Update on My NEW Project by Calleen Wilder

Firstly, I want to apologize as this blog isn’t getting near the attention it deserves. I promise to do better in the coming months. My problem isn’t lack of desire, it’s lack of time.

As mentioned previously, I am feverishly working to put together a project, (one which you will obviously be the first to know about), that’s been years in the making. Reason being, it’s time-consuming and requires a great deal of preparation. PLUS… I want it to be a near perfect as I can get it (Virgo, yes… sigh)!

I hope and pray I have it up and running in January. 2021 is my “1” year after all, a year of New Beginnings. Thus, numerologically speaking (not sure that’s even a word… I have a habit of making up words that convey what I mean when the English language refuses to cooperate… ha) this makes perfect sense. I really should “follow the rules” and unleash this beast in a beginnings year, instead of in an endings year, which is the year I’m currently in (boo)!

Please bear with me. Know my fondest dream is that this new thing I’m doing not only interests you, but is also incredibly useful to you.

The only reason I’m not giving hints is because some of the dynamics of it are still being formulated in my wacky brain… also, I hope you’ll want to participate in it from the start… therefore, I don’t want to share and then either change something about it or feel like I’m tempting you without reward. Soon. I promise.

Thanks again for allowing me to sprout in front of you (so to speak).

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