I’ve been a Professional Psychic/Medium & Astrologer for over 35 Years & a Lifelong Explorer of all things Unknown.

Yet after seeing the first of many ghosts over 60 years ago, how could I really be anything else (ha)?

The Unknown

Today I have a blog where I share posts, and occasionally write posts, about all things I find interesting.  

I also currently offer several different types of readings.  All of which I have outlined below so that you may detangle & decide the best reading type for your needs.


Psychic/Medium Readings


If you want to make contact with someone on the other-side, say you’ve lost a loved one or want to make contact with your Spirit Guides, you’d want to book The Psychic/Medium Reading.

This is also a great reading if you just want Psychic In-put about your day-to-day life.

These are offered in 20, 30, 45, or 60 Minute Intervals.


Life Path Readings


If you’d like to dive a little deeper into who you are and what you’re here to do, you might want to explore a Life Path Reading.

If you’re interested in Past Lives and How They’re Affecting This Life… or if You Want to Understand Your Lessons, Your Mission, and/or Your Purpose in this Life, the Life Path Reading is What You’d Want to Book.

The first session is always 60 Minutes.  There’s just too much involved to do anything less.  It’s a combination of several skills, and it goes DEEP.  Follow-up sessions are offered for lesser times.


Astrology Readings For You


If you’d like to understand yourself better, get to know your gifts, challenges, blessing, and why some things come so easily, while others never do, you need to have your Astrology Natal Chart done.

This chart also includes a year’s worth of transits, which are your own personal Astrology Predictions for a year… based entirely upon your specific chart.

If you’ve already had that done and have follow-up questions, book the Astrology Follow-Up Reading.  Or, if it’s been near a year since your last Astrology Reading, and you want Next Year’s Transits, book Your Astrology Transit Reading.


Please feel encouraged to share your own stories, on any page on this site. And always feel free to ask questions & make suggestions.  This site is about opening up to all that’s possible. I love hearing other people’s experiences.

I look forward to my journey with you!

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