2017 is a Universal “1” Year For Everyone

By Calleen Wilder

Universal Year Number

So last week we covered how to figure out what your Personal Year Number is for 2017… along with what that means for you.  If you need a refresher, you can read that article here.

Today, I thought we’d also briefly cover what 2017 (2+0+1+7=10… reduce the 10 by adding 1+0=1) means for all of us.  As of January 1, 2017 the Universal Number changes, as does the energy that accompanies the numerical change.

The Universal Year Number is different than the Personal Year Number, in that it applies to everyone.  It’s more like the prevailing theme, whereas your Personal Year Number is much more specific to you.  Said another way, the Universal Year Number is like the backdrop of a play, while the Personal Year Number is the action, the actors, the verb.

An example might be that last year was a Universal Year 9 for everyone (2+0+1+6=9).  A 9 year represents “endings”.  It’s a tying-up-the-loose-ends type of year.  As such, most of us experienced some type of ending this past year.  Usually when a “9” is involved, so is an ending of something important or major, versus an ending that goes by relatively unnoticed.

Then when we add in our actors, our Personal Year Number, we see where the endings took place.

Using me as an example (largely because I don’t think anyone else wants me sharing their info) know that I was in the “9” Universal “Endings” Year with all of you, while also in a “5” Personal Year.

What this foretells is that there’s likely going to be many endings come about in my life, in a rather fast and furious way, requiring many Changes (the “5” Year Mantra).

If you follow my astrology you can understand what it means when I say I relate the “5” Personal Year to the Planet Uranus.   Largely because Uranus represents sudden, unexpected, unanticipated, and usually quite chaotic upheaval in the life of those it touches.  It hates the norm and will toss out the proverbial baby with the bath-water when necessary in order to get new, exciting, and life back into our lives.  The “5” is similar, although not always quite as abrupt… yet it can be.

So taking all of that into consideration here’s the run down:  I got divorced in January; bought and moved into a new home in May; my youngest also graduated high school in May; I sent him off to college in September; and now I find myself studying an entirely new subject, in a new field entirely, in order to make all of the financial “ends meet” again.  Hence, Uranus and the 5.

Know too that my ex, whom I was married to for 29 years, was in a “9” year.  So he was in a “9” Personal Year during the “9” Universal Year.  Is it any wonder?

Now while my example might be extreme, it definitely shows you how things can shape up according to the numbers.  It also shows you that if you have people who are near and dear in your life, you need to look at their Personal Year Numbers as hard as you look at your own.  Theirs will definitely influence yours.

With that said, we’re now entering into a “1” Universal Year (whew).  “1” Years (regardless of Personal or Universal) are all about New Beginnings.  

As a result, we’ll all find ourselves busy trying outs all sorts of new things, likely brought about partially by the endings of 2016, our Universal “9”.

Know too that some of what we try out will work spectacularly.  Some will not.  That’s the point though.  We’re beginning a whole new nine-year cycle Universally.  Thus, we don’t know exactly what will and what won’t work yet.  Consequently, we try a little bit of this and a little bit of that to see what sticks.

To revert back again to myself, I’ll be entering into a “6” Personal Year.  I’ve always found “6” Years to be about added Family Responsibilities.  And, since my father is now in the last stages of cancer, I think that’s a certainty.

Also, on a more positive note, I’ve found 6 Years usually correspond with Added Responsibilities in a few other areas, like work.  And since I’m currently in the middle of implementing a few new businesses (thanks to my “5” Year shake-up), I’ll be working long, hard, and with nothing if not sheer will & determination to make at least one of them succeed.  In other words, I totally “get” the 6.

As for you, you’ll be working on New Beginnings in many areas too.

If your Personal Year is also a “1”, likely new beginnings in nearly every area…. maybe even focusing more on you, your appearance, your goals, your needs, etc.

If you’re in a Personal Year “2”, you’ll likely be beginning new relationships, romantic and otherwise, during this New Year.  You’ll definitely experience both positive and negative new encounters with all sorts of people.  That’s sort of the theme of the 2.

If you’re in a Personal Year “3”, you could be writing, speaking, selling, proposing, and nearly anything else having to do with communicating your needs, thoughts, and goals in a more public way.  It’ll be fun if you remember that some of what you present will be welcomed, but some will not.  Many will lead to new things though.

If you’re in a Personal Year “4”, there’ll definitely be New Beginnings in Your Home.  Perhaps you’ll buy a new house or add to the one you have.  Perhaps you’ll just decorate, improve, and revise all sorts of things within the confines of where you live.  Also, since 4 involves family, as well as home, you might add a new member to the household, even if only of the pet variety.  You might even move in with someone, get married, become pregnant, and really anything else that adds to your home/family.

If you’re in a Personal Year “5”, obviously you should expect all sorts of New Beginnings in nearly every area of your life.  AND… you won’t know which.  You might go into the year thinking you want to buy a house, only to find out you actually need to get your career, or your marriage, or your money, or your health, etc… under control first.  The “5” will definitely show you where the weak spots are in your life (take it from one who knows… ha).  Just expect CHANGE and new starts as a result of those changes.

If you’re in a Personal Year “6”, read what I said about the “6” above.  But expect change in career and family where responsibility and heavy lifting are concerned.  Also health.  Sometimes 6 years can focus on health.  Just know you’ll be doing the hard work, but usually it’ll pay off precisely because the “6” gives you the desire to do the work.

If you’re in a Personal Year “7”, you might actually get to sit back some, evaluate where you want the changes to happen before you make the move.  You’ll definitely tend to draw inward and away from others much more than normal.  You might even begin to revise your religious &/or spiritual aspirations.  You know, look at the meaning of life for you.  And definitely 7 years have a lot to do with healing.  Therefore, you might expect to try new and different ways to heal your mind, body, and soul.

If you’re in a Personal Year “8”, expect New Beginnings to appear in your Power, Prestige, and Money areas.  This could mean raises, promotions, and even buying the things you’ve always dreamed of owning.  Now while that sounds fun, and usually it is, if you don’t handle any one of those things correctly you could lose more than you win.  So stay humble, grateful, and always hopeful that this will be your year for success.

And lastly, if you’re in a Personal Year “9”, expect some endings that could very quickly be followed by you trying to replace what has left.  In other words, you won’t waste a minute landing on your feet and trying again.  Know too though that I’ve always found whatever ends in a 9 or changes in a 5 needed to.  It was time, even if we weren’t prepared or properly informed ahead of time (just saying).


Plus, a lot of these things might already be showing up in your life.  Usually a few months before the New Year actually takes place, this new energy begins to fade in.  We get a taste before we’re required to eat the whole pie I guess.

Anyway, this is the summary of what your New Year might have in store with you.  Let me also add that even though I lost a lot last year, I gained a lot too.  Maybe not so much in a money sort of way, but more so in an understanding, courage, wisdom, and leap-of-faith kind of way.  “5” years aren’t known for stability. They’re known for risk-taking and leaping before you look (check mark).  The “6” comes in to stabilize the changes of the “5”.  And even though I see the work, I am profoundly grateful for that (ha).

Seriously though, even though the change was forced upon me (usually the outcome of a 5) I couldn’t be happier.  Yes, I’m still a little unsteady on my feet.  Yet, I’m already beginning to tighten up a few of the nuts and bolts of my new life, and that alone gives me great hope for the future.

So even if your year throws you some hard curveballs, just bend into the curve knowing the Universe really does “have you”, even when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.  Miracles do happen.  And you always win, regardless of current appearances.

So breathe, prepare, and enjoy!

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