What Each Planet Means, According To Astrology


1. SUN

The Sun rules Leo.

The Sun is the most popular planet in astrology. It tells you what your dominating, overall personality traits are.

It describes your core essence; it’s what makes you, you! 


The Moon rules Cancer.

The Moon in astrology is very similar to its role in tangible life. It is the reflection of your core essence.

The Moon represents our unconscious selves. It is the underlying traits that always shown on the surface.

It tells us about our feelings, moods, and desires. 


Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury rules communication and technology. It has everything to do with logical reasoning and language.

This is often why we experience issues in communication when Mercury is in retrograde. Mercury remains in a sign from 14-40 days and can be in one particular zodiac sign longer than another due to rx season.


Venus rules Taurus and Libra.

Venus is in charge of all things love, relationship, and beauty. Think about ancient mythology.

Venus is the Goddess of love. Your Venus sign will show what you find attractive and interesting. 


Mars rules Aries and is the ancient ruler of Scorpio. 

Mars is responsible for our instinctual, animalistic reactions.

It is centered on the topics of passion, sex, aggression, and competitiveness. It also describes our motivation to fulfill our desires. 



This planet rules our optimism and sense of hope. It tells us where we will find happiness and how we will find satisfaction in fulfilling our higher purpose.

It can tell you when you will find your self lucky along your walk with life. It rules Sagittarius.


Saturn brings us back down to reality because it dictates discipline, responsibility, and obligation.

With Saturn, we can see our limitations and be reminded to stay practical when chasing our wilder dreams.

It tells us where we may run into obstacles and how we can overcome them. Saturn rules Capricorn.


Uranus is the inverse of Saturn. It tells us about the spontaneity, unpredictability, and openness we will express in our lives.

Your birth chart can tell you under which circumstances you may feel Uranus present in your life. It rules Aquarius. 


Neptune completes its cycle every 10-12 years, so it is the first of the generational planetary descriptors.

It represents the more metaphysical desires and dreams we have. It deals with our imagination and our concept of reality.

It also has a lot to do with where we find creative inspiration in life. It rules Pisces.


Pluto is the last of the astrological planets. It is also a generational descriptor because its cycle takes 12-15 years to complete.

Pluto is the symbol of evolution, death, and rebirth. It dictates our power and our adaptability. Pluto rules Scorpio.

Madison Kerth is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.

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