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What Happens When We Die?


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Where Do We Go?  

Do We Just Cease to Exist?

Does Our Soul Just Fade Away?

Or Is There An Afterlife?  What’s it Like?

Do We Immediately Come Back… Reincarnate?



These are Questions Everyone Struggles With. 

Yet I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered much of what happens after we die.

After all, I’ve been communicating with those on the “other side” for all of my life, over 50 years now.

I also once died myself… what many call having a Near Death Experience.  And while my experience was very different than most, it allowed me to find out precisely what it feels like to die.  


Therefore, if you’d like to know:

Exactly What Happens the Moment you Die;

What it feels like to Die;

Where we go immediately after Death;

If it’s possible to make contact with those already gone;

Or perhaps even discover what the reason for dying is…

In my book, Life After Death, I answer all of these questions… along with many, many more. 


Life After Death
I give you explicit details about what I’ve experienced, along with what “they” have told me about the Afterlife, our Souls, and What Comes Next.

Having seen the first of many ghosts over 55 years ago, and going on to work as a Spiritual Medium for the last 35, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things.  

In fact, since I still work as a Spiritual Medium, I continue to learn more about life and death nearly every single day.

So you can believe me when I say, much of what happens after we die is very different than what most people have been told.   



“I want more! This was such a great book….more than just life after death! To hear about Calleen’s stories growing up was so touching! And it was well-written at the same time!! It ended way too soon!! I wanted to learn more about her experiences and all things mystical!!” M. Lopez


I’ve broken down my experiences with life and the afterlife by putting it all in chronological order.  I believe this will allow you to experience the “other side of life” in the same way I did… from the “ground up”.

I also made sure to include some of the most intense, some might say bizarre, Paranormal Experiences I’ve had. Because even though many might find them too far outside of normal to believe, they happened.  So I’m sharing.

Thing is, if you can take in even half of what I share in this book, you’ll know for certain that there’s far more to us than just our physical body and one lifetime.  Seriously!  You won’t have to think it anymore, you’ll just know.



   In the beginning you’ll read about my initial encounters with those in spirit.  

This is where you’ll read about some of my most frightening encounters with Ghosts, Apparitions, Poltergeists, and even living in more than one Haunted House.  I even let you in on a few of the spiritual messes I got myself into.  I think this allows you to see what really is possible, despite what others say.


   Next we’ll talk about what Psychic Gifts actually are:

I tell you how I finally discovered I was Psychic.  This one detail alone could help you figure out if you’re psychic too.  And if so, what to do about it.

Plus, we’ll review lots of super specific information about “spiritual gifts” in general. Therefore, if you, your child, or someone else you know has encountered similar things, you’ll know what you can do to help, or at least, to make it easier on them or you.


   Then you’ll get to see the real magic behind all of this living and dying process:

You’ll read about some of the most profound psychic/medium readings I’ve ever done.  Readings that will assure you that death is not really scary, but rather, it’s likely the easiest thing you’ll ever do.

In fact, you might find that these real-life examples are proof enough that there’s more to death than dying.  SO very much more.

You’ll even learn what those on the other-side have shown me about their new circumstances… sometimes even what their reason for dying was.


   Lastly… we’ll wrap it all up by talking about
two of my most profound & mind-blowing experiences.

after lifeThe first being an astounding visit I had with one of the highest spiritual beings known to man. And let me tell you, it definitely was not what I expected it to be.  Yet it turned my life inside-out… just might do the same for you.

The second one involved my own Near Death Experience.  This is where you’ll learn precisely What it Feels Like to Die.

And even though it only lasted a few minutes, it was hands-down the most remarkable thing that has ever happened to me.  

My NDE removed every ounce of fear I ever had about dying.  Again, I believe it’ll do the same for you!


“Calleens’ book “Life After Death”, was a most enjoyable book. An easy read, I could not put it down! She opened up a part of herself on every page. I was amazed at all interesting things, she got into one book. But, don’t miss any of the last pages. I almost did, and believe me, she saved some of the BEST for last. THANKS CALLEEN!” ” Judy Stoner


Therefore, if you’re even mildly curious about:

Death, the Afterlife, Miracles, Healing, Dreams, Prophecy,
or even Divination… they’re all discussed here.


PLUS, if you’ve ever wanted to know:

  • Whether your loved ones are still around
  • If they can still hear you
  • If they know you’re sorry
  • Or even know how much you loved them,

You’ll have those answers the minute you finish this book.


I even talk extensively about Suicide. Since several of my clients have been parents, friends, or spouses of people who have committed Suicide, I’ve seen how devastating that can be.  So I share everything I’ve learned from talking to those on the other-side who took their own lives about Suicide.  I will forewarn you though, what you hear may not be at all what you think.  Their answers are quite profound.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have just read your book life after death and after losing my best friend to suicide 2 years ago this book has helped me heal more in the last two days of reading it than the last two years! I’ve had ‘signs’ that he is still around but have struggled to accept them (believing that it was just wishful thinking and my imagination). You have cleared up a lot of my questions and although there will always be unanswered questions as to why he chose to leave me that day I am now confident that he never really did. It was one of his ‘get out’ opportunities that he chose to take. Thank you again. I’m now off to buy your other books.” Much love and light, Emily


So Is There Life After Death?


By the end of this book you’ll know why I’m
100% certain that we never die… not ever!

We merely go on to what is next.


“This book is CRAZY GOOD!  This book is a must read! I could not put this book down! I don’t read many books often but had to see what this one was all about.  I was shocked at how interesting this one is. I was fascinated to learn about Calleen’s experiences as a child and growing up.  Its crazy all the things that she has seen!  I especially loved reading about her readings she did with people.  It amazed me how she’s helped people to contact their loved ones from the other side.  It was very touching and brought tears to my eyes.  She also had a near death experience herself and she shares her experience with you. There’s so much information in this book you will be glad you got it. I now know that we don’t die and there is more after this life.  Very interesting!”  Kara


If you really want to know what happens when we leave
the physical body, you’ll get all of your answers here!

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