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If You’ve Never Had Your Natal & Yearly Transit Chart Reading, Now’s The Time.

Your Natal Chart Tells Us All About You.  It Tells Us About Your Life, Your Make-Up, Your Strengths, Your Challenges, And So Very Much More.

Your Added Transits Tell Us About What You Can Expect in Your Year Ahead.

Read All About Your Natal & Transit Chart Here



Or… If You’d Just LOVE to Know More About Your Lover
I’ve Just Introduced a Whole Series of ❤️ Couple’s Astrology Readings ❤️.

These Charts are ALL About You and Your Sweetie’s Compatibility, Your Stressors, What Drew You Together, Along With Describing the Likely Outcome of the Relationship.

I Now Offer Several Different Couple’s Chart Groups, at Different Price Points, So Everyone Can Have Their Couple’s Chart Done.

You Can Read About the Different Levels and Relationship Information You’ll Get Here.




New Astrology Services are Coming Soon:

Below I’ve listed the new Astrology Charts I’m in the process of adding… charts that many of you have asked for:

Baby/Children Charts – These Charts will help you understand the needs, wants, strengths, and stressors of your children.  If you add their Transits into the Charts (usually for older children… and optional) you’ll also find out what’s coming into their lives, and obviously yours via them, in the coming year.

Relocation Charts – If you’re even considering a move this chart is a MUST.  It let’s us look at how you (via Your Natal Chart) will get along in a specific location.  We’ll be able to review your opportunities for cities, states, and countries.

Important Date Charts – Thinking about Proposing, Getting Married, Interviewing, Buying a House, Retiring, or Any of the Big Life Moves?  If so, this New Chart will give you insights into the best month, week, and even day(s) to do any of that and more!   

I’m also adding a Downloadable Day-to-Day Personal Astrology Transit (Prediction) Chart.  It’s MIND-BLOWING.

All of the above charts will become available by no later than the end of the year.


It’s Exciting… I Hope to Share My Over 45 Years of Astrology Experience to
Make Things More Exciting, Revealing, and perhaps Life Changing for You As Well!



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