Your Personal Year Number for 2017

By Calleen Wilder

Personal YearNow while we all know I’m no expert in Numerology, I have studied and observed it for over 20 years now.  Thus, I though I’d give you my humble opinion about what I believe the numbers have to say about your coming year.

First, you have to figure out your Numerological Personal Year.  You do this by adding your birth month to your birth day to the current year.

Example:  Someone born on November 1, 1970 would add November (11) to birth day (1) to the current year, 2017 (2+0+1+7 = 10).  Then reduce the 10 down to single a digit by adding the 1+0=1.

So we’re adding 11 + 1 + 1 =13    We then reduce this down by adding 1+3=4.  This person would be in a 4 Personal Year.  To be exact, a 13/4 Personal Year (more on that later).

Oh, you toss out the 1970 birth year because it doesn’t apply when figuring your Personal Year Number.

After you have added up your numbers, below is a quick summary of what the new year holds in store for you:

#1 Personal Year – A “1” Year is a time of New Beginnings.  Last year, during the “9” Year, you ended a few things.  Consequently, it only makes sense that you now need to begin other things.

I’ve always found “1” years to be very busy.  You find yourself trying out all sorts of new things, be it in your career, relationships, friendships, clubs, organizations, or even the purchase of a new car, new house, or new job.

Some of what you begin will “stick”.  Some of it will fall short.  So expect to be tossing lots of ideas and plans against the proverbial wall to see what works, all while letting go of what doesn’t.

“1” years are also about you.  Therefore, expect to focus a lot more on yourself as you try to decipher what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of, and what you want none of.

So busy yes.  Usually though, somewhat fun with all the new.

#2 Personal Year – Now that you’ve begun some new things, you want others to either join in or give you their opinions about what you’ve begun.  After all, a “2” is the sum of 1+1… so you and someone else.

Therefore, expect lots of personal interactions.  Some good.  Some not so good.  I mean let’s face it, not everyone is going to like you changing.  Too, not everyone will like what you say, do, or try to become.

I’ve always found two years to be pretty intense.  But, of course, we tend to remember more about the bad and less about the good.  So maybe I’m remembering the tough conversations more than I am the easy ones.  Either way, expect loads of interactions that are fairly substantial.  Also, you might as well expect some arguments, they’re going to happen.

But it’s all about partnerships, joining resources, joining forces, running things by people, & trimming those who can’t keep up.

#3 Personal Year – Now that you’ve hashed-it-out with some of your peeps, this year sweeps in and says, “What are you going to do about these ideas”?  Usually that means, now that’s you’ve started it, how will you make it grow?

I’ve always found “3” years to be mostly about Communication… maybe in the form of advertising, promoting, or simply telling everyone about your new ideas.

I’ve also always found “3” years to be sort of a reprieve from the last three years (the 9, 1, and 2).  Sort of like recess with a whole bunch of talking.

Expect to write, exchange ideas, and talk about everything as you try really hard to get the word out in whatever way works for you.  Fun year usually, especially for writers, singers, and those who use their voice and words for profit.

#4 Personal Year – “4” years are usually about doing the hard work.  You’re now ready to busy yourself with laying the foundation for this new life you’re trying to establish.  And that won’t come easily.  This year it’ll require diligence, effort, attention to detail, and lots of man hours.

“4” years always feel a little heavy, a little cumbersome.  Yet, you’ll get some serious work done.  And, you’ll get it done right since you’re absolutely obsessed with working hard to get your concrete foundation poured correctly.

Expect to work.  Expect also to build something substantial when you do.

#5 Personal Year – Lord, I’m just leaving a “5”year.  And, I’m very happy to be doing so.  Generally “5” years are about “busy-ness”.  You find yourself coming and going, then going and coming.  Usually they’ll be lots of people around as you do so.  So expect loads of visitors, but usually, in a good way.

You may move.  You may get married.  You may get divorced.  You may get engaged, have a baby, build a house, get a new job, make new friends, get rid of a few, and who knows, everything else under the Sun.

Personally, I’ve found “5” years to be exciting, usually with a tinge of fun to them.  But NEW is definitely the word of the day in a “5”.  Expect the unexpected.  Expect also to have uprooted some of the most firmly planted things in your life.

I’m beginning to believe that anything that really isn’t working in your life, gets shuffled up hard during the “5”.  So hold on and try to catch your breathe during the few moments of downtime you have.

Chaotic forced change might be a great way to describe the “5”.  Often though, in a revitalizing, life affirming, and super freeing sort of way.

I compare a “5” year to the planet Uranus in Astrology, if that tells you anything (ha).

#6 Personal Year – “6” Years are notoriously about added family responsibilities.  Therefore, you may end up taking on some new tasks brought about by those nearest and dearest to you this year.

Too though, I’ve always noticed that “6” Years are about continuing to put forth some real effort in your career/work fields.  It’s almost like a furnishing the foundation you build back in the “4”… especially now that you’ve got all these new ideas, new people, and new vistas ushered in by the “5”.

So expect work.  Expect to have more responsibility too. But at least things will begin to slow down to a more human pace (lol).  I’m just hoping this means my newly acquired hyper-activity and jittery sensitivity (waiting on the next shoe to drop) will disappear (double sigh).  Right now I’m happy to take heavy over chaotic.

#7 Personal Year – I tend to love “7” Personal Years.  “7” years allow you to pull inward in order that you may review what you like about what you’ve built, along with what you don’t.  It allows you to rearrange your priorities through deep thinking and time alone.

“7” is also the year of the Hermit.  Thus, most of us will stay-in more so than go out.  We’re incorporating and consolidating more so than actively forcing or doing.

Being the hermit I am, this is right up my alley.

Plus, it’s a time of healing, resting, and recouping your energy for the final push next year.  So if you need to get-well, this is the year to do so via whatever method calls to you.  It’s also a year to pamper yourself in order to do so.

So Enjoy!

#8 Personal Year – An “8” Year is about Money, Power, and Prestige, along with the right use of all three.

Many people are promoted, get better jobs, are given nice raises, as all sorts of goodies come your way.  Well… provided we’re not greedy little mongers or all self-righteous about it.  Remember, the right use of these are as important as the gathering in is.

Therefore, if you find lack during an “8”, know that you either aren’t thinking about money correctly, or you’re only thinking about money.  Either one will throw you a hard blow.

However, if you’re gathering up the money fast and furious, remember to share, contribute, and definitely, appreciate.  Stay humble.  But also, expect to be abundant… that’s huge during an eight.  Don’t visualize scarcity or what you don’t want.  Visualize what you do.

In essence, now that you’ve reviewed and gone inward to find out what really matters to you during the “7”, now is the time to apply what you’ve learned and hopefully reap the harvest.

“8” Years are powerful years if done well.

#9 Personal Year – “9” is the end of the cycle.  Next year we’ll start all over again at the “1”.  Obviously this means it’s a conclusions year.  So some things &/or people will leave your life this year.  Just know, they’re meant to.  It’s time for you to move on.

Other things will simply culminate.  A business begun, tended to, and grown correctly might come fully into its own during a “9”.  Who knows, you might decide to continue forth with it, expanding upon it during the “1”.  Or you might sell it if the time is right.  It could also go under entirely if not built correctly.

You can definitely expect things to slow down after the “8”.  You’ve pushed about as hard as you can to grow the idea that popped in during the “1”.  Now we simply sit back and watch as things unfold to show us what we need to do more of and less of next year… along with the next 9 year cycle.

“9” years are notoriously hard for starting new projects.  It’s more of a putting-a-period-on-it year.

However occasionally I’ve heard of people starting things that were quite successful during a “9”, but not very often.


And that about sums up your year.  But as I mentioned earlier, the preceding numbers in your year matter too.

So in the example above where the person was in a 13/4 year, know they are in a 4 Personal Year.

However, the energies of the 1 and 3 will strongly come into play too.  Meaning, this person will be busy building their foundation.  But in order to build it correctly, they’ll be trying lots of new things (1) &/or focusing on their wants and needs (1).  They’ll also want “their time alone” (1), and not a lot of input from others (1).

However, the 3 will have them conversing or promoting a lot.  Maybe even writing, singing, and using their voice to do so.  And yes, while they may be talking to others, they aren’t really offended if others don’t agree with them like in the “2” year.  Instead, they want options and opinions, but will walk away and do their own thing every single time (1).

So focus will be on self.  They will be promoting (3) self and taking in lots of ideas from others.  Yet, they’ll always go back to their own opinion (1) once it’s established and continue building (4).  However, the 3 energy will give the year more lightness since “3” years bring in the air, whereas “4” can sometimes have us forgetting to come up for it.

Oh, and if you’re in a year that adds up to a Master Year like 11, 22, or 33.  Just know, you’ll still reduce them down to the 2, 4, and 6 respectively.  BUT… whatever is going on that year will be at a Master Level.

Meaning, majorly good and majorly hard things will happen.  Plus, if you have double ones you’re really tending to your self and doing your own thing.  If you have double twos you’re having several hard conversations with other people.  And double threes will usher in lots of talking, writing, and selling.

Anyway, that’s sort of the long and short of it.   Enjoy your year!

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