April 2019 Astrology Transits

By Calleen Wilder

April Astrology

This has been a super busy month, along with a super screwed-up Mercury Retrograde… which, by the way, is FINALLY over.

As such, I’ll be giving a very brief summary of what’s coming up in April.  I want to keep you all informed, in spite of the fact that my life sort of got turned upside down earlier this month.  Hopefully things will get back to whatever is my form of “normal” soon (sigh).  Please bear with me in the meantime.

April 5th – New Moon in Aries

New Moons represent New Beginnings.  When in Aries that fact gets bumped up to “right now, in my way, and fast”.  Thus, if you’ve been planning any new ventures, relationships, conversations, or projects, you’ll now have the energy, the confidence, and the “I have to scratch this darned itch” feeling.  So jump up to the plate, as if I could stop you (ha).

This is strong and beneficial aspect, provided you’ve already done the background work.  Dotting i’s and crossing t’s is definitely NOT an Aries thing.  Aries like action, movement, and risks.  So again, if you’ve done the research and know that you have a workable parachute onboard, go ahead and jump.

The biggest problem is, you’re going to jump regardless of the apparent condition of the proverbial parachute, this I know.  You too should know that going in.  As such, expect to improvise where necessary.

Other problem is, you could become a little hostile with anyone trying to offer even one grain of reason why you should not to do whatever it is you have your mind made up about.

Otherwise, if you hold your temper and try to affirm safety, it’s definitely a feel good kind of day.

April 10th – Venus in Pisces conjuncts Neptune also in Pisces

Venus, the planet of love and loving, is now sitting right on top of Neptune, the planet of poetry, music, artistry, and groovin’.  With both planets also now in the sign of Pisces, this is likely to be a soft, romantic, dreamy, and absolutely lovely type of day.

Granted, you may not climb any mountains.  Instead, you’d really prefer to relax, chill, and talk about your dreams, all while listening to whatever music you like the best.

BUT… if you do happen upon any fences that need mended, you just might find a way to patch things up regardless of how fruitless that might have previously looked.

This is an extremely soft aspect that contains loads of potential hidden within it, provided you actually decide to DO something… anything really.

April 15th – Venus in Pisces squares Jupiter in Sagitarrius

When the two most beneficial planets in the zodiac argue, it’s a little like watching children argue while armed with squirt guns.  Yes, everyone gets a shot in, but mostly everyone ends up slightly damp while rolling on the ground laughing.  Except, of course, the cry babies… boo to the cry babies.

Regardless, we still find we have one of our planets in “totally chill” Pisces, and the other in “I see the positive in even the worst situation Sagitarrius”.  So yeah, not much bad happening here.  In fact, the square might provide just enough friction to cause us to use these two gift-givers to accomplish something.  It might propel us to do something other than just roll around on the ground.  And that’s a really good thing.

So yes, apply for the job, ask for the raise, make a presentation, or do whatever it is you’ve been putting off doing.  If you do, chances are really good you’ll end up getting precisely what you wanted.

This then is a day that’s highly likely to turn out to be super fun, amazingly entertaining, and powerfully positive. Use this energy to your benefit.

April 17th – Mercury enters Aries

Whenever the planet of words and thoughts enters into “always somewhat impatient and not afraid to show it” Aries, words could get said that might hurt a feeling or two.

Here’s the thing though, we’re really just feeling the need to be far more direct than we might normally be.  In other words, we’ll likely end up saying whatever it is we’ve been wanting to say, but didn’t have the nerve.  Plus, since we’re also finding ourselves to be far more spontaneous in all of our communications, some words might just slip out.  Words we had no idea we actually intended to say.  Happens!

Today though, regardless of mental preparation, we might be amazed to find we don’t actually feel guilty about sharing our thoughts, even if some feathers get ruffled or goats get got.

Another upside to this is we’ll find ourselves being far more entrepreneurial than normal.  Hence, we take risks.  Again, if we’ve done any of the background work this can end up being very good for us.  If not, we’re going to have to patch some holes as we go.

Expect then to “seize the day”.  Our only hope is that we don’t overstep, over-speak, or over-assert.  All of which are entirely possible for the next few weeks.

Personally, I’ll take a few verbal barbs when needed provided Mercury stays direct for a bit.  No more retrogrades, please!

April 19th – Full Moon in Libra

Even though this is normally a time of Full Emotional Expression, when the Full Moon occurs in the sign of Libra, we’ll likely find we want peace more than we want to be heard… or better yet, want to be right.

True.  Today you’ll likely discover your need for harmony, fairness, and balance is far more important than most other things.  You want easy, stress-free, and comfortable, for everyone.  Libra is, after all, the proverbial hostess with the most-est.

Yes, you’ll think you’re right most of the time, you’ll simply choose to keep that juicy little tid-bit to yourself.

In the end, this will likely turn out to be a kind and thoughtful Full Moon.  Superficial?  Yes.  Detached?  Yes.  Still nice, pleasant, and socially pleasing.  I’ll take that.

April 20th – Sun enters Taurus

Our lighthouse of a luminary, the Sun, enters into the solid, sturdy, and dependable sign of Taurus.

Taurus is also a very sensual sign though.  Taurus loves the smell, taste, feel, and comfort offered in nearly “all things nice” that the Earth has to offer.

Consequently, pampering is never out of the question.  So if you’re looking for some brownie-points treat your sweetie to all the things sweet they like the most sometime, or several times, over the next month.  I promise you if you do, you’ll really like the outcome.

On top of that, Taurus is willing to work for their rewards.  Therefore, you can expect to be more committed to doing what is needed, if for no other reason than you like the money, bonuses, and sweet things paychecks allow you to buy.

Remember though, Taurus is stubborn.  Ever tried to push a bull?  Or ever witnessed someone trying to push a bull?  Hopefully the answer to both questions is “no”.  That would be foolish, right?  Keep this picture in mind should you decide to nag your sweetie into seeing things your way.  It won’t happen.  It’ll only make them resist more.

So why not instead choose to offer them massages, manicures, moist kisses, and mansions.  Yep, any or all of the aforementioned will get you far further in the direction you’re trying to go.  It’s a true win-win.

The only other caution I might offer is, Taurus can get possessive and more than slightly ticked off if it appears someone’s trying to take one of their toys or one of their boys.  So don’t flirt.  No one likes a mad bull.  Keep faithful, loyal, and devoted.  If you do, you’ll likely be rewarded deliciously.

Otherwise, this is a good month.  Full of equal work and equal play.

April 20th – Venus enters Aries

When our planet of loving and love enters into straight-forward Aries, we are offered the chance of New Beginnings (Aries favorite two words) in the areas of work, love, money, and really everywhere.  Reason being, we “need” new adventures and more spontaneity in our lives when Aries steps up to the plate.

If you’re single, this means it’s a great time to explore all of your possibilities.  Aries loves independence and taking a few risks.  It also boosts your confidence to the point that you just go after whatever it is you’d just love to entertain.

If you’re already involved, know that sometimes Aries can make us appear to be more self-serving.  Aries is a leader.  Aries also represents self.  Therefore, we might not seem very warm and fuzzy with others, especially if there are any on-going “issues” bubbling under the surface.  HINT:  They won’t be under the surface much longer.

Remember though, this is a phase.  It’s a “I have to get myself together and invest in me” phase.  SO… go out and play, experiment, do things you’d normally be too intimidated to do.  But know, instant and direct are the keywords of this transit.  You want what you want NOW.  Thus, try not to go too far overboard in your indulgences.

Still, provided you use some sort of common sense, and with the Sun now in Taurus you just might, this could be a great time for a make-over, a make-out, or a make-up moment.

Only other caution I might add is that you really should guard your money.  As mentioned, you’re really into whatever it is you’re into.  Yet since those credit card bills will come due once this transit has passed, you’ll end up wishing you’d considered the consequences a little more thoroughly.

Overall, it’s a good, slightly erratic,  and pretty much entirely unpredictable time.  It’s also a time to go after whatever it is you sincerely want.  Simply remember to balance, moderate, and check that the parachute is properly packed.

April 24th – Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto is known for forcing us to look at all the things in our life that aren’t working.  It does this by creating sticky situations that require us to pay attention, evaluate, and then make some pretty big changes.

When he goes retrograde, we’re forced to see the darker sides of our personalities.  A stunning beam of light appears out of nowhere and shines brightly on all of the parts of ourselves we’d rather pretend don’t exist.  Meaning, we’ll need to get super honest with ourselves about how driven we are by our desire for money, power, passion, authority, and recognition.  You know, “What would you do for a Klondike Bar”?  Only substitute money or power or passion for the Klondike Bar part.  YIKES!  Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?  That’s precisely Pluto’s point.  Darn Pluto!

Too, Pluto also rules sex, revenge, anger, and life and death.  All the BIG subjects really.  All things we’d like to pretend we don’t want, or don’t need enough to fully address.  But again, what are you willing to do for any or all of those things?  The next few months will create situations that make us review, and likely cringe, over the answer(s) we uncover.

Hang on.  It’s about to get dark in here folks.  Still, we’ll come out far more personally aware than we were going on.  In other words, prepare to face your demons people.  But I don’t want to… I really don’t.  Problem is, it’s going to happen.  Get used to it!

April 27th – Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces

Mars rules muscles, energy, testosterone and force.  Neptune rules music, psychic ability, philanthropy and yes, delusion.

Meaning, it’ll be very easy to fool ourselves into doing something terribly destructive for the next few days.  Perhaps we’ll tell ourselves we’re trying to rescue the bad boy, only to end up falling deeply in love while falling victim to some strange compulsion or obsession with said bad boy.

Or perhaps we’ll tell ourselves that by following the newest (and usually the worst) guru, we’re headed for perpetual bliss.  When instead, we’re actually headed for bankruptcy, broken dreams, and bruised egos.

In other words, this is a time we want to do something new and possibly large (Mars).  AND… we’ll find a reason to do whatever it is regardless of how utterly senseless and stupid it is.

So beware of the con-men, the impulsive spending, the last minute life changing decisions, and all things that look too good to be true… HINT:  They are… too good to be true that is.

Instead, if you could use this energy to do something artistic or selfless (without any long-term commitments) you’ll likely accomplish that “feel good” feeling you’re chasing.  You might even create something far outside of your normal. Something that just might propel you forward later on.

Just don’t write bad-checks or entertain sketchy people… no matter how much you try to convince yourself they really have discovered the Fountain of Youth.  Yep… it’s a solid “no”.

Stay home, stay in, and stay in one piece.

April 29th – Saturn goes Retrograde in Capricorn

Saturn is entirely focused on your material world.  He helps us survive here.  He’s diligent, dutiful, and hard-working.  He keeps us waking up to the alarm every morning, going off to work, and then washing, rinsing, and repeating tomorrow.  He keeps us solid with our bills paid.

When he goes retrograde, as with every planet in retrograde, he wants us to evaluate all of the above.  This usually results in us pulling more “inward” and away from others.  He’s just so darn serious in that sort of way.  He’s also entirely comfortable working alone.  He prefers it.  So “hermit-ing” is entirely possible.

For the next few months a great deal of your time will be spent reviewing your job, your finances, your investments, your house payments, and all things bill and debt related.  Expect also to be trying to rearrange or rework all of the above.  He wants improvement and he won’t rest until he achieves it.

Granted, this will feel sort of heavy, slightly sad, often lonely, and perhaps even a touch scary.  Yet the end goal is to keep you functioning, with bills paid and money in the bank.  He does not like surprises.  Hence, you’ll have to review, rehash, and then review some more.  Again though, this really is for your benefit.  Bottom line is, Saturn hates “winging it”.

How this will be thrust upon you could vary.  There could be money shortages or demands that keep popping up.  There may be miscalculations, maintenance problems on your house and car, and job problems.  It could even be brought about via other people who depend upon you for support.  It’ll vary, but it’ll happen.

Saturn will get your attention.  That’s the only thing I know for sure.

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