want nothing more than peace.

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Since Neptune is such a slow-moving planet, it’s sign placement applies to many people in the same generation. Thus, while it matters and should be read, I’d pay more attention to the house placement in your personal natal chart, as it’s very specific to you. Calleen

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