CNN Reported Attacked by Evil Spirit During Live Report

A CNN news reporter claims that an evil spirit attacked her and one of her crew members while she was doing a live segment about a haunted house in Pennsylvania. According to a report from Movie Pilot on Wednesday, the reporter said that she and her crew members were scratched and pushed down the stairs.

Paranormal AttackReporter Katie Kyros was doing a segment at an alleged haunted house in Hanover, Pennsylvania when something strange happened to her and the crew during filming. A few minutes into the interview with homeowner Deanna Simpson, Kyros’ photojournalist Nick experienced a burning feeling in his arm. Upon examining his arm, Kyros found a red mark with scratches. Kyros claimed that she was touched and pinched while doing the segment.

Astrology Predictions for April 2015

Astrology Predictions

April 4th – Full Moon in Libra – Total Lunar Eclipse

We start out the month with another Eclipse, only this time, a Lunar One.  Hopefully, it’ll be a beautiful one… Lunar Eclipses are nearly always some astonishing shade of pink.

Astrologically speaking though, a Lunar Eclipse is often found to be far gentler than a Solar Eclipse.  It seems the solar eclipse stirs things up and has all of feeling a bit on edge as we try to sort through all of our emotions, and life situations, hurriedly.

Whereas the Lunar Eclipse is sort of a releasing of what was stirred.  It’s almost a natural outcome of dusting out the darker corners in our lives.  Thus, we often find ourselves releasing whatever has proven no longer beneficial to us in a rather inevitable sort of way.

Why the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is Dangerous!

Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Today, my state disappointed me.  I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone cares who anyone else is sleeping with, provided everyone is “of age” and “consenting adults”.  Personally, I have way too many fires in the oven to worry about someone else’s sex life.  I don’t care who anyone sleeps with provided it isn’t my husband.

And yes, I know people will say this isn’t just about “gays”, but we all know for the moment it is. Yet the bigger problem for most of us is when it isn’t just about the gays anymore.  I think people who support this bill need to listen to their own words.

What if your local hardware was ran by a Catholic who didn’t like Baptists and refused to let you shop there?  What then?  How is that right?

I have NEVER seen a law that was so blatantly divisive in nature turn into anything good.  Aren’t we all trying to overcome discrimination right now?  

Children & Their Automatic Medium Moments

Listen to this ALL the way through. It’s a prime example of how automatically children are aware of spirits. In fact, as a result of my own childhood experiences with such things, I am convinced that all Children are Mediums. I believe it’s likely because they’re still so close to the other-side that their energy is still attuned to it. I also believe they haven’t yet gotten talked out of believing it is even possible to do so. Such a gift. What a shame we have to lose it.



“Being detached has nothing to do with not having; it has to do with not
holding.” – Swami Chetanananda

I’ve always said there’s nothing wrong with having lots of nice things, as long as your whole life isn’t based on them.  In other words, if you were to lose everything today, would you go on, still in a positive mind-set?  Naturally you’d be upset.  After all, no one likes change or loss.

Still, if you can honestly say you’d survive and likely go on to build something even more meaningful, then I think you can and should have both… peace and prosperity.

It’s when we tie up our entire sense of self into our material accomplishments that things get messy and unhealthy.  So have what you love and love what you have… knowing if it were all gone tomorrow, you’d still have what really matters… you and those who love you.

Plus, when you do fall off the proverbial pedestal of wealth and fame you find out real quick who really cares about you, and also, who only cares about what you can do for them.  It’s a very expedient way to do some house cleaning. It’s also a fabulous opportunity to invest in what really matters in your life, “your people”.

Personally, I want it all.  I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with that either.  Yet for many of us the Universe demands we have our priorities straight before it gives it to us.  Otherwise the cart ends up leading the horse and we drown in our own excess.  Perhaps that’s why material comfort takes so long to find a few of us (sigh)!

When it does you find you though, I say enjoy it, spread it, and luxuriate in it.  Just don’t “need” it for you to matter.

Faith – My “Take” On It!


I don’t guess I’ve ever figured out why so many people insist that other people have faith in the same way that they do.  In the end, most people believe in a higher being and a heaven or utopia of some sort.  So it seems we all have a similar version of the end-point.

Many years ago I recall reading somewhere how there are many paths to heaven, and that has always stuck with me.  In fact, I love the idea of everyone letting everyone else walk, or even create, their own path, particularly when we all have the same destination in mind.

I’ve learned to not only appreciate diversity, but to honor it as well.  I guess my bottom line is simple… if you don’t harm anyone in the process of getting “home”, I’m good with whatever it is you believe.  After all, you’ll be the one rewarded or held accountable for what you believe, not me.  Too, what’s between you and your higher power is personal, and really not any of my business.  Who am I to presume I know best?

It seems simple, yet since there are so many wars waged over religion/faith alone, I realize it’s not. But for the life of me I just can’t figure out why.

Spring: Light Equals Darkness – Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Esoteric Astrology by RISA D’ANGELES for Week of March 18

Aries March 21–April 20

The next three months sees you working in groups, then sliding behind veils, protecting yourself in order, later, to reveal yourselves to the world with new ideas, thoughts, processes and a new identity. Be aware of fluid shifts within and without. When summer comes you communicate a new way of life, new values, new finances and new ways of to create the foundation of the next civilization. You’re impelled.

Taurus April 21–May 21

More and more of you identify yourself as integral to group work. Groups call to you and although you may be at times overextended, you’re challenged to fully participate. Taurus uses their “will and willingness” to maintain. You’re a forward thinker, always creating ideals and future goals, concerned with ways humanity can efficiently and ethically live differently. Study alternative homes, building and ancient architecture.

A Spring Equinox Eclipse: What Does It Mean For Each Sign?

Spring Equinox Eclipse

Article By Debbie Keil-Leavitt

As if 2015 doesn’t already have enough signs in the sky to have those interested in astrology somewhat awestruck, the March 20th total solar eclipse falls on the Spring Equinox this year (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Such an event has a “wake up and take notice” insistence regarding the themes happening in the skies. A new window of opportunity opens in truly surprising ways.

The Spring Equinox represents the completion of the full circle of the zodiac, and the birth of the 2015 cycle. It’s taking place with the doors wide open to the world of your personal power, signified by the total solar eclipse. It’s a time when your greatest dreams meet your everyday life for full examination. And there’s an intense focus on your relationships—a vast subject these days.

Reacting to You

People have always reacted to the version of you they have in their minds (with all their attached hopes and fears) as well as the actual you. But now expressions of you are everywhere in cyberspace, giving an impression to others. This can feel like an overwhelming responsibility, but everywhere you have a presence on the planet also presents you with opportunities. Each Sun Sign has special areas open for a breakthrough:


Use this eclipse period to “roll back the clock” and correct that old relationship event that’s been dragging you down. You’re big enough to say “I’m sorry and I forgive you.” You’re normally forthright, but you’ll be amazed at how much forward movement you get when you release that one seemingly little thing that’s been bothering you.  Aries, now is the time to fix what has been dragging you down.