Astrology Monthly Highlights Report

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Remember, on the Monthly Highlights Report the top portion is dedicated to listing the current aspects that are within 1º Orb.  These are the MOST powerful aspects of the month.

The Applying Aspect represents a planet approaching the exact aspect.  These aspects usually pack the most power.  When you begin scrolling through the entire report you will be able to see the “exact” date this planet reaches the exact aspect mentioned at the top of the page.  Again, generally the most powerful day.

HOWEVER, the Separating Aspects represent a planet that has already reached the “exact” date of contact and is now leaving the aspect… separating if you will.  Usually this is a lessening of intensity for whatever aspect was made and impact that resulted.  Yet some people procrastinate… in fact, most of us do.  HENCE… if you haven’t felt the impact of the applying and exact aspects, on the dates applicable, during this separating period things are still ripe for powerful outcomes.

PLUS… since during the Separating Time the planet is still what we call “within orb”, a small orb at that, there may be a lessening felt, yet it’s still within its power position.  So likely, the impact isn’t entirely gone.  In fact, the impact can often linger for weeks after an “exact” aspect with the larger planets (♃, ♄, ♅, ♆, & ♇).

Astrology Monthly Highlights Report