Exploring The Unknown, The Miraculous, The Mystical & The Truly Magical

I’m a lifelong Enthusiast & Explorer of all things Unknown.

It seems once I saw my first ghost about 57 years ago, I’ve been hooked on knowing about all things outside-of-normal & otherworldly ever since.  


The UnknownToday I find I want answers to the big questions… the really big questions!

And I know the answers are out there if we’re only willing to ask the right questions.


Therefore… if you too are interested in exploring the Unknown, you’ve come to the right spot.

Join me as we dive deep into topics such as:

• The Spirit World •
• Ghosts & Hauntings •
• Alien Life •
• Astrology’s Influence on Our Lives •
• Life After Death •
• Life Between Lives •
• Psychic Abilities •
• Dreams, Lucid Dreams & Altered States •
• The Power of the Mind •
Just So Much More


Also… Please feel encouraged to share your own stories on any page on this site.
Or feel free to ask questions & make suggestions.  This site is about opening up to all that is possible.

I look forward to my journey with you!

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