A 9 Personal Year by Calleen

I’ve decided to start posting more about things that I’m currently experiencing. This way I can share with you what I’m learning, as I go through it. My hope is that this will allow you to prepare and avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered.

In the first post of this type of post, I’ll be talking about what a Numerology Personal 9 Year involves. MEANING… if you’re currently in a 9 Personal Year, or are getting ready to go into one, you might want to read this article in order to learn as much as you can from my blunders.

To begin, you figure out what Personal Year you’re in by adding your birth month (single digit, so 11 becomes 2 and 12 becomes 3), to your birthday (again single digit, so 15 becomes 6, 23 becomes 5, and so forth), to the current year, which is (2+0+2+0 = 4). Thus a March 20 birthday becomes 3+2+4 = 9.

If your end result is a double digit, go ahead and reduce it down to one digit again, but retain the other digits for further detail. Hence, September 23 becomes 9+5+4 = 18…. adding 1+8 = 9. OR… an 18/9.

9 is your personal year. The 1 and 8 are supporting cast members, flavoring if you will.

Personally, I’m in an 18/9 Year. First off let me openly share that 9 Personal Years are my least favorite years… by a freakin’ mile.

Still, what I’m learning about this very personal 9 year is that it’s a year for endings, not beginnings. Or perhaps better said, it’s a year of completion. A year of putting a period at the end of all the previous 9 years you’ve just been through.

As such, you must think back 9 years ago when you entered into your 1 personal year. Then, understand that your mission this year is to review, evaluate, and discard or say goodbye to what has gone on before that isn’t worth carrying forward into your next 9 year cycle. All because next year, January 1, 2021, you enter an entirely new cycle. And that my friends, is the truly GREAT news.

In the meantime, please understand just how fully I understand this reviewing process isn’t great. In fact, it’s ugly, painful, and downright warty!

As a result, I’ve shed many tears and allowed temper tantrums to spiral completely out-of-control for most of the year.

Understand though that my last 9 years have been as bad as any cycle can get. I lost my daughter in my 2 year. Ended a 30 year marriage in my 5 year. Had to move out of a home I had lived in for 19 years in my 5 as well. My dad passed away in my 6 year. I elected to move again, late in my 6 year, back to try to make my marriage work. My now ex-husband had an aortic aneurysm in my 7 year, but luckily survived… only by the grace of God since it was in the process of actually rupturing when caught. THEN… he passed away unexpectedly, of a major heart attack, in my 8 year. Which forced me to quickly regroup and go onto repair, dismantle, and go through 21 years of stuff in that house… all in order to need to move again.

So a divorce, 3 moves, the loss of a child, loss of a father, and loss of a partner and friend of 32 years all happened in my last 9 year cycle. Consequently, reviewing it all was torturous on my best day. Particularly since during the review you’re forced to look at what you wished you had done differently. All as you come to the realization that it’s really all gone… forever. I think that’s the point unfortunately.

HOWEVER, the good news is, I’ve rather automatically been cleaning out closets, as I release fountains of emotions, and try very hard to forgive myself for what I perceive as my shortfalls. AND… I get to FINALLY put an end to what was definitely a tragic cycle.

Naturally, I’ll carry the memories and emotions with me forever. BUT my job this year is to release the regrets, understand why I did and didn’t do what I did, and lay it all down. Leave it there. Let time and God’s mercy cleanse as much of it as possible for me. It really is all I can do. So that’s what I, and you, are meant to do in a 9 year. Review and release.

THIS ENABLES us to prepare for the next 9 Year Cycle. As well as work hard to get our money, our homes, our kids and families, and our moods in a better place… because there’s nothing left to be done with whatever’s already gone. It took me awhile, but I’m finally realizing that.

TOO, we get to prepare for the good that, in my mind, simply has to follow. I, for one, am definitely ready for a reset. I’m ready for whatever is next, as long as it’s not more of the same. Hence, the reason we must clean out, release, let go, and grow our faith that the next 9 will be fabulous… we’re due, right?

We must also TRUST that the powers that be have only our best interest at heart, and they do. Also understand that they know what we’ve been through and now are fully prepared to lead us to where we’re meant to spend the next 9 years. Provided, of course, we don’t drag some of our toxicity with us… that free will thing can trip up their plans. Remember that.

In summary, if you’re in a 9 and haven’t begun your “clearing the slate” process, do it now. Let go of any job, relationship, financial burden, house, or any other little old thing you’ve been dragging around longer than you should have. You know what those things are. I know you know.

It allows you to prepare proactively for the new, the better, and the fabulous.

9 years suck though. No doubt about it. No one likes endings. And for most of us there will be endings, particularly if we’re afraid to change and release the familiar “bad” in our lives. Although I should also add that many times during a 9 if you don’t voluntarily release something that’s past the due-date, the Universe will just swipe it away. So prepare for the swiping if you can’t do the deed.

The 1 and the 8 that support my 9 are relevant in that the 1 means I need to focus on my needs, wants, and desires this year more than I focus on what someone else wants, needs, and desires for or from me. And the 8 is a “right use of power and money” year. So, I have to pay more attention to how, when, and where I earn and spend money (definitely true since I now sole support). Also, if I do retain any power I’m required to use it with grace and mercy.

Know too that if you’re in a 9 year, it’s not a year to start new things… it’s about finishing up and letting go. In truth, you’re probably far too tired to do very much initiating right now anyway… as when you try to do something spectacular your old problems crop up and steal the show. You’ll definitely be busy. Leave all things NEW to next year.

Hope this helps. 9’s are tough. But they’re needed and necessary in order to get onto something else… anything else really (ha)!

Good Luck!


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