Welcome to My New Website!

Hi!  My name is Calleen Wilder.  Professionally I’ve worked as a Psychic/Medium & Astrologer for the last 30 years.  I’ve also been a Certified Hypnotist since the 80’s.  Personally though, I’ve been studying all things Metaphysical, Spiritual, Self Healing, and Paranormal for all of my life, which amounts to a little over 50 years now.

Lately, I’ve switched gears a bit and now spend the majority of my time writing down the details of all the crazy, miraculous, and often mind blowing things I’ve seen and experienced.  

Considering I saw my first ghost at three; had my first Poltergeist experience around eight; held my first Seance at 11; and have been able to talk to those who have died for all of my life, there’s a lot for me to tell.  

Therefore, on this site, as well as in my books, you can expect to find information about:

  • The Paranormal & Supernatural
  • Mind Over Matter
  • Self Healing
  • Spirituality
  • Astrology/Numerology
  • & all things Metaphysical, Mysterious, Miraculous & Unknown

Know too that while I realize if you came here looking for Self Healing and saw my book on Ghosts it might flip you out a bit, yet in my mind, it all works together.  After all, you can’t heal your life, or your body, without also healing your mind and your spirit.  

My hope is that I can help you explore all the truly limitless possibilities available to you.  Perhaps even help you uncover the answers to a few of your own mysteries.  

Again, thanks for stopping by.  

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