Our Planet of Upset and Chaos, Uranus, Just Switched Signs


In case anyone else is having a hard day (God knows I am… one of the hardest in a looooong time), know that Uranus just switched from Aries into Taurus.

Meaning, one of the “big boy” planets, a planet that likes change, upset, surprises, and a touch of chaos, is leaving fire-y Aries (think volcanic eruptions) and moving into Taurus.

Taurus, the sign of bull-headedness, earth, material world concerns, and all things pleasurable.

The goal, I imagine, is to go out with a bang, and perhaps create even a bigger bang in all the things we normally find so much pleasure in. In fact, the things we usually find structure and safety in… like home, family, money, food, and whatever else floats your boat on a regular basis.

So hang on. The transit took place about a week ago… but we all should have been feeling it for about a month before. We’ll continue to feel it for another few weeks.

After that, the dust will settle and we’ll likely decide to make some pretty major changes as a result (if we haven’t already)… in the coming months. Uranus wants “life” in our lives.

He hates boring, out-dated, toxic, and dysfunctional. Thus, he’s trying his VERY best to rub whatever has “long outlived its usefulness in our lives” in our faces. Mission accomplished Uranus.

So for now, do your best not to gore too many people. Seriously… today, I’ve considered doing far worse. Also, do your best to go-with-the-flow, take notes, understand what’s not working in your life, and begin to figure out how to change it.

If you don’t, Uranus will be in Taurus for awhile… and he has zero problem reminding you on the regular, in the most inappropriate of fashions. Remember I said that!

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