Do You Remember Numbers In Your Dreams? Here’s What They Mean by Anna-Karin Björklund, M.A.

Do you dream in digits? If you’re dreaming of certain numbers, there may be a message in there for you. This primer on dream numerology can help you embrace your numbers and their messages.

Why do we dream of numbers?

Ever since the Greek philosopher Pythagoras declared, “The world is built upon the power of numbers,” scientists, philosophers, and alchemists alike have searched for the golden formula to decode the universe’s mysteries. And Pythagoras was in good company; sacred number teachings can also be found in the Jewish Kabbalah and Chinese I Ching.

It’s believed that every number from one through nine has a different vibrational quality; To dream about these numbers could indicate a message is trying to coming through.

The following list is a basic summary of those qualities. The next time you dream of a number, keep this list handy for some quick inspiration as you think about your dream. If you’re not clear on the message, you can meditate on the answer or ask for further clarification from your dreams the following night.

1: Step into your power.

2: Choose positive thoughts when you connect with others.

3: Create and dream big.

4: Time to get organized and work diligently—the Universe is supporting you.

5: Have some fun; there could be big changes ahead.

6: Embrace the loving frequency of responsibility and nurturing.

7: The most mystical number of all; you are aligned with your soul’s home.

8: Time to manifest what you want.

9: You are being guided by the Universe as you help others, and your angels are with you.

Master numbers 11, 22, and 33.

11: Number 11 shines with universal insight and divine light, and often comes with intuitive messages. If the number 11 shows up either by itself or within another number combination, there’s a good chance there is a prophetic message in there for you.

22: The number 22 carries powerful building and manifesting energy.

33: 33 is considered the most spiritually evolved frequency.

All three master numbers have a very high-energy frequency, and it’s advisable to keep your thoughts positive and loving whenever any of them flow into your life.

Number combinations in dreams.

When a number is combined with another number, a new frequency is created and expressed. In dream numerology, you can either reduce a multi-digit number to a single-digit number or look at the number as a whole.

First, consider whether the number could have shown up as a representation of a significant number in your life, such as a house number or birthday. For example, if you dream of number 111, you can either reduce the number to 3 (1+1+1=3), or look at it like number 1, followed by master number 11, or simply observe the whole sequence. It could also be understood as January 11, or November 1.

The number that appears first in a number combination carries most of the energy. Number 1 vibrates with the energy of leadership, for example. When combined with other numbers, it becomes unlimited in nature.

Different numbers and number combinations will be up for different interpretation, but since these are your dreams, with a little reflection and consideration (plus these numerology basics), you’ll be decoding your numerical messages in no time.

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