Welcome to My New Website!

Hi!  My name is Calleen Wilder and I’m an author/storyteller.  This is the new, and hopefully improved, home for all of my work, thoughts, and future projects.

What you can expect to find here include articles and products on:

  • The Paranormal
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Self Healing
  • Spirituality
  • Astrology
  • & all things Mysterious, Miraculous & Unknown

Since having my first Paranormal experience at the age of three, I’ve worked with all things Ghostly & Haunted for over 50 years.  Professionally, for over 30.

I was born with very active Psychic/Medium abilities (likely why all the ghosts), and as such, I’ve been working as an international Psychic, Medium & Astrologer for the last 30 years.

It was my interest in the unknown that led me to begin studying astrologer at the age of 14.  It has been a passion and real eye-opener every day since.

In the 80′s I trained under a psychic/medium who was also a Spiritualist Minister.  While I’m technically not a Spiritualist, I learned a lot about Spirituality and Metaphysical Principles from him in the process.  So naturally, my writing often slants in those directions.

Too, I became a Certified Hypnotist in the 80′s and have studied and experimented with the power of the mind for many years now.

I even co-owned a business whose goal was to help people heal their lives using both mainstream and alternate modalities.  I did the “mind” stuff being the hypnotist on staff.  Plus, I did Psychic/Medium readings to help the spirit.

This truly is a Mind, Body & Spirit Site

So while I realize that if you came here looking for Self Healing and saw my book on Ghosts it might flip you out a bit.  In my mind, it all works together.  Yet feel free to take whatever you like and leave the rest. 

My hope is simply that you’ll find some of your answers &/or passions here.

Just be sure to let me know what you think.  There’s a comments section under every post and page.  I seriously love hearing from anyone who has interest in anything I do… or other things I haven’t even yet thought of.

Again, thanks for stopping by.

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