Saturn Retrograde Will Sort Out Karmic Debts ERIKA W. SMITH

Saturn Retrograde

It’s time for another retrograde, and this time, it’s Saturn that’s appearing to move backwards in the sky. Yes, Jupiter and Pluto also went retrograde earlier this month, but hey, what’s one more planet? Saturn retrograde begins today, April 29, in Capricorn. The sixth planet from the sun will stay retrograde all spring and summer until September 18, when it goes direct. So, what does this mean for our lives?

Saturn naturally rules boundaries, limits, responsibilities, discipline, and authority,” explains managing editor Narayana Montúfar.

“During Saturn retrogradetransit, we may revisit or review these topics while we are given a momentary reprieve from the typical effects of Saturn transits — which may include pressure and a sensation of burden, fear, or frustration.

”But, of course, there is a catch. “During the months that Saturn will be retrograde in Capricorn, we can also expect to experience outdated lessons and reality checks,” Montufar adds. “Known as the Lord of Karma, when Saturn retrogrades, karmic debts are sorted out by blending the past with the present and the future.”

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