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Personally, I grew up in both Methodist and Christian churches.  I’ve also attended a Baptist church for a while, and a spiritualist church a few times.  However, I never seem to “fit” in any one religion.  I think setting up my own guidelines, beliefs, and principles just works best for me.

However, if you are a particular religion, I think that’s good if it works for you.  I have always said there’s nothing more powerful than the energy in any church during a really good sermon.  That is a fact!

Also, if you do follow a particular religion’s teachings, I think you should be proud of it.  If not, you likely should look for another church.  But taking pride in calling yourself a particular denomination is a good thing in my eyes, provided you don’t expect everyone else to only follow the same path you are.

That’s why I posted this… I honestly don’t believe it takes anything away from religion.  Instead, I think it points out that regardless of what you are, or aren’t, what matters most is what you do when you’re not in church.   What matters most is your level of your morality, integrity, and conscience.  In the end I believe those are the things that will hold the most sway when we pass.

Perhaps then if we could all give out a little more love and a whole lot less judgement we’d get closer to the truth of what our soul’s highest intentions really are for us.

So be what you are, while allowing others to be different.  It doesn’t cost you one thing to do so.  Not one thing.


“Real Fearlessness is the product of Tenderness.  It comes from letting the world tickle your heart, your raw and beautiful heart.  You are willing to open up, without resistance or shyness, and face the world.  You are willing to share your heart with others.” – Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Sometimes I read certain verses that speak so deeply to me I feel I must share them.  What I love the most about this particular quote is that it is the absolute truth… fearlessness does come as a result of being brave enough to open up your heart again even after it’s been ravaged.

In fact, I’ve found that quite often when you face your biggest tragedies you discover not only a strength, but also a compassion that is based on a deep resonating understanding within you, which allows you to be so incredibly tender with those now in the same situation.  It’s almost as if you can crawl into their pain with them, precisely because you know exactly where that pain resides… perhaps even what vibration it resonates to.

3 Essential Crystals for Every Home



Even if you don’t have an affinity for stones, every little bit of positive energy helps.  Plus, your expectation level when placing the stones will add even more good energy.

Technically, I’m not a “stone person” like some of my friends are.  However, every room in my house has at least one stone placed either in the window sill or in some other advantageous spot.  AND, when I go to someone’s house for any spiritual reason (like getting rid of ghosts or holding séances), I would never dream of not carrying a little bag of stones with me.  So perhaps I really am somewhat of a more closeted stone person after all (ha).

Anyway, I wanted to share this because I somehow automatically have always known there’s power in stones.  Think of it this way, some plants clean the air.  Diamonds and rubies can be turned into lasers.  Flowers give off their own unique essence and many are turned into healing herbs or flower remedies.  Quartz is very well known for its ability to highlight paranormal activity and store memories.  Consequently, since stones are also of the Earth, it seems only logical that they too must come equipped with their own unique energy and level of vibration.

I know I’ll be taking my own advice and placing these three stones exactly where they are suggested.  No doubt about it, it can’t hurt,  Plus, I most certainly could use a little extra money, peace, and joy.  Too, I know Mother Earth knows a little more about such things than I do.  So I’ll just shut-up and follow her lead (ha).

As always, enjoy and experiment!

Sun Sign Astrology For March 2015. Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio And Pisces Are Top#1. Money Is In The Air!

Financial Astrology

Astrology For March 2015.  Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio And Pisces Are Top#1. Money Is In The Air!  By ISARTOSA at Yareah Magazine

Astrology for March 2015. Planets are smiling us! The Moon is smiling Water Sings (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces). Mars will be kind with Aries and Scorpio. And Mercury will be a celestial guide to trade and diplomacy. Then, March 2015 will be a great time to make any deals concerning mutual work.

Aries (March 21-April 19). March 2015 will be a positive time. Mars, your regent planet, will favor you and you will have good opportunities to do business and earn money. Take this time! Spring can be wonderful!

The Details of My Newest Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey

I wanted to update everyone in regard to my post asking if there were people who would like to follow my adventures as I travel through time and space in order to reconnect with my daughter.

I sincerely appreciated all of the feedback I received.  Unfortunately though, I didn’t get enough interest, at least not at this time, in order to justify what it would cost to hire a programmer in order to make a separate section on this blog.

HOWEVER, I did hear loud and clear that many of you really want to read about my journeys in an unedited fashion.  Therefore, I am already in the process of writing everything down.

Too, I won’t hold off publishing once I have enough great information for the next book, even if I haven’t already met my goal of reaching her.  I’ve been told there’s going to be far too much to talk about to contain it all in one book anyway.  I imagine then that the next book will likely be ready sometime in the next few months.  AND I promise, it will be honest.  Maybe brutally so.

In fact, I fully realize I’ll be sharing things that might make some in this universe more than slightly uncomfortable.  Yet in my mind, it’s time we address all of this openly.

Astrology Transits for March 2015

Astrology Transits March 2015
March 3rd – Jupiter in Leo trines Uranus in Aries

This isn’t a huge transit, but it could turn out to be a very nice one, so we’ll speak about it. Since Jupiter is always big, bold, and some might say over-confident, when you add a dash of Leo to the cocktail, it takes the over-confidence to a whole other level. Now while this isn’t always a bad thing, it does mean everyone will be feeling super positive and super groovy today. Consequently, you must let everyone shine in their own peculiarly beautiful way. Take turns.

Then, when you add in the “fated” quality of the trine it means that whatever happens today was meant to happen. So fly your freak flag, Frieda. It’s your right.

I guess the fly in this fudge is that we’ve also brought along crazy, often half-crocked Uncle Uranus who wants nothing more than different, new, novel, and exciting.

Foods That Heal Different Conditions

Foods That Heal

I fell in love with this site (click on the picture) and wanted to share it with everyone.  You’ll find lists of foods that heal a variety of conditions.

One of the things I love most about it is that now you know what to pro-actively eat in order to stop something from either developing in the first place, or getting worse in the long run.

Too, you’ll know what nourishment you’re getting from the foods you already eat.

As always, I suggest you buy as many Organic foods, from any of the lists, as possible.  Reason being, Organic foods are generally the only foods you can be assured aren’t polluted with GMO’s.

I don’t know about you, but now that a certain huge pesticide manufacturer has started putting pesticides in the actual seed of the plant itself, I’m often scared to eat pretty much of anything.

What GMO’s actually mean for us is that now instead of hoping we’ve washed all the pesticide off of our foods, we’re no longer able to even try since the pesticide has become a part of the plant itself.  To make matters worse, the chicken, beef, and pork we’re eating is also eating foods grown from these GMO seeds.  Thus, we’re even getting it in the meat we eat.

I seriously don’t understand why it’s so hard for them to figure out that if it kills some living things, it has the potential to kill, or at least greatly harm, any living thing.  I mean DUH!

Anyway, buy Organic, sign petitions against GMO’s, and go heal yourself via your diet versus the pills.

“Millionaires don’t use astrology. Billionaires do.” – J.P. Morgan

Financial Astrology       By Margaret Santangelo Posted in Fortune

There are a number of important outer planetary changes that are influencing the American and world economies in 2015. Saturn – the primary planet of recessionary forces – advanced into Sagittarius in late 2014. Saturn’s previous transits through indecisive Libra and intense Scorpio between 2009 and 2014 set the scene for a volatile and insecure economy. During this time, unprecedented financial calamities such as the mortgage crisis and the bank bailout gave rise to rampant uncertainty.

With a less ‘afflicted’ Saturn in beneficial aspect to Jupiter in Leo throughout 2015, we can expect the economy to show marked improvement across the board. Jupiter, the planet of expansion stimulates sustained growth, an essential ingredient to true economic recovery. April will mark the highest growth period this year as the Sun in Aries facilitates Jupiter and Saturn working together to bring enduring, long-term growth and therefore should foster continuing stabilization of the real economy. The full effects of this influence may not be readily apparent until the year’s end.

Speculation in the stock market, reaching all-time historical highs, reflects a growing confidence in our future potential from institutional and private investors. However, tension between Pluto and Uranus as well as between Saturn and Neptune will continuously challenge recovering markets over the next year. Expect dramatic trend reversals in all Neptune-ruled markets such as oil, rare metals, alcohol and drugs, water, entertainment, film and photography, and pharmaceuticals.

Pluto, the planet of transformation, in Capricorn is being challenged by a square from rebellious Uranus in Aries. Expect surprises in Capricorn-ruled industries such as banking industry, which narrowly escaped obliteration in 2009. The people may force banking institutions to implement changes in 2015 when indiscretions are exposed by investigations.


Uranus transiting Aries brings unexpected surprises in 2015. Jupiter and Saturn in fellow fire signs support and foster your impetuous nature and penchant for risk-taking. Rapid growth is possible if you are aggressive with investments. Hedge risky bets by taking a conservative approach to other areas of your finances.

My Journey Into the Unknown – I Need Your Input!

journey into the unknown

Today I once again find myself looking for what the next thing is in my life that I am to accomplish. Only difference is, this time I’m looking for the “real” reason I came into this life, and onto this planet. I want to know the why and how of all of it. And… I simply won’t settle for less.

I guess one of the biggest things I have working in my favor towards reaching this lofty goal is simply that I no longer have one ounce of fear of what I’ll find.

My daughter’s passing seems to have taken away any morsel of hesitation I might have normally had about traveling through other dimensions, time itself, or even into the afterlife. It seems when the worst thing that can happen to a person happens, it frees them from all hesitation about pretty much anything.   I guess then that if there’s any benefit to such a loss, it’s that.

Self Healing

Self Healing

“The road to healing begins not with a blind leap outward, but a gentle step inward.” – Alan Cohen

I had to share this with all of you.  Perhaps because it speaks so loudly to me right about now.  Seems I’m at a point in my life where I’m being forced to either forgive someone of just the most hideous of transgressions, or allow not only the quality of my life to be ruined by them, but even the quantity of it as well.