New Website Tick Fixed

Update. I wanted to let everyone know if you’ve been to my site and tried to order something and couldn’t, I found a tick in the process today. Nothing huge. It’s just somehow a few of the products were listed with only “1” available. AND… since I’ve sold more than 1 of nearly everything, it wouldn’t allow further orders. I have corrected this.

There’s just so many things to check, this one slipped by me until it was brought to my attention.

Yet, this is precisely why I only announced the site to a few clients, friends, and all of you. It allows me to find the hiccups before going more public to the masses.

Sorry for the confusion. Know it is rectified. AND… if you ever run into any problems, please let me know.

TOO… I’m planning on a few mass advertising campaigns next week. SO… if you’d like to order something, and can do so, please try to do it over the next few days. I want all of you to get your products in as expedient a fashion as possible. Going public, I never know if orders will trickle in or I’ll get backlogged.

OH… the website can be found at:

While you’re there you might want to check out my Blog on that site. And, if you have interest, be sure to sign up for it. I’ll be posting a lot of articles about Crystals, Alternative Healing, and the things that site has to offer on it.

I know, two newsletters from the same person is a lot. I’m working on combining the two soon, but so far, haven’t figured out how to address the same subjects on both… but I am working/pondering/exploring it.

Anyway. Thanks again for your patience.


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