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What I Didn't See

What I Didn’t See

Check out Calleen’s Newest Book, Released November 20, 2014!

This book gives you a remarkably uncanny look into the life of a lifelong Psychic/Medium.  Someone who is constantly in contact with those on the other-side, and yet, couldn’t see anything when it came to her own life.  Particularly so as it pertained to her daughter’s rather extreme and chaotic decisions.

A daughter she feels is one of the oldest souls she’s ever met, and yet, who does just the most foolish of things on a regular basis.

If you have a child, you need to read this book.  It shares the funny, the sad, the frustrating and the intensely private world of someone who is guided by spirit, while somehow managing to have zero control over her own life.  You’ll read about the powerful lessons she learned as a result of it.

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll scream, and you’ll root for the people in this book.  You’ll see how even she learned that once your boundaries are pushed beyond their limits, you can do nothing but allow yourself to open up and simply trust that everything is as it should be!


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Other than our newest book, let me WELCOME you to our new website.  A place where you can expect to find tons of information, opinions, and hopefully soon, lots of exchanges, about all things unknown… or as yet, unproven.

Having been born with the ability to see and hear spirit, then going on to work as a Psychic/Medium & Astrologer for the last 30 years, Calleen has great interest, along with a rather natural passion, for such things.

Thus, you can expect to read lots of new things pertaining to:

  • The Paranormal & Supernatural
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Self Healing
  • Spirituality
  • Astrology/Numerology
  • & all things Metaphysical, Mysterious, Miraculous & Unknown

Yes, Calleen is also a Certified Hypnotist and once owned Healthy Alternatives, a business devoted to helping people heal mind, body & spirit.  Consequently, she’s into most everything alternative and empowering.

Again, thanks for stopping by.  Don’t be shy.  Tell us what you think while you’re here!

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