‘Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’ Production Team Threatens To Quit! by Christain Gunning

The new hit Discovery Channel series Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is airing its 5th episode Friday at 10 pm ET. The episode entitled “Trespassers” is sure to be interesting. If you are a fan of the show, tonight’s episode is going to dive deeper into the paranormal occurrences happening on the ranch. For believers, tonight’s episode will be intense.

However, many viewers have accused the show of faking things such as the Spanish coin as well as the petroglyphs found in last week’s episode. Although these accusations may be valid, TV Shows Ace would like to give a different perspective for viewers to think about.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has aired four episodes in its first season. The footage seen in these episodes was most likely shot early on in production. Television networks make their money from ratings. Events in reality television are often exaggerated to make them more exciting.

In the case of the Spanish coin, it is likely that Duane really did find a real Spanish coin. However, it is also likely that it was not caught on camera. Therefore, what viewers saw was most likely a reenactment made to appear like the original find.

Viewers have also criticized the petroglyphs. Some have said that the ones showed in Episode 4 are not even located at “Blind Frog Ranch.” It is understandable for viewers to feel deceived. However, Discovery Channel did not contact Duane Ollinger because they believed in the paranormal. Discovery Channel produced Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch because they believed it would be an interesting show.

From Skeptics To Believers

The producers and production team’s job is to make a good show. It is unlikely that they began filming this series because they were firm believers in the paranormal. It is more likely that they were simply filming a television series. The footage viewers have seen so far was most likely filmed shortly after the production team arrived on the ranch. However, what if things started happening? What if the production team started witnessing firsthand the strange things Duane and his crew have been talking about?

Ryan Skinner

TV Shows Ace recently had the opportunity to interview a close friend of Duane Ollinger. Paranormal expert Ryan Skinner spoke with TV Shows Ace about Duane and the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch. Ryan is a paranormal investigator. His primary focus is the “Skinwalker Ranch”. He has written several books including Skinwalker Ranch: Path of the Skinwalker as well as Skinwalker Ranch The UFO FarmRyan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Eastern New Mexico University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1999. He also created his own website devoted to his research which he has been conducting since 2008.

Exclusive Interview

Ryan tells TV Shows Ace of what recently happened to the production team of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

I recently spoke to Duane over the phone. Something stalked/shookup the production crew so badly that they all in unison threatened to quit and terminate the show. They locked themselves in their cars and refused to come out, threatening to permanently leave the property. This event was apparently substantial and a pivotal point for the cast and crew. So much so that even the producer admitted he did not believe all of this was true until that moment. I imagine it must have been an eye opening experience for them that they were filming much more than an entertaining television show.”

Ryan commented on the validity of Duane’s claim by saying,

“From speaking with Duane, I believe him. I know this was a real event that changed the trajectory of how everyone viewed safety concerning the paranormal aspect of the Blind Frog Ranch.”

Ryan is one of the viewers to point out the discrepancy in the petroglyphs. He says he personally observed the same petroglyphs at a different location. Ryan comments on the footage saying,

“It would be speculation on my part, but yes. I believe they filmed this prior to whatever experience Duane is describing.”

In Conclusion

Once again, what viewers are currently watching on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was most likely filmed early on in the production. Is it possible we have not yet seen the change this experience made? According to Ryan, his understanding is this experience will eventually be revealed in the series. It is possible that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is going to reveal much more than viewers are expecting. Who knows? Maybe you will become a believer as well.

Be sure to watch Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Friday at 10 pm ET on Discovery and check back with TV Shows Ace for more news and updates.

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