A Psychic/Medium PLUS Astrology Combo Reading

This is a brand spanking NEW reading that I’ve only just added to my line-up.

Now granted, whenever I do any type of reading, my Psychic/Medium line is always open. Still, this reading is different.

Where this reading stands out is that this particular combination of skills allows me to pull up Your Astrology Transits (Predictions), as I’m simultaneously opening channel to those in Spirit, all while my Psychic Senses are on full alert.

This unique combo let’s me work with you, your questions, and concerns on several levels.

Offering you the most reliable and doubly confirmed suggestions, insights, and possibilities in order to help you achieve the results you’d like .

It’s geared towards working with day-to-day concerns. It’s a “fix what’s broken or scary/uncertain about now” type of reading.

If you have questions about Your:

Job, Health, Finances, Children, Legal Issues,
&/or Need Relationship Advice…

Or Need Insight About Pretty Much Anything Else
Life Has Thrown Your Way…

Then This is the Reading For You.

It’s accurate, precise, and hard-to-beat though. Simply because it combines the logic of Astrology with the Spirit of Psychic &/or Mediumship. A Seriously Powerful Combination.

It enables us to use Astrology’s tables for time and focus, then adding in texture, color, and wisdom via the Psychic/Medium.

You Can Book 20, 30, 45, or 60 Minutes
Obviously, the longer you book the more we can cover.

If you have one or two quick, but important questions, book 20 Minutes.
If you have 3 questions, book at least 30 Minutes.

If you want to go super deep and explore many questions or just a few very intensely, book 45 or 60 Minutes.


You may also call, text, or email me if you prefer…
or if the times or dates listed won’t work for you.

Phone Number: 317-781-1159

Email:  Calleen@CalleenWilder.com

If you’re looking to make contact with someone on the other-side specifically, book the Psychic/Medium Reading instead. And if you want a complete examination of your relationship, you want to pick the Couple’s Astrology Follow-Up or Couple’s Chart. And because it uses your Transits more than your Astrology Chart, if you want your Astrology profile book the Astrology Natal Chart.

*Prices are always subject to change without prior notice.