Calleen’s Slightly Snarky Astrology Prediction for January 2017

Astrology Prediction

January 1st – Mars in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

The year begins with our planet of fire and brimstone drowning in the sign of compassion, ego-denial, and lethargy, Pisces.  AND, since it’s now joining forces with Neptune (ruler of Pisces), who also happens to be in Pisces, we might as well get used to tear soaked hankies and a whole lot of frustration.

It’s true.  This transit takes away most of our vim and vigor, leaving only sadness, self-brow-beating, and a bad case of irritability and self-disdain in its wake.  SIGH!

I guess the best use of this often depressing energy is to do something Neptunian in origin… perhaps like volunteering or studying something spiritual.  Both of which Neptune and Pisces simply adore.  Only caution might be… 1) make sure someone isn’t taking advantage of you, and 2) don’t push your physical limits.

Here’s the thing, your desire to do good could end up with someone less scrupulous than you reaping in all the goodies while you do all of the work.  Yep, it’s a true con-artist type of transit.  So be alert for anything too shiny to possibly be of any good to you.

Know also that your physical health is easily overwhelmed right now.  As I said, drowning in our do-good-ed-ness, which is only surpassed by our lack of clear vision.

Perhaps then the best use of this energy is to nap.  I’d recommend doing something artistic since Pisces rules artists, but since Mars is frustrated by today’s transit, you likely won’t have the patience for even that.

Expect to feel itchy, tired, out-of-all-sorts-of-sorts, and pretty much peeved about the entire situation.  Unless, of course, you can find a genuine opportunity to help some “known and established” charity do something really cool.  Even then, don’t push yourself.  Your limits are easily reached right about now.  Meaning, Mars could usher in headaches, infections, fevers, and all sorts of nasty problems should you put your physical to the test.

Nope.  Don’t love this day.  Oh… and hang-overs, well they’re extremely possible, and likely very well-explained after last night’s celebration and today’s “too much liquid” theme.  So moderate where possible.  Medicate otherwise.

January 3rd – Venus enters Pisces

Today we find our planet of love and loving entering into the sign of the poet, the romantic, and the ultra-sensitive lover.  Venus will stay in Pisces for about a month, so ramp up your game if you’ve still got one.  People will be receptive if you put your best, and obviously, most loving foot forward.

Another nice part about all of this is that Venus is leaving cold and always analytical Aquarius, and entering into soft, pliable, warm, and oh-so-cozy Pisces.  As such, you can expect your love to deepen, because everyone wants to give more than they receive.

I guess that’s also the only caution with this transit.  We all know that Pisces can become the martyr given half a chance.  Reason being, Pisces simply loves love.  As such it wants to feel that those they love are sated and happy.  It also really likes the idea of “all for love”, even if that means that they themselves don’t feel happy or full.  Pisces is slightly delusional in the fact that it almost gets addicted to feeling it gives more, always.  Anyone say artistic angst?

Now, since we’re all showing our love in a Pisces sort of way we could get into a slightly passive/aggressive stance with our sweeties in the game of “my love is bigger than yours”.  Never a good look.

So remember, the minute you start to feel abused or unsatisfied speak up, stop the doting, and ask for what you need. Or perhaps change, rearrange, or leave something.  Just don’t pout and put on your “always over-looked” crown.

Otherwise, this should be a beautiful transit.  One full of love and softness when used right.  SO… use it right.

January 4th – Mercury in Retrograde enters into Sagittarius

Speaking of delusion and confusion, can anyone say, “I’m about to lose my last gosh darn marble if my mind doesn’t begin to comprehend some stuff pretty soon”?  EXHAUSTED!

This double-dose of Mercury Retrograde seems to be particularly painful since it occurred in the normally sound, reasonable, and practical sign of Capricorn.  Even those who don’t know Capricorn well depend on him to steady our rudders when the waters get choppy.

So with our Mercury now spinning around like some ridiculous Tasmanian Devil creature in this normally oh-so-sane sign, we’ve all lost our way in a few areas of our lives during the last few weeks.  Not to mention everyone is  driving insanely.  Resulting in my poor, beaten-down patience running near empty.  So quit for Pete’s Sake… understand we all have to share the road and your tasks do not outweigh mine in importance.  (UGH)  Okay, rant over.

Today though we find our poor stressed (from merely trying to steady himself) persistent little goat catching a break as Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters into the sign of “nearly always slightly perplexed about the details” Sag.  Hence, do NOT do anything that requires detailed analysis, presentation, or work.

Do not sign contracts, go on interviews, complete projects, or even begin to try to pretend you can talk the local banker into giving you a loan “on a whim” via your wit and charm alone.  Won’t happen.  Your wit and charm is dizzy, drunk, and terribly disobedient.  Go home!

I guess the best use of this strange, and more-than-slightly chaotic energy, is to take notes about any long-term visions you may catch sight of today.  Now granted, when you go back and reread these notes in a few days you may not be able to stop laughing.  Still, jot them down in the slim possibility that you get real lucky and catch a hint of a clue.

Dream large.  Just don’t invest or take risks (no matter how large or small) today.  Relax, enjoy the visions, and play with your own mind… leave the rest for later.

OH… don’t say everything that’s on your muddled little brain right now either.  Sagittarius does have a way of saying too much sometimes, even under the best circumstances.  Tact is not its strong suit.

In the end, even with that warning, you’ll most likely tramp on some egos and toes over the next few days.  You’ll also likely get your own properly muddied by someone else in the vicinity.  Expect it.

Tough time to be you, as you attempt to play quietly.

January 8th – Mercury FINALLY goes Direct in Sagittarius

Thank heavens!  Our little planet of thinking and speaking is finally over the most recent spinning-in-all-directions thing.  Sure, it can take a few days for everyone to start speaking words we can actually understand again, as well as drive in their assigned lane, at the proper speed, without coming to an abrupt stop just because they wanted to (grrr).

Still, we are on the right track.  Granted, we’re still in Sagittarius, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, only a “more honest than normal” thing.

Here’s the blessing though, for the next little bit we’ll all be far more focused on the “big picture”.  We’ll think and speak progressively, and also, future oriented.  We’ll dream in vivid colors.  We’ll also latch onto some new, grand, and likely quite profitable ideas.

What we won’t do is get distracted by the details of how to accomplish these dreams.  Nope.  We’re inspired and inspirational.  We’re grand and philosophical.  We want the truth, the best of all things, and for prosperity to be had for all.

Who knows, we might even be granted a bonus, a few more vacation days, a raise, or even more atta-boys wouldn’t hurt.  Only caution is, with our big thinking and big speaking we might ask for them rather bluntly, without forethought of what a “No” response might feel like.  So tip-toe and hope for the best, but be prepared for less-than-the-best.

But do dream big, take notes, play, and talk mostly only to people who you know will forgive your extravagant revelations about their appearance, their children, and their goals (yikes).

As I said, Sag is directly honest on even their best days.  They don’t have time to taste those words before spitting them out… if only in order to get onto the next words.  And Mercury has JUST come out of a tailspin.  So maybe give it a few days before you tackle the big requests and ultra personal revelations.

Otherwise, expect to start to feel better, look better, and smile more.  Mercury in Sag is happy if nothing else.  So you sparkle girl… you sparkle.

January 11th – Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

This is a small transit, but one worth mentioning if only for the opportunities hidden in it.

Sextiles always require we “do something”.  Good doesn’t just come to us because the planets are interacting nicely when in sextile.  No.  We have to get up, go out, and stir some pots if we’re to find the gold.

Again, Mars is still slightly soggy in the sign of Pisces, so big, glamorous, and bold are likely not going to happen just yet.  Still, we will find we have more energy today thanks to Pluto and Capricorn’s assistance.  Likely this energy will shine brightest in the areas of work and career.

Thus, today is an excellent day for forward motion.  Although, you may have to pause and reflect about what your end-goal is since Pluto likes us to dive deep into our psychological terrains before proceeding.  Still, if you come up with what you really want, and why you want it, you’re highly likely to get it.

In fact, if you do nothing other than dive deep into your skeleton closet stash and check in with yourself to ensure you’re on the right path, you’ll learn a great deal.  And if you find you need to adjust course (most of us will), then do so.  Things will turn out far more brilliantly for having done so.

It’s a good time for group projects too.  After all, Pluto loves nothing more than including “all” in the outcome.  Capricorn is simply present to give you the determination and persistence to drive it all home.

Good day.  Provided, of course, you make the effort to understand yourself, as well as where you want to go from here, then acknowledge, adjust, and proceed.

January 12th – Full Moon in Cancer

Should be an interesting day considering we have three transits, all worth mentioning, within it.

First, we have our full emotional Full Moon occurring today, in the sign Cancer.  Who, by the way, is always “completely into” a few emotional displays and unexpected outbursts.  So prepare accordingly.

Though there is good news in that we’ll all find we love home, family, and all things kitchen oriented more than ever.  Remember, Cancers love through food.  Perhaps then, we’ll all stay in and save ourselves the need to sop up the mess we might have made had we chosen to go out and interact with others.

Seriously though, big gestures of love, appreciation, and all things delicious are just the most excellent ways to experience this day.

Should you insist on sharing your deepest feelings with strangers or colleagues, don’t be surprised if they scamper away sideways (the crab) as you start your melt-down.  After all, they have their own poisoned porridge to deal with.  Thus, retreating is likely going to be the chosen option every single time.

Truth is, it wouldn’t hurt if you toned down the drama, even with your sweetie and offspring today.  Don’t forget, we’re all feeling touchy and slightly out-of-sorts, not to mention a tad drenched with all the water that’s been spurting out of everyone straight towards us.

So why not play nice?  Why not leave the dirty emotional laundry for a happier day?

The best use of this day is to play, love, cook, and keep quiet about anything even slightly oppositional.

January 12th – Mercury enters Capricorn

On the same day our mood is flung into “I’m so sensitive, yet fierce as heck” Cancer, we have our mind going into logical, practical, and realistic Capricorn.  A sign who also happens to be incredibly persistence and always willing to shut down the theatrics when needed.  Maybe via a snarky scolding, or a downright “freeze you out with my tightened jaw muscles and murderous glare”.  So yeah, there’s that.  Thus, things could get interesting.

Outside of that, however, Mercury going into Capricorn is the exact punch of realism our mind needs to get back-on-track and thinking logically again.  Yes, life will get a little more boring, a little more predictable.  Yet, if that’s what it takes for people to drive with some focus again, I’m down for duty, rigidity, and humdrum.

Plus, we’ll begin to actually get to those nagging little details we’ve left unattended since before Christmas.  We’ll find the hitch in our giddy-up, if you will. AND, we’ll fix it.  We’ll begin to walk, talk, think, and act like sensible people again.

Yes, we’ll sacrifice a bit of our sense-of-humor and adventurous spirit.  After all, there’s nothing slack about the goat man.  Still, we will get some stuff done that needs to be done.  AND, we’ll quit talking so much.

Perhaps this one transit will find a way to tone down the impromptu mental hysterics a Cancer Full Moon often insights.  Although… I doubt it.  We’ll all still have our moments.  Yet this will help us recoup some amount of dignity before we exit stage left.

Personally, I’m SO ready for staunch and rational.

January 12th – Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

The last transit that hits us today involves our love life, again!  AND… it’s a Full Moon day.  Go figure!

The issue is, we have Venus sitting on top of Neptune, which brings out the artist, the dreamer, the visionary, and the softness in all of us.  Those are the pluses.

But remember, we also have our minds in Capricorn, so we’ll be a little at odds over how much soft we allow ourselves to entertain.

Generally what happens when these two dance is we either find the love of our lives, perhaps right in front of us, OR, we find the faults in their love and can’t contain ourselves from pointing them out.  And, with Capricorn ruling our words should we opt to point them out, it just might be in the harshest way possible.  No frills with this goat. Yet, what we’re saying might not have any facts behind it (Capricorn just gasped and fainted). Remember, Neptune rules illusion and confusion.

Hence, be careful with your words.  Don’t make any big changes or decisions either.  DO NOT!  Seriously, leave those for another day.  Yes, I know you’ll come up with some beautiful ideas about rearranging your life.  As long as they remain ideas, no harm done.  Just do NOT implement any of them.

Delusional today is just another word for outlandish expectations, the need for complete perfection (yep, OCD), and an unrealistic ideal of what our lovers should or could be.  Knots I tell you… don’t start.

Instead, watch a movie, pop some corn, and leave the rest alone.  Yes, your mind is coming back, but leave the check writing and home redecorations for another day.  Seriously friend, you don’t have your stuff together today… no one does… so leave it.

January 19th – Mars in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius

Why oh why can’t we get some reliable energy spurts?  Problem is, Mars like speed, action, and pumping iron.  Saturn, on the other hand, likes sensible, slow, and deliberate.  In a square, these two are fighting openly. When we consider that Saturn tends to drain whatever he touches, even during a good transit, which this one is not, we get tired, frustrated, and yes, easily offended.

Plus, since Saturn represents authorities, no one in authority is showing us much love right now (ex: parents, police, teachers, bosses, or even ourselves), leaving all of us to question our potential.

BUT… the even bigger problem is, since Mars is involved (even wet as he now is) he won’t take any of it lying down.  Nope.  He’ll flail and rail against “the system – the man”.  This little fireball is determined to not only succeed, but to rub it hard in everyone’s face.  So run fast Forrest!

Sincerely, this is a harsh push-pull, brakes-gas situation.  And no, you won’t be hiding your frustration no matter how much you think you are.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, knows how peeved you are.  Still, don’t express it.  It won’t get you anywhere.  They have their own agenda, and their own last-nerve.  In essence, they don’t care.

Instead, slow down.  If you do everything methodically and precisely (even though I know you’d rather drive nails through you head Mr. Mars) you could make some serious headway today.

Bottom line is, Saturn is going to win this war, so the slow and steady hare wins the race again.

Granted, you’ll be peeved.  But suck it up buttercup and you just might win the war after all.   Just sayin’.

January 19th – Sun enters Aquarius

Our life giver, the Sun, is leaving the sign of the ever stoic goat and entering into the sign of future oriented, aloof, and always “slightly cold to the touch” Aquarius.

The good news is, we’ll all begin to feel like we’re coming back to life.  We’ll begin to look towards the future with the confidence that success is near.  We’ll begin to see patterns that have prevented us from succeeding, AND… we’ll know exactly how to fix them.

Additionally, we’ll lose all desire to look backwards and rehash our failures.  For the next month we want forward movement, mental challenge, and success.  Thing is, when the Sun enters into the sign of the objective scientist, we usually will succeed.  At long last those missing stepping stones finally appear.

Again, most of this forward motion will be directed at our career sector.  Aquarius isn’t the homebody, sharing, poetry writing lover most gals swoon over.  Nope.  He’s ready to shoot high at things that get us ahead… the rest, he figures, can work itself out… or not.  He simply doesn’t have time for “nonsense” (sorry soft ones).

In the end, expect confidence, determination, and right action to enter the scene, especially with our minds in sturdy and steady Capricorn.  I like this.  I need this.  It’s about dang time.

January 20th – Venus in Pisces sextiles Pluto in Capricorn

Although this is a very small transit, I wanted to include it.  It simply helps with the love department in our lives.  Meaning, Aquarius doesn’t get to completely cause us to ignore those we love the most.

Venus, our love planet, is playing nice with Pluto, our destiny and deep psychology planet.  What this means for most of us is that our love deepens, maybe simply because we’re able to talk things through.   We’re also able to once again appreciate what we have.

This is also a great transit for those of us who are single.  Many really good relationships start under this transit.  So keep your eyes open and your heart strings available to be properly plucked should someone really pleasant to look at, with wit, charm, and just the right amount of spice show up.

All while you’re still making progress on the financial and work fronts.  Definitely a win-win-win for everyone. It’s a kiss and make-up kind of transit.  Love it!

January 27th – New Moon in Aquarius

Our New Beginnings New Moon is also taking place in advanced thinking and “always ready for big moves” Aquarius.

I would say that 2017 might turn out to be very successful year for many of us with all this career love going around right now.  I’d also say we’re all starting to figure out what we do and don’t want, along with why, even in our careers, thanks to Pluto.

This is the perfect day for new start-ups, company expansions, interviews, resume mailings, presentations, and all things new, different, and exciting.

Too, most of us will even appear slightly more brilliant than normal thanks to Aquarius’ large brain and Capricorn’s attention to detail and language.

Go move mountains folks.  It’s a “1” year too… Expect new everything.

January 27th – Venus in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius

I guess this little transit had to pop in just to keep us on our toes in regards to our sweeties, or lack thereof.  Yes, break-ups can occur during this transit.  But more likely to happen is simply you drawing inward, as well as your significant squeeze.

Venus is about coupling while Saturn is about individuality.  So when they argue (as they’re now doing) we feel pushed and pulled in both directions.

In reality what this transit is about is encouraging us to honestly review what we’re getting and giving in all of our relationships…. be it love, family, friendships, and even the other more complicated to define ones (I’ve got a few of those… sigh).

Thing is, Saturn often has us seeing lack more severely than it really is. He is the big old wet rag after all.  So don’t give into feeling sorry for yourself.  Instead, try to honestly observe your feelings, and again, leave the big decisions for another day.

This is merely a you versus us kind of day.  Who knows, you might even end up feeling you’re the “taker” and beat yourself up rather severely about it.  But don’t.  Know too, likely it’ll be the other way around.

Expect everyone to pull in a little.  Expect also to evaluate.  AND also to be a tad too hard on you or your peeps. Again, DO NOT do anything about it.  Leave it be until the mud clears up (yes, Saturn), then make whatever moves are necessary.

Slightly downer day, but it does get our attention I guess.  Maybe that’s the point of Saturn, to slam us back into reality with his big old clobber-y hands.   Don’t take it personal.  It’ll pass.

January 28th – Mars enters Aries

YES!  Our planet of energy, testosterone, and steroids (ha) is now entering into the sign it rules, Aries.  We get our energy back… finally.  Only caution is, make sure you don’t come out swinging like some slightly deranged wet hen.

Instead, use it for your good.  Know you’ll have more confidence, stamina, determination to succeed, and general all around positivity about you.  You want to move mountains, and likely can, provided they’re small and not really mountains at all… more manageable, like kind of big rocks.  Yes… that’ll work.

This is a great time for anything physical though.  Also a great time for working out and getting your muscle back on.

Only downfall is, Aries and Mars can both be aggressive without much forethought.  Don’t do that.  Be bold, not aggressive.  Be proud, not egotistical.  Be determined, but somewhat flexible.  Go after you want, but not at the expense of others.

If you do all of the above you could win big today.  PLUS… you’ll feel glorious doing it.  It’s the perfect day to live your life large, while being kind.

We’ll all feel like we can breathe again, as we expel the water from our lungs, and instead begin starting a few fires… at least from within.

Great day.  Great energy.  Just control what you burn and all will go well.


January looks like it’ll be the perfect ending of the 9 and beginning of the 1 year.  Sure, we’ll have to start and stop a few times, but likely, the stop will make the start that much more brilliant.  Plus, we’ve just finished up a complete 9 Year Cycle.  Meaning, the last 9 years are now over and gone.

That’s likely why part of the month was spent putting periods at the end of a few unfinished sentences.  But the rest of the month was spent on New Beginnings… a whole new 9 Year Cycle Begins NOW.

We’re on our way, letting go of the old and setting up the foundation for the next 9 Years, on a Universal Level. So Work Hard.  Play Hard.  And definitely, Love Hard.  Good luck.  Here’s to a fabulous new start.

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