Weekly Proof of the Afterlife by Calleen Wilder

This is a small example of how those in Spirit not only hear us, they respond. Some may think this is coincidental… but I’ve been in the “talking to Spirit” business long enough to know, there really are no coincidences. HA!

Anyway, you all know (via last week’s post) I’m in the midst of some pretty big changes, particularly involving my career (more on that later in December). As a result of these changes, the self-questioning I’m so terribly good at (lol… and yes I am), I thought it might be best if I ask spirit if I’m making good decisions.

Well in truth, I guess I wasn’t only asking about my business life, but my entire life in general. After all, we all have our wants and our needs. Yet I know how often I’ve been tremendously relieved I did NOT get what I wanted. SO… I ask.

As a result of asking so many questions, often and repeatedly (I’m sure those on the other wide want to blow a fuse sometimes) I’ve learned to ask for signs, for in-put, for any little old thing they can show me that might help me to understand.

In a nutshell, later that morning, Thanksgiving morning to be exact, I was sitting in a parking lot waiting to pick up a carry-out we had ordered (it’s only the two of us now so I keep it simple) one solitary honey bee landed on my car windshield.

Now, I hadn’t been in the car parking lot for more than two to three minutes. I was surrounded by retail establishments, in a very large blacktop parking lot, with no flowers or grass in site. Still, here was this one little solitary, slightly tired looking, honey bee landing directly in front of my eyes. I couldn’t have missed it if I tried. How crazy is that? I’ve never had that happen before. Not even in the heat of summer. But there he was, or she… sitting there looking as confused and dazed as I was.

When I got home, after eating naturally, I Googled what Honey Bees stood for, and this is what I found:


NOW seriously friends… is that not crazy? For those willing to listen, it’s a small, but very meaningful, minor miracle. Particularly considering it was Thanksgiving morning, as I lay in bed after waking, when I was asking for insight… guidance… perhaps even reassurance.

So ask. Whatever it is you’re needing help with, ask about it. You can say it out loud, as I did, or you can mentally ask. I just think it’s clearer when they don’t have to read your mind. Not sure if I’m accurate about that or not, but just in case, I say it out into the ethers.

THEN… receive and believe. That’s it. Small miracles happen daily if you trust “them” enough. I can’t imagine not receiving these miracles, they keep me semi-sane.


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