I’ve been a Professional Psychic/Medium & Astrologer for over 35 Years… as well as a Lifelong Explorer of all things Unknown.

After seeing the first of many ghosts over 60 years ago,
my path into the unknown seemed destined.




The Unknown

I still am offering readings, but am operating on a part-time basis.  Obviously, this makes appointment times a bit more scarce. As I age, I guess this was inevitable (sigh).

Yet, if you have interest in scheduling something, please feel free to book online, email or text me, and I’ll send you back some possible times that fit into both of our schedule  


Psychic/Medium Readings


If you’d like to make contact with someone on the other-side, say you’ve lost a loved one or want to make contact with your Spirit Guides, feel free to book a Psychic/Medium Reading.

This reading is also great if you simply want Psychic input about your day-to-day life.

These are offered in 30, 45, or 60 Minute Intervals.




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