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Ascended Masters


Ascended MastersHow this All Came About is Really Pretty Simple

Anna, the author of this book, made an appointment with Calleen, a Psychic/Medium, in order to contact her recently deceased brother.  

Unbeknownst to Calleen, Anna had been carrying around a list of questions she needed answers to if she was to ever make sense of her brother’s passing. 

She had already asked her questions of many others, but none had the answers.  YET… not very long into their session when Anna brought out her list, the tone of the reading deepened and Spirit stepped in and took over.

The truly remarkable thing was… “They” answered her questions.  Every single one.



Therefore, if you’d like to know more about:


          • Whether the Shroud of Turin is real;
          • What happens to the souls of animals when they pass… is there an animal heaven;
          • What happens to the souls of criminals when they pass… is there a hell;
          • Whether there truly are other planets in our galaxy &/or if there really are aliens amongst us;
          • Or even if you’re just curious if there’s a limit to space, or time, or anything really…

The Answers Are Here!


“I loved this book! I’ve always wanted to know about things like the Pyramids and Stone Hedge, but this books talks about them from a whole new perspective! It really opens your eyes to the possibilities of life as well as how much more we could do! At the same time, it raises so many more questions! I would love a new book every year! With different people asking the questions! How wonderful would that be?!? lol…Okay, getting ahead of myself, but…Yes, this book is a fascinating experience! I highly recommend it!” M.Lopez


When Anna asked who it was that was speaking through Calleen to her, they referred to themselves as the “Great White Brotherhood”.  Later Anna determined that the Great White Brotherhood is better known as the “Ascended Masters”.

Because yes, after this first explosive session, Anna booked several more with Calleen.  They realized immediately that something incredible had just happened, and quite frankly, they wanted it to happen again.

So over the period of the next four months they met a few more times. Each time Anna would bring a new list of questions.  And each time, they were again answered.


So Why them?

They honestly don’t know.

Why now?

Spirit just said, “It was time”.


All they know for sure is that…
on that day… in that room… Spirit Spoke!


This book is comprised of the actual transcription of every recording made at each appointment.  Therefore, you get “their” actual word-for-word response to every single question asked in order that you can interrupt it as you feel is correct.

“Ok, so this was my first book from Calleen I bought. This book spoke to me on so many levels. Things I just kind of knew all my life, but someone wrote them down! Amazing and soothing read. Questions were answered and you can just sense the truth in the words. I have read countless spiritual journals and books over the last 25 years and this one hit it write on the nail! If you need to be reassured about things, buy this book!”
Vanessa Waugh


Simply put… on that day in 1999 when these two very unsuspecting women came together for an appointment, they came away with something truly amazing!


If nothing else, this book will make you think long and hard about everything you’ve ever thought you knew about such things.  Anna reports this experience exposed her to a part of spirituality she never even realized existed.

She and Calleen also attest to the fact that the energy in the room often grew so intense, yet simultaneously remained so incredibly calm, it made it difficult for them to ever want to leave the interviews.  Many report this same feeling overcomes them when they read the book.  It really is that powerful!


Many Have Asked if Spirit Can Choose To Use Our Voice
To Speak for Them Whenever They Want To.

Calleen & Anna unabashedly reply…

Without a Doubt!

AND When They Do… We All MUST Listen!


Therefore, if you’d like to know more about:

Astral Traveling  –  Soul Mates  –  Ghosts – Our Galaxy

& Who Mary Magdalene Really Was…


Read the book! 

It’s Phenomenally Honest!


“Wonderful book!  This book is very informative. You learn a lot of information for the small price you pay. If you want to learn about Life and Death this book has all the answers. Another book of Calleen’s that I found Amazing and could not put down. A must read!” Kara

“A friend loaned me this book to read. A great read! Can’t wait to read more of this author’s books!”  Tina R.

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